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fighting chance to recruit through mixed martial arts. next a all new. business south africa more world news for the top of the hour i'm going to. create a today's world. historical turning to politics business clues to draw on the people of the islamic revolution. goldman sachs making its initial flirtation with those strengths in states of emergency. things into chaos good job the 2nd displacement the chance the
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people threatens the old order her. mum cars cars and. the stores in iraq that defines overmanaged. 979 the big fugitives moved since december 23rd to coax. electric mobility seems to be the way of the future and demand for materials for batteries is the rod some. of what it takes to rich supplies of cobalt called for example was getting better all the ground comes at a cost. and good news from the battle of the sexes gender equality is on the east african countries are the top 10. isn't
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africa your updates on africa and global business on the dollar i'm as welcome electric cars are said to be the future of mobility demand for the rare metals in them is growing in particular hundreds of thousands of tons of lithium cobalt along with millions more tons of copper will be needed annually for the batteries many african countries come profit and have to make sure they don't have to pay too high a price. this is the brave new world of mobility electric cars they're still rare on the roads but they're coming and so demand is rising for the metals in them especially in the batteries they use it's forecast that electric vehicles will require hundreds of thousands of tons of lithium cobalt and copper every year much of it from africa the democratic republic of congo is the world's biggest supplier of cobalt which is often mined under inhumane conditions one reason why battery makers are trying to reduce it zambia has huge reserves of copper used in electric
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motors batteries and wiring. forecasts say that global annual demand for copper will rise nearly 10 fold in the next decade from 185000 tonnes in 2017 to 1740000 tonnes in 2027. copper is a huge source of income for zambia and analysts say the price of the metal could rise with growing demand. that would most likely lead to more investment in copper mining but that has spurred criticism from zambians who are concerned about effects on health and the environment. but our correspondent shipowner jimbo's was in the story has taken a nose dive into the relevant data of this story to point out why should ordinary zambians for example fear for the effects of mining well one thing they obviously have to fear for is the effects of mining on the environment pollution mining is very. police environment quite to a high degree and there's actually
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a landmark case which is going to be heard in the u.k. high court which involves. villagers suing a foreign investor so it's a subsidiary of a foreign investing foreign investor that isn't zambia in the mining industry that's been done from india and the reason that case is being heard in the u.k. courts because in part there was a belief that that wouldn't be heard fairly in zambia and that's why one reason what's the complaint about pollution mental family pollution environmental damage there's around 2000 villages who are involved in the case and they are suing the done so for that reason and that will be next month the next month in the courts and the u.k. courts had to decide about that as a result it's one thing if we look at zambia let's pick for example how big a harm port is where it accounts for 70 percent old so of the foreign exchange earnings for the country so it's huge there's a whole province called the couple belt for
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a reason. it's not just thousands of jobs it's of course the biggest private sector employer in the country but of course the contractor is people like who you know work in shops obviously depend on the mining industry and because people who work in the mining industry are buying from them and suppliers to the mining industry so it's really it's a major industry and someone who grew up in the cup about myself i know that so it's really a big deal they become trees economy though has been before me poorly recently even though there's this boom for calderon is a big thing in zambia why is that you think of the. spending problem that the government has that's one reason the global economic trends are another and of course there's also an ongoing drought in southern africa which has affected energy you know the ability to produce energy so in terms of the spending it has increased rapidly and might reach the debt to g.d.p. ratio might actually read. 92 percent this year according to the i.m.f.
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and that's 3 times what it was in 2015 or so the zambian government is spending more than it's earning and then of course the u.s. china trade war china accounts by the around 50 percent of the world's we find copper so when things are not severe important possibly on board and so when things look great for china as they have in the last couple of months haven't been entirely positive things don't look great for copper prices as well so that's another reason of course the drought we're talking about up to 18 hours of power cuts in the country sometimes and that obviously well it doesn't affect the mining industry is what is being produced is being reserved for the mining industry but it does affect the ability of ordinary people to be economically productive so that's what is going on right now and that's obviously you know the drought has been for energy. but also of course in south africa to punish a bit of thank you very much for family going to the u.s. where america boeing will halt production of the 737 months in january the 1st such
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production poles and more than 2 decades the decision comes as popular planes grounding looks to extend well into next year freeze by one of the largest u.s. exporters will impact supply lines and investors across the globe. there are 400 brand new 737 max aircraft parked in boeing's holding area they've been grounded since april this year some are even parked in the employee parking lot the production stop slated for this coming january is a drastic measure and it's bad for boeing's $12000.00 employees i think hauling production as is a pretty major downside that disrupts the whole supply chain that puts labor and terrible. causes. a real loss of the economies of scale that this airplane has that you keep that assembly line go on because of all the efficiencies in october 28th seen as 737 max crashed in indonesia then another one
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went down in ethiopia last march 346 passengers were killed in those 2 plane crashes with the 737 maxes faulty steering software playing a decisive role in both incidents so far boeing has been unable to deliver a software correction that can be approved by the us federal aviation administration there are 737 is boeing's best selling aircraft airlines of place thousands of orders so u.s. airlines and european air carriers of had to cancel flights due to lack of aircraft the airlines themselves are in just a terrible spot because they're selling spring break they're selling summer without knowledge of what their fleet is and all parties need to have complete transparency here so we can come up with some reasonable plan you know get this crisis get things back on track the loss of production at boeing might have a ripple effect that could burden the entire u.s.
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economy. equality between men and women the has improved that is the result of the latest study of the world economic forum on the issue of the so-called gender gap among the most improved countries where if yo p.n. mali bought in previous years nordic countries continue to lead the way to gender parity iceland is in the top spot for the 11th year in a row the country's gender parity is nearly at 88 percent according to the world economic forum norway finland and sweden follow closely surprisingly nicaragua is also ranked in the top 5 and rwanda number 9 beating germany which runs up the top 10 gender parity is more involved in german politics than it is in business they say the world economic forum expects it to take another 100 years before total gender parity is achieved earlier i spoke to saadi has
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a he she's a managing director asked the world economic forum in geneva and i asked her if we could still be proud of what has been achieved is that we can say is that there has been a slight improvement in the pace of change on closing the gender gap so it's 99.5 years now compared to 108 years but that is certainly not good enough and we will need to make a lot of changes if we want to accelerate the path to gender parity particularly over this next decade i mean we're sitting on the edge of the 20 twenties and we have about 10 years to reach the sustainable development goals one of which is gender equality well quite surprisingly some african countries are scoring quite high on the gender equality scale is that just because they're coming from a lower level anyway. i think there's quite a range when you look at a lot of the african economies so countries like. countries like south africa.
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are making it into the top 20 and are doing fairly well but at the other end of the rankings chad and the democratic republic of congo are at the very bottom of the rankings so i think there's quite a lot of diversity and if you look at the pace of change in africa as a whole on average it's still going to take 95 years to get to parity because of those very different rates of change across those different economies and i think what you see really there is highly unequal societies so there are still a lot of women going into labor force participation but they happen to be very low skilled and lacking the education that could actually make them into medium skilled and high skilled workers so we're seeing some impressive jumps that you think that developed economies are much more set in their own ways and the developing economies in africa are more open to adopt the demands of equality. i think there are interesting opportunities for both sets of economies i certainly wouldn't say
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that advanced economies are set in their ways you can see that the nordic economies are not just at the very top of the rankings but actually continue to move their scores up higher so iceland the number one country in the world this year has closed 88 percent of his gender gap which is still not parity but it is the highest in the world and continues to progress at the same time developing economies do have an interesting advantage which is as there is fast growth as there is more development there is an opportunity to deploy their full set of human capital which can actually help them grow faster and leapfrog so it is a day managing director of the world economic forum thank you. thank you. the international monetary fund has agreed a $368000000.00 credit facility for congo to enable it to meet urgent payment needs a new high and there finds the anomic environment in the african nation challenging and vulnerable to shocks real g.d.p.
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growth is slowing down while president phillips cheesy kitty took office in january this year has vowed to sweep sweeping reforms and root out corruption in the poor but mineral rich central african countries. that's it from me and the business after the team if you want more from austin check out our website. slash business and to follow us on facebook and twitter now. use africa is next right here on the w. after this quick update.
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off. limits may go if 6 of them were. down just a. race for the title with $6.00. 60 minutes. story. people
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for information. we want to express. on facebook and twitter and come up to date in touch follow us. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes africa's people on a dennys wife will born refugees in kenya 30 years later said they are still refugees it's a fate shared by millions of africans and many have lost hope. some of my friends have come from salt because of what they are going through in order to stop them several times in the scrum sometimes i think about killing myself because of the hardship of going through. and broken promises.


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