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in this drama. it's all about. i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from. this is news live from geneva playing host to the 1st global refugee for a new report from one of the world's biggest refugee camps. was never meant to be a long term solution most people live as a refugee yet in the camps and. the u.n. says more than 26000000 people around the world have been forced to flee their
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homes some spend their entire lives in camps like this in kenya also on the program . production of its 737 mosques and line of regulators grounded the plane after 2 fatal crashes in just 5 months and now the u.s. plane maker is halting the assembly line for one of its best sounds. of france's teacher may just step towards dealing with cases of sexual abuse in the catholic church by removing. the people secrecy. i'm filled welcome to the program. a global summit started in geneva aimed at finding better ways to support the world's growing number of refugees the 1st global refugee forum brings together politicians business leaders and people who've been forced to leave their homes the u.n.
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says war and persecution of forced around 26000000 people around the world to flee their homelands almost half gone from just 3 countries syria afghanistan and south sudan before the contractor in syria the single largest refugee policy population of palestinians most refugees living countries bordering their own and some spend their whole lives in camps by mohammed from somalia who lives in their dob in kenya . mohammad. has come to pray at his father's grave hidden away in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. he's here to honor the memory of his father but this site is also yet another painful reminder of his own suffering. at the time still living in the camp where my father got sick passed away. mohammed's parents fled their still conflict ridden home
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country somalia almost 3 decades ago to seek refuge in neighboring kenya and mohammad was a child he would have never threw it at the age of 28 he his wife and 3 children would still be refugees here according to crimean rule they are confined to life inside the camp and are not allowed to work. both my wife and i were born here our children were born here it's very difficult to stay where you are for your entire life we don't have the freedom of movement which is a basic universal human rights. i feel like i'm in prison and i'm not able to leave. mohamed is one of more than 200000 refugees here in the. fields unwanted in kenya the government has been threatening for years to close the camp heightening his feelings of uncertainty he also feels
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neglected by the international community which has shifted its attention to other humanitarian crises elsewhere. dubbed was never meant to be a long term solution yet for most people life as a refugee here in the camps is all they know there's drawn out in camp ground there is here 18 level of humanitarian assistance and the only distant prospect of resettlement has collectively taken a severe mental health toll on thousands of residents. fled sounds one of the n.g.o.s operating here says the protracted crisis in the camp has caused a growing number of refugees to develop mental health conditions. depression is one of the illnesses we truly see alarmingly becoming increased amongst the depression is serious because most of the time you get refuges attempting suicide it's actually due to depression. mohammed says he suffers from anxiety and
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insomnia and he's not alone he says many of his former school friends have given up hope some of them drifted into drug addiction yet the others have been in committed suicide and played with. my friends have hung themselves because of what they are going through it's happened several times in this camp sometimes i think about killing myself because of the hardship i'm going through but then i think of my children they always say to me. mohammed says he's not ready to give up just yet he wants to fight on his children so that they can have a better future so they can get an education and enjoy the freedoms he never. had him sell his wish is to leave the camp before he dies so that he doesn't have to be buried next to his father as a refugee. let's explore this further with mohamed affray he's the u.n.h.c.r.
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special envoy to the horn of africa has also been kenya's deputy minister of foreign affairs mr i think welcome to day w. why are conditions and absolute bad. thank you very much for having me well 1st of all on the conditions in the dark. so they. decided to leave because of this studio it continues to exist it's come to me to be in the end of 27 years ago and it was never meant to be employment into the future or city or prominent place kind of a common generation some under her people used to be in her farm home and done that over the last 687.8 yes and that's precisely as with the negative by many are that the biggest just clear that a protective situation like that of the some under the computer skin from what their. wrists didn't have and they shouldn't doesn't that mr clinton should concede
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this is a focus on because of the emergence of a crisis i don't want to see the. south sudan would continue to attract a creation of the traditional media i don't fuck with us so the station in doubt is such that we need to constantly monitor and continue to have those some ideas that it's almost not funny let me just say that and let me just press you on that so you're a minister in kenya while this dot com exists 27 years and you say spain that regardless of the fact that it wasn't meant to be there for so long if it is that for so long nearly 30 years why hasn't the kenyan government done something about it why hasn't it i've improved it all moved people out of it. well 1st of all we want to appreciate their hospitality and generosity of the kenyan government and the king and people the fact that they brought to secure. peace and peace and
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tranquility for that i could use and then that is something that we should all appreciate of time but the government and the people of kenya and we continue to in kind of the government to keep the group to be some pottery duce and to get that introduced support in a manner that is compatible with the lives of the well being but you will appreciate the sources on this that we should and this is why the globe if you do forum is a forum when we begin to split the light on some kind of situations in order to seek for more additional support us we in kind of government governments and institutions to commercial case and best practices kenya deserves all the support we could be able to marshal in the not too many productive situation of this but to get out of the u.k. so let's talk about the global refugee forum what do you expect to happen over the 2 days that the foreign meets there will cause governments and businesses to do
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what they have so far failed to do. well 1st of all i think. that in the global to fiji for them as it were provides an opportunity for member states. to just showcase best practices we have in nearly 26000000 to produce our own the world and 70000000 displaced population globally and therefore it is there is this struck this country's provided support that if we do see one form of another this is the place where best practices will be examined bookplate this will be met but above all this is a forum where we hope that additional resources can be mobilized by the part that most of the member states and the international community will not have to provide the needed support to that if you just let me have that on that one which continues to increase therefore this forum provides the perfect opportunity for both. the real but also the best practices that can be can be seen that are on the one ok
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well we wish him well with your efforts thank you so much for joining t.w. mohamed afy from the u.n. . thank you very much for having. us plain make a boeing has to suspend production of its 737 maps and i know from january the best selling a craft was grounded in march following 2 fight all crashes in just 5 months but it has delivered no new 737 max and since then what it works to fix the folks behind the tragedies the production freeze by one of america's largest export is will hit suppliers and allies around the world and the u.s. economy. there are 400 brand new 737 max aircraft parked in boeing's holding area they've been grounded since april this year some are even parked in the employee parking lot the production stop slated for this coming january is a drastic measure and it's bad for boeing's $12000.00 employees i think hauling production as is a pretty major downside disrupts the whole supply chain that puts labor and
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terrible spot causes. a real loss of the economies of scale that this airplane has that we keep that assembly line go on because of all the efficiencies in october 28th seen as 737 max crashed in indonesia then another one went down in ethiopia last march 346 passengers were killed in those 2 plane crashes with the 737 max is faulty steering software playing a decisive role in both incidents so far boeing has been unable to deliver a software correction that can be approved by the us federal aviation administration there are 737 is boeing's best selling aircraft airlines of place thousands of orders so u.s. airlines end european air carriers of had to cancel flights due to lack of aircraft the airlines themselves are just a terrible spot because they're selling spring break they're selling summer without
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knowledge of what their fleet is and all parties need to have complete transparency here so we can come up with some reasonable plan you know get this crisis get things back on track the loss of production at boeing might have a ripple effect that could burden the entire u.s. economy. and i'm sure some of the other stories making news around the world major french labor unions one day of strikes me and the pleasure of schools tourist attractions the eiffel tower and other public services actually comes on the 13th day of protests against the government's controversial pension reform plans. british prime minister barak's johnson plans to introduce laws to prevent any further extension of the u.k.'s that withdrawal from the european union it would block any attempt to extend the bracks a transition here in the on december 2020. there been fresh clashes in india between demonstrators and police over a controversial new law to citizenship to religious minorities fleeing persecution
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in neighboring countries but does not apply to muslims opponents say it violates india's secular constitution. of pope francis has announced sweeping changes to the way the roman catholic church deals with cases of sexual abuse by abolishing secrecy laws of the role known as papal secrecy will no longer apply in accusations trials and decisions involving the sexual abuse but confidentiality will still apply and critics had accused the church of using paypal secrecy as justification for not reporting cases of abuse to civil services. so let's get more on this from d.w. religious affairs analyst a martin jacko welcome otten of the pontifical secrecy this is about the heart of this announcement just displaying to us what that is the difficult secrecy is basically the policy that is instituted through church law that cases of prince
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question of different swords including sexual abuse but also i mean whatever other transgression could happen within the context of the church things such as say priests not appropriately office ceding not appropriately taking care of their flock at centered center have 1st to be put through the church system and not go to external authority so in the case of sexual abuse these reports were meant to go to the congregation of the doctrine of the faith one of the main institutions within the vatican this was actually one of the main elements that i got to. it's and former victims. and victims' advocacy groups have actually demanded that it be brought to an end and this is as a matter of fact exactly what we're seeing right now so it's really a momentous decision ok and so so it is no longer the case that if someone has concerns about sexual abuse they will have to go to the catholic church about it so
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this does this sounds like a significant move full full victims of sexual abuse it is not only that they would no longer no longer have to go to the church 1st i mean it's no longer the case that those who actually try to go beyond the church would be punished by the church for doing so i mean in the for the last 2 popes benedict and the church have a saying not to be too quick with that because one of the problems that we have with the church as an institution is not merely the reporting of course there are people with good intentions that are very much willing to bring out thirty's that have not been able to do it under penalty for instance of excommunication but at the same time the problem is that you have a mish of relations in an institutional setting that are very very difficult to break apart sometimes you have people who have been suspected that go back 2030 years are still part of the church are not necessarily sort of inserted in a context in which they would be reported and this is not something that the church can you mediately address but it's a significant step and massive step. back thank you you're very welcome.
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reporters journalists that group reporters out board assess said that at least $49.00 journalists have been murdered this year as a result of their work more than half of those were killed in just 5 countries syria mexico afghanistan pakistan and somalia the groups also concerned about a new wave of repression against the media in iran as the government steps of housman to be made in media based outside the country. nutra book grotty knows what it means when press freedom is threatened the editor in chief of prague based radio farda the persian service of radio free europe radio liberty says harris may have exiled journalists by the iranian regime has escalated during the current protests . intelligence officers have been. creating different accounts and different websites in order to before the journalist protests against
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fuel price rises erupted in iran in november the state responded with violence and nationwide internet blackouts domestic media have faced increased censorship and broadcasters based abroad are among the only other sources of information that their reporting appears to have angered the rainey and regime. who normally what they do all day summoned their parents. to iranian intelligence ministry quarters. and they force them to contact their loved ones and to tell them to resign immediately and then they say if they don't resign we would bring them back to iran some overseas persian language media have had the assets confiscated and their journalists branded as terrorists but despite the risks the exiled reporters say they will continue their work in their words
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journalism is not upright. now to some war after days of top stories police in australia have arrested 2 men suspected of smuggling more than $600.00 kilos of ecstasy in inside hundreds of barbecues it wraps up a 6 month investigation spanning 3 countries in july police in cyprus tipped off australian authorities about a possible shipment of ecstasy to sydney. the european space agency has postponed the launch of a 3 year mission to study planets in other solar systems mission control made the decision after discovering a software era in the soyuz rocket to do to put the key ops telescope into orbit around the earth. now to pakistan where a quarter said since the country's former president for to death he was found guilty of high treason for suspending the constitution in 2007 which ruled from 1999 to 2008 after leading a bloodless military coup against the civilian government to avoid
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a challenge to his rule he suspended the constitution and purge the judiciary he's currently involuntary exile in dubai and was tried in absentia if. we can get more from correspondent to who know john joy in islam about welcome haroon president musharraf was previously a head of the army pakistan's army still wheels considerable influence in the country how have the generals reacted to this death sentence. except rice the government and the military officials to date and we should have to see as far by toppling the sharif government in 1900 angry us right under article 6 of the constitution and it taught me to leadership reacted quite seriously on the verdict and the military spokesperson stated that the ex army chief and the president of pakistan who are serve the country for over 40 years part of our lives in defense of the country can truly never be
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a traitor the military for their says that the legal process seems to have been ignored in this case including the constitution of the special court and the id of the fundamental rights of self-defense and in taking individual in special proceedings and the concluding the case in taste. to me to say is that in the armed forces of august and expect there justice will be dispersed in the line of the constitution of islamic republic. ok so given the general's opposition to this sentence and also given the fact that the vase musharraf is actually not in the country how likely is that the sentence to be carried out. he was sent there didn't have to be and he has i took the and i came to this decision it will seem the standard action from the government treat and the sentence will not be any. act and we have not seen any street protest from the people here in
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pakistan any of it and any part of the country and if these sources are saying that the government the government of iran is deceiving. to talk to you thanks for joining us that they don't become despondent when jonjo and islamabad and you have . a mixed martial arts or m.m.a. has exploded in popularity over recent years a low here in germany hasn't yet completely entered the mainstream according to many experts about as allowed hooligans and members of the far right to use the sport to train and recruit new members putting the average fighter on alert. mixed martial artists nico. is one of germany's most talented young fighters also a social worker he knows m.m.a. has a dark side it's a platform for hooligans and members of the far right it's a full contact sport saw. for sure if you're viewing
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this from the perspective that it's also useful could or could be useful using the street i think that's the thing which is the most appealing for them. countless promotional videos shared online demonstrate hooligans and right wing extremists are using the sport to prepare themselves for violence and as a means to recruit new members. it's common to see m.m.a. trained hooligans working out in football uniforms of clubs with known far right elements and their fan base. hooligans and far right fighters have their own spaces for training and events this is possible because mixed martial arts is not officially recognised as a sport in germany and lacks a single overriding governing body all this means it's nearly impossible to regulate samhsa needs as steers clear of hooligans but knows right wing recruitment
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is a problem. the scene of m.m.a. in germany should be aware of and should talk about it because it's a developed one with the right wing we see not only in sports it's we see in our horses. he's trained in jim zwerg fighters were kicked out for their extreme far right views but he believes preventative work and education should be the 1st option. if you will ride one person you just start organizing yourself which is also dangerous because you don't then you don't have an inside in what is happening there and maybe these people start to recruit. other people which is also a dangerous development expert pavel claiming says steps have to be taken to solve the issue because it is less controlled there are more opportunities for them to to organize things and to to be in control basically i think rick ignition and
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greater regulation of the sports will will will benefit it and will help to fight off the far right influence these changes could go a long way to ensuring the far right and hooligans don't have a fighting chance to recruit through mixed martial arts. this is the news these are our top stories a global summit has begun in geneva aimed at finding better ways to support the world's growing number of refugees the 1st global refugee forum brings together politicians business leaders and refugees the u.n. says 26000000 people have fled their home countries because of war and persecution . pope francis has taken a major step towards dealing with sexual abuse in the catholic church by removing the cover of papal secrecy the church had been accused of using the rule to cover up cases of abuse. u.s. plane make a boeing is to indefinitely suspends production of its 7. $37.00
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a max aircraft from next month the company was forced to ground was forced to ground the plane this year following the 2 deadly crashes the decision comes after u.s. regulators refused to certify the planes to return to the air this year. and a court in pakistan has sentenced the former military ruler pervez musharraf to death on charges of high treason the sheriff was tried in absentia for suspending the country's constitution and imposing a state of emergency in 2007 this is the deadly news from ballot for more followers on twitter at the w. news or use the web site the w dot com. i'm next to kick off i refuse much day 15 of the book does leave out stuff that's in a couple of moments i'll be back with more world leaders of the top of the a little.
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