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this is deja vu news live from berlin anger and disappointment as marathon climate talks and with no new goals the u.n. says the world has lost an opportunity to act we'll speak with a german delegate who's just returned from the summit also coming up. new zealand's prime minister leaves a minute's silence for the victims of the chari ok no disaster the government says an inquiry into the loss of 18 lives there could take up to a year plus. a group shrouded
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in tear gas as security forces crackdown on anti-government protests opponents are demanding a new independent leader for the country. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us marathon u.n. climate talks have ended in madrid with very little to show major economies there rejected calls for bolder targets to combat climate change sparking anger among developing countries and activists u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists also voiced his disappointment calling the summit a lost opportunity to act. they were the longest talks to date leaving representatives exhausted with little progress made on how to limit global warming to under 2 degrees but there was agreement on one issue. regretfully after all the hard work
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that you have all done we couldn't get our to an agreement it is my sincere regret that we were not able to reach an agreement we invested a lot of energy and find it very frustrating. that. at the end of the day we were not able to arrive at a final agreement observers had hoped that cup $25.00 would end with a framework for a carbon certificate scheme imposing a tax on each tonne of greenhouse gas produced a condom is an environmental activism like c it's a critical step if the world hopes to minimize the impending climate catastrophe but a deal couldn't be reached in part due to resistance from some of the world's worst polluters like the u.s. and china india and australia are forcing delegates to only pledge to do more to uphold the parents' climate agreement. with leadership in short supply in madrid
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environmental activists saying it's time for the european union to step up i mean this conference in madrid is really a good point for. much of that on climate change and it's now up to the european union with the green deal to go ahead with a clear vision of carbon free neutral economy all eyes are now on next year's meeting in glasgow but while the world continues to drag its feet the worst predictions of climate scientists have already started to become a reality. ok and what does this reality mean for the people affected to talk about that i'm joined by sabina miming our climate expert from the german relief agency bread for the world thanks for coming in. you know looking at at the summit could we say or ask is the paradox accord even still alive it is still alive so the spirit of paris is still alive the very very weak heartbeat so we see at the one
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hand the people on the street movements like fly this the future they take the spirit of paris to the streets the people who hold the members. that free men accountable they want to see and then the other hand this is just a couple of countries very. talk to floor such as us for australia countries who are putting a high emphasis on fossil fuel ok so it's not just the batteries that you mentioned holding things up right there also has been our fragmentation hasn't there among the para signatories themselves regarding goals and powers there has always been like this developing countries who are very divine or a bit to climate change they are of course suffering most result committing 02 of course such as the small island states to group of african countries or dillies developed countries group so they want to see climate action they want to see very ambitious climate protection targets and of course they want to get life support in
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a climate crisis to adept to climate change and if they fear already our experience already climate induced loss and damage this they also need financial support to recover from them so does this via industrial countries and the crew or it's a very difficult road have seen now in much of it that industrialized countries as a group where not willing to provide finance support the poorest people and poor scoops of to recover from climate and. this affects your organization you're just back from madrid you are one of the delegates were germany are at the summit and this effects of bread for the world you're certainly seeing climate change leading to an increase in people that need your help it is happening already now it's not something that happens in the future this now that in fiji 800 villages need to be relocated due to sea level rise and whole island state island state like to.
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they have to see for new land and new options in order to survive to make a survival for their people only see extreme weather events increasing such as the flux in the east africa impacting 2500000 people just 4 weeks ago. or the cycling blueboy that it very badly india and bangladesh sort of made like 1800000 people fleeing their homes and that i have to make that to deduce because of this happening now so how concerned are you that climate change is going to influence things that you just mentioned like spark of forced migration due to climate transfer for. climate science it's very wake a number. of very short that climate change but a half or so and very terrible impact on poorest countries who aren't able to recover from the impacts of climate change so means that there will be a higher number of people who are forced to leave homes because they're losing
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their livelihoods and that may have gotten an impact on civic conflicts since it's been a meeting or at least they're good good luck the best of luck to you with your going to say sion bread for the world thanks for coming. let's brief you know some of the other stories making news this hour there have been violent protests in india over a contentious citizenship law passed by the government in the capital delhi demonstrators there setting fire to buses police responded with tear gas legislation give citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it does not apply for muslims. 7 the turkish president russia tire peridot one says he could close to military bases used in the country by the u.s. he was responding to a question about possible u.s. sanctions and the congressional resolution recognizing the armenian genocide the interlake airbase is a key facility for u.s.
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and nato warplanes. the us senate democratic leader chuck schumer has called for senior members of the trumpet ministration to be summoned as key witnesses at the president's impeachment trial include the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney and the former national security advisor john bolton. well in new zealand search crews have so far failed to find the bodies of 2 victims still missing a week after that country's volcano disaster the prime minister lead the country and observing a minute's silence in memory of those killed in last monday's eruption at curie the official death toll now stands at 16 another 20 people are in critical condition suffering from severe burns. bad weather has forced the recovery teams to call off their search for the 2 missing victims. hope on hold for the families of the volcano's victims rescue teams in protective gear landed where they
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believed one of the 2 remaining bodies would be found they were unsuccessful. everyone would be disposed to find bodies and return them to loved ones and to a probability ideas we wish we would probably thinking given that one was in the water but so i would tell you. that we're always hopeful because we do this for a reason we want to make sure that we bring the right expertise to be with you to the task of pain. that expertise included 24 person recovery teams toxic unstable conditions allowed the 2nd search on the island to last only 75 minutes the result was a setback but crews won't give up. so it is a book that is a body blow and confident of somebody's life or the families that are still watching the volcano has been a popular tourist destination for daytrippers but it erupted a week ago spewing ash and hot gases. 47 people and their guides were exploring the
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island when it happened the death toll has reached double digits and is expected to rise as more than 2 dozen people are still hospitalized most with severe burns. on saturday teams faced contaminated waters and poor visibility after one body was spotted in the water. we knew there were the we saw them and they'll and there's talk of there in the house so why don't i want to have that support is an action that's just a taunt and it's. hard. current word to stop but it's the conditions on the island are still volatile but crews will continue searching land and water in the hopes of allowing loved ones to bury their dead. or clashes between right place and anti-government protesters have left dozens of people wounded in the lebanese capital beirut protesters they're out for
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a 2nd night that despite a crackdown by security forces they want a new independent head of government not connected with established political parties. the old what started as a peaceful rally soon turned violence. riot police firing tear gas rubber bullets and water cannon to despairs the protesters. leaving dozens injured. the weekend so the toughest crackdown by security forces since the beginning of anti-government protests 2 months ago. was people here are angry at the political elite to the accuse of corruption and mismanagement and blame for the worst economic crisis lebanon has seen in decades. take a look at midweek and this is how it started and this is how we will continue and
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we won't leave until they submit to what amongst they're the ones who looted our country and they're the ones who caused us to this point we just want albright's one and not one. but remember has it that the very man the blame above all others may be making a comeback former prime minister saad hariri resigned from his post at the end of october after anti-government protests 1st erupted. lebanon's president michel aoun is expected to meet parliamentary blocs later this week to name a new prime minister and many expect hariri to be reinstated. that possibility has further in reach protesters. and look at the various parts of the corrupt system and we are against him. but even then we don't care who's a name but it must be someone who can get us out of this mess that we should not have a college someone who can lead
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a transitional government and save levanon if you see the let me we don't want anyone from the corrupt. but the really elites are reluctant to get that power after weeks of bickering political parties have failed to pick forward independent names for government posts i if the protests are spears or poor nights until he returns to office there may be more nights like this on the streets of beirut. we have some football now and in the bundesliga. have slipped off the top for the 1st time in 2 months rb leipzig now lead the way marco rosa's went down to one to bowl spoke marco as a coach out spork to the austrian league title last season all of a glass now lead lives to 2nd place of sport hadn't won any of their last 3 home games but they came out swinging 0 mercy young to go to open the scoring in the
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13th minutes the austrian netting his 1st win just the goal of the. clock back responded faster though brail embargo equalising just 2 minutes later the 6th goal of the season for the swiss international. but all the score at half time. things remain tight in the 2nd half with plenty of scoring chances for both sides but both kept on wasting their opportunity i the decider came in injury time action 1000000 on old making it to one pro ball scored the late victory at it by a pair of misplaced headers from the gladbach defrags my this had been in the in like it was really great in the 90th minutes she was and i have to say we deserved our win for the. sport celebrate their 1st win this league a home win since october while klotzbach hang their heads after their 2nd their
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weight loss in a row. that's all we have time for but don't forget there's always more of a website you know view dot com i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being here. it's all happening coach of the family. who leaked news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to debut suffocating program tonight from for an. easy time i would say didn't he just comes to africa join us on facebook w.


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