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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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and on sunday find out what happened and much more in the bundesliga. last election coming up in just a moment other than the humphrey imbalance i have more world headlines with top of the hour thinks your company missing. the boat. the but. the adventure of the famous naturalist and explorer. too soon the bridge clicks on the front $250.00. marking on the for discovery. next edition on board. the be. one of 8 people suffering from hunger. the world food program is fighting
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over. a foot. long. byron munich solid as a rock in the champions league with the best group stage in the history of the competition but back in the bundesliga the finning champions had a bit shaky especially in munich. with 2 losses at home this season already tired has been vulnerable brave take. of fire not be an advantage at home lately. it will take you to do so gore where the promoted
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side has a stampede of bulls to deal with what i'm seeing are flying and looking to charge up to number one of the table with another way. this is the but as they go on d w i'm chris harry jane byron says they'll take their time deciding whether or not to purchase the contract of philippe could cheat a little magician hasn't performed enough tricks on the pitch yet domestically by and needs more magic from somebody 2 defeats in a row in 7 it's all the table a lost a brave in could mean losing their chance to defend their trap. spot the referee tell brains captain to have fun that might have been a little too optimistic seen a better had lost the last 20 league matches against. visitors braman did have some fun at one point though especially receipts open the scoring for the
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underdogs in the 24th minute. the youngster from kosovo making jerome poets hang look. unfair briney inspired. it took a while but the home side struck back mightily shortly before the break philippe kitchen your 1st hole in the sights level. then turning provided for robert levin duff scale i. to one for brian and it was crystal clear who was having fun now. and who wasn't. and byron kept it going after the restart chipped in a 2nd of the day to increase munich's leads of $31.00 with just over an hour gone. into full touch here. and in the 72nd minutes more bad news for braman 11 dusky making it for one. hadn't
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found the nets in 2 league outings but his brace brings his season total to 18 though. gino then laid one on for substitute thomas minutes to make it $51.00 and he wasn't done yet the brazilian then finished off his hat trick $61.00 the final score man of the match kitching you know with 3 goals to assist and i'm happy that they. played their best in all games today. i'm happy with my performance but of course the most important is the team special is what really makes me happy is the whole team was happy for him that he played such a great game today the plea for. the man on loan from barcelona seems to have finally arrived in munich. dortmund set some star issues of their own jade in san shows god from having disciplinary issues to being called rules class in
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a matter of weeks dorman said they'd sell the winner this winter if they get a crazy offer we all know he's a hot commodity right now but dortmund should think twice before selling the player who scored in their last 5 outings could sand show bring the heat to my it's. despite the driving rain there were some decent dortmund supporting minds to date. inspire marco royce to end his away day hoodoo he was without a goal or assist on the road to season 2 bites of the cherry didn't help early on then his cross was blocks no hand pools in the video assistant but the despair didn't last long royce firing him from the edge of the area he'd had them loud and clear. it was the 2 women captain's 9th goal of the season and it sent his team into the break with a narrow advantage all that it was to change midway through the 2nd half and
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lightning to open breakaway was finished off by jaden century continuing his 2 pair of streak the englishman had swapped his big sit half time they clearly did the trick because the goal caused minds to roll over. just 3 minutes later another 2 women count separatist another goal this time to organize hours on the scoresheet. the visitors speed in prison were simply too much for beleaguered minds. because shots rounded off the victory right on his 1st goal for the club and just reward for his phrase forward for nearly 10 days with 4 different score as. the 1st free a me talk going on marco we got a good connection we work on this in the training food and you know we come here like today and we show our skills and now we help each of them has got to give us so is good. dorman's 4th victory in a row in all competitions they look to have turned the corner.
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the bulls of life sick have the top of the table in their bull's eye to hit their target even if it's short lived 2 to gladbach kicking off on sunday table vanna and the bulls could not afford to be taken by the horns while they visited fortuna dusseldorf with 13 goals in his last 12 competitive. matches tina verna was the man in the spotlight to sort of pushing the fans had the run brought ideas as to how to stop the goal scoring machine but it took them just a minute to work out that like sync is a many headed beast conrad line a funny space to deliver the cross for patrick chick. just like that it was one nil after one minute she is now scored and over assisted in each of these last 3 matches one to look half time and then i had not yet hit the target but that would change in the 2nd term after a shot from lucas cost him and crashed into the arm of the defender from close
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range on closer inspection the ref decided it was a penalty so finally got and took his chance from 11 nations. to me a lot see goes vanna extended his streak to 6 consecutive matches. the finishing touches came in the 75th minute as muscles up into assisted feet on frenchmen nobody look e.l.o. . alpha ahead of the 22 year old 2nd goal of the season once he wins 3 mil and leave to go flying when his brain is. and for now. lately. next up is our but as they can best a wrap up starting with berlin with only 2 matches under his belt new coach you're going to clubs but has yet to leave the capital club to victory he lost the 1st one
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but drew the 2nd so that some improvement with his 3rd time in charge against freiburg be another step in the right direction. during things months celebrated in berlin after an uneventful 1st half hair test sealed the deal in the 53rd minute when that emir didn't read us the game's only goal the slovakian coming up with the highlights in his 100. bundestag a match for hetta my speed it was a real tug of war both teams were waiting for a goal good and thank god al goal came at the start of the 2nd half it was a beautiful goal from. it says a lot that a moment like that's when everything is kind of tough he plucked up his courage and said i'll take this shot. it was also the 100th been just a good game for chi however it's at 20 years and $186.00 days old labor because in midfield there is now the youngest player to reach that mark in the match itself he
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was in the spotlight only once for this dive which rightly got him a yellow card however it wasn't the only labor closing player to have a bad day alexander drug of it put his team a man down when he got a 2nd yellow an hour in and cologne 7 took advantage john court of making it one nil in the 73rd minute the colombian scoring in his 3rd straight home game i and then things got worse for labor goes in when they also had leon bailey sent off i'm cologne pounced again 6 minutes later sebastian born now rounding out it to neil victory their 1st under coach marcus is dogged my. guard is a pattern born coach he's also a member of oneone berlin and his visitors got off to a strong start marcus and hammering home in just the 7th minute the 3rd goal of the season for the great game and doing young won the possession battle there after but
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it was patter born who struck next kiper go equalising to cement a one all draw which is and he don't score in the bonus league every day at least i don't i'm happy about every goal i had are born now unbeaten in 2 outings though that's no reason to flip out. here's. a look at all of the results from match day 15 so far buyer demolished braman don't mean keep up their fine form life's a cruise past dusseldorf you're going klinsmann gets his 1st win for head to cologne when the darby against laverick who's in a lot of blood and union on the only match to end in a draw on friday hoffenheim lost out on sunday to more matches to go lot by can go back to the top when they take on wolves firk and shall co-host frankfurt let's take a look at the table to see what's changed the bulls of life seek leave the way glaive
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think will need all 3 points on sunday to take the table lead back by and get a boost up to 4th but show could replace it if indeed champions if they win against frankfurt down at the bottom half had to berlin help themselves by moving up to 13th but it seems below are too far behind on points time for the play of the day and the winner of this week's vote is felipe pickett seno with 47 percent of what you guys thought on twitter now take a look at this play here it is a beautiful lot from the president and his 2nd goal of the game a trick put as the goalies just aren't prepared for definitely his best performance for biron this season and his 1st hat trick at munich he still on loan from barcelona will buyers pin 120000000 to sign him permanently at the end of the season. tell it to wait to see well that's all from us here on the butt is
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that it will be back once that day until then for me and the rest of the team here for a lame duck. up because. karo
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the future. of. the sport is the latest edition balinese lineup of english. and a card to the cars on their way home. we'll talk to some experts at the nasa motor show. trying to. take foot personally with the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special are you waiting. for. 30 minutes on d w. with different languages we fight for
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different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds. hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine on this edition a land rover experience tour through africa. electric the audi he transported back. and the new toyota c.h.r. . as it might be doesn't it.


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