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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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the. gridlock at the u.n. climate conference the final talks are now pushed into overtime world leaders can't agree on funding for international will activists are demanding concrete and immediate action to protect their future also coming up. a divided country after his conservatives sealed a landslide victory in the country's general election but many are not convinced protesters take to the streets to voice their discontent. plus
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a centuries old factors gets a nod from the united nations. is granted status as a protected. thanks so much for joining us. talks at the united nations climate summit in madrid have stalled as the world tries to find a unified response to the climate crisis the conference was due to wrap up on friday but disagreement among participants means it's now expected to drag on into saturday activists have been protesting at the conference calling for a real action on climate change for the past 2 weeks representatives from almost 200 states have been trying to agree on new emissions targets ahead of crucial 2020
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deadline set by the paris agreement. so what is behind the dead log at the climate talks earlier i put that question to you correspondent sonia found a car in madrid. that's right i mean talks you have really hit a wall they've been dragging on the participants is still very far apart on key technical issues now one of the matter aims of the summit has been to kind of hammer out the final rules on how to kind of implement the 2015 paris climate treaty which is set to take effect next year and the talks of very much bogged down in very deep technical rouses a lot of political wrangling that a nation's well being accused of just watching out for the national interests and not really looking at the bigger picture so what exactly can the delegates do at this point to move forward. so there are 2 main sticking points that need to be resolved one revolves around global carbon markets now this carbon trading
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mechanism is important for some countries and how they plan to reduce. their greenhouse gas emissions but the problem is that you know these schemes are often seen as a scam because they can avoid making real cuts in emissions the other kind of potential deal breaker. loss and damage that this is about providing compensation to countries that are affected by climate change impacts and destruction that cannot be prevented or adapted to and this is primarily a question of finance and we're hearing that the u.s. is kind of leading really leading on this in blocking progress on any kind of provisions that would hold it and other developed countries liable to kind of pay for losses that could run into billions of dollars so that that those are the 2 main kind of sticking points here so is this conference essentially a failure. too early to say. well at this stage we really don't know with you know negotiators will keep at the
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table and wait till they have an accord or will they walk away without an argument that that is still unclear but you know there are many campaign groups and n.g.o.s who have been really piling on the pressure on delegates in recent days to take concrete action to move fast on these talks they've been holding protests and many of them are really angry and frustrated some of them all this summit to feel ready because they say it's failed to reach its overarching goal of raising a bishan which is to you know get countries to to put more ambitious pledges on the table to further cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the reduce the greenhouse gas emissions which they say is absolutely required if the world is to avoid dangerous levels of warming. in madrid thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. and china have reached a truce in their long trade war washington has agreed to scrap $160000000000.00 worth of chinese imports in exchange for china buying more u.s.
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farm products. the u.s. house judiciary committee has approved impeachment articles against president trump charging him with abuse of power and obstructing congress the committee vote was split along party lines with democrats voting in favor and republicans against this paves the way for the house of representatives to vote on whether to impeach the president. 6 days after the deadly. new zealand's authorities are continuing their efforts to recover the last 2 missing bodies police divers are searching the waters around white island meanwhile the 1st victim an australian woman has been identified the disaster killed at least 16 people. hong kong's political leader kerri lamb has arrived in beijing during her 4 day trip she's expected to report to china's central government including president xi jinping lam's party's defeat in regional elections and
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ongoing pro-democracy protests have sparked speculations about lamb's political future. british prime minister boris johnson has delivered his 1st address outside of downing street after gaining an absolute majority in thursday's general election he said his landslide victory would settle the bracks a question he also said the country must begin healing after years of of bitter division with the conservatives now set for their largest majority in over 30 years johnson has a clear mandate for his agenda but some say the unity within the united kingdom is exactly what is at stake. for the scuffle this replaced that utilization from ellie on friday as anti conservative purchased is slowly outnumbers johnson supports his new downing street. life. that concerns a clear. because often the racism sexism is such any
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homophobia of course johnson has to go. you know we call get this big get a free ride here in this country. just a few alice elliott a whole different scene was unfolding behind a door of 10 downing street after receiving a warm welcome biased off johnson said it was time to bring closure to breaks a debate and let the healing begin action area if you ask yourselves what is this new government going to do what are you going to do with the extraordinary majority i will tell you that is what we are going to do we are going to unite and level up unite and level up bringing together the whole of this incredible united kingdom england scotland wales know now and together taking off food unleashing the potential of the whole. country yeah but the prime minister's plans might not go as smoothly as he hopes the scottish national party made a significant gains and election and they feel empowered to push for
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a 2nd reform random on scottish independence. after breaks it that will be one of the next pick challenges for the country. so what's next for boris johnson after the dust settles for this particular election our correspondent barbara visa will ease in london with more on that question after the biggest conservative victory since margaret sepsis time prime minister boris johnson can govern as he pleases johnson has now amended age for bracks it and he will get it done as he promised over and over again in his election campaign. for the better however he will have to show what kind of relationship he really wants with the european union a closer or a mode distant one which would mean a hog of bricks it but apart from that the new voters he could mobilize in the north of the country the former labor strongholds they have expectations and the prime minister will have to deliver invest in the health service in housing schools
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and infrastructure. the opposition however the labor party lost big and after the selection law is in tatters the bitter fight is already raging about the reasons for this disaster before the law is largely was jeremy corbyn the most unpopular labor leader for decades forced johnson meanwhile is in the unique position to govern his country without even a functioning opposition. the un has published its annual list of cultural heritage practices around the world they consider important to preserve and thailand has cost to celebrate unesco the un agency for education culture and science selected the country's famous time massage to join that list. but still flourishing in the modern world. joint
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stretching. body folding the rigors of time message have global appeal. needed by elbows and knees customers put their muscles through a mauling for the ultimate relaxation. this is my. job. so what temple in bangkok is a message mecca for tourists seeking spirits. it's thought monks brought these methods to thailand more than 2000 years ago. over the centuries secrets were passed from master to disciple and later within families. today is ubiquitous across the kingdom from bangkok spas to beach fronts and street stalls. as a profession that travels well and needs no special equipment. schools enjoy
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a steady stream of students. and not just in thailand with unesco elevating the tradition to intangible cultural heritage its importance is now recognize the world. match day 15 in the. night with champions league hopefuls hoffenheim suffering a 42 home defeat against. the away side took the lead just 11 minutes in when. philip mats for a simple tap and. back into the game but were finally killed off in the 85th minute when the brazilian defender jago to make it for 2. unbeaten
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in their last 5 games. liverpool coach jurgen klopp has extended his contract with the club until 2024 took over at liverpool 4 years ago after 7 seasons at the moment and he guided to france for the champions league title last season liverpool haven't won an english title in 30 years but this campaign the club is hoping club can keep liverpool number one in the standings until the season's end. we would see what happened so the plan is to make it the best time of all life. and all but. it could not be so let's try to make. the best of it. enjoy the ride enjoy the journey. in women's football brazil colombia and japan have submitted formal bids to host the next women's world comp in 2023 with australia new zealand already on the list in
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a joint bed it will be the 1st cup to feature 32 teams the most recent women's world cup in france enjoyed record t.v. audiences and high end tendency with the u.s. winning a record 4th title. at the upcoming edition of the tournament had generated unprecedented interest from member countries the winning bid is to be announced in june 2020. christmas is just around the corner and very soon santa claus will be doling out presents to millions of children but before santa and his reindeer take flight it appears that old st nick has been spotted in rio de janeiro he's moonlighting as a biologist at the city's aquarium where he's been feeding the sharks and raising awareness about protecting marine life. we all know santa way has a special suit but this one lets him swim undoable seth. and we because there's
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food it's very important to do this sort of thing because our lives are very dependent on animals knowing that santa claus is here to give the children a better idea of why it's important to preserve nature whites necessary to take care of the environment and what we need to improve. he doesn't have to travel around the world in one night and whether the sharks have been naughty or nice doesn't mess with the scented jaws that his visit ahead of christmas eve was still at bit of a surprise was this nice get out it was very nice we want expecting that to happen what did you think of finding some to close here that wasn't nice. nice. minas but out it was unexpected to find him inside the aquarium it was very nice that when i go i think the children are having a lot of fun. with christmas just days away it will soon be time for santa to give up scuba diving and get back to his say. you're watching t.v.
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