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next is business africa with al 1st you're watching the daily news a life term for let us look at you can get all the names used as i just said by heading to to our website and g.w. dot com for now i'm a little rock n roll and i'll see you again tomorrow same time. live . what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 368 get the maps now. take it personally with the wonderful people and stories that make it so special that you're waiting.
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for. the turn to. g.w. . darkness prevails and as you provide the esko struggles to keep the lights on across south africa business news aspersions with colin powell cuts at the country's struggling energy supply about the president proposes says it will all be sorted out by mom. i'm gonna relies on imports to feed the countries fast up the top for rice but now it wants to satisfy the old domestic demand itself and on the street is a little help. from some friends. this is business africa on the wu update on
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african and global business news and we start in south africa where the worst blackouts for decades are continuing to hamper companies and households several large generators are struggling power utility eskom remained down following a week of heavy rains president cyril ramaphosa says the government will work with the company to stabilize the power grid by the end of march. in johannesburg these days business is increasingly done by candlelight or otherwise with the help of noisy generators. rolling blackouts are regularly plunging the city's usually busy streets into darkness and leaving many businesses almost completely empty. people feel very uncomfortable to come it's dark out outside we do have. generated versus not really helping us in assumes that people don't feel comfortable to come in the
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area. the rolling power cuts are the result of long standing problems in south africa's energy supplier eskom apartheid era infrastructure is no longer up to the job of keeping the lights on and many of the costly new plants like this one are either behind shuttle or prone to malfunction. those factors out it's a heavy rains of the past week mean the power cuts are at their worst for a decade many of the blackouts are intentional an attempt by eskom to share the supply around through a process known as load shedding in johannesburg people are adapting to a world without electricity some are even managing to look on the bright side even while sitting in the dark what forces you to deal with not having technology not having connectivity sitting by candle having a conversation not looking at your i phone and getting out of the house because you can't cook any dinner when it is load shedding it's very difficult to deal with.
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really with the punches trying to adapt and you know see you see how we can get things done with. the south africans may be relishing the challenges of the rolling blackouts but for others whose business is depend on electricity they simply don't have these really dark days. and the heavy rains mentioned in that report are causing problems beyond pockets video uploaded on to social media shows blocks of trash flowing down the journey river with vast numbers of plastic bottles on the purpose bags local residents say it happens frequently when heavy rains hit and cleanup takes weeks plastic waste and up of humility on the durban beach front on of the country's most popular tourist attractions. is a changing of a large guard excuse the pun at the e.c.b.
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as former international monetary fund chief christine lagarde begins at 10 atop the european central bank as expected less lift the eurozone interest rates on hold at historic lows are the 1st major the bank also has also confirmed that it is again pumping $20000000000.00 euros of new money into circulation each month but big changes would be a 1st is that god announced a root and branch review of the e.c.b. would she obviously things is long overdue. and with me in the suits to talk about all of those changes is mark as well economists from the university of gulen but 1st of all let's listen to what the mr that had to say about the changes in the easybeats monetary policy goals new challenges are taking place from demographic changes aging of societies predominantly in the advanced economies but also massive technological changes and breakthrough especially when
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they're compounded and climate change has finally reached the main stream debate and is hitting the screen on of everyone who is interested in the future and has policy responsibilities finally conventional wisdom that used to apply has been challenged and monetary policy globally has had to explore uncharted territories. he referred to climate change technology issues that are coming up inequality isn't all that the remit of politicians yes on one hand it is of course but she also made very explicit she wants to review the strategy of the how we conduct monetary policy and she said it is overdue in 16 years it hasn't been changed and we have a lot of things which have happened since then including technology including climate including in quality so all this has to be reviewed in
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a you know broad perspective of a new monetary policy strategy in the light of keeping the mandate of price stability which she made at least $2.00 or 3 times very clear in the press conference prosperity we were told whether in a 2nd but how do you make monetary policy green for example if we're looking at climate change well i think it's probably something like to be in the land of the largest and solid argument in that discussion which has to take place in the entire world. how we confine and you know the green deal of was left on the line which she mentioned missive that got mentioned so it's not that the e.c.b. itself is going to be green it's the argument taishan about how we change the world in terms of that. you know massive issues around the climate where the e.c.b. it has to have a point. she makes it sound though like the e.c.b.
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is way behind the curve needs a radical overhaul should be we. should be we worried i actually was a bit worried when i listened to it today because as you mentioned 16 years this is the entire term of mr druggy and mr twitchy the in their presidencies on one hand she said we've got to be ahead of the curve war in terms of the blocks in technology issues so yes we can be a bit worried that the e.c.b. hasn't looked into its strategy for the last 16 years so it's high time you think it's high time yes he's the right person for it. tools and goals under review one of which is keeping inflation near 2 percent how likely is he to move away from that. she made that point at least 2 or 3 times today again you know close to but i mean. i mean he she used basically the phrases of mr drug she's not going to change that until we have a new strategy on the monitor policy whether they're off it might be changed in
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terms of that inflation target is an open issue she is not alone in governing the european central but do you think with these ambitious goals that that she's sort of outlined can she expect resistance from her fellow central bankers from the eurozone i think she follows in kind of an embedded strategy because she mentioned again $23.00 times that she wants to do that together with the entire governing council of the e.c.b. and not she did say that you know in the way of business a druggie did it at least in the last years of his tenure so she wants to get the entire council behind what needs to be changed find a compromise she said i'm not a dove are not a hawk i'm an old you know a bird or some wisdom or i consider myself to be somewhat old so she made absolutely clear that she has her style and her style is very. you know integrity if one sim bat the entire council and then with her background of
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a politician she is probably much better prepared for that job than just a druggie who was you know a top ranked economist who let the e.c.v. drawl be drawn into politics. michel so thank you very much for the spread out thank you for. 3 u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill imposing sanctions on the russian led gas pipeline project north stream to the new sanctions target companies that own the ships needed to lay the massive pipes the project depends on the bill has the potential to stop construction just as it's nearing completion. only a few companies in the world possess the technology to lane deep sea pipelines none of them is russian if they continue to work on nord stream to they could find themselves cut off from doing business in the us their assets there might be frozen and people working on the ships would no longer be allowed to enter america the
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1230 kilometer long pipeline is a subsidiary of russia's gazprom and is meant to transport natural gas under the baltic sea from russia to germany directly circumventing ukraine the project is more than 80 percent completed and is supposed to start operating in mid 2020. nord stream too has the potential to double the amount of russian gas imported by germany the country needs more gas as a stable source of energy when it stops using coal and nuclear power. democrat and republican lawmakers in the u.s. fear the pipeline could give moscow greater political leverage over germany and the entire european let me and which the u.s. senate is expected to approve the bill by the end of the week and president trump said on wednesday that he will sign it into law his soon as possible. gonna depends largely on the rise imports to feed its people shipping and over
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a 1000000 metric tons yet now the country wants to produce all the rise of consumes itself inside 3 years that's an ambitious plan but there is help and sodium led by the alliance for green revolution in africa with funding from german development bank k s w is helping farmers boost production with improved revised seeds and farming methods 63 year old mohammad isa haku is one of over 100000 smallholder farmers benefiting from the development banks program with access to improved rice seeds and better farming methods you know harvest says rice twice a year through the 2 on was how fair. it was. this this one didn't do this. and able to. uplift my level hoot. with funding from the german government the program not only focuses on seeds and farming methods but also on effective marketing systems. how to promote
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partnerships among private sector among public sector and development partners soledad we can drive. a cultural transformation basically that's what we're doing rice factories like this one in northern uganda are now processing most of the paddy rice from smallholder farmers this facility alone has processed over 20000 metric tons of rice the government hopes high levels of local production will make it unnecessary to import rice within the next 3 years. if i'm in the business thank you very much for.
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a strong opinions clear position international perspective such. as un climate negotiations and to their faces to the demand. the world leaders get serious with evidence of catastrophic effects mounting is the current climate anxiety too little too late that's our topic on to the point to the point. now 60 minutes on the t.w. . it's coming. from the deep bench of the famous naturalist and
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explorer. too soon will bring to the public some dough from him books from 250. morning on the floor of the discovery. expedition his boyhood on dean don't. get it. this is the news africa coming up on the program from cape very big to the world. i think modern day to us. that music is more not a sound that unique to k. fed it in a schoolhouse adjusting to that moment off on the prestigious list of intangible heritage also coming up. came from swat teams off the swat team e rules the small candle with big problems on protesting against him comes weeks sets and amounts of list.


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