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lucian's my name is on the top sheet on and i work at g.w. . lab last. lap. this is e w news live from boeing suspends production all of its ill fated 737 max and i don't regulators grounded the plane after 2 fatal crashes in just 5 months now the seattle based u.s. plane maker is halting the assembly line for want all get the best ballots look at the fallout for the industry and the u.s.
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economy. class as a global summit gets underway on the growing migration crisis we report from one of the walls biggest refugee camps in kenya to adopt was never meant to be a long term solution for most people life as a refugee here and the camps as all they know the u.n. says world wide more than 26000000 people have been forced to flee their homes some spend their entire lives in camps like this one and. the group this week kicks off a year of celebrations of germany's best known composer a new take around beethoven on of his $250.00 s. but today a new exhibition in bonn brings us closer to the man and his music. i'm
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headed home free glad you could join me here as a plane make a boeing is suspending production of it 737 max line a starting in january the best selling aircraft was grounded last march following 2 fatal crashes in just 5 months boeing has not delivered any new 737 since then while it worked on the course of those crashes now the production freeze by one of the largest u.s. exports is what impact supplies an airline airline has around the world as well as the u.s. economy. there are 400 brand new 737 max aircraft parked in boeing's holding area they've been grounded since april this year some are even parked in the employee parking lot the production stop slated for this coming january is a drastic measure and it's bad for boeing's 12000 employees i think holding production as a pretty major downside that disrupts the whole supply chain that puts labor and terrible spot causes. a real loss of the economies of scale
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that this airplane has that you keep that assembly line go on because of all the efficiencies in october 28th seen as 737 max crashed in indonesia then another one went down in ethiopia last march 346 passengers were killed in those 2 plane crashes with the 737 max is faulty steering software playing a decisive role in both incidents so far boeing has been unable to deliver a software correction that can be approved by the u.s. federal aviation administration the 737 is boeing's best selling aircraft airline's of place thousands of orders so u.s. airlines and european air carriers have had to cancel flights due to lack of aircraft the airlines themselves are in just a terrible spot because they're selling spring break they're selling summer without knowledge of what their fleet is and all parties need to have complete transparency here so we can come up with some reasonable plan you know get this crisis get
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things back on track the loss of production at boeing might have a ripple effect that could burden the entire u.s. economy. well to talk through all of this now i'm joined by monica jones from the business good to see you monica i haven't i talk us through this how big of a blow is this for boeing as well as the u.s. aviation industry well off of trying to gather some numbers some facts and figures helen of the $77.00 max crashes already cost a boeing some $9000000000.00 and there are experts out there who say well now this could easily double that's a huge amount and of course i mean yesterday when the news came that they would suspend production of the $77.00 max shares fell by 4 percent that is not a crisis but it's quite a drop also now this decision to suspend the production of the 7 speed 7 max is on president and it does have a big impact on some $600.00 suppliers and companies are all linked to boeing
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and thousands of jobs of course just to give you an idea of the cash flow of g.e. aviation that's the company that makes the engines for the plane together with a french company a francis a friend and they say that they'll be hit with a loss of roughly 1400000000 this year alone and things could get worse and then of course there are other companies that are highly dependent on boeing like fuselage make a spirit ever systems the 737 max model accounts for 50 percent of that company's revenue that is a blow boeing can either say well that's bad luck or they can pay these companies so that they stand right ready in case the 737 max gets airborne again nevertheless it certainly sounds costly and i can't help but wonder about those ally and say that have already ordered one of these models i mean what's going to happen just i mean those airlines now for more than 9 months mostly u.s. airlines they have the biggest fleet of 737 max they either have to cancel
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destinations which is costly or they have to lease different aircraft which again is costly for them also impacts chinese airlines. we have a lot of those this aircraft this particular model and the 3 biggest chinese airlines actually were among the 1st to sue boeing and ask for compensation which is why boeing this summer such a size aside 5 $1000000000.00 to live up to that we now know that is by no way means enough there's also european airlines like ryan air is a big customer of the 737 max barrel hit the ramifications are huge do you think that boeing will be able to come back from this in the near future well that is i mean as you said i mean boeing is one of the largest exporters of the united states is really one of the biggest names in the u.s. corporate world there's no way that the white house the administration would lead
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to go on boeing they'll be way somehow to somehow supported but experts look at it is say how can it be that a company like this miscalculated the situation so badly that they would continue production now they have a backlog or that they sit on $1400.00 aircraft in storage we don't know whether they were ever be airborne they have underestimated just the time it will take for recertification and all of that is problematic but boeing keeps on message they say we will be airborne again prior you already is safely returning the 77 max to service. and i mean given the fact that most of us still fly boeing just not 77 max it'll probably work out for boeing in the long run right we'll have to see of course 2020 an election year in the u.s. as well the ramifications for the u.s. economy that is monica jones thanks very much. let's take it over now to some of the other stories making news around the world a court in pakistan has handed a death sentence to the country's former president pervez musharraf he was found
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guilty of high treason for suspending the constitution in 2007 was shot it is currently in self-imposed exile in dubai was try and absentia. british prime minister boris johnson is to bring in a law designed to prevent any further extension of the process of the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union it would block any attempt to extend the end of the transition period for briggs it beyond december 2020. 5 fighters in australia are battling to contain blazes in the blue mountains national park that's west of sydney hundreds of bushfires have been raging across the country for months now conditions are getting worse temperatures in new south wales are set to top 40 degrees celsius in. what a global summit is underway in geneva aimed at finding better ways to support the world's growing number of refugees it is the 1st meeting of its kind it brings
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together politicians business leaders and crucially those affected people who have been forced to leave their homes now the un says that persecution and war have forced some 26000000 people around the world to flee their homelands almost half come from just 3 countries we're talking about syria afghanistan and south sudan and before the conflict in syria the single largest refugee population was palestinians now most refugees they live in countries bordering their own some end up spending their whole lives in camps like that in kenya like mohammed from somalia who we meet in this next report. mohammed. has come to pray at his father's grave hidden away in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world that. he's here to honor the memory of his father but the site is also yet another painful reminder of his own suffering. in his book dead babies i feel
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sorrow of the time still living in the camp where my father got sick to toss it away that. mohammed's parents fled their still conflict ridden home country somalia . almost 3 decades ago to see graf huge in neighboring kenya when mohammed was a child he would have never threw would that at the age of 28 he his wife and 3 children would still be refugees here according to crimean rule they are confined to live inside the camp and are not allowed to work. school how kind of both my wife and i were born here our children were born here it's very difficult to stay where you are born for your entire life we don't have the freedom of movement which is a basic universal human rights. i feel like i'm in prison and i'm not able to leave. mohamed is one of more than 200000
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refugees here in the fields unwanted in kenya the government has been threatening for years to close the camp heightening his feelings of uncertainty he also feels neglected by the international community which has shifted its attention to other humanitarian crises elsewhere. dad was never meant to be a long term solution yet for most people life as a refugee here in the camps is all they know this drawn out encampment that is here 18 level of humanitarian assistance and the only distant prospect of a settlement has collectively taken a severe mental health toll on thousands of residents. sound one of the n.g.o.s operating here says the protracted crisis in the camp has caused a growing number of refugees to develop mental health conditions. depression is one of the illnesses we treat. becoming increased amongst the refuges depression is
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serious because most of the time you get refuges attempting suicide it's actually due to depression. mohammed says he suffers from anxiety and insomnia and he's not alone he says many of his former school friends have given up hope some of them drifted into drug addiction yet the others have been committed suicide 10 seconds later. my friends have hung themselves because of what they are going through it's happened several times in this camp because sometimes i think about killing myself because of the hardship i'm going through but then i think of my children they always say for me. mohammed says he's not ready to give up just yet he wants to fight on for his children so that they can have a better future so they can get an education and enjoy the freedoms he never had a poem sell his wish is to leave the camp before he dies so that he doesn't have to
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be buried next to his father as a refugee. let's talk more about this now with a good a yes and she's a member of the opposition free democrats and the chair of the human rights committee does talk here in berlin great to have you with us what are your expectations from this forum currently underway in geneva. my expectations are that it will send a signal to all states across the world that these forgotten crises these situations as we just saw in the report awfully refugee camp dop will have to change only with the commitment of the international community and when we. when we take a look at the funding of the kenyan program of u.n.h.c.r. . just 2019 it says it is with 43 percent underfunded that means that you and h.c.r. cannot act in
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a proper way and we need to change that international community needs to change that and i think this global forum will be one means of of having more funding in the future do you think the international community will actually listen though because they have been a tourist the slow on coming up with commitments concrete actions. well i think it is important for certain countries such as germany also as well but also turkey ethiopia and costa rica cole convening this global forum to step up and also to take into account which steps could be taken with the current money that is in the system for example we in germany need to take into account that in the coalition contract between our government coalition they have an earmark funds ready to be upscaled about 30 percent and so far
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these on your market funds are not being met to the dick we they need to because organizations and also refugees depend on flexibility in the system right that is that is a goal i think we should share let's talk a little bit more about germany then because german foreign minister. who was attending the geneva refugee forum let's have a listen to what he had to say and then i want to come back to you. first of all we have to share the responsibilities over more shoulders and stronger shoulders secondly we have to give refugees the prospect of self-determination and a life with dignity and. germany will continue to make contributions to. our dual capacity our 2nd biggest donor and the country with the 5th biggest number of refugees. so of course must there clearly pointing out all the things that germany already does to help the global refugee situation but do you think that germany could do more. yes we could definitely mark up and the scale up the an
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earmark funds i was talking about earlier because these an earmark funds are very flexible in handling humanitarian crises that are have not been on the tracks of governments so far so whenever there's a crises coming up we can we can take these on your market funds as a german donor and give them into these crises that need the money most and germany has promised in his contract. on your mark 30 percent of the funds they are giving in into the humanitarian system so far that hasn't happened yet and that's that's something we need to urge the government in germany to do overrule gooda would you say that things have changed in germany that the countries actually tightened their policy on refugees off to the rise of the far right populists here i think it has changed and also the global compact on migration and refugees has changed the
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debate here i would call the global compact. a landmark so far when it comes to international cooperation in solving the crisis of migration and germany has stood up and will also continue to stand up also the f.d.p. and the bonus track even though we are in the opposition will continue to to stand by the government in that sense but also to urge the government to do more than they are currently doing all right good yes a member of the free democratic party thanks a lot thank you. well here are some other stories in the headlines. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of his capital banjul calling for president had dhamma barrow to respect his pledge to create after 3 years in office he came to power after defeating former autocratic leader. in the 26 elections.
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australian police have arrested 2 men for allegedly smuggling more than 600 kilograms of ecstasy hidden inside hundreds of barbecues it wraps up a 6 month investigation spanning 3 countries in july police in cyprus tipped off australian authorities about a possible shipment of m.d.m.a. to sydney. syrup in space agency has postponed the launch of a 3 year mission to study planets in other solar systems mission control made the decision after discovering a software in the soyuz rocket that will be put the key ops orbiting telescope into . well some culture news now and he is the superstar of german composers none other than van beethoven he'll be in the spotlight in 2020 as jimmy celebrates his $250.00 if birthday now that means his music will be everywhere as concerts in new
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recordings abound now in beethoven's hometown of bon the wonders const hala is getting a head start on things with a new exhibition that correlates his woks with key events in his life take a look. germany has never celebrated a composer this way before the 250th anniversary of libby from beatles birth is starting one year ahead of the actual date and nowhere more than in born in germany to composers hometown malcolm perkins director of the anniversary society and the b. to open house and we have a funding for more than 40000000 euros to celebrate peter from germany germany why . i think it gives them national attention and it's shows that we look at it as a as a as a festival of national importance did you can be coven has long been the world's most often performed classical composer and never more than no between mania is
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widespread and easier in africa too it's has melted because there are gaps that still need to be filled in because only little of this composers music is familiar to most people we invited people in germany to open their houses through to private beethoven related concerts and events to celebrate but it's often in their living rooms or in their kitchens and it's a big birthday bash. and it brings back to all comes from the house concerts the chamber music was written not for the concert halls but for the private homes on the big beatles in weekend a special exhibition opens at the buddhist or the national art gallery. bodies including historic instruments. clearing into a hall one can look back into betokens time. there's a plaster cast of the composer's face and a bust made when he was 42 years old. symbolizing beetling is gradual hearing
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loss his ear horn is on display but the composer was nearly always ill leading to his death of cirrhosis of the liver at age 56. he always had various remedies on hand the exhibition opens with officially on tuesday but on the weekend before visitors were already getting in the mood for the big year. down the road from the national art gallery the betoken house museum is reopening after getting a complete facelift u.t.m. head nicola kempton explains the new approach. in the old house we have fun stuff checked in it's own one issue for example. is stanley witty what he did what he edits for to do and when he worked this the whole time to every office day and also we have in the room over there his net his friends
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this spawns us the people in the loft on this place with over a $100000.00 visitors a year the big open house is germany's most often visited museum dedicated to a musician after 3 years of restoration work and at a cost of $3800000.00 euros the house can be expected to attract many more visitors in the coming anniversary year. would be to then have been satisfied i hope he would really like it because it makes him really more person that he wanted to be understood and that's what we try to make him understand for everybody for the whole of his coming here. $800.00 concerts nationwide in new exhibition to be tooken house reopened and the official opening on monday in the bourne opera to be told an anniversary year is off to a big start. well let's cross over now to the author of that report rick focus from d.w. culture joins us good to see rick now of course beethoven has been
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a towering figure for just you know so many years here in german culture but i'm wondering is he still as big in germany today. or well he definitely has never never been bigger than now the french newspaper le figaro has called this a monster birth they've even warned of beethoven gridlock starting with born in the city where he was born vienna verse or society is organizing 300 projects but it goes beyond that there's exhibitions and bone in vienna or maybe you could talk about this raft that will sail from bunn to vienna presenting musical highlights and there's this between pastoral project invoking the nature in be told in the pastoral symphony in the context of climate change in friday's for future it's also radio and television are doing a big all pulling out all the stops with me in france radio france and of course b.b.c.
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purely musical side major orchestras in paris chicago tokyo san paulo and hong kong they're planning to perform all 9 of between symphonies are supposed to have novel ideas and another idea as relates to the fact that beethoven's final symphony of course was never a finished and now i understand that an algorithm is trying to complete it i mean tell us more about that sounds incredible. right it's not just the algorithm it's especially as i teach specialists and of course musicians apart from scholars also an american pianist named robert levin who's in the various things it's very same thing before but manually using only his imagination thing with the symphony is only bits and pieces of the original exist just a little segments 3 to 30 bars computer has to feel in the blanks now has the computer going to do this with their feeding all kinds of information in there feeding in other contribution compositions by beethoven and they're also feeding in works by his contemporaries the computer gets an idea of the style then they're
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doing something beyond that they're feeding betokens sketches of other works in along with the final result so that the computer can kind of figure out the tones thought processes. no it's of course. nice if something happens that is in the original style of beethoven whether specialist might say this sounds like between seems doubtful but this question to what might have been maybe is not too irrelevant because if you look at what algorithms are already doing with their lives maybe it's only a matter of time until something really musically possible comes of this or i well i'm not sure i necessarily trust the algorithm but i'm looking forward to hearing it rick foca from culture thanks a lot for that you're most welcome. now as bush fires continue to ravage western australia residents that are struggling to save their homes and their lives one boy was lucky enough to escape with his life and his dog after acting on instinct 12 year old lucas historic grabbed his dog and fled his
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otherwise empty house in his brother's pickup truck as flames approached he drove himself from meeting spot arranged by his father and then the bushfires spread to that spot and the boy was forced to drive off once again he was later found by a firefighter and reunited with his family. right or mine is now the top story that we're following for you us a plane make a boeing is suspending production of its 737 max from the next month to think of crashes in 5 months that came to me 350 lives lost the grounding of the company's best selling airliner. and a global summit has started in geneva aimed at finding better ways to support the world's a growing number of refugees the 1st meeting of its kind of brings together politicians business leaders and refugees themselves the united nations says the persecution and war has forced 26000000 people to flee. europe
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today thanks for watching the daily news i'm helena humphrey in berlin c.c. at the top of the hour. you're.
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in the. odd. sense a nation in the midst of a d w exclusive 20 years ago 3 prominent members of the bellerose you know opposition disappeared without a trace now a key witness has come forward to reveal what he knows that meeting in the process that he was an accessory to murder his information leaves little town to the orders
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to kill came from the highest authorities a close up exclusive next on d w. calling with our superheroes my mission is clear kushti get antony colorfully should explore germany. they die then have everything out and a lot going on and. surely tried and tested. checking. on t.w. . ahistorical training georgian politics business and religion. 97. in iran up people of the islamic revolution
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wow. edwin's are making its initial flirtation capitalism strikes in states of emergency but sings into chaos. changes the 2nd is a splendid chance for the people and threatens the old order. of 1979 . that created today's world starts december 23rd w. i was minsk the capital of belarus a vigil is being held to remember politicians who disappeared from here without a trace 20 years ago. a key witness has come forward he tells us that as a soldier of a special unit he was involved in the a die.


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