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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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could this be the beginning of the end of the u.s. china trade paul both sides agreed to suspend further to the top as china hosts better than expected monthly. this is business update on asian and global business news on the w m d. germany is in desperate needs to fill vacant positions in many of the economy's most important sectors the government has called a special summits to see where they can be found and how to provide the necessary work he says in a more efficient way in the trades alone there are a quarter 1000000 job vacancies which are already put a damper on the construction industry researchers say there is now a critical shortage of qualified personnel for 400 different careers that's overhaul of the job categories investigated underscoring the gravity of the problem it turns out that 79 percent of the jobs listed by germany's employment agency are in job categories where the shortages. when done universe if search for
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a new employee for his i.q. solutions business and he found a perfect candidate for the job in kosovo trying to get the appropriate documents he asked the labor department for help. they sent a statement ration and they told us to contact the german embassy in this back and forth went on for years in the end a visa was denied the reason there is no shortage of ikea experts envisage state of north rhine-westphalia only in 3 other german states as opposed to elderly care for example where skilled labor is scarce all across germany as the government is trying to ensure enough skilled workers support the economy with labor secretary who better is high and is willing to let business take the lead if governments emitted large and virtual talk of course we have to talk to our businesses about what they can do how they want to recruit skilled labor and what way are and for
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which sectors of the economy and we will have to support them in finding the right people an issue of peace us in a lesson or a product way that is and i love based on business or tunnel. cutting red tape is front and center at today's skilled labor summit in berlin where at this time only one thing is entirely agreed. that germany faces dire labor shortage and has to act quickly. among those countries that germany is actively targeting for recruitment of skilled workers are for example india and vietnam boss and to hang in singapore vietnam is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers as well and it's not the only economy in the region so how are these noises that are coming from berlin receive the wrong. i guess so it's it's receiving a lot of mixed signals from the vietnamese people on the one hand yes these opportunities these jobs rather will open up more opportunities for the vietnamese
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people in terms of spending in terms of increased earning power and stability to bring back their families and the vietnamese economy as well but on the other hand there is a labor shortage in vietnam itself or sectors like i t digital media and finance and a lot of vietnamese people are complaining that the education system in vietnam is to blame for not having prepared them for these kinds of jobs that the country now needs most certainly has in germany i believe but with is so much competition for skilled labor one of the deciding factors for skilled workers in choosing where to go. a couple of situations that we can look at here 1st of all many engine economies are growing very rapidly and so a lot of migrant workers would actually consider or prefer staying closer to home while still being able to earn more for their families 2nd thing is they are
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a set of questions that a lot of migrant workers will think about for example is is there political stability in my country are there enough opportunities for me where is my country shifting to now in terms of its economic prospects and how is my country preparing me for these changes now the lack of a small transition between as an economy changes and shift its focus does prompt a lot of work locally to move a we to seek jobs elsewhere what will turn for for these countries that are seeking talent if they can find it well for some countries if they can afford it digitization is the way to go countries like japan hong kong even in singapore we have started to introduce automation to some industries i'll give you an example here in singapore something as traditional and labor intensive as security work has been auto my it's now with the introduction of i with the
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introduction of algorithms to help automate the industry because the industry experts already have foreseen a labor crunch in this sector so it's about preparedness for the future especially if you're coming from a country like singapore and japan where the green population is a big worry and so it is germany and they're saying thank you very much. well germany's shortage of skilled workers also impacting the construction industry with residential construction floundering the number of permits for new construction was stagnant for the 1st 10 months of this year research also shows that the number of new housing units to be completed next year will fall far short of demand experts say the number of construction workers in germany has dropped dramatically in the last 20 years. chinese stocks rose to a 6 week closing high today investors liked upbeat data pointing to resilience in
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the world's 2nd largest economy also washington and beijing agreed to suspend a new round of tariffs this weekend indicating that trade relations are improving and while experts caution that an interim deal is not going to end the trade dispute is widely seen as a step in the right direction. is china's economy finally moving along again industrial production rose last month by 6.2 percent over a year ago. normally that's nothing to get excited about but given the economy's recent weak performance it was something for beijing to celebrate as proof that it's not suffering from its trade war with the us. you know the chinese economy remains stable and shows progress. when you didn't deliver streets that even in a complex and difficult international environment china's economy still
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a strong potential and plenty of room for action. markets in shanghai reacted positively to the news closing a half a percent higher at their highest mark in 6 weeks there's a renewed belief that china's trade war with america has been put on ice both countries have just agreed to sit out the next round of tariff increases the u.s. council go further $160000000000.00 in customs duties in the so-called 1st phase of the agreement also tariffs that have already been put into effect will be reduced china in turn announced it would import $200000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods including agricultural products and intellectual property will be better protected as well negotiations are set to begin again in january but observers say it's too early to predict that an end to the trade war is in sight because most of the tariffs remain in force they could still be a few weeks before forecasts are possible. china threatened berlin with
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retaliation should chinese tech giant huawei be banned as a supplier but germany's 5 g. network infrastructure german lawmakers have increased pressure to ban while way as a supplier for the technology beijing says it will not stand idly by pointing to the millions of vehicles german car makers sell in china adding to the pressure at home washington has also been trying to convince its ally germany to ban the chinese take china. senior japanese and south korean trade representatives made on monday for the 1st time since japan imposed restrictions on high tech imports from its neighbor this july the trade spat between the 2 countries began after south korean courts ruled that japanese companies must pay compensation for forced labor during japan's occupation of the country tokyo responded by removing south korea from its list of preferred trading partners japan
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imposed curbs on exports of materials used to make semiconductors threatening the south korean economy and the global supply chain of computer chips. through dispute between the european union and asian suppliers of palm oil is escalating as the e.u. presses presses on rather to ban biofuel imports in the nisa has filed for a consultation with the world trade organization over the issue claiming the e.u. is guilty of discrimination the e.u. is phasing out imports of palm obeys biofuels because production causes widespread deforestation hundreds of thousands of hectares of rainforest were burnt in indonesia in september only to make room for pommel plantations. just another week until christmas christmas tree sellers are getting busy in the us customers have better hurry to get their tree home or risk not find the one of the
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old country is dealing with a serious christmas tree shortage and the reason is the global financial crisis 10 years. it's hard work shop and downed trees cutting off the lower branches and preparing them for sale but larry smith likes his job and he has no plans to retire. but i hope they found me. and that's the way i really want to go. smith has been the christmas tree grohl 40 years histories have graced homes throughout his home state of north carolina and even the white house last year one of his trees was selected to be the focal point of the blue room his biggest seller the locally grown frazier fir it makes up 25 percent of the market but these days supply is down about 8 years ago when the recession was here in the farmers sale in our other tree. this reset in fields that they normally would fewer trees
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planted then means there's fewer trees to harvest today add to that the warmer weather for smith the shortage translates into good business and he sees some sentimental value to. you know the product that you're producing is going to be enjoyed by families and you hopefully. oh my fond memories their knowledge they say i am fond memories provided you actually end up getting one of the trees. and that's it for me in the business. circles all websites this. business also on facebook and twitter if you don't already the. next right after this quick update. good stuff this.
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sucks. and gets done. spectacular goal cut plenty of emotion play. the best of game day. kick off w. . welcome to the but is the game here for details. play to talk about. coverage. 3 more for. us a little we have. let's have a look at some of the maps around the league still shaking in that proof of the
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breathe a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss. this week's t.w. . created today's world struggling. to cut point in politics business religion. in iran the people of the islamic revolution under the tough. opens up making its initial flirtation there's a. strong sense of states of emergency it sinks into chaos margaret thatcher remarks in cabbage them too and they will was at the start of neoliberalism. junction the 2nd visit. hence the. reference to the other. closest friend of the people. this story is an era that defines overmanaged.
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1970 the big meeting today starts december 23rd w. place. this is live from. the truth about state death squads in the former soviet republic of. exclusive report we hear from this man who says he was part of a team order to kill opposition politicians also on the program. chief executive. president. she. supports this 5 demands of pro-democracy protesters that
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she resign.


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