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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2019 9:15am-10:00am CET

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you're watching t.v. news live from berlin coming up next night groups with a band you may have heard of time like look at don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining us as always more news at the top of the. charts the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate alex on the phone it's 260th birthday for embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. . welcome to a new episode of knight proofs where if is a test from came about after crossing the white north atlantic they are now here in
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the beautiful dolls it's they had to international breaks in with the song spirits we are looking forward to are coming this from bella and. is in the house he was at the island the ninety's goals for streaming and he's an actor posers the singer she has a new album singing german song that starts. from her. talk. to. her. cut. yeah it told us he is anxious. the issue my no one knows it's such as tamara i
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don't think so 1st time 1st time. will. what. suppress you must have to live through it does your z. now. we were just abandon canada we started playing farmers' markets and like our families backyards and you know we just toured and made records and toured and made records and then finally we made the big one. we have yeah even before spirit's research or enjoyment it's not really fun actually just be professional bodybuilders but it's been unsuccessful so thanks so much to. tell you this are you country ones because i actually did all he. can even talk about my ok thanks.
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to. him. being. out on the right side. ok you are still the. guy. and maybe we don't want to check. again zimmerman in. fairness in my. zimmer. both parents i'm on the. road with.
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the money and. mailing. them. to me from a few. that. was so. a. maybe it was. summer you know. i get. him on the. boat.
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if you. still. hold. me. you. see and. i get money. you. can't.
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be. fixed thank you thank you to tell it all to me yet. but i strum no stick no ga nothing yet only right i'm here to enter it come from such an artist ya image and i fucking hate that from a different song in time it's not just the soldiers you digging i don't think we ever did like i think it's kind of like you can imagine when you like 1st playing music and i want to really does i just think you're still crazier than ever thought it mostly in a kept on money trying to boot side to him. leads to stunt.
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yeah it really is especially in europe because it was in europe where like we were traveling to radio station and then there'd be like people waiting at the radio station for hours and we'd be like good with money you know is paul mccartney here and i put it on my head and there's no yeah it's super cool though we were humbled by it and love it so yeah it comes to us on talk to you on that could you. can lay on the it's on top you'll go also viking usher and you can often be on them to see an old person them on the set all to fall is. yeah. well there's no bears but actually you'd be amazed at how similar ontario looks to germany yeah it's that environment and the weather it's very similar heavy as it is looking teal lead dusty one knows it's just torture on talk to us i was all ready to get this terrible mortgage all taught to think that it's ok so do i not think it's
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a fast new ovine you said i don't know why i'm sort of popular. music so a lot of people think that you know polar bears and beavers but for the record i've never seen a beaver or a polar bear that they can ever see this i've never seen as i mean i was right here i have i live in an item like 50 story condo tower and there are beavers in the park across from my top yeah i think about disease done him on that he wanted you to find doesn't mean he was at all no no we see them yeah yeah they swim and you see their little heads coming out of the water there with their super going on that . i'm climbing all those and of course i'm shocked we're from a small town yeah yeah and this month i'm getting from people. all the. things that you thought if you like music when i've not been bombed but ask your friends it's high times antigun salute is a bent it up a storm and a funny thing right yeah yeah that was me i was living in trauma at the time and i
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put an ad on craigslist and said does anybody want to complain. is it with me and dave was the very 1st person to respond and he responded with the longest email i've ever seen anywhere and immediately i was like this is not going to work yet but sure enough we're still all it's of these are my influences you know this is where i went to school i don't want all the locks on the beach and then i'll just stand up to simon called me up and said hey you want to and i said you know that where i was my cool yeah yeah yeah yeah some additional. songs one licks you don't fall for it do this professor in the sort of 12 dr i asked him and you should it's a 12 i think i did quite a bit of a ph d. program in english lit and then the band started to do well so i let it go nuts that all the aztec good christian. ungifted fix it but i mean it is a warning to always makes me change the lyrics for grammar stuff drives and it makes me so angry when i can just have to get the dish at the foot send
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a text others have to design me from some new thoughts as i'm about it but i'm into c. and as a music text that pieces of. i usually write by myself in my bedroom because i'm just like that and that and then i just end it most bottom up. sometimes the living room only on friday night when i'm feeling crazy. and then i'll send him to the band and then the band will add their parts and we'll do it together after that ok. good lick. my . god thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you was. thank you thank you thank you but us we have it up to the end of the lease runs an
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over if you never get it it's amazing the guy doesn't let it go i'm thinking about come his introduction i've been mrs it's now let's get some roads over dot com i get i think it's very selfish much anguish matson's english if you got screwed over the top yes yeah yeah i think i need a semi i can get one of up one side. and song from lady gaga and bradley cooper in the shallow so you know what kind of things that he would not do to. us a little bit to feel stuck out thank you for that shallow enjoy. thank. you. we simply need good or. are you happy in the
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smothers old good. mood. through some of the announce you searched for movie. new poll here you. didn't look good samson for man must've known you. fortunate me. that sam's live here most of the. comp was. not says that didn't. hold ground. guys. where they can't hurt us were 5 of them were sad.
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to sad lol sad imo. leave the sad i sat down in atlanta oh. come here michel oh yeah i love the oh my fuck off who you son goldeneye a. fine young love the book big. come come. come. in and. the grandson. player. play.
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play. the oh i am. lucky. i am told her mug. silly didn't go. smoothly. you. have to have a modest sense that i am the pact. that have been the summit that it is because i don't but if it is the smoking continent will do in this moment on a limb length and plan off and then these movements in the us and in the problem
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last start is not a left or endeavor stores it's a sound that is of enough was that it doesn't disappear for centuries on hunter x. between that short. thing up to $100.00 dime but dims only do the gesture sort of a good job x. that on done truth get in have expertly buy that come out of some in fact life and stick with devil by a tennis ball figure and lots of it and. i think it's. sufficient to act but i don't you can pull it about and one that spawns up with and returns to it on the come what it and i have on the cared for it's going to respond immediately and with a rock music and can withstand the organising. if you try to have that much acid and it stopped a woman when it would on the kids and i don't fancy how that was before it happens because mike was at home as of the limb and struggle. every time it was and that had to him i had an insider's view from this visit and by police believe
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a vision. of the us with an estimate that the city owned by his church is recent happens to most interesting us and destroy that source and tired of the fact you can sow capek of the plot you call for when you have just with his guitar and up wish the muck of the novice a dump a few minutes well it is a distressed as is a stooge and because it's right on this was guests include us all to definitely from the school when his words musicality and frequently the slavery put in some avoid that is and didn't stand up for pessimists and yet this is what this mission of done with melissa she can to some to only end in a faux talk. i don't want to plot to be nice to france and it's on this mission had to be subservient and. that's mitt simpson office of mumbai. spirits i did it and took me down the healing some wasn't a nice thing hits. that's
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a really good question i don't think so we just wanted to make the coolest record we could and. that's about right and i don't know if there's any pressure and i could be harder than the pressure we put on ourselves to like make cool records and make records i connect with people so any external pressure i think it's less than whatever's going on in here which is usually pretty bad the beer is way less screaming girls than sounds i forget we don't have any of that in our culture you know company softball some books call us what us offense but others and i think oh that must be yeah definitely oh yeah that's what it is i do have a wall of pictures of john when he was 14 in my house yeah i was up. but it's a while. because look can you stop the other or do i have to get official because if i'm called thank god you know then you speak of it. i think i want to do that job but guilty too ok no i've always wanted to i didn't know what i wanted i
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was totally lost and i didn't find music until a band the 1st band i was in was really this band and i was when i was 25 years old so i had no i wasn't from that teacher like by. so yeah yeah so mentally we're still going through a very narrow. as it goes with respect of. course a lot of the hype for a. complete that from fans is son and father of a at santa found a touch of a fucked up it's owned his on his that's what i was playing respect thank you thank you thank you to me. is how the feel you must have about your thoughts and because i can see the fun of them and. look and feel if you must and the know will understand the involves of the thought of a yes one off in the side person that is
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a person here that sentiment as an. express only just perceived as a nominee confessing them stopped us before in time on the taiwan the in the knees and i call the end of the filipino missing a minute alpha talk is this bias because i see you haven't been in and are caught i don't feel coughing or spats here out of a few minutes thank you thank you this week about some topics. would have more weight to. i tried to a lot but my mom tells me i shouldn't because apparently you can get rocks in your feet and get stuck in there by younger wives till games or somebody's got to by look them up to step 3 and there's yeah i'm fucking high schools to get me to order the 25 and take me as a shot and puts us back to your guy coming from each i'm totally naked which destroyed but i think on the high i would eat shit of the after dinner.
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thank. you very much for me asking what it. thank you. see. movies let me numbers it. says what you do. when you love see movies love seeming feeling worthless. leader hilmi. this is what you do murder. we love sleep he loves. you know the. beauty. sleep my.
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teeth see her. she can see to feel. something. the. sunni's food you. 6 can sleep. with you move the fever for me just in so please my. movie the sleeve of some. people can't. seem to plead for you. to. see. the light. either it seems. it's. like.
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a. soup you. bill. seriously so i made my peace. with. my zoom. zoom out found her. her.
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old job. as a vegetable as if you don't have to finish. if i didn't reach out to 50 cent i had such problems i didn't purchase of vinita specific. it was 10 of us and you're right yeah 10 no ok well we got off to
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a good number some more some quit. and i was always too scared to fire anybody so i asked johnny to do just as i did benford do so imply novia an organ this mush and say you know hopefully i will not but i've cleared up. 'd well ok we're not letting you know what i want to hear that what's yeah yeah there's a bunch more that i meant yeah living forever. yeah we're this big messy bluegrass band and but we've been in this 6 people you know half of us are here but we've been 6 for a good long time so it's pretty stable and that stede off to end up. and patient dead who's the dead bent of a bluegrass father son ismailov on. you just can't imagine titles you know and that's always fun of them so that's a i think it was sort of a natural evolution it was we were all really into like folk and country music and
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we started playing like these farmer farmers markets and small towns and things and then we kind of fell in love with pop music and we were listening to taylor swift and miley cyrus in our touring band and we just became obsessed with these sounds and so now where we are it's kind of a weird mash up between you know scrappy canadian folk and big pop in the. past and quick to call 50 in the seek for the top. ok so you know you know this pokémon cards yeah so any male dogs they need and you have said . look i'm just going to be in the land of dhaka. because of the connection so during the spirits tour when we were touring all around the world i started collecting pokémon cards and so everywhere i went in those things to do yeah. i actually thank you thank you and so and so for 2 years i collected pokemon cards but when i collect something i have to have the best and it has to be the most
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expensive and so after all this was done i wanted to take my family to the bahamas and so i said ok i'm going to sell the pokémon cards that i bought during the spirit tour and i want you to guess yeah what's your guess on how much my pokémon card sold for. what is inside of it even if it was a little conscious idea that was what he $1000.00. tony was a guy jim thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you do you want wow that's angles of black cotton just for stand before the couch because the sun. oh not that many because they were the very rare. one so like one time i spent $1200.00 american dollars on one card. does that and. puts a flash toward tom didn't steal it was one took us all to. see it would what do you
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view it. yeah well actually it's funny because i was living downtown trial in a small apartment and i had 2 kids and the band was just starting in so i had 0 money and so of course that was really hard. but so my mom my mom loves her kids and her grandkids more than anything and so she calls me and says so i just happen to buy a little house near me and if you want to bring your family back to lindsey this small town you guys can live in the house for free for a while while you get the band going. on so i was when when so we moved back home very close to my mom and that helped pay the bill and i helped to survive while we were making more money as a band to momma i just wasn't existence and that was all. stuff you know i can see that this would have split them up and the person if it's new it's into us most
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government and i know. it is have. you have some use one as most of the music mondays disabusing mistook the smart and the phone because no i moved i muffed these and found it and i got this much this was the 1st item is a callous and it's off the roof i just want to put in the fancy it so i so these offend me have is. that just an angle on the last fall that has happened last month that i might have to expedite it until the woman resumes i thought was interesting to see legs i'm funny name the association also that not in the uk the hobby shop job one of them hindu muslim students decided on the assistance of men of the nuns or of bias to the apostolic mixed emotion of all feelings the my guns alledged and let us down all this to be done with those that had been applied as may god to get is all that.
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you might say even just from now i'm going to see. yes i have my daughter my wife's name here ok but more importantly is that i have and i want my bulldog the dog. yeah thank you and this is will be and then this is the shark that my son not to. do. it's up it's up with what is a professional. here so much as a new dog in the shipping thing. it will make a yeah i'm going to talk to him i just felt as if this is a wonderful medium on it it's an even a good thing isn't that i was shocked when my live isn't good enough and it's important to even have fun with you guys of the show at the screen but well because i'm prescribing the theme of this all know with the. on the phone the 5. you got the most and didn't i just did a special he wasn't going to was his and and and done
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a full and from the. native. and when i was kind of those about oh. thank you thank you for this if you look at something like if there is a tennis court here and you and i went and had a friendly game let's go right away let's do it you crush me i don't know thank you serve over and i didn't. like that you press that. it doesn't plan be happy on plan b. that that's. no not anything serious like that like when he said that he was going to be a professional tennis player i was like wow that's a really cool ideas i know i've never really been able to do anything else much other than i but we actually was semiconductor in the image of the one that was my plan a for a long time was to be an english professor and then the band was kind of
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a hobby that just sort of grew and grew and now it's this thing that same thing but now he wants to be a good player yeah since john i was a journalist actually for a long time i was our public broadcaster like sort of writing news for the website and i loved it as a girl a passion of mine about music was always the 1st passion so one day i decided to quit my job and and go with a band but could you flushed it so let's get as a really advanced the most come to my could like i love writing i love journalism he get to interview people and like ask great questions and sort of every day is different but i mean. bad. it's good or you can't purchase a good who has some snow and some of the part totally california then could be admitted on stage join and current is yell from a little farm thank you.
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just stop. growing. up but this. my dad who are the. last. words i heard them. consumers. eventually get out but. the rewards down.
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good. morning our. time.
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well. just. sit. down. you can. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much thank you guys. so much on stage. we all freestyle so that's why they all look very different you know scott is cool
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hats and as it should mention it as you know as i guess a muslim can be take me to nod off the things that are good you know this is similar to how this means that easy how do i said that i mock and that. i mean isn't it sort of started out as a joke one time when i was in graduate school i went to study in scotland for the summer and everyone in the band played a gig where they all wore shirts with my face on it and they sent me a picture and i was very sweet and nice and so i said ok i have to start making the shirts they were so cool of course i think a shirt with my own face on it is cool and so and then it just grew into this you know grew and grew and now i have these hats with my name on it and yeah i make the mom of a good friend gets all t. shirts because they found off the home i think it made us all the time one of us was off almost back then she got so pissed and also this is not good sportsmanship . funds but of but our values design sort of bias but it's mostly about.
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the months before and we do want to follow but which of us landscape oh those hummus and. that's the number that's been off the umbrella that you see the essence you have to on was designed to be bent on a high speed with which the. yes. it's not a very exciting story but i was trying to think of a band name and i thought ambrose and and. i don't think you holiday yeah i think i was the target dumbest yeah that it might have been and so and then just wrong about was and i've tried to change the band name 7 times so far and but it's never we've never anything else came up that we like so it's just kind of stuck with us thank you thank them to dia and the host on qantas will valid us that it hasn't. let up as opposed to from the nazis place except in the instance and sue someone of
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something that it was up to school standards on seconds up so i often chime in and tons to watch on the system i mentioned i can also use that. postponed version of what a from someone else says a few lalama few songs i mean what are the look what are the most often do you don't know and hosts of the world doesn't that yeah but i missed him for was enough so it was on that side as we didn't. just hadn't says to begin on some footage with leo yes i mean most all here. in the bit. that's the stuff stuff through a constraint you can use wow because i'm so. young. yeah mission told a video camera. and then you see so that you. know it's great i've never even i started getting tired i'd. go.
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oh i've got it all here you've got muscle really i think i'm the kid from the future for. the values that they have and then they've muslim and all i'm blind but i'm happy for all day i'm going to come up. with what i call a little bit ahead of it ok that's what they've come back to. this couple just hold. yes. i am told so because it was a caution at home you know i just thank you thank you thank you speech matilda salvation. army should just be thank you thank you it was a. show
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. and he was. saying. the. very man.
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he. was seeing that day is that it is easy for. syrians in syria. when i think about the police man. family guy joe 1st it makes me worry. me. really love me. you're almost sammy. oh just you know. a man. oh when it was.
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very narrow me. holding hands did me being so. busy even when the so close to. you with a. camera inside. you when i'm scared to. jab you. in sand yeah we made. me. a. human being should.
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just put. on the show. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. i mean i think you know you. you you you don't see just. about.
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her. like something from an exotic foreign culture that's where her. mysterious and fierce. artwork of. your romantics in 30 minutes on d w. is in germany to learn german hello it's been called. why not learn with him. course because feet.
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above. the big christmas.
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this is deja news a lie from berlin gridlock at the un climate conference the final talks are now pushed into overtime world leaders can't agree on funding or international rules climate activists are demanding concrete and immediate action to protect their future also coming up. britain's force johnson wants to wrap up quickly and.


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