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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm CET

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earth a home worth saving global rodeos tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming to those beaten by a series of global 3000 long d.w. and online. hey that we're back with the brand new edition of the 77 percent eddie mike julia so they are we covering a topic that is have all the attention violence against women we'll get into it in a bit. but also coming up on the show we meet women who are breaking the cycle and fighting for their rights. you know we discussed how social media could help break the culture of silence.
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in zanzibar some young girls have become he said testing your family by learning how to swim. finally we discover the bustling city of coming together with plus size model style but before all of that let's focus on the issue of violence against women some women like i did much about from ivory coast are subjected to on the margin of all acts of brutality when she was just 13 years old she was forced to marry a 72 year old man by the vets was just the beginning of a nightmare this isn't of much the story. after him forced marriage. life turned into a living nightmare in a best of rage the husband of her hands. after the wedding my husband caught me with
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a machete. and after us he just threw me into the. pool last night he left her there to die with a 24 serious injuries on my body and without her hands luckily she was quickly found and received medical aid thanks to a series of humanitarian aid initiatives a limit. how slowly money to recover and i started a new life she went back to school and recently graduated. my game i'm happy despite my disability and i'm not ashamed of it nor in my afraid of people i've had to find the strength to face them in their looks but that strength has also helped me to go to school and lend to read and write. and i think. she hopes to one day have course to take on and to be able to continue with
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his studies she also wants to become an ambassador for the fight against ellie and forced marriages and domestic violence so. i could use my story and share what happened to me to educate traditional parents about forced marriages and help stop them miles from the ivorian government they knighted nations invade also civil society groups have launched initiatives to combat forced marriages and fallen against women but many challenges still remain i am shocked and angered by what she's been through suddenly one 3rd of all ivory and girls are forced to marry we should all learn from the story and gather the courage to say no every woman has a right to decide who they want to marry now as difficult as it is to hear these stories once and until we find solutions i also want to raise your awareness about sexual violence emanuel on sunday is
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a rich survive out working as an activist in the article she's inspiring other women and girls to stand up against. kim been seeking the southeast of the d r c capital kinshasa there's a swathe manila sunday and her friends go from door to door trying to educate locals about rape they will talk to anyone who's willing to listen that is that. yes i said down how old is she going to 7 what's her name brenda when i was like brenda you see her on the air when i was brando's age when i was raped. by your liking him a lot stories unfortunately far from being unique in the d r c sexual violence is commonly used as a weapon of war a model of how to survive twice a soldier repair when she was told a child later
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a family member also abused her sexually despite the fact that so many women that it b.r.c. are victims of rape this to suffer widespread stigmatization. i was rejected i felt discriminated even ostracized some parents would beat their children because they plead with me i tried to commit to say 4 times i didn't believe in living i couldn't find a reason to stay alive. but a 21 year old decided to turn her suffering into a source of strength. she founded a mangy forcing my neighbor with an aim to break the top around rape by telling her story opening she has become a source of inspiration for many. of you know minor. if a man rapes your daughter even if you take him to court they will release him and he will be back in the streets living his life and you will have to take care of your
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child can you see if it were much. public the way in manila talk because that problem of rape affects so many parents i am a hands. on experience in the challenges us have to face have given her course in life she strives to improve the lives of women and girls she hopes that others will try and her on her path. for all they have suffered it's inspiring to see how determined they are to tackle this menace but the big question is how can we prevent violence like this from happening in the future we can break the cycle together and yes that includes. our reporter can money travel to nigeria's capital abuja to seek answers in our street debate on how social media can help address gender based violence.
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when the mitsu movement began online it started what cannot and will not be stopped a conversation about sexual and gender based violence that movement mushroomed across many parts of the world including right here in nigeria well today we're in a budget and we're trying to find out just how effective is social media in the fight against sexual and gender based violence and you know i want to begin with a lady who actually started a movement here called arrow on me to our own meaning the northen part of nigeria for korea how did it feel when you started this hashtag what inspired you to do it and what was the impact immediately a young girl. came on twitter and she she opened up about her experience of abuse 2 years ago and for me it was just a tweet made out of solidarity but i didn't know it was going to open up you know a can of worms because what it turned out to be was that people found a safe space in the hash tag so this is sort of the work that you're doing in the
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north looking at investigating but to clearly gender rules to what effect has cultural contributed to what we're hearing here we have this culture of shyness you know it's kind of like yes it's in things you don't talk about they feel like it's immoral to talk about sex to talk about you know how to handle yourself how to protect yourselves in rural communities and communities so i used to believe that you know those people because they don't have access to education that's why you know the victims of this but then dario i mean 2 movement just opened my eyes to the fact that even the most educated of us in the society also going through the same things so let's take a step back using that social media opened up the voices of the people who were otherwise silenced mario is very popular now in the global scene she was arrested because of her complaint especially because of this so how bad is a problem nigeria people are willing to go above and beyond to silence those who dare to you know rebel to change the norm so there's
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a lot of danger i guess in doing that personal and otherwise apart from the online attacks who you know that are just never ending death threats. so yeah you know you could get arrested the rapist why not there are people there in a panic get raped who rush rush into a police station and the kind of reception they get you know it's it's another form of trauma right i was in a police station with minors who were raped and the police said she was a suspect and they were dragging her telling her to take up her shoes and they were going to put her in solitary confinement if i get raped god forbid there's no way i'm going to go to the police tonight and i'd rather come on social media so obviously by no standards does it sound ok and i was reading that right here you know there were women who were collected taken to put up police station on suspicion of being prostitutes and some of them came up with stories of being raped and your police superintendent said well women are not supposed to be out in the
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streets anyway how are women supposed to trust you when this sort of behavior has been perpetuated by police officers. yeah. we've had. several complaints right now we have agenda desk they have been going for special training how to receive such cases but that's in me just cities now let's go back to. even to social media until today because. maybe 14. who does she go to she doesn't exists so she goes home tries to home present. this. you're about to get married if you do that it's about you she just keeps quite even if you talk to. any confirmations of people who've been arrested who've lost their jobs as a result of this movement the person that i outed as a rapist got you know sacked from his job as far as i'm concerned that is
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a consequence that you cannot go anywhere that men are being forced to say oh my god i'm hanging out with this girl today i'm i going to go. up to a hash tag i'm i going to be unable to show my face in the mosque and that is a consequence that has to start somewhere but obviously there are limitations to social media and i'd like to hear from a gentleman because i often hear men see that they're now scared what happens if a woman makes an allegation about him online and there's no evidence to support it i guess some people do feel that because of the lifestyles they lead and because of gray areas and constant and how we communicated sometimes they do feel that threat i suppose but speaking about the limitations of social media sites and people in society here believe that social media is not to be trusted the internet is genuinely space to be treated with some level of course i want to come to the
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office of because this challenge is directly affect your work you know when somebody comes and says this is the claim that i made how do you go about collecting evidence when the situation has started online that's why i wanted to mention to them movement is ok but i would advise they get a lawyer you mean to tell me that if i come to your police station and i tell you that my husband has beat me up you'll send me to find a lawyer yeah i would invite a husband is it a habit is it a one time affair why should that matter that's what we said back to cultural we like it or not when they look at me straight i'm trying to raise a complaint from him he sees. hope that's one report right so we believe no we have to hear from him. and see if there are evidences on witnesses and everything we can work on that's why i want to understand the social media not every brought out. so as a rule of thumb you do not believe the victim unless they're witnesses and often
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gender based violence happens in isolation they usually no witnesses on any kind of crime the 1st one is the confessional the 1st one everyone at the end we have to go around and find out how and why when and we are ok i really want to talk about solutions what needs to be done even from 2 went down to an individual's level. so the conversation as shown as the limitations of social media which is that it can highlight a problem but you need systems to prosecute but when people know that when big commit a crime they can get away with it because prosecution rates are really low so you understand that this is a reflection of a broken system we have to be able to you know understand the gaps that exist in our society and beyond awareness and you know beyond the last year they need to be implemented for them to work thank you so much i have to admit that it has been
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very tough very very tough the things that was said here were not expected but i'm glad that we're winding up to the sound of the maghreb in the background hopefully the prayers will cleanse over our societies so that we can speak of something much lighter and much better thank you for watching from a buddha. now that was a very engaging debate no one should go through any form of abuse in silence our situation is to take accusations of abuse more seriously instead of shots in a woman down let them speak up. now for a longer version of history debates go check out our you tube channel i look forward to reading all your comments and suggestions now let's dive into our next story about overcoming gender inequality this one has something to do with swimming hold on just the woodley well do they live on an island most girls in zanzibar
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can't swim since he had decided she wanted to fix this problem before she could start teaching the girls she 1st had to convince the appearance the let's go of age old customs and let your daughter just dive into the crystal clear waters of the indian ocean. zanzibar with its crystal clear water sandy beaches and the gentle ocean breeze many people to its shores for a swim. many young men get to enjoy in the water it is not the case for women in this conservative part of africa . when. when i was a young girl it was normal not to know how to swim when i grew up i felt ashamed to see men swim yet i could not.
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be pushed hard and was very persistent today she's a swimming teacher basic lessons like how to properly use a life jacket start in the classroom. later on all girls put on a burqini and head to the ocean. when i began swimming the community thought i was wasting my time and viewed me as strange . girls were not expected to swim. anything but her pupils like sabina nor the importance of being able to swim. the 1st day. i was very happy because i had never swim before my friends were also happy because they also didn't know how to swim. but people said. you know wants to swim and i said yes i want to learn that.
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if our teachers had not x. people to train as it will be dangerous because not many people know how to swim but. a terrible occasion made conservative parents change their minds nobody worried about sea accidents until tragedy struck in 2011 they overloaded m.v. spice island a ferry sunk killing about 200 people most of the victims were women and girls who did not know how to swim and that was when the government that's when a group of 9 young women and men here started their punches so in project that included calles one of it's found this was. one of the groups on at the beginning it was really challenging to teach girls as one of the founders of the soaring initiative i had to set an example by beginning with my own daughter then another
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founding member also allowed his daughter to go for training. sabinus father was also reluctant at 1st but now he is very proud of his little girl. and the ferry sank i saw the need to not oppose my kids from learning to swim but in the old days girls did not swim much. when this initiative was introduced i was excited and had to enroll my children. for giving. and i. have trained 5000 girls and women so far and they hope they can train meaning mall. kudos to those ladies i could do with some refresher courses myself. now let me take you away from the sandy beaches of zanzibar we bought commercial house on the opposite side of the continent the city of incoming. we
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need another powerful woman estelle it to me isn't one to shy away from her curves plus size model she's all about self-love and body positivity in this week's my city segment she takes us around her hometown. enjoy. hello my name and. i mean tripping there and. them going to show you my lady welcome to the other. is the largest city in comics and an economic hub that worry river separates the city from the industrial zone. while a sports is the largest in central africa and also supplies neighboring countries like china. there was born here into inspired by the city's entrepreneurial culture she started up her own business. as well thank you i know it's a very lively city a city that moves a lot of the young people here have
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a strong interest in europe in fighting spirit you can see young people everywhere setting up businesses and shops dualla is coming runs commercial home mainly foreigners come here to buy goods and sell them abroad it's a very fascinating. if you step out on to do a list. it's the city feels like one big market at every corner there are people selling includes shoes you name it. and i was one of africa's major football nations do i don't course has a market score not dedicated to come rooms national team. i don't want to make i go i'll look forward you must remember that people here into a lot of very passionate about sports especially football that's why this market where we are right now mainly has football geniuses from the national team many of
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the national players also come from douala many web on here they grew up here for example the football talk a top goalscorer i don't i don't know me. in the evening and still keeps busy with their own share of sports. to wind down she heads to parker spitzer she comes here about 4 times a week to train and stay fit for her modeling career. i don't have those who need it after a long day's work it's normal that you want to decompress i love coming to this park for that it's free and there are a lot of young people here who come here after work school so now you have seen a few images of i hope you like them and we hope to see you here one day they'll be you having her style. for the rest of us maybe it's time to hear the city your visit. thanks estelle for showing us around so how old were you when your
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parents gave you the sex talk was a conversation comfortable for you or that it feel a bit awkward mine was definitely awkward but let's talk about that this one is for all the parents who may be watching sex and relationship experts cast is back to share her thoughts on the parenting. and sex education. hello there and welcome to the spread a safe space where we get to discuss everything sex and relationships if you would like your questions answered please be sure to send this an e-mail our question today comes from a new parent and it reads i cast thank you for creating spaces for us to open up my question for you is i'm raising a little boy who is currently only a few months old and i want to know when should i begin to think about having sex positive conversations with him i know it's really early right now but i can't help
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but want to raise my child better than i was raised where there were no conversations about sex. what do you suggest is the right time thank you so much for that question sex positive parenting is a conversation i'm always happy to have in fact i've had it separately on my podcast the spread let me start by saying congratulations on your little boy you are already doing a good job you're doing right by him and trying to provide a better life so let's get to the root of your question firstly there is no age too young to teach and learn from our children even young infants are able to give non-verbal cues on what they like and don't like and this is how we can tell if they're comfortable this is a good opportunity for you as a parent to learn about your child's boundaries as they grow and you can begin to have conversations about where they don't like being touched for example maybe they don't enjoy being told having their hair touched or being hugged we get so wrapped up in trying to make sure our little ones make a good impression on guests or off friends that we don't stop to think about
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whether some of these actions are actually making our child uncomfortable sexuality is a spectrum and one of the most important lessons from the get go is consent unfortunately this often gets left out when we start to learn about sex and sexuality so this should be how you start to have your sex positive conversation allow your kids to set their own boundaries as your child gets older make sure conversations about sex focus more on the importance of pleasure don't raise them to fear their sexuality or feel ashamed of it many of us have inherited our parents' feelings of fear and shame when it comes to sex and sadly some of us are now spending the better part of our lives and learning this of course it's important to have age appropriate conversations about sex with our children so you don't need to worry about explaining concepts like intercourse at such a young age we can start by allowing them to explore their own bodies and decide for themselves what feels good while also giving them the space to change their
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minds as they grow just as we have in our lifetimes and continue to do keep in mind as you continue to learn you will grow and so will your kids be patient with them and also with yourself you are already a wonderful parent keep it up i hope you found this useful from me can get by. thanks as always for your very informative response cast it's not time to wrap up the show but thanks a lot for joining us and please connect with us we always glad to hear from you just write us at 77 a d w dot com if you have feedback or even any story ideas and what better way to take you into the weekend with some hot afrobeat for my own country gotta you know how we do it yes kitty and chrissie out with this bag catch you on our next episode of a 77 percent than. i am. going to. to.
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bring. him back. to school at. you.
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take football personally with a wonderful people and stories that make the games so special are you ready. for true fans following far less. than. 30 minutes on d w. more nuclear weapons in europe. here's
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a deescalation and a song and remain neutral trust between world powers this fast disappearing there's now an increasing risk that atomic weapons coming just a moment times currently talking germany or europe acquiring its own nuclear weapon . are we heading into a new cold war. in 75 minutes on d w. told. us and it's as if they don't need to keep a lot of the boats go for over that's on home the 4th time flew for the most recently that became a letter that missed the boat on the ballet that the last dragon was word called the heart those who used. to agree books on. the big bang
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created today's world story. the good fortune politics business and legit odd name wrong the up people of the islamic revolution under ayatollah. opens up making its initial flirtation. those are. strong states of emergency it sinks into chaos margaret thatcher remarks in cabbage them too and they will once at the start of neoliberalism. pope john paul 2 seconds is expected hence the peace. threatens the old order. the crisis and. the storm is an era that defines over. 970 the big music today's. december 23rd w.
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this is deja news live from berlin sardines have swarmed the squares of rome protesters turn out in the italian capital to show their opposition to the empty energy drink lead party led by divisive politician. also in a show. gridlock at the un climate conference was crucial deadlines looming world leaders still can't agree on funding or international rules to slow global warming climate activists there want immediate action and big decisions.


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