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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2019 1:30am-2:00am CET

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the people of east germany. the new stand alone clamor for german unity journalist the boy was up to sing. 30 years later and looks back on the time in dresden. starts december 19th g.w. . who. we know there are some fans out there who have only known one gem and champion lions on yielding supremacy. always facing the dawn of a new era. which cubs will rule the future of german football club
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as have been getting used to top spots at all they just a flash in the past always a return to that glory days really calms the roses saw you already under pressure. on the red bulls from like sage were breathing down bloodbaths necks just one point behind with all the means they need to succeed a promising young coach a sponsor made of money and talent a little sad. story strachan said. but then there's lucy in 5 respond don't let brian's biggest rivals the last decade's march. don't vant back on track which clubs will be the wave of the future is the changing of the dawn of the way you might take over let's see what happened on match day 50 .
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after pushing by into the wild last season goldman really fancy their chances this time around the fans have the faith after getting off to a bumpy start the team now seem to believe 2. i'm. 5 is still disputed figure despite his side sitting in 3rd and qualifying for the knockout stages of the champions league losing in months was not allowed to happen. in that key player axel visit was missing after falling down the stairs at home meanwhile minds coach came by a lot said didn't want any mishaps. that season we have a clear objective to stay up and get as many points as possible to the fields on the so a self declared title challenger away to team intent on avoiding the draw. dorman have enjoyed a turnaround in form lately thanks also to switching to
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a back 3 with mats hummels tossed with initiating moves from the back. and 5 as a new tactic seemed to pay off in mind as well. marco voice was on fire again the captain has always been the kind of play it's make that crucial difference in the title challenge. also had a sound game he picking up the boys for the peach of a pass. this delicious chip bypassing the mice defense was typical for another stellar performer julieann caught. the 23 year old was an irresistible form and also reflected excellent pos completion rates and off the besieging the months go for half an hour they finally got their breakthrough michael voice pushing the visitors ahead with a blistering shot the left robin sent in a no chance that's going number 9 this season. and for the dortmund skipper
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of relief even if he tends to keep his emotions on the inside. as well it was good we need to keep the ball more when necessary. but overall it was ok ok ok dan x. as i do is run from defense in the 2nd half was more than ok after carrying the ball over 17 inches up the pitch the minds box a sense of back laid off for jayden sanchez a double dortmund's lead. with vindication for father whose change of system it seems that they do play more often and better of an censure seems to constantly outdo him self the only problem is the growing number of clubs queuing up to sign him not least in his native england although he does seem to feel at home in torment. the farm
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freo me going on marco we've got a good connection we work on this in the training food and you know we come here like today and we show our skills and now we help each of them to score to go so it's good. to have the dynamic trio had now school and in the 69th minute it was time for voice to set up talk to make it 3 nil. of the building is another key man who can help the club reach new heights. by the final phase minds had run out of steam leaving dormant to run riot with 5 minutes left such a selflessly relayed the ball to nico short. of the left back funded in their 4th convincing display from dortmund the big question is can they be a big player against the big teams. everyone knows dortmund have a glut of young talent in their ranks. and. not exactly short of cash sure they
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feel the need to bring in the stuff which stars. unlike his players the father himself has his critics both inside and outside the restaurant study. and of course they're not the only ones looking to unseat defending champs by. the do not sit in 2nd could potentially go top indecl golf champions of the not so distant future perhaps they boast the most goals and least conceded just the youngest coach in the league the future looks bright indeed for light's age as their opponents were also aware. that both have to move in the kind of form right now where it's just a joy to watch him play or if you praise indeed from free 10 phone call the oldest coach in the league think team obana think like 6 goal machine but he's more the
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exception of the club most players are the product of a related club's youth system like marcel samba. and conrad lima but is trained at their sister to take radical stops that. brutal attack corporate back to leipzig up against unfancied fortunato sold off. and that brutal offensive got their teeth sunk in straight away a brutal counterattack in just the 2nd minute and patrick schick a flight say the elite the czech international is on loan from roma and may not be as silent as the red bull empire but at 23 years young he fits right into the lights a setup. i had the 1st time so i think the process go less work so i think just like that was certainly not unlike 6 scientists like him in the 1st half of macondo another youngster who arrived via salzburg. let's see.
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punished for that prophecy on the stroke of half time when does it come from that skis show beats paycheck but not the post and i prizes for guessing which austrian club hunk gary innkeeper came from. 10 minutes into the 2nd half they all intervened with a hand bold decision for a light switch steps that penalty take i. to now and then his 16th goal in 15 league outings. but not 6 ferocious attack one hungry for more the 3rd came from the defend your team a key another young age 22. was no emotional game i know what. i think but at the end we have 3 points at least and that's ok now goes man surprisingly unemotional considering it was the 1st time he'd ever seen 6 straight to sleep
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a victory this of golf however remain down in the drop zone. to put this game behind us and focus on the last 2 matches of the year to sell you do not have the stuff of champions that coach at least has been getting rave reviews for turning them into genuine title contenders and let's have a thumbs up for the team themselves likewise the youngest in the league. and finally that massive financial backing comes in handy to all their stability and a solid concept of will say to me. that next up the compacts. thank. ye. all compact section doesn't really include top competitors for the title even if shock us where they are won right david wagner. his team emerges victors over a worn out frank thanks to you. i mean how did 2nd home giblin ground work. months
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finish. the wind will keep the royal blues high on the table for now while most people will remember from the match is keep alexander the new kung fu move on get you know which. it must have been painful for the but also for a shocker who will have to do without their number one keeper for weeks to come. off in time verses book was floria need elevation is gay. the alice books strike it didn't school himself but the 1st thing that max. was found in the hoffenheim box after the break needed to cite a penalty max took charge of spot kick gc's bagging a brace with needle and himself another assist. the next step needs elation a sense of preemptive 3 voltage fredrick he ends and the. coach hoffenheim
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off guard with a counterattack in the final minutes setting up left back alex books falls. off in time did manage to school twice courtesy of will but school and later can look idea. but it was too little can patch with 6 months contributions for alex books the man of the match is the 1st player since 2013 to record for assists in a single bundesliga match the final score 14. they say the 3rd time's the charm and it was her triumph had to coach jurgen klinsmann can finally reach oist. because he's barely inside defeat of freiburg one male. bloody near death eaters scored the golden goal which was enough to secure 3 points for her. to the huge relief of his coach it's something that kind of gives
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the whole team the signal we're going to go off now we're going to climb up now we're going to get one point at a time and we climbed up one spot at that time but. at the end it was just really crucial that we get the 3 points means man's 1st victory and that has his 5 game winless streak. will it turn the tide for the capital city side. cologne would desperately hungry for change getting into the rhineland darby against laver coos and marcus is still hoped ushering in some young new faces would give his bottom side a fresh impulse. when does he get to be tom 17 year old young man mr chance to take the lead but look no easily the bull. yet sometimes with news comes foolishness. and even experienced youngsters have moments
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of a mature behavior like eva cousens kai how that's who was picked for diving in his 100th when does league match have its became the league's youngest player to reach that benchmark but the game's most infantile moment came from leon bailey the 22 year old was sent off the field for lashing out and he seeing his opponent's face. leave accuse him within 2 men down since alexander drag a bit show ready received a red card. given labor couzens young tomfoolery young alone had no problem winning with one goal from home photo box and another from sebastian born on giving his dole his 1st win in challenge and color. of his beloved lynn he played for the east berlin side for 2 years and was voted their best player twice. his family is still based in the coop in that neighborhood
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the home of when you're on stadium just until recently his wife still managed fan shops for new on. got has plenty of fun feelings for his opponent. but his love doesn't run so deep that he was happy to see marcus invites and steal the leaf or the visitors in the 7 minutes. seconds and lost in the standings got piled up on urgently needed points. just after half an hour kluger schooled the equaliser but his celebration was the most remarkable scene for the remainder of the match. still it takes more than flipping skills to please his coach. there come he can jump around as much as he wants that's why what he should do more often maybe move would have gotten a 2nd goal he did well but it's very much a sideshow in the he's up there with the question. while the draw may be good for
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bomb got scooped in a connection put up on shooting could have used more than one points but no reason to get upset it's all a part of the game. drama competition marketing numbers here power fight at sac intuition hate money cash 1000000 fans friends last chance and fans. that surely the surprise package of the season. his team have been sitting pretty
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at the top since day 7 and also bank wishing mighty fine and last weekend surely they'd have no problem with. these are the games that will have to weigh into that championship match and to defend top spots we can count. but it involves book they get pretty well play at the stunt just 13 minutes in sabah xanga but the home side ahead. of the 5 was this the day the league leaders would surrender. on the country instead of getting anxious. even. by. just 86 seconds after getting behind braille envelope equalised in style for the visits has.
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got back to looking a lot more confident this season perhaps marco forces title winning heroics with red bulls salzberg have rubbed off on to his new team spirit. except his team once so have really come sunday night before unable to follow up and if anything were left chasing the wolves. their boss wasn't the only one happy camper disappointed yes of course because i mean we had the chance to do just a there today and we will see in the face up in the last 30 minutes really really really i think we gave it a bit up we believe we go like $101020.00 puts in less than this in the months we do you can you cannot stop the plays post book surely didn't putting together the series of chances. i eventually they did convert one
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assumptions strike for maximillian on the edge in the 92nd minutes once the deservedly took all the points toppling that that from the top in the process was an unnecessary nelse some might say and a lackluster performance. was the future but which. was what i did this month and. so should the mains we have to play to the end and work to the end and so forth to the end and it came from right to the final whistle for 20 years and then you get your award for what you've done the lawn for this was before i got on and. there's still plenty of time to make amends of course. in the bus that really showed the team of the mentality and every time we could come out and we have to game. and we want to win this game and and then to finish our horses and be free for good mood. the last minute defeat was bitter but
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mention glad back and be proud of an otherwise fantastic season for which michael was a master take a lot of credit but when the going gets tough just how tough but 1st book after all and not an insurmountable hurdle. off the pitch the financial factor is another worry for general manager max abbott and his club on that front they can hardly compete with the likes of mentor like station and bought land. but by and standards they haven't had that much to sing about so far this season after 7 championships in a row they were 7 going into the weekend. and that is woefully short of expectations at germany's biggest club despite bind having beaten braman in the last 20 occasions the pundits what. anything for granted.
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fines defense had already conceded some 20 times lucky and usually frail at the back and 24 minutes in that she turned inside out before crowning an emphatic run. was devastating finish it to a devastating break and when the above is pines instability due to the question mark still hanging over that coach nancy flick certainly has the players backing but he still only can say. well the players themselves the ones not coming up with a good. luck story loney philippic had failed to really sell in the fine shot so far. but on saturday he did deliver the best happening in an equaliser and the 45th minutes and the behind have
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struggled with 11 dusky doesn't find the nets and the polish scored almost half of their tally so far the better gorges chip from. that total in 1st half injury time of it would be fine had tons of the game around after the break brian were ruthless and at times a little ridiculous. chipped in again after 63 minutes with an outrageous law. the little magician was finally enjoying the big stage and i'm packing his full range of tricks. still buying the heavily reliant on individual talents and there's no alternative to the likes of 11. was and when he
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displays the kind of finishing he did against plame and. why change the way he strike. and just for a change could she knew had no part in the 4th but was the 1st to congratulate the score. although a few minutes later he popped up again to set up thomas miller the bines fish by 3 minutes on the brazilians fancy footwork helped him find his own 1st 6 won. his 1st hat trick in the women's league plus 2 assists looks like he's definitely found his feet and settled in despite the pressure. of course the. big teams are. always they have always pressure to win games to being the top for being the 1st position. was like that in barcelona i was like that. here is the same. a superdelegate showing from
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could change when his team mates it definitely deserves a thumbs up way. and or some way to bounce back after 2 straight defeats. and a reminder to the club's top brass the might will be worth that 120000000 euro buyout clause. but it still leaves the question of buyers coach in the long term when the club better results sooner than later. even with all the magic on show from could she knew unco by and still has some catching up to do if they want things to look up in the future. now for the result most of the top teams came out with the wind set to leave a cause in frankfurt and mention that. the fun in question remains. by and lights a film and. does the future belong to the award goes to.
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leipzig they're the only club awarded 3 thumbs up. they currently have everything going for them finances squad and coach. it's just a matter of time until we see the headlines german champions our real lives and. now it's time for the table. ok we have it actually did come empty at the striker bloodbath pulled down to 2nd place i don't mince and shell cup by added faith hoping the competition might see a pop save. giampaolo cologne handed the wooden spoon back to the pile of on the frame and better watch out edging closer to the danger zone but they didn't
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have it easy a match day 15 that son of a gun who she knew. could. just but not least philippe could go against braman he finally showed why by and should splash the cash for comment signing kids bust was just the ice breaker 2nd wispy a magic. cookie. monster not something you see every day. what a finish. from the brazilian magician. his dad was a half bad either rounding off a performance dedicated to his one. it creates a they all face for good signal is fast going to sleep got straight to their cigarette
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70 s my goodness my life is. a fool there's those i was for then my wife my family my my kids but you do suspicious. states mole meat week when does legal action on kick off.
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how do you restore hope banana. this is a job for master art conservator christian shut him out. he's worked on some of the world's finest collections of contemporary art with many artists try to monetize more than preserve their work maybe also serves as a creative consultant. art craft and ingenuity. in 15 minutes on. d.w. . off. the top of the
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is d w news live from berlin boeing suspends production of its ill fated 737 max airliner regulators grounded the plane after 2 fatal crashes in 5 months now the seattle based u.s. plane maker is halting the assembly line look at the fallout for workers and suppliers also on the program.


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