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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CET

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in custom as in particular u.s. airlines because their fleets mostly consists of 737 max of air grounded so they had to incur heavy losses they had to cancel destinations which cost a lot of money or they had to these different aircraft which by the way other airlines had to do to like ryan air in europe that is additional cost and chinese airlines that the 737 max was very popular with them as well and they were apparently among the 1st to actually sue boeing over compensation which is why boeing set aside $5000000000.00 in samarra in order to be able to compensate these airlines but that was when they were thinking that the airline the aircraft would be up and running again by the end of the year which of course is all the case for
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doing will be enough for compensation house boeing boeing. coping with all this of our layoffs in the pipeline well boeing says no boeing says that they will somehow find a way to keep employees to keep stuff ready and of course a lot of people saying that there was a major miscalculation on the side of boeing thinking that the 737 would be up in the air again by the end of this year i mean they continued production despite the fact that the airline that particular aircraft was grounded for 9 months. they thought that it would be up and running by the end of the year and of course one of the major reasons for the delay is that the final software package. which was a renewed one which was an improved one still has not been handed over to u.s. authorities for testing and approval and even if they gave it the green light international authorities would have to approve it as well and all of that takes time they didn't consider that and the software packages at the center of one of
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the the most important issues convincing customers that this plane is safe but this this is the big question isn't it i mean boeing maintains that there. keen to get the 737 max airborne again of course in a safe mom no question is will pass and just still go for it i mean i personally don't think that this is going to be the end of boeing because in the public opinion people say i don't want to fly a 737 max i don't mind flying boeing so i mean at this particular not this particular one you can't monica thanks very much for that. well the european parliament set to debate the rule of law in malta today and consider a possible sanctions against that country now this is a day after brussels government and political interference into the investigation of the murder of journalist a definite car want to believe that was 2 years ago an influential businessman has
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been charged in connection with that killing and there have been accusations of a government cover up the country's prime minister has vowed to resign next month following mass protests over the scout find out more now with our brussels correspondent barbara good morning to you barbara the european parliament will be taking up the situation in malta today could we see sanctions against this e.u. member state. at least they will be calling for ascensions because they're losing patience they've been dealing with this case for more than 2 years now i mean all this happened in 2017 and still there is no clarity about really what happened and they do fear that the government is about to cover its traces because somehow the investigation doesn't really proceed and the court seems to be working more and more slowly so they are calling for changes in the legal framework in the country
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there is no real separation of powers the prime minister can nominate the chief of police the chief of the judiciary and the chief of the prosecution he might as well do all these 3 jobs by himself so that is one thing they're calling for and the european commission is supposed to open infringement procedures that's the legal part of forcing a member country to do something and again also they're calling for muska to step down now because they are afraid that they are having that out there cleaning their computers off of the traces of what really happened ok if there is no separation of powers in malta is this a case when the e.u. has the authority to interpose absolve directly in national politics. oh they do and they have to because we've seen this in poland we've seen this in hungary and now we see is see this in the small member state of malta that if
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a country doesn't stick to the rule of law there is an interior deterioration off the political process and member states are by contract bound to these rules because of one country does it and the other doesn't the whole edifice to hold you to preen union is sort of undermined from within so they really have to enforce this and they have to become much more rigorous they look for years they looked on as hungary sort of undermined the rule of law in within the country they did the ongoing problems with poland now and now they're trying to sort of interfere in malta to the to the extent that they say you have to stick to the rules you have to change your own legal framework and sort of get it to comply and be compliant was the european union ok saying this is all about the edifice the legal edifice of the european you. but in malta following the story very closely for us a number of dives is the e.u. then the last hope for the rule of law in malta. in
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a sense yes spawn on the other hand of course you do have now civil uprising i mean a country that has absolutely no tradition of demonstrations and civil society is simply too small and it's like one big huge family now knows people going out onto the streets day after day and we can after a weekend seen this big number of demonstrations done people are really angry and they don't want to be what many of them call the mafia state they don't want to be what many of them called a haven for criminals from inside and outside the european union because corruption has become so make and malta that is completely permeating permeating everything in the country the public projects the whole casino culture where money laundering is happening the banks that are used the money laundering the european central bank already closed one and warned another bank in malta so it is everywhere and many
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citizens are fed up so that comes together and the european union is now trying to step up and enforce the rule of law and we should know more from brussels later today barbara thanks very much. let's get you some of the other stories making news today supporters of lebanon's 2 main shia groups have rioted in clashes with police and brute violence was triggered by an online video that showed a man insulting shia leaders to heighten tensions as president put back talks on naming a new prime minister. firefighters in australia are battling to contain blazes in the blue mountains national park that's west of sydney under a bush fires have been raging across australia for months now and conditions are getting worse the temperatures a new house is new south wales for example are set to top 40 degrees celsius.
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well the global summit is about to get underway in geneva is aimed at finding better ways to support the world's growing number of refugees now it's the 1st meeting of its kind of brings together politicians business leaders and refugees the un says persecution and war have forced some 26000000 people around the world to flee their homelands now more than half come from just 3 countries syria afghanistan and south sudan now before the conflict in syria the largest refugee population where palestinians now most refugees live in countries bordering their own and some spend their entire lives in camps like the dogg and kenya like the man you're about to meet. mohamed he has come to pray at his father's grave hidden away in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. he's here to honor the memory of his father but the site is also yet another painful
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reminder of his own suffering. in his. time still living in the camp where my father got sick passed away. mohammed's parents fled their still conflict ridden home country somalia almost 3 decades ago to see graph huge in neighboring kenya and mohammed was a child he would have never thought that at the age of 28 he his wife and 3 children would still be refugees here according to rule they are confined to life inside the camp and are not allowed to walk. both my wife and i were born here our children were born here it's very difficult to stay where you are born for your entire life we don't have the freedom of movement which is a basic universal human rights. i feel like i'm in
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prison and i'm not able to leave. mohamed is one of more than 200000 refugees here. he feels unwanted in kenya the government has been threatening for years to close the camp heightening his feelings of uncertainty he also feels neglected by the international community which has shifted its attention to other humanitarian crises elsewhere. dubbed was never meant to be a long term solution yet for most people life as a refugee here in the camps is all they know this drawn out encampment that is here 18 level of humanitarian assistance and the only distant prospect of resettlement has collectively taken a severe mental health. toll on thousands of residents. sound cell phone t.f. one of the n.g.o.s operating here says the protracted crisis in the camp has caused a growing number of refugees to develop mental health conditions. depression is one
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of the in this is a victory see. becoming increased amongst the depression is serious because most of the time you get if huge is attempting suicide it's actually due to depression. mohammed says he suffers from anxiety and insomnia and he's not alone he says many of his former school friends have given up hope some of them drifted into drug addiction yet the obvious have been committed suicide and that can make it with. my friends have hung themselves because of what they are going through it's happened several times in this camp sometimes i think about killing myself because of the hardship i'm going through but then i think of my children they always say for me. mohammed says he's not ready to give up just yet he wants to fight on for his children so that they can have
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a better future so they can get an education and then joy the freedoms he never had for him sell his wish is to leave the camp before he dies so that he doesn't have to be buried next to his father as a refugee. still to come on the show it might be small but it has a stellar mission europe's chiappe satellite sets out to see what he's beyond ourselves . but 1st this is the story of death squads that allegedly silenced voices of dissent in the former soviet republic of belarus 3 opposition politicians vanished there without a trace 2 decades ago. now belarus has been ruled by president alexander lukashenko for more than 20 years the disappearances came as he rose to power and put in place a system that does not tolerate opposition the missing men include this man the former interior minister yuri soccer renko it was speculation is the time that the
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president ordered him killed and now in an exclusive interview he w a spoken with a man who says he was part of the death squad that carried out that order. beauty good of skiis living in a central european country and is seeking asylum that. in a dyche avella exclusive he tells us about his time in a regime death squad in belarus and reveals new details about a series of crimes. a number of opposition politicians in belarus disappeared 2 decades ago and it's still not known what happened to them on the evening of may the 7th 1909 yuri's a her ankle parked his car here near the old fire house in minsk and was never seen again. at that time the former interior minister was a leading figure in the opposition. her ranko and his supporters wanted to prevent the country descending into dictatorship and to remove president alexander look at
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. look who had organized and won 2 controversial referendums to expand his powers and neutralize parliament. since then has ruled the country alone. is considered the last dictatorship in europe. this reenactment of the murder of your is a harangue who is based on statements made exclusively to us d.w. by your acre of ski 4 members of a special military unit abducted and shots of her uncle dead in a forest gorecki tells us he was one of them and an accomplice to the crime and that as a member of the armed forces he had no choice 20 years later he has a message for the harangue close family. here in the north korean yes i also my sincere condolences. i took part in the murder. i offer you my apologies. i can show you the burial site on
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a map the rest is up to you and better russa's law enforcement system. is a her family is living in exile in the german town of minister his eldest daughter yelena hears from us for the 1st time details of her father's abduction and murder she calls the informant a man without a conscience. it's a new and. evil it's it says it's not about him it's about the entire system that each one of us more snow you deserve one can't blame him people are dependent on the system and up you must die if they're forced to commit bloody crimes in its name. every autumn a vigil is held in minsk in honor of your is a harangue who and the other opposition politicians who disappeared got us he says he also knows what happened to them so perhaps after 2 decades the truth about the regime death squads in belarus is about to come to light. ever more or less very
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good check out our website interview dot com or go to our youtube joe. here's some of the other stories in the headlines right now thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of gambia capital bon jewel calling for president adama barrow to respect his pledge to quit after 3 years in office came to power after a few former autocratic leader. in the 2016 elections. powerful storms and at least one tornado killed at least 3 people in the united states now this twister struck near the town of rose pine in western louisiana every weather suspected tornadoes also swept through parts of mississippi and alabama. while the countdown is on for the launch of a european satellite that will study planets outside our solar system suitable asked off shortly from the european spaceport in french guiana and south america
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now the chiappe satellite will be gathering plenty of data and will be looking for signs as well of life. life among the stars. if it's their mission could help find it. the satellite will study planets orbiting distant suns so-called exoplanets. will observe how these distant worlds pass in front of the stars they orbit. to make this possible researchers 1st have to scour the sky with other telescopes to select stars to be targeted by the satellite. hips is looking at one star at a time. so we need to know that stock has a planet we need to know when this planet passes in front of the star and at that moment we point there. the satellite is set to measure the tiny fluctuations in
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brightness that occur when a planet passes in front of its star. a celestial. the size of earth dims the light by just 1100th of a percent can measure this barely perceptible flickering more accurately than ever before. from the decrease of light you can infer how big the planet is compared to stop because it just hides a part of the surface and you can compute which fraction of the surface is being hidden by the passing planet and that gives you the size of. all this was. seeing the planet we just see the shadow. with his telescope astronomers can determine another property of the invisible planets their mass. then want to combine this information with the data the obtained from key ops and thus determine the density of distant worlds. this shows them whether they are planets made of
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rock or gas. whether the distant worlds have an ocean or consist of ice. the satellite should also find out whether they have an atmosphere. researchers can then draw conclusions as to how habitable these worlds are. super telescopes such as the so-called extremely large telescope will take a closer look at the earth like exoplanets in the coming decade they will search their atmospheres for microbes and plants traces of distant life. we have some sports now in the draw for the opening knockout round of the champions league has taken place by and will play against london club chelsea dortmund are set to face parasol and leipzig will square off against last year's finalists.
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byan munich's to mulch you a season isn't going to get any easier in february the german giants have been drawn against reigning europa league winners chelsea in the champions league round of 16 it will be a rematch of the 2012 final which biron lost on penalties to the london club after a slow start but have turned the corner in the bundesliga and their strong form has given them a boost of confidence for the clash. steps we're fairly confident. good about the draw of course chelsea have players that can hurt us. dortmund have their eyes on an equally difficult task facing down french powerhouse police. together while will welcome back former coach thomas to call for the 1st time since he left dortmund in 27 teeth i might see have fought their way to the top of the bonus league but coaching leonardo's man knows they have potential through even more. forward to improving further and that our football will
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be even better our results will only get better to use i'm trying to push the boys a bit so they know we can be better and so they can be better players than ever before as the year comes to a close and the champions league is a good a place as any to show up their development but even if lights are at their best last season's finalists tottenham hotspur will be a stern testament knockout round. let's get your minder now of our top stories at this hour pakistan has said the former military ruler pervez musharraf to death on charges of high treason has been on trial in absentia for suspending the country's constitution and imposing a state of emergency in 2000. us playmaker boeing is suspending production of a 737 max beginning next month to fatal crashes in just 5 months the claims nearly $350.00 lives forced the grounding of the company's best selling.
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that's all we have time for but don't forget there's always more of these and other stories at our website dot com i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much a big. the .
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assassination of a d w exclusive 20 years ago 3 prominent members of the bellerose you know opposition disappeared without a trace now a key witness has come forward to reveal what he knows that meeting in the process that he was an accessory to murder his information leaves little doubt the orders to kill came from the highest authorities a close a big suv next on d w. they've been taught the ideology of terrorism.
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trained to fight. here to kill. hundreds of european children have become innocent victims of ohio. they were taken to syria by their own parents one will become of them bob's children a job. in 45 minutes on g.w. . a historical turning georgian military business embellisher still. going to run up the people of the islamic revolution our eyes. opens up making its initial flirtation capitalism strikes and states of emergency
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but sinks into chaos paul ciancia the circumstances poland the chance of the people threatens the old order. 1979. that created today's world starts december 23rd w. minsk the capital of belarus a vigil is being held to remember politicians who disappeared from here without a trace 20 years ago. a key witness has come forward he tells us that as a soldier of a special unit he was involved in the abduction and murder of the opposition politicians over the book recall we were acting on orders. we were given a verbal order that was given any of us cedric.


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