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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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absolute majority in parliament as official results now continue to trickle in the labor party led by jeremy corbyn is projected to lose some 71 seats the results koala johnson's and secure britain's departure from the e.u. in january. watching t.v. news live from berlin coming up kris kobach have your business wrap and i'll be back with more news at the top of the. earth. home. of species. of home we're seeing if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps globally do is tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. like news that can turn good news to green energy solutions and the 1st edition. interactive content teaching the next generation goes on and talk to
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churches. using the channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something human for the next generation gloomily as the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. an end to the trade war seems within reach u.s. president donald trump reportedly signs off on a partial trade deal with china do you dream and would it stop an increasingly harmful spiral of tariffs and counter-terrorist which have become a drag on world trade also on the program germany pushes back on a u.s. bill to sanction companies building the nord stream to pipeline which will transform natural gas from russia to jerk plus neither in policy hawk more a dog. but. all these of these new head christine lagarde broad review of the
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institutions tools and goals at her 1st meeting and energy provider eskom struggles to keep the lights on across south africa and business is losing patience with its rolling power cuts even as the president says it will all be sorted out next year. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program u.s. president signed off on a partial trade deal with china according to media reports that is a major step towards ending the 17 month u.s. china trade. negotiators have reportedly offered to reduce tariffs on about $375000000000.00 in chinese goods by 50 percent washington will also suspend tariffs on $160000000000.00 in goods set to go into effect on sunday the protracted dispute between the world's 2 top economies as weighed on the profits of companies
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and slowed global growth and set the market's view on this with our man on wall street scored against donald trump has been hinting the closing of this deal on his twitter feed something that people on wall street also watching obviously how did investors take the news. clearly with some relief even if we do not see a big party here on wall street but during the trading session we did touch or even reach a new record highs well this is in general certainly some good news for the market because the trade dispute does not seem to escalate at this point but we are talking about a phase one deal that does not mean that the battle in general is over but at least we have some sort of truth that wall street in general was expecting all along that some kind of a deal will be reached otherwise we wouldn't see the stock market being on such an
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elevated level even before we got the word that we might get this phase one deal within the next couple of days. certainly some relief but a lot of topics and issues will not be solved with this. little deal as the what they call it here the phase one gordon irq thank you. germany has had back at the u.s. plans to say construction companies working on a controversial gas project the north stream to pipeline will carry russian natural gas to germany washington says that's a security risk because it makes europe more dependent on russia berlin and says the 10000000000 euro pipeline is vital to its energy needs german foreign minister says european energy policy is decided in europe not the united states. the u.s. plans to impose sanctions on companies and individuals involved in the pipeline project
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that includes german as well as other european companies the penalties include travel bans and asset freezes companies continuing with north stream 2 could find themselves cut off from doing business in the u.s. the u.s. lawmakers fear the pipeline could give moscow greater leverage over the german and e.u. energy markets german politicians disagree we in europe think we can decide. for ourselves about our own energy security and diversity and i personally do not buy the argument that the united states saying we are making ourselves more dependent or maybe even completely dependent by russian oil and gas deliveries russia's gas pramono some authority stake in the 1200 kilometer long pipeline which will transport natural gas under the baltic sea from russia directly to germany circumventing ukraine and other eastern european countries the project is more than
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90 percent complete and is scheduled to start operating in mid 2020 north stream 2 has the potential to double the amount of natural gas germany imports from russia the country needs more gas to ensure energy supplies remain stable as it phases out the use of coal and nuclear power. and as germany goes green policy makers here suspect washington is also worried about the business angle of north stream too. he was obdurate c.r.u.'s produces liquid for charlie and gas using the fracking methods the carbon footprint is worse than color and they have trouble selling it to him on the european market because they aren't competitive that develops fish and whatever the u.s. motives president trump says he will sign the bill into law and implemented as soon as possible. and to some of the other global business stories making news yes. president trump has hailed a new law that will give 12 weeks of paid parental leave to federal workers for the
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1st time this drum called the deal historic after senate approval it will give paid parental leave to over 2000000 federal employees the policy applies to all new parents not just. proven investigators have been in brazil questioning a former order placed executive over alleged corruption links there to government officials in peru the executive told prosecutors that he had given money to presidential campaigns of several politicians investigators say they are looking into whether or device unreported campaign contributions were part of money laundering and graphs it's. already reeling from the fallout of yellow vest protests french businesses are again counting their losses as an 8 day old strike over pension reforms into their christmas earnings the strike has left public transport in paris and national rail services near standstill since december 5th
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shops were tells and restaurants are all feeling the pinch. christine legarde shared her 1st policy meeting as president of the european central bank and while the governing council decided to leave interest rates in the eurozone unchanged at 0 percent things are likely to get moving at the e.c.b. itself as the new chief announced a top to bottom review of how the institution sets monetary policy the new e.c.b. president appears to be taking the new job in her stride she wasted no time in announcing a thorough review of how the institution sets monetary policy but she stopped short of making any policy shifts likening her to a feather to creature that rarely gets a mention in economic discussion. but you know once and for all i'm neither a dove nor a hawk and my ambition is to be this al that. is
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often associated with a little bit of wisdom she is intending to apply that wisdom to a number of key questions like why the fight against climate change can be financed and how her institution should define success when it comes to monetary policy at present the e.c.b. goal is to get inflation up to around 2 percent in pursuit of that aim it's kept interest rates ultra low monitoring the wisdom of that policy will be top of christine legarde its agenda some tech news vodafone germany says excluding huawei from its 5 g. network could delay the rollout of the next generation tech by up to 5 years the message comes amid continued debate about what role the chinese company should play in the country on wednesday vodafone rival telefonica said it wanted to work with both nakia and huawei to build up 5 g. in germany that move would require the approval of the german government which has
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not yet finalized its position on huawei. in south africa the worst blackouts for a decade are continuing to hamper companies and households several large generators struggling power utility eskom remain down following a week of heavy rains president ciro rama poses says the government will work with the company to stabilize the power grid by the end of march. in johannesburg these days business is increasingly done by candlelight or otherwise with the help of noisy generators. rolling blackouts are regularly plunging the city's usually busy streets into darkness and leaving many businesses almost completely empty. people feel very uncomfortable to come it's dark out outside we do have. generated worse not really helping us in the sense that people don't feel comfortable to come in
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the area. the rolling power cuts are the result of long standing problems in south africa's energy supply our eskom apartheid era infrastructure is no longer up to the job of keeping the lights on and many of the costly new plants like this one are either behind sched jewel or prone to malfunction. those factors out it's a heavy rains of the past week mean the power cuts are at their worst for a decade many of the blackouts are intentional an attempt by a scam to share the supply around through a process known as low chatting in johannesburg people are adapting to a world without electricity some are even managing to look on the bright side even while sitting in the dark or it forces you to deal with not having technology not having connectivity sitting by candle having a conversation not looking at your i phone and getting out of the house because you can't cook any dinner when there's loads. it's very difficult to deal with.
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grueling with the punches trying to dab you know to see to see how we could get things done with. the south africans maybe relishing the challenges of the rolling blackouts but for others whose business is depend on electricity they simply don't have these really are dark days. and that's our show i'm chris cuomo in berlin for me and the entire business team thanks for watching and see you back.
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consumers around the world are in a shopping frenzy and. online sales are teaming in the run up to christmas. digital retailers changing times and our culture. a loser for business and dinner for tertian an indian firm. made in germany.
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sometimes a strong opinions clear position on the international perspective such. as un climate negotiations enter their decisive phase done time to this demand the world leaders get serious with evidence of catastrophic effects mounting is the current climate anxiety too little too late that's our topic on through to the point. 60 minutes on t.w. . with him how to be done because others with the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my parents so much danger of the vote of the dream of the going to give us leave it would. love one son because that one of the
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would be to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there wasn't going to. want to know their story for migrants terrifying and reliable information for more grants. come. thank you i mean you can literally buy everything you need today and you can also buy everything that you don't really need. the number one place for all things wacky of course the internet. you can get a shaving bit designed to keep a out of feel safe. catch up and.


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