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oh. this is g.w. news after that coming up in the next 15 minutes a taking time bomb insults are done with fears of famine all growing all to floods destroy cops and kill livestock the u.n. warns the lives of more than 5000000 people could be at risk. and helping people get back on their feet tall straight here to the clinic in guinea bissau
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that's become a rare beacon of hope in one of the world's poorest places. to think traditional healing in south africa it's a 21st century maaco but not everyone thinks it's small and. hello i'm christine one to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along there is a race against time in south sudan with warnings that parts of the country could tip into famine in the coming months devastating floods that submerged entire towns have destroyed crops and killed livestock the world food program says 5 in the hall 1000000 people off facing hunger next year. the capital of ball must state is normally a flourishing town but since october when one usually heavy rain started falling
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nothing is normal anymore. you know. i've been destroyed by floods. people. so most of the cars in the car. the been destroyed the whole market. is barely covered with a lot of human rights that been destroyed and disappeared you need. to know the situation is not just causing hunger but could also threaten the fragile peace in the area violence between rival ethnic groups has decreased of late un engineers repaired roads relinking areas where the groups live but now because of the floods these roads are no longer usable people fear this could have dire consequences for stability. is. we need their movement. to move. so that they will discuss.
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peace then. and with. international aid organizations like the world food programme are delivering emergency aid but much more is needed. just much worse than we anticipated and in fact if we don't get $100000000.00 in the next few weeks and next month we literally are talking about a famine in the next few much the floods have inundated vast areas of fields and postulant wiping out harvests and drowning tens of thousands of goats and cattle as a result 5500000 people are expected to go hungry in this region in early 2020. we're going to go over to nairobi where journalist air joya for staff is standing by she has recently been in south sudan for reporting bochum to africa joya so how
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dire is the situation in the country from what i can see it's very dire went to visit the region all done by hug a zone which is the north west of the country you know the sudanese border and most people there are subsistence farmers everyone i spoke to had lost either entirely or partially the cups that they need to survive i spoke to a 28 year old woman for example a mother of 4 and she told me that she had lost all of the crops and her storage of food and she her family and are living in a small hut that wasn't built for the storage and she says she really does know what to do and how to feed her family in the coming weeks and months and how are people being helped well and years of rushton many people are getting food aid from job if you know other n.g.o.s a lot of people are living in temporary shelters as well because they lost their
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homes and some n.g.o.s are also giving our financial aid so that people can buy some of the most needed items joy how is the political instability in south sudan affecting the situation. well the country's been in war for many years thousands of people had to flee they lost their livelihoods and they were already credibly vulnerable the fall the flooding that was a peace agreement signed last year and by and large there hasn't been much fighting but the low in security and people i'm sure whether this piece is going to hold a deadline for a unity government has been pushed several times the deadline is not temporary but it's unsure whether the government will be standing by then or whether they'll be new fighting so there's a lot of security a lot of areas are still not very easily reachable fortunate hereon workers and many n.g.o.s have told me that the government isn't providing
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a lot of the service that people need and a lot of these things schooling roads and medical services are being provided by u.n. agencies and n.g.o.s. i mean joy just listening to this reports as if he it when you think about this nation south sudan the youngest nation in the world there's then famine there's been disaster political instability fighting one wonders if things can get worse for the people of sudan but how do they see things well it really struck me in the conversations with the people that is how little and how unable people a plan to plan for the future. and the people i spoke to i think about the next few weeks the next few months how to feed a family but there's very little and people can do to think about how they can build on their lives and how they can improve on their lives so i really feel like in order for that to change there needs to be a real long term peace and security. that's journalist joy foster thank
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you. the west african country is one of the poorest places on earth there are few hospitals and the health system barely functions yet atlantic for rehabilitation there has become a rare beacon of hope for people with disabilities and mobility problems funded by the international committee of the red cross thousands of patients from across the region. reports from. turning things around. these people are learning how to move again they've all suffered strokes and there's a physical rehabilitation center in guinea be sound west africa but it's a clinic with a difference it's attracts patients not just from going to the south but from across the region by offering a service that is unique in west africa. we provide free
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treatment for everyone it is universal treatment for everyone who needs it even if they are vulnerable or very poor if they cannot contribute to get it for free. clinics offer of treatment for free for those without means is unheard of in this region it's especially unusual for going to the sound one of the poorest countries in the world and a place where most have no access to even basic health services. the standard of medical treatment across going to be sour is very poor this center offers people with disabilities hope that they otherwise would not have. it's made possible with financing from the international committee of the red cross. they also fund a prosthetic sweat shop in the tenach and train its staff. the organization stepped in to help and 201220 to the south was going through a period of political turmoil. the center originally opened in the 1980 s.
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at this time most patients were amputees who'd been injured in the country's war of independence. today many of the artificial limbs are still made for patients who died by landmines left over from conflicts in neighboring countries. now though patients are just as likely to have lost limbs through traffic accidents and like this man diabetes a condition staff say is increasing because of poverty a bad diet. is in the place it started with the. and then there would became gangrenous i came to the hospital and the amputee to below the knee and then the same thing happened to the other leg. whatever the cause of the disability doctors say that goal is to help patients start moving again so that they can continue their lives. now traditional healing in south africa is
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getting a 21st century over the whole sum he is all using social media and smartphone citrate patients remote but as you're about to see not everyone in the profession is happy with the technological twist. the end up part 2 is seeking help of the traditional healer traditionally this would have meant going in person but these days she's able to consult he led the by simply calling him. to asked for advice is every year around the same time members of her family become victims of car accidents. days said to me that there was a family member who was involved in an accident some time back the correct rituals for this person who died in the accident weren't follows. almost to follow through on these rituals car accidents will keep happening i need to speak to the older members of my family to see who this family member was who died in
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a car accident. 80 percent of south africans consult a traditional healer 1st before turning to a doctor consulting healers by social media and phone is becoming increasingly popular south africa's traditional healers organisation is about to take things a step further introducing app and application which will be tailor made you know for certain interests and for certain specific needs of patients that cannot afford to travel to iraq because they don't have money some of them because they're too far from the bench and some of them because they're too early to walk out of the bed but days approach is proving controversial with some he list for a number of reasons. i don't support it but it isn't didn't present him in it's up awkward it in with your client spirit it's not something
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that you can just do it all over the phone i can pick up some spirits over the phone but i'm not allowed to tell that person because i don't know their state of mind he led a those sees things differently or this is not a human thing this is a spiritual thing and whether you are far or near it doesn't matter it's about me knowing you're planning a was in the. day has not abandoned face to face consultations just yet patients also still visit in person but for him the process is the same he burnt the traditional plant called him pip lights this candles and connects with the ancestors to find solutions. and that is it for now fundies every news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page when you get out with pictures off additional of the list across africa so next time i'm back to.
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what secrets lie behind the small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage site. w. world heritage 368 getting up now. small markets
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can inspire big change the people making. going to africa fantastic like. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many cars do you all for tuning in. on w. greetings from berlin and welcome to arts and culture and we've got these stories and a crescendo in the pipeline. this week kicks off a year of celebrations of germany's best known composer make fun beethoven. in honor of his 250th birthday. and
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a new exhibition in bonn brings us closer to the man and his. we had to zurich new exhibition of art from the democratic republic of congo looks at that country's traditions both past and present. and in our series 100 german must really. extraordinary memoir an exclusive love in which she tries to unravel the history behind grandparents. but we start with the superstar of german composers beethoven will be in the spotlight in 2020 as we celebrate his 250th birthday and that means that his music will of course be everywhere his concerts and new recordings abound and in his hometown of baun the buddhist is getting a jump on things with a new exhibition that correlates his musical works with.


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