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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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it was a straight some states of emergency sinks into chaos. john the 2nd to sporting chance the people and threatens the old order to. maintain 70 knowing. they created 2 days more troops december 23rd w the from the. ringback fascinating underwater worlds your next reporter hendrik welling visits europe's biggest aquarium and encounters many different feet creature. and with that welcome to our max here's a look at what else we have coming up on the show. skateboard with this
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girl to become the youngest german competitor at the olympics. leader's christmas menu at the sweets traditionally executed like a holiday. but 1st we need an artist who creates beautiful and b. which in mosques had name as as mysterious as her artworks damsel frau for her it means having 2 contradictory sides and putting on a mosque is a bit like putting on another self let's take a peek behind the mosques off the london based artist. is it tribal art folklore a sham mine's trappings or a combination of all of these. and who is the creative spirit behind the masquerade . my name is morgan health canada i'm in
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a region artist living in london and i work with masks. it all began in 2007 when martin held kennedy alias the damsel from now moved to london she sewed her own club outfits and soon added the masks she taught herself how to embroider so and adorn clothes some of the masks only took her a day to make others she worked on for years. i don't know where this one is going it will probably turn into quite a different looking thing at the end of it again it's kind of the thought system not not plan i don't draw i don't design. work with the materials and don't sort it out for me. she calls the masks on the shelves her gang and they do seem to take on a life of their own even getting individual names as soon as they're completed.
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this one is called a rule it was initially to me quite broke so like well coco as the name comes from that this guy's a fairly new one. which was difficult to get to i just had these materials that i really wanted to use and it wasn't communicating that well to me it's hasn't got a name yet he might not be finished i'm not sure this one's called venture are. window i just want to try this square format a mask that is outside the mask. marking neil kennedy gets inspiration for her masks right outside her door in london's east and. london's been an important part of the work it is very inspirational it has people from all over the world it has material to provide all
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over the world. and there's a freedom to how people that how they live their lives. which is a very. strong influence. she often returns from her strolls with something she's picked up somewhere. her studio is like a treasure trove. when i buy lemons and limes i keep the net they come in but that will be useful. old sorry ribbon and trimming. there are some things i found at the carpet some things i go and pay lots of money for this all came out of
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a dumpster up the road crystals good ones as well these are fruit bags from the sixty's and they've been laying around so i didn't know what to do with them and i just had this hunger for color and i popped into all my colors and just made these kind of simplistic but clear. and in my head futuristic color exercises. once she's finished a mouse she snaps a photo of herself with it on and posted on instagram under the moniker damsel for all she has over $100000.00 followers. these are objects that are physical things and they have their own. life. kennedy carefully composes her mask photos she never wears the masks for any other occasion she's happy when others get creative with them and
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musicians artists and photographers are thrilled to do so. the young woman in the next report doesn't wear a mosque but rather a helmet that's required and her daring sport defines us as a state border in fact a very talented one had a chance to take part in the summer olympics in tokyo it's looking good and the most amazing part is she's only 12 years old that's made the german with kid. i mean skateboarding is on the one hand something i want to do professionally and later on earn money with. on the other hand it's just my hobby and i have fun doing it. at least a facias is germany's best skateboarder. at the tender age of 12 she's a 2 time german champion now she's heading for the olympics and won't let anything
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knock her off balance. my mind sometimes i go to the skate park and the boys look at me funny because i'm a girl. but i don't let that bother me at all let me. hear. the young berliner trains up to 4 times a week. the 1st time you were just a tick faster. you're going to is a german national skateboard coach and louise mentor who pushes her to test her limits. just by that was a trick that takes a little bit more daring she didn't always make it but now she's practicing the trick on the next level and that's exactly what you have to do to get better fast you know but so yeah. her father is always on hand he's been skateboarding for over 40 years himself. he started lily and her little sister taurus and skateboards when they were just
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a few years old at 1st it was just for fun. if we said before it is all i knew was that it was a hobby or sport that i had lots of fun doing was one where you can express your creativity and of course i didn't want them to miss that at the start nobody thought it would develop in the direction of a competitive sport they could have also said no i just want to take the skateboard to roll down to the bakery because it's the classical small scale. but now. delish to facias for sliding from one competition to the next and on to the german championships in dusseldorf she still goes to school but is on the road 3 or 4 months out of the year. thank you thank you for the actions i've been in china and in the usa i've been almost everywhere in europe and it's fabulous because you get to see almost the whole world just as one that is eager to sleep skateboarding will be an olympic sport for the 1st time
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at the 2020 summer games in tokyo so this coming ever closer to her goal of taking part. as of opiate by european standards she's one of the best and by international standards she's right where she needs to be to qualify for tokyo's so it's definitely reachable for her does this fizzy do it was tough. thanks both the interest in her to reach new heights if she ends up going to the tokyo olympics then aged 13 she'd be the youngest german olympic competitor ever. wolf if i qualify i'd like to be able to enjoy it and not feel like i have to make it to the top 10 or something. else so in 4 years when i'm 17 i might qualify again and then maybe i could start thinking about bringing back a metal. plate so i'm going.
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to decide should cost occasion phase begins in february and then once again the early stuff osseous will be spending more time on the road than in school and fortunately the tokyo olympics will be held during the summer vacation. let's hope that livestream of qualifying for the olympics will come true. a different kind of dream came true from my colleague kendrick welling he wanted to discover the underwater world in more detail and he didn't even have to get wet to do so he encountered fish that some divers wait years to catch a glimpse of and he could even touch some where in europe's biggest aquarium it has 1600 species including a very elusive creature. the
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monterey and the magical on the water world. i love the ocean but i very rarely if a chance to dive into the marine seeing sharks close off. feeding the monterey and stroking fish. things i've always put. knows the cop francis national sea center boasts the largest public aquarium in europe it's a gigantic tank filled with 10000000 liters of water ringback. the star of the show is the monterey the largest species of ray in the world even the buildings design was inspired by the monterey. center is located in belonging. right on the english channel in northern france.
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the city is the biggest fishing port in the country and home to about 1600 ocean species since. most eco is a world the visitors can literally dive into. her stiffen in the center's director of. and help creating the norse the concept. everybody seems to be that you like to stick around here this time is devoted to that showing the beauty and also the french city that's the need to try to preserve the potential of this magnificent place at the high seas presence. much of this magnificence this displayed and explained here. is much more than an aquarium it is an education. and research center. with some 60000 species that i can get to
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know at meyer and even stroke. the ecosystem of the big tank is similar to that of that is pacific off the coast of colombia. monterey's that there are 2 but here they are fed by hand. i'm giving this 13 kilos of crap korto. great job and a lot of the time great job. which is very impressive to watch this women is very useful. also very powerful it's very very beautiful animals we have the chance to that's a. month a race can be up to 8 metres long this one is only 2 metres long but it's still young. the stuff are allowed to get even closer. they can observe the elements
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better up close and make sure that they're doing ok. they also have to clean the tank. and sometimes entertain the visitors. that's what the sea lions do as well here are 6 of them showing off just skills. but they're primarily here for research purposes the keris have to make sure that the wild animals are obeying their commands so that researchers can get close without being in danger and put your bottom open yet we can observe the behavior and physiology of the sea lions here much better than the nature. of the shark researchers on the california coast for example don't have permanent access city animals over. i also want to see others and tell you got my dose. i am heading back
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to the quit real. you have a big muntari coming close to every single visit die of else sometimes wait for the whole life for that's and you know every single visit has what's made it diverse sieging for yes and yes so that's also the magic of that's bringing the kinds of experience to. know i'm open to doing. what impressed me the most here is that this huge thing i never thought i'd get such a good impression of life on the water i think it's so fascinating that it could just watch for hours of the war.
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and you can find more amazing places that handshake veiling visited for years on our you tube channel. want to learn more about european lifestyle and culture. when you come to write. the euro max just. take the plunge into an underwater strike. try out a window and flavored cuisine join a race to strong interest in. the euro max you john subscribe to so you don't miss a thing. this year i'll be enjoying the list as german christmas food here in berlin every country has special meals for the holiday season and are a serious to additional trestles faire the introduce you to some of them and of course we also reveal the recipes for these dishes this time we travel to sweden
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where they feast on all kinds of delicacies. my name is there i'm a very proud owner of a restaurant for a magazine that today we're going to have a closer look at the swedish jews aboard the christmas table and in the end by going to show you how to prepare to have european come follow me. in the weeks before christmas food markets annette's and gautham burg sweden offers its guests an especially sumptuous few woodward an essential part is the look. at his head chef gustaf take or see it as sweden's classic christmas holiday beverage it's basically scandinavia is a version of spicy mulled wine that paul making a log we use the red wine i would put it in
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a vault. and we had our seasoning clubs and cinnamon. 3rd ingredients this pomeranz. we don't use too much because it's very strong in flavor and the dinner is rather spices so if you want to you can add much to get the powerful logo. heaping portion of sugar helps sweeten the holidays. 2 or 3 slices of apple give it a fruity europe ok. next piece to heat it up of course i want to just barely boil it and then we want to leave it simmer for a while and so we. get a taste out of the seasoning as much as possible. it's heated to just under the boiling point for 15 minutes if it boils the alcohol starts evaporating then it strain and is ready to serve. we do serve it with some races and
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we put the raisins. in the cups and also we have. chopped and i would put in the cup too. many swedes like the bloke on the stronger side for them. spikes the hot wine with cognac but as often with alcoholic drinks less is more. heating your body from inside we need that in the cold winter. during sweden's winter wagner make sure there's plenty of the piping hot spirits in his restaurant the star chef is a native of austria but he's embraced sweden's christmas holiday customs. christmas. is the most important thing for the swedish christmas we eat we have. and of course we eat the christmas. ads onions started with cloves bay leaves and white pepper to the broth with the
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cured ham. depending on the size it takes the ham about an hour and a half to reach $72.00 degrees celsius on the inside. perfect. the way in sweden we take old bread and put into the juice we reduce it and put it in and eat the bread with this this soup so to say it's lovely. the baked ham has to cool for one to 2 hours then it's ready for a glaze of sweet and sour mustard and sugar. before reading the ham. cuts away the layers of fat. to some bread crumbs before the quote because otherwise it won't stick. first some bread crumbs. then the mustard mixture is poured over the ham then the rest of the bread
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crumbs come on top of that and. the whole thing goes into an oven preheated to $220.00 degrees celsius within 10 to 15 minutes the breading is baked golden brown and the christmas ham is done. you look at this little beauty. you think go into thin slices is the traditional main course of every swedish christmas profane. for the i would wish you a very merry christmas and it would you. if you'd like to try making this swedish christmas ham or good luck yourself you'll find the video recipes on our facebook page lots of people having a white christmas in northern europe you'll often have one but if you prefer
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a sunny a holiday season how about the canary islands this island chain belongs to spain and the summer it's still warm enough to go swimming and hang out by the beach and believe it or not there are a lot of creative christmassy things that you can do with sand. this is not your run of the mill sand castle artists gathered on gran canaria to create detailed sand sculptures of christmas themes. so this isn't a fan work in a territory and you can see him are you holding his baby and joseph standing next to her it was for me very very important to make them peaceful and i have give them a tiny smile not too much otherwise it will be like. i've been on correct for that picture. so i need to regain a comes from latvia it took her 8 days to create her christmas team usa and. i started sculptors i think when i was 12 or 13 and that was at home in latvia
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that was like a kid's. competition which happened every year but only once a year and it was in july so and i started to go there and at 1st i didn't win and the same game but then i grew up older and i start to get better and. i start to i get to 1st prices. the canary islands are warm enough for people to go swimming in midwinter it's a summary christmas trees and. a tour of the exhibition on last fall most popular beach can get people into the christmas spirit the nativity scene sand sculpture festival and grand canaria is now in its 14th year. and. this time it counts a tad lows each made up of several figures from over 2000 tons of sand.
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and you discover more and more images i can imagine at night when it's all blue monday did you notice even more details. of a kind this is only sand and water this is the mind. of mind not only is it artistic but all. poetry is a vision. one of list promised landmarks is the columbus house. it too has been recreated in sound to look like a part of bethlehem. some of the artists can see a little messages in their works. i have a one sacred message he did actually which is in a year's dress i wrote a letter m. actually it's like maria and mother and it's like wait time the message there and
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then do these things sound sometimes i hide them maybe some animal time me but this time. i just thought ok i will write like i am from aria and. people will say it will save who don't don't like it just help on. the large scale nativity scenes in sand are a fixture of the holiday season and gran canaria there remain standing till january 7th. by then christmas will also be over in spain our show today has come to an end to you from me and the whole team here in berlin thanks for watching and please join us again next time.
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the for. 250 years of beethoven a major anniversary. our last look are shooting it travels the piano he lived here for over 3 decades and wrote his masterpieces and then one discovers. history. of a lot of questions that need answering following the footsteps of the great before . 30 minutes long.
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