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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2019 4:00am-4:15am CET

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this is deed of lead news live from berlin india shaken by violence over controversial new citizenship law protesters in delhi torch vehicles and clash with police they claim the new law is anti muslim and fear prime minister narendra modi is aiming for a hindu india also on the program disappearing dissenters did death squads in the former soviet republic of belarus silence political opposition and in the news exclusive this man tells us he was one of the killers. and remembering one of the
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decisive conflicts of world war 2 allies and their former enemy germany come together to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the bulge. i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining us india has been wracked by more violent protests over a controversial citizenship law the legislation fast tracks refugees from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan but excludes muslims critics say vat undermines the constitutional right of equality for all and opponents fear prime minister narendra modi wants to remold the world's biggest democracy as a hindu state. delhi riot police fire a volley of tear gas. their target student protesters holed up inside the capital's
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prestigious. university they are demanding that the government resend a contentious new citizenship law. critics say the law discriminates against muslims by only granting indian citizenship to non muslim refugees from neighboring countries. after trading rocks at the police the student demonstrators finally surrender with their hands aloft. destination unknown. property some people. are only investors the. tensions were running high across india buses were burned during protests in the capital disrupting public life in. the.
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hundreds marched in opposition to the new law. some here involving retribution should the government ostracize muslims. the government but if they're going to harass muslims and it won't be tolerated muslim groups will watch a massive movement against it. back in delhi and hundreds were again gathering at the university campus. the crowd electrified by claims of police while and the night before. the police came at us with its hands while they were protesting peacefully banter the campus the police even attacked the students who were studying in the library they were not involved in the protests they threw tear gas shells in the library and does not respect our fundamental rights as a citizen of this country and this stance is sponsored in this has been shameful to the police as i had students brutally has broken their bones the authorities insist they responded appropriately to this youthful demonstration but with the situation
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on a knife's edge their next move will be closely watched yet. and earlier we spoke with journalist sandia ravi shankar in chennai she told us that not all the people protesting across india have the same objections to the new citizenship lol. there are 2 versions of the truth as far as the protesters go the protests that we've seen in delhi in the truck land and chennai in hyderabad and all of the in the rest of mainland india as we like to call it these are against the exclusion of muslims from the masses and chip amendment act which has recently been passed but as far as the northeastern part of the country goes these people are protesting against any sort of migrants coming into their states because it's a very diverse culture with a lot of trite a lot of. multicultural ethnic groups living there and they're free that there
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could be an influx of migrants with the passage of this bill and they are very firmly opposing that they don't want any migrants at all saw both of these sets of protests as a protest about different things and what not is and what he is saying is that the muslims have not been included because the 3 countries that the citizenship amendment act talks about all muslim countries pakistan afghanistan and bangladesh so his logic is that muslims cannot meet a few g.'s or persecuted in a muslim state and that is it isn't for. muslims being excluded from the list of citizens who will be fast tracked. as journalists shankar reporting from chennai now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. a breakthrough in the trade war between the u.s. and china has propelled stocks on wall street to another record high investors are
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relieved that the prospect of an escalating conflict has receded it was the 3rd straight day of stock market games. british prime minister boris johnson has welcomed 1st time lawmakers 109 new conservative m.p.'s won seats as the party of power to a landslide victory in last week's elections the new parliament will be sworn in on tuesday with johnson's bracks a deal on the agenda on friday. the architect of france's controversial pension reform has resigned over alleged conflicts of interest john paul deliver was a departure comes 12 days into a nationwide strike against his plans which aimed to plug a chronic deficit in the pension system it's a blow to president emanuel mccrum whose government remains locked in a standoff with trade unions. now to a story of death squads in the former soviet republic of belarus with 3 opposition
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politicians disappeared without a trace 20 years ago there was speculation the killings were ordered by president alexander lukashenko who's kept an eye on grip on power for more than 2 decades in an exclusive interview d.w. has spoken with a man who says he was one of the killers. beauty good of skiis living in a central european country and is seeking asylum there. in a deitsch avella exclusive he tells us about his time in a regime death squad in belarus and reveals new details about a series of crimes. a number of opposition politicians in belarus disappeared 2 decades ago and it's still not known what happened to them on the evening of may the 7th 1909 yuri's a her ankle parked his car here near the old fire house in minsk and was never seen again. at that time the former interior minister was a leading figure in the opposition. her ranko and his supporters wanted to prevent
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the country descending into dictatorship and to remove president alexander look at schenkel look who had organized and won 2 controversial referendums to expand his powers and neutralize parliament. since then has ruled the country alone belarus is considered the last dictatorship in europe. this reenactment of the murder of your is a harangue who is based on statements made exclusively to us t w by your acre of ski 4 members of a special military unit abducted and shots of her uncle dead in a forest gorecki tells us he was one of them and an accomplice to the crime and that as a member of the armed forces he had no choice 20 years later he has a message for the hiring close family. here but. also my sincere condolences. i took part in the murder.
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i offer you my apologies. i can show you the burial site on a map the rest is up to you and bella ruses law enforcement system. is a her records family is living in exile in the german town of munster his eldest daughter yelena hears from us for the 1st time details of her father's abduction and murder she calls the informant a man without a conscience. it's the new on. evil it's it says it's not about him it's about the entire system that one of us more snow you deserve one can't blame him people are dependent on the system and up you know he died they're forced to commit bloody crimes in its name. every autumn a vigil is held in minsk in honor of your is occurring who and the other opposition politicians who disappeared russkie says he also knows what happened to them so perhaps after 2 decades the truth about the regime death squads in belarus is about
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to come to light. there's more in the story on d.w. dot com and our you tube channel documentary. world war 2 allies and their former enemy germany have gathered in belgium to mark the 75th anniversary of one of the conflicts most decisive and counted as the battle of the bulge was the last german offensive of the wall and a major turning point in the conflict. marking the past with fanfare but it was a personal memory that produced real emotion immersed marsh from alabama was on watch christmas 1944 during a snowstorm and the are dens of belgium lady came out and. head to my hot chicken soup each of a good. they asked me i have head i guess a over 75 years later
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a german president held a new dress here for the 1st time. we remain deeply indebted by this america which accompanied night and supported the democratic rebirth of germany despite the war and the shore on the morning of the 16th of december the german army with a very marked push their forces back into belgium and a brutal surprise attack down like he did in the center the americans were above us as the germans others there tomorrow. night the moment shows us where a shell hit it didn't explode and she survived after the stone was liberated all that remained was a wasteland but in the us it became a symbol for the good war americans fought. in world war 2 america was willing to commit everything we had to preserve freedom and protect our way of life but would the us do the same today moran doesn't think so was incompetent no they
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wouldn't. view of the americans has changed in the recent he is going to cause them to plead. she's giving her scrapbook of warm memories to her grandchildren to make sure they never forget. the draw for the opening knockout round of the champions league has taken place and things will be getting serious for the bundesliga clubs in the competition by and have been drawn with london club chelsea while dortmund set to face partisan agenda and leipzig will square off with last year's finalists tottenham. buying munich's to mulch us season isn't going to get any easier in february the german giants have been drawn against reigning europa league winners chelsea in the champions league round of 16 it will be a rematch of the 2012 final which biron lost on penalties to the london club after
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a slow start but have turned the corner in the bundesliga and their strong form has given them a boost of confidence for the clash. steps we're fairly confident. good about the draw of course chelsea have players that can hurt us. dortmund have their eyes on an equally difficult task facing down french powerhouse police. together while will welcome back former coach thomas to call for the 1st time since he left dortmund in 2017 i might see have fought their way to the top of the bonus league but. knows they have potential for even more. forward to improving further and will be even better our results will only get better to try to push the boys a bit so they know we can be better and so they can be better players than ever before as the year comes to a close and the champions league is a good
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a place as any to show up their development but even if are at their best last season's finalists tottenham hotspur will be a stern testament knockout round. a baseball bat used by the great babe ruth has been sold at auction for just over a 1000000 dollars he swung the bat to hit his 500th home run back in 1929 it was bought at an auction in california and identified by a previous bad babe ruth used to hit his 1st home run at the old yankee stadium sold for a record $1300000.00 in 2004. i don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download. from google play or from the out store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos from wherever you are. watching d.w. news coming up next new business with stephen badly i'm told me
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a lot well thanks for your company. the food. the curious and. do so for. the execution. don't miss out. closely. carefully.


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