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that defines 1. 1979. later today. december 23rd. this is deja vu news of live from berlin the clock is running into overtime at the u.n. climate conference with crucial deadlines looming world leaders still can't agree on funding or international rules to curb global warming climate activists are demanding immediate action and a binding agreement. so-called sardine protesters pack the center of rome
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tens of thousands rally in the italian capital against the anti immigrant league party and its right wing leader mikhail celgene also coming up. the bold garion village that's better known in china than in its homeland the tiny hamlets fame is spreading and it's all thanks to the delicious local. unlike the locals so glad you could join us the u.n. climate talks in madrid appear to have stalled in activists fear no meaningful deal will emerge they've treated as though a lack of progress the meeting was supposed to end on friday but disagreements mean the negotiations are dragging on representatives of more than 200 nations are working to strike a deal on admissions targets and funding mechanisms. they aim to finalize the
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rulebook of the existing paris agreement on global warming which comes into force next year. the president of top 25 carolina schmid has pleaded with delegates to reach an agreement here's what she had to say. i request all the fixedly. all your training now on all of your volunteer to find you know these agri one of these sickos this is that we need to have an ambitious result. we are almost there is heart difficult but he's worth it. joining me now from madrid is g.w. correspondent if we have done us. thanks for joining us talks have been going on all night what's the status of the negotiations at this point
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exactly so that conference has been already the leg for today's negotiators have been without birdies sleeping for 2 nights still they are struggling to find an agreement as you can see behind me they are meeting hopefully to have this. and then next hour they released a couple of hours ago but. even society are saying that they are not very happy again with the results of that they it's so we have to wait until they see a exit from this conference from the say a plane a room to see if they find out if there is an agreement you talk about the tax which of course is central to all of this delegates have been talking for 2 weeks now what specifically is holding up the discussions about this tax. the main sticking points are finance on the one hand so how should develop countries help developing countries cope with the effects of climate change they've been historically the main meters of greenhouse emissions and they are more
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responsible for global warming so there have been countries are asking for their help to be able to move to a cleaner future and then also there is some market mechanism that is being discussed on how countries can trade with carbon emissions and there are 3 main opponents or 3 countries that are making negotiations particularly difficult difficult and it is the u.s. . so your $1000000.00 question when can we expect to see some progress. hopefully we can see some progress on finalizing an agreement on how these finance will move forward but also on the issue and it's also one of the main points to be achieved this year so from next year from 20 to 20 that by disagreement should really be on it's time for climate action we've been listening to that many times but the still they've done that
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agree on how this climate action will take place on this is what it has to be decided here this year hopefully after the split not really we can have an agreement or where the but there is something very important to make clear on it is that everyone around here especially n.g.o.s and civil society are saying that this has been a failure independently from what happens at the end so if we reach an agreement if countries reach an agreement it will be probably every week agreement and this is the agreement that will decide over the future years and if there is no on agreement then of course there is a fear as well because this has already this was supposed to be decided that over the last year. to be moved for next year in both cases the scope has been a big failure great point your correspondent. thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. police have clashed
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with government protesters in the lebanese capital beirut firing tear gas to prevent them getting through barricades near parliament demonstrations calling for political reform have been taking place across the country for the last 2 months. flooding in southern france has left thousands of homes and businesses without power emergency services carried out rescue operations as water levels rose by 30 centimeters an hour at least one person has been killed and several others injured by falling trees. believe he is interim president has warned that former president evo morales would likely face arrest if he returns to the country janine yaz made the comments during a military exercise on the country's border with argentina relish was granted refugee status of there after he was accused of vote rigging in october elections. japan's prime minister. has opened the new olympic stadium in tokyo construction
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began in 2016 and despite some setbacks and spiraling costs has been finished 6 months ahead of the 2020 olympics opening in july next year. well rescuers in new zealand have returned to the scene of last week's volcano eruption but have so far failed to find the bodies of 2 missing victims emergency teams searching the seas around. and face contaminated waters and low visibility the death toll from the eruption has risen to 15 after one person died in hospital police say they will continue carrying on their shirt. and the interests of the people.
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to get the job done. that was new zealand's deputy police commissioner mike clement . tens of thousands of people have gathered in rome to protest against the divisive rhetoric of the italian far right leader mikhail salvini and his anti immigration league party the movement started just a month ago as a flash mob participants adopted the name sardines as they aim to fill public squares as tightly as possible. many say it's the youth that movement that people of all ages showed up in rome on saturday. they're calling for more humanity and less racism in italian politics it's only been a month since the saudi movement was spawned but this weekend tens of thousands assembled from around the country they gathered in piazza sanjeev ani a traditional rallying spot for leftwing demonstrations. i think would have been
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the sort of authority we certainly have values much closer to the left than to the right but i believe that at this stage with the supremacist populist front so powerful and impetuous the progressive front is much more necessary than a left front to see stuff you could even see. that concern widespread support for this man. right wing populist leader of the league currently italy's biggest political party they may win a historic victory in regional elections next month. missing a name that it's not being against salvini us a person. any to the leak to any other force which behaves unacceptably and she says file and language i say no. and that is why so danes were gone to say no and to start saying yes again. any idea that you see. there also singing out loud shout singing bella chao an old partisan song.
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that's now the anthem of italian anti fascism. you know. the. job of shock jock. earlier we spoke to rome based journalists you know about the sorting movement and whether it might develop from a street level protest to a political force in government. well the difference perhaps between this movement and the 5 star movement is that it's not about populous ideas and there's no use as such in the way that the 5 star movement had bet big really oh the comedian turned politician than so in that sense it's different this very categorically they don't want any representation of any political party no banners no flags of any party is allowed at any of these gatherings but i think a lot of political observers as well are looking at this and wondering well this
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actually resulted anything is is what you asked as well i mean is it going to be a political party as such and i think the key test will be in the regional election that is expected next month and that's of the region of a 1000000 romagna where below nya is located the 1st spot where we saw this gathering created this election is going to be watched because a new level man is technically a very left leaning a region it is all red and good to see weight change just towards the far right party of the league now that's what mateo's albini has been campaigning for and he successfully did that in the regional area in the center of italy which we saw in elections earlier this year changed towards the center right party so i think that's we're going to see whether it's just about a gathering in plots or is it going to translate into votes. no 2 bull garia in a small village that's making
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a big name for itself in 4 of china the area has plenty of rule charm but there's one local product in particular which is putting the countryside village on the. clear high mountains and no industry. love to see is a typical garion village except for the tourists who love to see attracts many from china where it's much better known than in both carrier itself. red men people even. if we don't know what else he is. 10 years ago a chinese firm bought the bacteria found in local yogurt to develop a mass market brand commercials like this have put the village on the bucket list of many chinese tourists traveling to europe. maria tzfat cova may
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not dress in 1st costume like a typical carry an innkeeper but she does speak a bit of chinese and the young gets growing popularity means visitor numbers are soaring. to have it they do massive amounts of appetite thing because of the younger it so we expect a lot more people to come here and. there may not be many sheep or cows but mum to love to see sells itself on yorkers tourism is now more important for the local economy than agriculture the region suffers from poor infrastructure and gets more help from china than the european union a big new yogurt factory is planned. the yogurt festival is a colorful spectacle for the delighted visitors and their cameras maria says the festival is spreading munchen of ski's fame across china.
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carians have also started coming. we hope others will join the chinese visitors here everyone is welcome. to cause we welcome foreign investment but we don't want too much the village has to stay authentic. china is helping the village to maintain its traditions and there are some things that the locals want to stay the same. you might find the following images soothing it's a tradition that dates back more than 1000 years and it's just gotten underway on the frozen shotgun lake in north east china the freshwater lake is now the only place preserving the ancient one goalie and fishing rod fisherman drill holes in the ice cast their nets and hold a catch to the surface each net catch can reach as much as 50000 kilos. you're watching the news coming up after the break it's the buddhists we go with
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errington champions via munich have underperformed this season they were hoping to get back on track when they hosted struggling vertebrae met on saturday find out what happened and much much more in the bundesliga. and don't forget you can get all the latest news updates on line a d dopey dot com i'm michael okuda in berlin thanks for your company in statists. it was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult the speech by calling tristen on december 19th 1989. the fall of the of the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. the middest
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tense the crowd clamors for german unity. journalist and borg was out to see.


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