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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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with the mistress good. luck. welcome to the. room week w. . welcome to global 3000 this week we meet a south african entrepreneur who's using sustainable bricks to make of construction waste to build sturdy homes for the poor. many people in the town of port too but
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only in the mix here real sense we visit the nation where happiness is the most important thing. first though we go to the antarctic and talk to the scientists who spend months based in the world's coldest region. right at the very south of our planet lies antarctica the continent of snow and ice . in 1911 the norwegian roald amundsen became the 1st person ever to reach the south pole the last region of earth that was still unexplored and uninhabited by humans. in 195912 nations signed the antarctic treaty pledging to use the beach and only for peaceful purposes and particularly for scientific research. today there are around 80 research stations in the antarctic used by 4000 scientists from all over the world. we wanted to know
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what it's like to spend months in the cold and ice and so we headed back starting at the airport close to the russian polar research station as i read sky at. antarctica from the air. on board this aircraft our scientists from 10 different countries. will be spending the polar summer doing their research here. this year the team from bella bruce is especially large. billow says would be a program for science earned a bill just cause more earned. a few zips and now we build and go station. india has also sent a large team. members will be making their way to the countries to antarctic
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research stations. to study is there build up on because together what we. are studying so it does not emerge off. so i'm a commission of all the dirt of the world beyond that plant what is the condition of the ice of our example it is a big no the glacier. nearly all of antarctica is covered in ice. leon made fun of the length coat comes from russia he works at the noble last i read if they are stationed close to the airports. he's a veteran researcher like most of the russians here he started working in the polar regions during the soviet era. my wife. and. my. daughter. was
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8 months. having been observing the environment for many years the researchers have been able to monitor the changes taking place. from. change. one subject of interest involves lunar observations it's well known that the moon's gravity effect ocean tides but its effect on weather has not yet been well explained. the russian team cooperated with the says molly just said the german nor am i of research station. 700 kilometers away. a few visitors come here the noise my a station is after all in
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a very remote location. you'll safina stuck a man and study the earth's magnetic field and measure the strength of our earth quakes. they're not the only ones researchers from several other nations conduct similar work still the scientists say there's nowhere near enough exploration underway on antarctica. antarctica is still a fundamentally unexplored continent that's why there are actually too few stations to collect data. agrees he heads the noise station's air chemistry observatory he's worried about the rise in the percentage of c o 2 in the antarctic atmosphere he's also concerned that the untouched southern continent could fall victim to economic exploitation.
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it's hard to say what will happen and how things will develop especially if some areas become ice free and amazing raw materials are nursed. 4 years ago the antarctic treaty was agreed and extended but. i see that as a good sign continue to go in this direction does this into a victim of why don't you. go back leads the research team. the work done here is purely scientific anything else would be forbidden in accordance with the antarctic treaty that the international community create 2 in 1959. there are regular unannounced inspections to take place at the stations. so to this point there haven't been any conflicts. but considering world
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history one can only hope that the intentions remain purely scientific the. one big draw for researchers that is the emperor penguins. the scientists want to examine the animals breeding behavior in order to predict possible threats caused by climate change. international researchers share their results with each other. and. people always talk about the antarctic family all the conflicts that exist elsewhere in the world for by the wayside everyone helps each other and people try to get along times under truly inhospitable conditions it's nice to see that in spite of all the bad news in the world it can really work it does in. successful collaboration on the most sparsely populated continent on earth.
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while some research is a busy in the antarctic others focus their energy on happiness asking what people really need to live contented lives money lots of money but there are other important factors stable relationships good health educational qualifications and a joke that matches one's skills gap in a sexperts have long been interested in where the happiest people live the un's world happiness report sees norway and denmark rating high finland topping the list for the 2nd year running. meanwhile features for the town but the small nation in the eastern himalayas has its own very special relationship with happiness. this is a master class
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a. navigation there is no autopilot no radar just pure flying skill if you've been spotted it's an ability to very narrow when. you do not have much spoke with you and they cannot in the least bending and it is turning in when doing its new c.e.o. like you flag they live in the believe. the board actually did hear out of the really change. the pilot tells us that it takes time to learn to navigate the terrain the pilots orientate themselves using buildings monasteries and the landscape in general a little luck never hurts when flying into bhutan every landing is different but these professionals know what they are doing. to fulfill this exact thing and it is. me that list that the 50.
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ton is different it's the only country in the world where welfare is measured not in terms of gross domestic product but by gross national happiness. anyone who wants to find out more about this should be ready to wear traditional dress. and that's how we got into the government quarter in the capital the former monastery and fortress is now government headquarters we were advised to bring a gift for our hosts a bottle of whiskey properly wrapped. perhaps that's another path to happiness sound economics is also important for. all countries. in the uk is what we also see is we have to ensure that.
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it does that at the cost of play environment culture and tradition if the policy because this. is back to the idiocy of the happiness commission the think tank can be nerve center of the government whatever takes place in these halls of bureaucracy is aimed at achieving one thing collective happiness according to the constitution at least 60 percent of putin's land must be forested return absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces the only country in the world to do so. compared to other countries the town is poor but well educated a pillar of happiness education is free and standards are high. to outsiders the nation might look like an outdoor museum but on the inside it's
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a society that protects and treasures its culture but is everyone in britain really happy for you as you go are all different people are you happy. if you look at. if. we have. to do with. the girls who sort of do you consider that. much. of it. every few years the happiness commission i ask the public how happy they are the last poll indicated around 75 percent of buttes honeys are indeed happy. today as one of them. he. we could have 2 rights
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harvests a year but there's no need for one's enough we just don't need more we're happy with that. they allow there's a you know most. capitalists would despair here maximizing profit is a foreign concept so is stress indeed the country has its own rhythm when pre-date announces that dinner is ready. many come running 3 generations live under one roof of course people in many parts of the world see togetherness as being important but here it actually happens. that. why should we leave this place the house the fields our parents gave all of this to us we'll pass it on to our own children we have work we have food we're all happy. if. her husband likes to chew on
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a rican not wrapped in a bacon leaf in his garden it's a mild stimulant which could also be a factor in happiness. is about the size of switzerland with around 800000 inhabitants tourism is sparse that could be in an attempt to control influences from abroad but is that control a good thing in the long run smart phones are everywhere what previously was far away is now locals fingertips and the outside world can be tempting with all it has to offer. where the young people are happy and whether they will stay will decide the country's future. buddhism is still powerful but it's believe in the close relationship we have with the universe and astrology. to the mobile. it's like math we calculate subtract multiply the stars tell us if it
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will be a good day whether we should do things or leave well enough alone that's how we determine happiness on a scale of one to 10 i rate myself an 8 and that's only because there are some things that we all have to endure like illness and death. so happiness does have its limits there's also no guidebook to follow on becoming happy not even here in the land of happiness in bhutan. helping out this is another way to boost your happiness levels in this week's global ideas we meet a young entrepreneur from south africa doing exactly that his aim is to revolutionize the country's overstretched housing situation in the townships of johannesburg where he grew up poverty is a big problem coupled with an acute shortage of places for people to live.
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i the township of soweto lies just south of johannesburg formerly a home to miners the region now has around 4000000 residents no one knows the exact number. most live in corrugated sheet metal shacks and that's just what young entrepreneur london wants to change he wants to have lots of brick houses built 50000 homes in needed in the johannesburg metropolitan area. so most of them prefer to leave because it's cheaper to live there when you're ready. to move forward. so this creates an opportunity for us to actually create.
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order. many south africans could never afford to buy a home of their own so they rent shacks in other people's backyards all crammed together side by side. is a self-taught brick layer while building it out building in the backyard of his parents' home he got an idea to replace corrugated metal shacks with brick houses his customers other people who own the land they pay for the building in monthly installments using the rents they receive from the tenants while the. tenants themselves get to live in a better home plus the whole thing is more environmentally friendly as the houses are made of special bricks so they're more like almost like they're book brick so because. you're sure you have a different. sort of a try to cut your burden caused by abdul to prevent. your unsecured skin to be what you're trying to prove with the brick. you're going to you that.
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have to put in the roof and. land lets you know makes his bricks out of construction waste so he doesn't need to use sand that also means the bricks don't have to be fired in a kiln which saves on energy because the building blocks are interlocking the pressure of their own weight is sufficient to make the wall strong unstable it's an unusual way to build but it's less of a burden on the environment than traditional masonry. so if you're not using. the metal. when it comes to install it can break and miss it when you tell them that you only use them and through. so having to have a pilot this is kind of like. people because they can touch and feel and it's now more convincing than what i'm interested in which. this man was also
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interested and happy to learn more so than the c.b.s. is among the 1st tenants to move into one of the brick houses the 35 year old comic onic has been living in a backyard for 6 years until recently in a metal shock but not anymore now he has a proper home he used to pay about $35.00 euros a month now he pays 40 he thinks it's worth it. actually very very very p.p. course if you're staying in the last thing that will shake the. place to be like is a human being actually just laying there on me to you feel more confident when everything next. building rubble is a major environmental problem in the impoverished districts of johannesburg many companies just dump their waste in the townships to avoid paying disposal fees nandu similar c.b.s.
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knows this all too well and every day dozens of trucks come to her neighborhood to illegally dump building waste for more prosperous areas this bothered her a lot until it inspired her to become an entrepreneur now she's founded a startup the process is waste. so because a lot of people do it ways to move a ways in. but then we take responsibility with the waste and the they have visited roads with their waste we compost it we also send it distribute it to organization that make you service organizations flight landed to house building company. to startups plan to work together. to know who could use the plentiful building rubble for his environmentally friendly bricks. now the 2 are working on ways to crush the waste and transported to the
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construction sites they hope to get started soon. though we are working out how we can actually need. and use the rubble as raw material for making bricks with. and then it can be actually more profitable and more beside and actually help hire more people because then you will need people who are going to make bricks and people going to separate their waste encrusted with. more than 3000000 public. subsidize homes have been built in south africa in the past 25 years even so the government has failed to meet the need for new housing. says that many who came to johannesburg hoping for a better life are now living in worse housing them before they're exactly the people he wants to help and not just by building new homes for them he has many more ideas for the future. with. most of them oh good going to. live here. are all sort of so we can replace all the. skills
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and also training them to prove their own houses. on a woman to another one being that in the room of all that is the stuff of the future right now each building is a major financial risk for london and his start up he's only been able to complete a 3 homes with environmentally friendly products so far 3 more are under construction but he's been inundated with requests for more 6. you'll find more inspiring stories on t.w. women our facebook page there you can learn about women determined to make a real difference and change the status quo. d.w. women gives a voice to the women of our world. this
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weekend global living rooms we visit a family in columbia. roy and ask him by name hello welcome my name is lou's merry and this is my home please come in the back seat and they say this is our living room and this is our motorbike. fact standing here because we don't have a garage. i will hold them in balance in the motorbike is really important for our family because it's our main mode of transport. that we also use it to transport things to other villages. and we didn't look here are
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a few photos of momentos and the painting and our beloved virgin of guadalupe. and her figure stands in the living room because our lady is part of our belief but then that's very important to us we believe that she protects our home and helps to ensure that everything remains her money and. that my jewel up at the thought that not. saying don't follow me. here is the area where we watch t.v. and relax yawn. eat anymore and here is the hub of our home the kitchen. yummy valerian we drink it and tea form it's about to boil the herb spawns have a very calming effect we. got the name on that and this is our bedroom.
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here. but let's go outside now. it is the most important and also the nicest part of our home because it's refreshing out here. we sit down here and chat. and eat here and we enjoy the fresh air and being surrounded by trees i mean. born as. we hang out the washing here because. gasket thanks for the listen i i hope you liked our home come again at any time you're always welcome what about how the air that he almost put on thought i so.
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next week we head to a village in the state of chiapas in mexico where the knowledge about traditional methods of growing and preparing food is actually being lost now though that's about to change. that's all from us this week do send us your comments right to global 3000 at d w dot com check us out on facebook d w women by find out.
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indeed. how can a country's economy grow its people. when they want to look at the big. picture india a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. 30 minutes on e.w. .
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welcome to the buddies they get here for a decent. place to talk about. the sauce on the greens. 3 more points. muscle we have. let's have a look at some of the other much surround the need to still shaking in that booth and the green a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss. this guy with. the w. . i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes of a class that is think the future of the country that i no longer. needed to be taken a scrum
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a day out to eat it's all about. i my job join me to meet the gentleman from p.w. . post. created today's rules. a historical turning point in politics business and religion. run up evil of the islamic revolution. in terms of making its initial flirtation of those strengths and states of emergency sinks into chaos the trauma of a 2nd time displacement and shams the people of france. the body wash cars. the start of an era that defines overmanaged. 19 said the big 2 to. december 23rd.
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the but. this is good news coming to you live from the protests erupted with india's new citizenship demonstrators in the capital delhi torch vehicles and clash with police this is a new build as office amnesty 2 lives minorities from neighboring countries and to muslims also in the program by knows that there are people in china who love democracy who love freedom and who support hong kong. talk with the current situation they cannot speak out.


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