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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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the goal of the paris climate accord is to save the planet from global warming the plan a carbon neutral world 0 c o 2 emissions how many countries are putting paris into practice try to 0 a report released today at the un climate conference names and shames everyone and as for those c o 2 emissions they're still going up i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. that the reason i'm here in madrid is very simple i'm here because president trump is not politicians are cold about this the scientists have been talking about bloody about this time to think every day overwhelmingly shows that we are not on the right path today mainstream media the science is not being represented their
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weight needs to be these kids should have to be the ones to tell us. that they are we are growing in the wrong direction. also coming up it's 2 days before we find out if boris johnson's simple election message is going to pay off at the ballot box get bricked see it done in school chris it's telling the public will. they. they think that the public wants to hear it's over simplifying the she. knows who our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the cost of carbon and who's going to pay at the united nations climate conference in madrid governments are hoping to finalize the rules for international carbon markets and at the same time there are demands by poor countries for aid to help
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them cope with the damage the destruction already caused by climate change oh this is. source remains a question of leadership a group of climate n.g.o.s which monitor countries efforts to reduce emissions say that the world may be at a turning point towards overall reduction but there climate change performance index has just named the united states as the worst performing country replacing saudi arabia at the bottom of the list for the 1st time and that's all about politics u.s. president on trump may be facing pressure domestically with democrats today announcing those articles of impeachment against him in madrid he's also in a pressure from a potential rival in next year's u.s. presidential elections billionaire businessman and former new york mayor michael bloomberg was in madrid today with a message shared by many americans who do not view the world like their current president in the u.s. there are hundreds of may is short taking climate action and are working to up all
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the america's commitment under the paris climate agreement and we want the world to know that americans are continuing to lead on climate change even with a climate denier in the white house now the reason i'm here in madrid is very simple i'm here because president trump is not here because his administration refuses to lead on climate change and so others must do the work it was michael bloomberg speaking there in madrid. well let's talk a bit about leadership from a slightly different angle my next guest is a prior in the year an explorer from a long line of explorers he made the 1st flight or around the globe flights with a solar powered plane and before that he did it by balloon and he's also a clean energy advocate and a global goodwill ambassador for the u.n. climate program he joins us from madrid where he's attending the climate conference i'm happy to welcome tonight to the day mr betts han picard he joins us from madrid
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skin to have you on the server mr mccaughey card how do you explain that not a single country is doing what is laid out in the paris climate accord i mean not one country is on the list we need then you think you put invitation yes my impression is that a lot of countries have not yet understood how profitable it is to protect the environment today there are hundreds of solutions and i see it every day with a solar impulse foundation hundreds of solution that can protect the environment in a profitable weight and creates new jobs is good for the economy and at the same time it's good to fight climate change but if the companies don't understand it they resist instead of embracing the solutions to go forward well what you're saying there is that we have we need a rethink because it seems from understanding you're right that people believe that stopping climate change can only come at the expense of economic growth right. yes
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yes exactly that that's the problem and today we do not speak the language of the people who want to convince you to speak to people who have financial investments short term profits to make people who are afraid of out there he 3 stations and the employment and you speak to them only about 2nd pfizer's to print again by humans that will keep you out of the room but if you come and you say look how profitable it is look how many jobs you can create then you really. manage to motivate them but it's not the language that is used every day and this is the big problem we have to change the language to be understood by the people who want to convince and who have basically to change the narrative i want to ask you about something you know very well and that is the aviation sector i mean it is the only sector that has set a limit on total emissions the only sector in all sectors of the global economy
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what does the aviation sector know that the rest of the world apparently does not know. and he should know is that you don't take measures in order to reduce their emissions they're going to lose customers people are not going to travel by airline anymore if the airlines are not making an effort. and what is that effort what is what should it look like. the effort used to introduce energy efficient state knowledge is to go all used to have hybrid airplanes constant distant approaches you know some procedures that saves fuel you go in a more direct line and everything that you cannot avoid in the emissions can be compensated ever hamas has decided to compensate all those u. 2 of the interior flights so you see there is hope because the private sector is
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now taking a lot of initiatives and this is maybe a reaction to the length of the negotiations the negotiations at 252423 d. bring frustration to everybody because they are too long they're not ambitious enough one of the private sector is to shift gears even in finance you know financing all new renewables and not on any more making ambition or making industry cleaner or going into a lot of new things you know in the european commission do. you green deal it's absolutely fascinating it comes from europe that's a fantastic opportunity that we have to do to support and to encourage. donald trump could become the 3rd u.s. president ever to be impeached and tonight we know what exactly trump is being
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charged with u.s. house democrats announced today that they will bring 2 articles of impeachment against the president charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress a vote on impeachment is expected before christmas today congressional leaders said the evidence leaves no doubt about the guilt of donald trump. the evidence of the presence of this conduct is overwhelming and uncontested and how could it not be when the president's own words on july 25th i would like you to do us a favor though lace so bare his intentions his willingness to sacrifice the national security for his own personal interests and when the president got caught he committed his 2nd impeachable act obstruction of congress of the very ability to make sure that no one is above the law not even the president of the united states . if you're shopping for clothes here in europe or north
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america you know it's a buyers market a t. shirt for 5 euros no problem but with prices as low is that it's pretty clear that people who make the clothes are not earning very much at all the german government is now pushing ahead with legislation that requires corporations to ensure that their entire supply chain meets human rights and social standards and that includes fair wages in just a moment i'll speak with someone campaigning for a living wage and human rights for everyone who makes the shirts on our backs but 1st this report from ethiopia where the minimum wage means a monthly income is only 20 $6.00. the ethiopian economy is booming and with it the country's textile industry industrial parks based flagship factories think clean and well lit but all things really as good as they look one of the big pulls for foreign companies wages. in bangladesh the minimum wage is around $85.00 euros per month one in ethiopia is
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just $23.00. is that enough to live on. back in june german television reported on the lives of textile workers in ethiopia. is accompanied them to their homes tiny huts in a slum. the women wanted to remain anonymous. they worked in 2 different factories making clothes for h. and m. among others. then a week ago we visited the women again and asked if anything had changed. do you know i was earning 23 year 0 month as my basic wage and 6 euros on top because of my extra skills then they said they'd raise my salary but they just added it together by now and 29 euros as a basic wage but nothing for my extra skills nothing has changed. the women have
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moved and now have a bed but they still rely on their parents to get by a friend has been promoted an hour and $55.00 euros a month it's still not enough. i was hoping my life would change but since i started at the factory 4 years ago things have stayed the same it's tough. we also spoke to h. and m. they confirmed that the lowest monthly wage is $26.00 around $23.00. they are they say backing a study for a legal minimum wage in ethiopia. one woman says there has been a positive development. and they've changed one thing over time is now voluntary students can now attend that cools it university that's good. there's not much else to celebrate day they tell us that the work is pressurised
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and intimidation and insults a commonplace. we're going to hear the big table of someone who is working to improve the conditions that you saw there that reports zaga months from the european center for constitutional and human rights it's good to have you on the program the german government wants to see corporations adhere to human rights human rights codes voluntarily. that hasn't happened so far does that surprise you no it doesn't surprise me and that's the narrative since $78990.00 s. that companies should be good corporate citizens and you know do their social research respond to their social responsibility. of companies that are mainly driven by the shareholder value won't do shouldn't have won't have an interest in human rights because newt normally that means it raises costs where do you get the impression that we're seeing this government push now because the voters are demanding an improvement in conditions on the other side of the planet or because
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politicians think that this helps them look better well i mean i think you can say we had those historic factory tragedies in 2012 and 13 that started with a pakistani on the enterprise's fire and then you have this smaller fire but also with $100.00 deaths and bangladesh and then came the run up plaza. oh over 100000 dead workers and i think that did shake up public. public opinion in europe and you can see that ever since then the whole topic doesn't relieve the tension. so you know while i'm i'm not too hopeful that the government also voluntarily will bring serious constraints to companies and business interest i do believe that at the moment there is an obvious window of opportunity that there could be an improvement in the legal situation this year a german court through all the kiddies that was brought against
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a german textile chain over the fire back in 2012 which killed more than 250 people you represented one of the survivors where did that case lead your campaign i think this case it's on the factual basis it's very strong case and i think you could see also from the media every view you know. people we met at events you could tell if that case doesn't cause liability for a company of a company is not responsible for such enormous. disregard for workers' safety well that could be and i think this is what this case showed that we really have a gap in the legislation here and that something must be done at least to cover these kind of cases if you get the plan that we're talking about tonight if that becomes walled in corporations will have to be obliged to ensure that the entire supply chain is on the open up human rights but one will they be able to enforce it
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and what about if they're doing business in a country where the laws of that country limit their ability to know what's going on throughout the entire supply chain yeah well i think this law what it does oblige comes in obliges them to a certain process of human rights to diligence which means that they would need to try to expand their leverage on supply of factories on this. playas i think what it can mean that in certain instances where they cannot control the supply chain they may need to change that stretches from purchasing practices with you because you think they're going to do that well if if there are consequences attached to this human rights of the geisha what are the consequences should there be well there could be civil liability that's what you can think of i think they're also law proposals out there that talk about more of it administratively sanctions that could be put on them if they don't fulfill their human rights to diligence you know and then of course is the question who brings the civil claims you know having done the case against kick it's enormous amounts of amount of work you know where
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is the capacity within the authorities to to monitor the sanctions ensure that obviously is that's all up to question. i nevertheless would say you know if we've made a step that it's actually not a voluntary step to say i'm i'm trying to prove my the working conditions my supply chain but it's actually legally binding that's at least one step ahead what about plausible deniability i can head a corporation and i can tell the government or whoever is voicing this we did everything we have proof of that we didn't know that we were being the one to by the authorities in bangladesh yeah i think then then it comes the question comes in is that a truthful excuse excuse and i guess those kind of laws obviously do bring the possibility for companies to excuse themselves bed and that's and that's i think what we advocating for the standard must be very high so there may be
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a situation when a company couldn't foresee the harm that occurs a lot of times they could i mean what the work that you're doing is work that benefits so many people but in a cynical world you have to look at it you have to wonder will anything change and i say that because when you look at the german. you know economies investments in china help how credible can we take the german government and these proposals knowing that you're not talking about human rights or more inforcing human rights requirements when you're doing business in china. well. that's a difficult question but so one for china you cannot equal china's labor policies with other human rights records of to the chinese government so i would say when you come in to for example wages wages have continually been raised in china so we have no way to know if people for example in
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a factory in china if those workers are being treated fairly well not if they're being well you know well but i think that's that's that's a lie we believe the companies to i think they know much better what's going on in their factories and their supply chains then we wouldn't believe. because they are controlling the technical details of the production very closely they just don't haven't cared about creating mechanisms to know what the social reality is in the factories and i think that's exactly what they will then be obliged to and i and so i wouldn't believe that you cannot know how things are going on in your factory in china yeah that's true but it's hard to imagine that companies are not in the know miriam from the europeans and her constitutional and human rights we appreciate your time tonight your insights thank you thank you. mia mars a leader aung sun suu kyi has appeared at the international court of justice at the hague to defend her country against genocide charges the case at the un's highest
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court accuses me on mars military of mass killings and abuse of organs of minorities suit she has denied any wrong doing by her government she's expected to speak at the court on wednesday it's important to know that she was not obliged to appear at the hague in person instead she chose to do so critics say that her aim is to raise her profile ahead of elections and b.m.r. in the past few days. supporters have held large rallies many see her as a defender of the embattled country on the global stage but we're hinge of refugees they paint a different picture. and the refugee camps of cox's bizarre a woman who once represented hope is now a pariah the consensus here on sunset she must answer for what happened to the rohingya. you will never have your go of it we pray to a law that we will get justice. she is not
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a good person we once prayed sincerely to god for her who supported her when she came to power she did no good for us she's a liar we hate her she did nothing for us she is responsible for the genocide she talks to does she really does. from one doorstep to the next march testimonies of ruthless violence at the hands of me and most military. you know there's another reality 2 soldiers help me down while one of them raped me in front of my mother and 4 children was a job i said shit out of my shoulder. my daughter was crying so they hit her on the head with a weapon out of there go to the time of my salon. i lost 8 of my sons and grandsons they were all but shot by the military. in the. bottom on. a military burn to hundreds. if we were a family of 18 and they killed 12 by burning them alive. they were more than 2000
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people in our village and all their homes were burned in on a hill. on sun suchi has long defended me and mars 27000 crackdown on their hinges sane and target militants and she'll do so again at the hague. and majority myanmar the scrutiny of the un's top court has stoked indignation. although they're not just accusing one passing to me and mock they're accusing the whole country we actually believe everything that unsung suchi does they are. a decision from the hague over me and marse treatment of their could take years a long and uncertain wait for justice for people that have already lost so much.
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britain votes on thursday of this week that will likely decide the fate of bricks and the future of the world's 5th largest economy the country is divided and the choices reflect that prime minister boris johnson's conservatives or the socialist led opposition labor party as part of our election coverage we take a look this week at both parties the conservatives and labor tonight we focus on the conservatives they are leaving in the opinion polls but as many as one in 5 voters remain undecided. johnson i think he will do it think he's a man sway history and people have seen through boris johnson i don't really know foreign minister love him or hate him almost everyone has an opinion on britain's incumbent prime minister the man himself is on a charm offensive visiting every region in england and wales including opposition labor heartlands that voted to leave the european union like the no then town of
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grimsby where he taught a fish market he's cast himself as the man to get brett sic done appealing to leave voters no matter what question comes up he how miss home the same message to move forward as a country you can make investments and to get that done we can we must have a policy next year he's focusing his papacy on that agenda is driving this country not wasting time again for another year. and pointless wrangling. despite repeated scandals and defeats in parliament boris johnson's party is still ahead in the polls and that's even though the conservatives are bitterly divided but 5 earlier this year johnson through $21.00 and peace out of his own parliamentary group for not toeing the party line among them winston churchill's grandson. the former chief public prosecutor.
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and the former finance minister and johnson's own brother resigned along with several other veteran tory m.p.'s it's populists it's telling the public was. this . they think that the public wants to hear it's over simplifying the issue but the prime minister is undeterred he says he'll pass his frex a deal in january and strike a free trade deal with the e.u. by late 2020 which observers believe is impossible get a brick. that's his mansion and he's sticking to it on thursday british voters get to decide in what could be britain's most important election in decades. the the thanks and we will have complete coverage of the election right here on d w on thursday if you can join us well the day it's almost on the conversation it continues online to find us on twitter either at the w.
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news or you can follow me at brett girls t.v. don't forget to use as a tack of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then ever.
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this young woman from gaza city has a dream i just want to be myself live freely and sing and have my own life my own job. no fear. but in the constraints of the gaza strip a society dominated by men it's almost impossible still one family feels as together
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me. come. christmas time double. welcome to global 3000 growing up is all about taking charge of your own life but sometimes that means overcoming some serious challenges as we find out from a young cuban dumbs whose passion for ballet has meant leaving her home. we meet a singer a desperate to swap the limitations of life in gaza for greater freedom and
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opportunity. and to report on people living there all when.


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