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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2019 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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u.s. winning a record 4th title fifa said the upcoming edition of the tournament had generated unprecedented interest from member countries the winning bid will be announced in june last 2021st 6. coming up our show world stories looks back at our correspondents top reports of the week we visit the frontlines of the war news to new crane and take a ride with the nigerian coast guard was battling piracy in just a few minutes. to treat their crew to today's world. 79 a historical turning point in politics there's no such limitation on the wrong people of the islamic revolution. opens up to making its initial flirtation capitalism strikes and states of emergency things into chaos going to hold john shimkus are going to split hence the people threatens the old order.
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the water cars and. the start of an era that defines only managed. 97 of the big. today small steps december 23rd double. this week on world stories. cracking down on pirates in the gulf of guinea. and indian company converts garbage into bio gas. we begin in eastern ukraine where a ceasefire between ukrainian troops and russian backed rebels is to be implemented by the end of the year.
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close enough to see what the other side having for lunch that's how these ukrainian troops have spent the last few years just 300 meters from the russian backed separatists facing them the whole night without a single shot i don't remember a day like that maybe on the 1st night of the cease fire it's a strange and there's no finite or you get all nervous we're used to the shooting and the conflict may have fallen out of the headlines but the shooting and the death continues less than a 10 minute drive away a young woman out walking with a child was severely wounded by a stray bullet just last week our guide through the trenches on xander was in his 2nd year cadet school when the conflict broke out when he unrolled he could hardly have imagined that he would soon find himself a 1000 kilometers from home fighting a trench war. everyone is tired of the war has parents wives worried about them
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back home but if the politicians can sort this out by talking why not if we withdraw from here it's not a disaster as long as the opponent just the same but only as we thought it. but off camera many soldiers are more skeptical they don't want to give up territory regain from the separatists and the cost of many lives. president selenski government is convinced that only of offers on between the front lines can bring peace. it's a short drive from the trenches to one of the region's biggest crossing points between government and separatist held territory thousands make the journey every day spending hours out in the cold. we're hoping for peace after all this time we need to resolve this war it's been 6 years since it all began i'm convinced on buses part of ukraine selenski and putin should sit down together drink some vodka together and put all this behind them. with the publicity. that we need
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a united ukraine and we need an end to all this. so people don't have to suffer in these queues anymore the. back of the front line it's quiet at least during daylight hours silence allows time to think about the future this war needs to end i've lost so many comrades already. but they're giving the other site making peace and that's going to be tough. the repercussions of this war will be felt for years to come it's not just about the mines and grenades the litter this landscape about the war in people's heads. during the recent street demonstrations in hong kong the police have used tear gas against the protesters many who were sprayed with tear gas now complain of health problems and it's not just demonstrators.
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when kathy ju and patricia levy rented their dream room apartment in hong kong suburb of 2 months the 2 roommates felt it was a good deal price was reasonable and the building in good shape but now they wish they had never moved here come along my nose off an itch is in. i skinned feels itchy and dry i feel very uncomfortable and i have diarrhea that usually lasts for a few days and need to go to the toilet a few times every night i hold hold hold out come out not kathy things that it is a consequence of the ga ga's don't mung has become one of the hot spots of hong kong's protests often clashes occur just below their window. also that usually protesters would set up roadblocks here police would then come to remove them and they fire tear gas to try to catch the protesters says the couple they seem coming out. since june the police have fired more than $10000.00 canisters of tear gas
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chemical irritant but mainly affects the alleys lungs and the skin it's use is prohibited as a chemical weapon in warfare with allowed in riot control although its effects are meant to be temporary there have been case reports of chronic eye diseases caused by the chemical. they were also some cases that they had no small to begin with but after exposure to tear gas some of the protesters actually developed a spray like symptoms for 2 to 3 years and there they were also cases that people develop chronic eczema to get skin problems going to tartus for a number of years. while the highest risk lies with frontline protesters and join a list residents have little chance to escape the consequences of tear gas as many protests happening in densely populated areas some logical call it i saw
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a doctor he asked me where i live and then he said i should consider moving away if i could tell you from the start eagle that most of them plan to stay with relatives for some time but moving home is out of question the landlord would not let them cancel their contract. pirates have become. a big problem in the gulf of guinea. a few days ago they kidnapped a tanker crew and are holding them for ransom the nigerian government has promised to crack down on pirate activity. from the outside the beautiful wetlands of nigeria inside a problematic history we argued in the past creeks of the niger delta. and this is where pirates operate from a labyrinth of more tolerance but it's not only home to criminals lives near by the river the source of income to transport goods and people he's careful since he was
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attacked by pirates the. critics like misplacing. when that. creates. the pins 1st the armed man wanted to take the engine of his boat when they realized it wasn't good enough they let him go they took his money instead from then on the parrot peanuts stopped working after sunset we are very scared. when driving on the sea or in the river because you don't know when exactly the corpse so sometimes if they are on the with a cane it will with all your money so i receive. is a very big problem. they want to be there before pirates strike members
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of the nigerian navy are headed out on their legs headquarters to money toward the sea they are given rare access to accompany them on their daily patrol along with all good things. very good. is responsible for navigation and training on board there is only one vessel that money to. hundreds of not to call massa day but the navy doesn't have enough vessels and personnel to prevent piracy attacks only isn't there for more trained in a position of more platform a position of minutes to make space for the vessels keeping the business absolutely saw this as a whole is very difficult is indespensible another challenge west african countries have different policies to protect their waters in movies of the order there also. countries in the gulf of the middle. to the 5th of the morning to you don't because even though you raised this to call the piracy the never was
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a modern day i will fight to look cool and they do this navy vassal is monitoring one part of the gulf of guinea and attack is reported on the same day a few 100 miles down sell an oil tanker similar to this one passing by us has been targeted the nigerian navy is not there maritime security should start here in the niger delta before an attack happens tell us they want of for a test to deploy more security to stop lawlessness in the creeks and to eradicate piracy altogether. india has a huge problem with garbage and how to get rid of it but a company in bangalore has found a way to convert garbage into via gas so they help clean up the environment and earn some money. in the heart of
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bangalore garbage is festering everywhere this neighborhood is drowning in it the population has grown rapidly the infrastructure hasn't kept pace entrepreneurs from enough used teamed up with chemistry teacher padmashree to encourage residents to separate their trash. he collects it is rule material it has to be well suited for his operating costs go up. this is nearly 100 percent. that means to strip the floors and i'll lead with. this extremely good i mean this is now good enough for buying gas gas is in demand all over india for things like cooking and carbon lights brand has managed to establish itself well. what we're producing as an end product is about a 90 to 94 percent of meet him which means it's much better than natural gas it can
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displace any fossil fuel. diesel so at the end of the day we're creating. a clean clean renewable energy right here in. the potential for bio gases huge normally $5000.00 tons of trash a day end up in landfills salters it's not only a waste of real materials. it's the most unscientific to waste our tax splays causes diseases pollution creates again which is a. source creating. some wants to see less garbage ending up in landfills and more of it recycles it would certainly boost his business he already has several plants in operation. this one
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process is over 13 terms of food waste a day for mighty and industrial parks and it's created 70 jobs. are dream is to have this across india with all. this business. it's a win win for the country as well as creating more jobs. creating energy security. already expanded into 2 for the states and has plans for more with investors getting on board the ways to feel business model could be a viable way for cities to finally clean up their act.
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enter the conflict zone with jim sebastian. my guest this week here in the road is the jesuit priest father hans solo who is a media expert on the search will use of a mobile kludgy face the bicycle serious about a wheelchair the wish for would continue to provide the opportunity as cover for priests who commit these awful close conflicts all. next on d w. on this subject the 7 percent we talk about the issues stop not stop. this time we meet women who have suffered appalling acts of sexual violence they share their stories of courage and hope. empowering others to stand up against sexual abuse and gender inequality. in 60 minutes d.w. . much of it. your link to news from
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africa the war story link to exceptional stories and discussions from the use of easy and while website d w dot com smoke free coffee join us on facebook at w for god. i feature and happen people just don't believe in the church because they're trying to not a monolithic block new rules this year on the holocaust hurdle sexual abuse in the cafferty. file to satisfy victims' groups which still insists so be innocent are at risk from predatory good to my guest this week here in rome is the jesuit priest father funds sola there is a meeting at.


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