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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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life itself arose from its really essential building blocks were formed over millennia it took powers a few years for aquatic animals and plants to make the transition on to that look at today's goods. from the 3 domingue dinosaurs and now they're forced to make. cities adapt to the changing environment has been the route to survival but the speed of climate destruction is outstripped the capacity of many species to adapt hello welcome to eco india i'm coming to you from mumbai in india making a head start in the direction of adapting to the changing climate is the down of women in the south indian state of it has set itself the ambitious deadline of becoming india's 1st carbon neutral town by 2020 we travel to me to take
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a look at how far. loves his evening stroll around his coffee plantation you're gonna cheat guru buster coffee grows even speciality in the sudden students. this is very robust we count the number of clusters on each branch. but so are you for the best coffee harvest there should be turkey nobody's clusters on each. dish and in the queen. special it is on the verge of becoming the 1st carbon neutral certified coffee plantation in india but that involves more than just the plantation the town that set itself an ambitious 21st. since we. got
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out of the world confronts global warming and climate issues we have started a carbon neutral program people tend to think of development in terms of infrastructural development like building roads bridges and airports we will include the environment. since 2016 minute that he has become something of a climate science lab the local government here is working with a vital interest groups to figure out how the town's net carbon footprint can be brought down to 0. this is significant for india a country that is the world's 4th largest wind house gasometer. when the project began many of the 34000 residents of minot that he didn't know what global warming even meant. but they deemed that things were changing.
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they've all been affected by climate change and weather patterns environment are not what they used to be i am not used to have a natural is seen but now we can't sleep without using electric air conditioning. but at the thought. the emissions produced by plant support households and industries in the town are already being partially offset by biodiverse forests that surround me. that was revealed by a detailed study conducted to determine the town's footprint at the time. the study concluded that an additional $15000.00 tons of c o 2 needed to be put back into the ground each year for the town to attain net 0 emission of carbon neutral status. volunteers and workers began to reforest the area. they hope to do their bit to buffer the average temperature rise of between 2
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and 4.5 degrees celsius that is predicted for the region by 25th. for me nobody such a rise would cause rice production to fall and devastate heat sensitive crops like garden and coffee. fit the study found there were the improvements the town could make for example waste management. today the workers from heat that there must be no green i mean show that household waste is separated at source they go door to door to collect plastic and other he said to the waste and bring it to a resource recovery center set up under the carbon nuclear program. here the father process and separate it according to categories.
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roof sunni manages the facility with its staff of 32 workers. and is delighted with the way things are going. people carry their own bags now when they go grocery shopping they have stopped using plastic sold in stores so plastic consumption in households has dramatically decreased it has decreased in my own how metro before this happened plastic bags were rampantly used by shopkeepers but that has gone down now most of the people i mean agree have changed their ways a lot. louder than that and what they did making will in the end. but even before the carbon neutral movement began here a newcomer the headmaster of a local school had begun working with his students to offset to 2 emissions. after . 90 percent of the children studying here belong
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to local tribal communities most of them belong to the lowest economic groups but they are the most sensitive to the environment. where. they don't need any lessons on how to plant and nurture trees and shrubs as they get ample knowledge of that from their own homes and villages other than me on a school and they don't so you know. together the cultivated bamboo plantations at the school as a valuable sink for carbon storage in this region bamboo has the potential to offset up to $400.00 tons of c o 2 equivalent per hectare. using funds to locate it for the carbon neutral program a new comer and his students transform the plantation into a biodiversity park by planting even moved ideas of bamboo along with medicine and plants.
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all these programs are implemented properly then we might just be able to achieve this impression objective we hope that the number of new trees that we have planted will be enough to sequester the access card i. am i am a body and i. often carbon neutrality is a good that can never be entirely or completely achieved but even getting that community together is a success in itself. and this could certainly serve as a model for many cities in india. reducing the carbon footprint requires commitment an effort from each one of us to start with however solid. to analyze the problem and measure the impact there are several web forms and apps that can do this for us to be making complex the with the simple shit swipe. lucian in city parks that was the aim of the online call which hundreds of people
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in berlin followed the clean up call was based on data collected by volunteers who had discovered many polluted places in the german capital plan a supported the call the startups focus is environmental protection. climate change is not one problem climate change is a lot of problems that are intertwined and our data approach helps us actually untangle this complexity we use the data to pinpoint exactly the locations and the types of issues that happen around the world that need to be immediately. start up analyzes data from research institutions around the world. based on its findings plan a contact individuals companies and community groups in the affected areas world wide. they publicize their project and allow users to help fund
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them. data analysis can help to identify and address environmental problems more quickly. litter base is an online database that's open to everyone graphic show the results of more than a 1000 scientific studies on marine pollution. on a world map it's easy to see where research expeditions have already taken place. the latest results from the worldwide scientific community are regularly fed into the database. the aim is to make the global issue of marine pollution more accessible and easily understood including to nonscientists. nowadays and over there if anything anymore especially because of social media and people like to have a picture of having these maps and this imo this is graphs are providing useful
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information in the really short time for the public. another example the global forest change database at the university of maryland uses a map to show the state of the world's forests since 2013 users have been able to call up info based on satellite images they can see the effects of forest fires illegal logging and reforestation over long periods the platform is also dedicated to protecting forests and their inhabitants it combines satellite technology with open data and crowdsourcing. data platforms make the problems more visible and with an app everyone can do their bit to help tackle them the c o 2 tracking every forest i'm focuses on individual consumption and it gives you the chance to create and manage your own forest. eco app is similar enter your daily habits with
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a few clicks and the app will calculate your carbon footprint and show you how to shrink it it also invites you to be a climate hero by supporting carbon offset projects that help people and the planet . or the digital activists in berlin mobilizing people is an important factor in tackling the global problem the climate for dickson has made. unclear on what they need to do i think because of the language that is being used we speak. in a way that doesn't necessarily explain to people what the issues are we should be focusing more on actionable advices rather than simply big words about the issues. with the help of these apps and data platforms we can all contribute to the protection of the environment. and it is again data that shows us there are warming up causing sea levels to rise since it didn't need to be risen by
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around $24.00 centimeters whether it is the city planners in new york. or rice farmers in seaside villages they all have one life threatening question how to adapt when sea levels rise to as much as 60 meters as scientists have predicted. a poverty stricken district in manila's port area that's packed with houses on stilts at the edge of to see. the people here live on the water and from it and sometimes they fear it especially the monster waves spawned by typhoons. lovely smore has came here looking for work 15 years ago and ended up staying she sells food to freighter crews 3 times now storm flooding has destroyed the shock she lived on the 1st time it happened she nearly waited too long before fleeing.
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not only to get we'll and when i saw that the water had come up this high and was starting to form any is on the floor i just grabbed my kids and my bag and rushed out i left everything including our clothes i just took my kids my 2nd child was just the baby back then after we got out our house was totally swept away by the current. 21 families have moved into this apartment block 3 years ago like lovely suarez they all lived in improvised shocks subsidized by the state the new housing has been built to help protect people from the sometimes deadly flooding. philomena sing carols nicknamed kamina lives here in a 21 square meter flood proof lot her old home was just 4 square meters and size
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the move has changed her life now that we're living here i feel that i am now home owners. so that's that the fear in. the human dignity us back because we live in that these you need now right next door people still live the way kamina used to there's a sewage canal close by when it grows clogged with garbage it overflows something that happened several times a year the residents in communist building are working off part of the cost of their new apartments every week they make sure the waste canal is free of to try to us that could block it she remembers well how frightening the floods could be one of our worries then is. what if the floor of our houses because of the flood wall so see there is no peace of mind that or during those
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days. around a 3rd of many of those 12000000 inhabitants live in informal settlements they're the ones most at risk when the water rises due to tropical storms and heavy rain can also cause flooding with help from the world bank the city is modernizing pumping stations to help reduce the threat posed by storms. you can see here a big flood control pod so basically all of the floodwaters coming from the upstream catchments you know from all of the communities they all converge here in this spot where they are stored and then we have here screening facilities that screen the garbage so that it will not block the pumps and then inside there's a big pumps that will actually draw in the water from the part towards the river which is behind this building. drainage areas like these are part of a flood management plan being worked out by the filipino government and the world bank. is
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a consultant their limits has basically worsened the flooding situation in metro manila as early as the 1800s you know metro manila has been very flood prone but the population then was you know very small with this huge population in metro manila and then climate change increasing incidence of you know very intense rainfall it's just it just puts you know more people into danger of far from flood risks the residents who live close to the water unintentionally make the problem worse they are improvised housing and the way you stay produce can keep floodwater from draining properly that's why the government now wants a lovely suarez and others like her to resettle to other areas but she's afraid of what the move might bring. we're willing to leave if they want to remove us because we know that this place is a danger zone. but what we really want if there's
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a budget if they'll provide a budget is to move somewhere close to here. we want to stay in this place and not be thrown out somewhere that might leave us jobless and starving. lovely suarez and her neighbors continue to live in fear not just because of the destructive power of the water they live on now but also because they could end up in a place where they'd find it even more difficult to survive. it's not only. to cope with the changing environment as the planetary species of shifting to where when and how they thrive they're moving up the slopes and towards the pool a tally of more than $4000.00 species from around the world. harsh. climate change is causing animals to respond by either adapting. this includes
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marine creatures such as corals which are a great danger from rising water temperatures and growing pollution. scientists say a further temperature increase of 2 degrees celsius would be too much for most corals to survive. and that of many fish and sea vegetation species. stalks and other migrate ready adopting they're used to spend the winter in africa due to the abundance of food there now the birds are increasingly staying home. that could in turn have an impact on ecosystems in africa fewer birds means fewer predators eating insects like locusts. such as the bark beetle are among the beneficiaries of climate change higher temperatures and lower weakening the defenses of trees their primary source of food entire forests of spruce trees have already been ravaged by the parasite. rising temperatures are also impacting on the
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serengeti ecosystem in tanzania. with the rain through the savanna. an increase in the frequency and duration of droughts is prompting the animals to look for water elsewhere in the process they can stray into areas with bigger human populations. they then become a threat to farmland and easy prey for poachers. climate change and species extinction. scientists are already warning of twin crises in which $1000000.00 species will be at risk of extinction in the decades to come. with the loss of their habitats animals become even more while notable many of them are exploited taken in as pets but even as store mr attractions the black bear for
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example an endangered species is being trafficked for medical cases animals like monkeys are captured from the wild illegally to be sold as exotic pets for living conditions and very little social contact is the reality for many animals used to store just attractions for entertainment lead zoos marine parks circuses the business with wild animals is incredibly profitable so the song is going against the flow by using digital even projections of holograms of animals not only to preserve the traditional circus experience but also to make a statement against a vamp and animal cruelty in the business. in the beginning was a horse. there are forces made of gold dust and an elephant performing tricks but there are no live animals here the long standing german circus from cali is introducing
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a new era by using holograms circus director banhart powell says it's a sign of the times if he proudly movies and no longer set up our tents on the meadows but often in a parking lot in the middle of a city that would be so the living conditions for animals have changed. we have to take this into account we have to observe the changing world around us and constantly make the necessary adjustments. for the movie with holograms or the new stars opening the show. head welcome to circus or on kali. and then we'll performers take over to the circus ring is clear let us begin. the circus is currently in the northern german city of loopback performing their program storytellers yesterday today and tomorrow the idea is to transport the romantic world of the circus into the 21st century the future is represented by an
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acrobat interacting with an industrial robot to the circus come as a surprise so people should know what's coming home they should say that i've never seen that with. electric lighting. all these courses and sensation at the circus back in the day and now we're introducing him. into. a company based in germany's were region which is specializing in augmented reality implemented the ideas that one calorie had come up with. they used 3 d. animation to model the figures 1st. though for underlay steam also created a virtual version of the circus tent to calculate the viewing angles of the audience members and then adjust the animations accordingly. that's fun to recreate the huge surface of an elephant is a very complex task and we use photos to help with the text but another friend also
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has over 14000 little personal some of these with i mean look at the elephant in the circus ring you can see them. quite a challenge to model and render them. the holograms were tested in a huge studio at a quarter of their eventual show size. not all of them are part of the current show. in future they'll be much more interaction and that will be even more interesting women into a new acrobats will be able to interact and i read. the holograms just like an artist makes new arrangements great new worlds and moves within them just understeer very convenient. for the current tour circus director banhart powell was filmed against the backdrop of a green screen and then animated into a virtual balloon. but what do the audiences think is there something missing.
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or do they think it was about time that real animals left the circus. and i think it's good that there are no more animals because it's not right for them if you really want to see live animals you can go to a zoo when i feel part of the i think it was breathtaking i really liked it and i've never seen anything like this before the consumption of the poison is the real truth because i was missing the romantic wrong country spirit of the past holograms and technology are not giving me the same flair. if you had a smell of horses was missing a bit but on the whole i liked it and and that's what it was great really well done with the elephant i had the impression that it was about to sit in my lap that's how realistic it was. in the next show the virtual world merged with the real world even more. what seems certain is that the circus will remain only one of
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the magical surprises. what an incredible idea we do need more productive thought and innovation like this if we are to adapt to a planet that is changing more rapidly than the pink it is we'll be back next week with yet another pop provoking episode until then good bye.
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move in. good shape. takeoff weight with i'll take your sack if you feel sick it's too cold and aloof right after a doctor will explain how to much weight easily and without going hungry. and we'll talk to a nutrition expert. in good shape next on t w. sustainability
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. environmental. biodiversity species conservation exploitation. human rights displacement. 60 minutes.
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christmas. well in good shape. here's your host dr costin tot's oh hello and welcome from berlin well this is not the children's program this is in good shape thanks but today we will talk about this. not the toy. which is the effect.


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