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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CET

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charles dickens comes to life in the dutch town of devon at their annual dickens festival complete with punch pickpockets and good old scrooge. and it's not much wonder that babylon berlin was such a roaring success because it's got all the right ingredients sex drugs crime and a good dose of history the biggest german t.v. production ever packs all that into stunning visuals that let you really live the chaos and the hedonism of the 1920 s. berlin and the long awaited season 3 was sold to 100 different countries before it even print yet so as of monday night the cat is out of the back. season 3 of babylon berlin gets its story from the book silent death the 2nd novel an author for a detective series this time babylon berlin takes us to weimar germany is
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booming film industry and studio bobbins by the detective is called in to investigate the death of actress betty venter the star of berlin's 1st movie with sam. who is behind her untimely demise detective rod searches for clues just as the stock market comes crashing down. and there to help him is his street smart colleague shots of the time the woman he's fallen for governments are going through all these things makes them close coming from extreme times creates an extreme connection extreme in profit and would definitely does change as show not a is now working for the police she's no longer working at the mocha if the nightclub she has an official position so now she's working within the system and she has to keep her mouth shut sometimes she can't just become mind anymore. can the 2 of them keep it professional babylon berlin fans or certainly use. seeing
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jazz drugs sex and murder. take a valium hot and shots are back for season 3 of babylon berlin. and my colleague david levitz is in the studio to talk about what's really become a global sensation david welcome obviously this will be shown in 100 countries season 3 of the 4 even being released that's pretty rare for german television what what do you how do you explain this hype right well it's not just any german t.v. show ever it's the most expensive one ever made and actually it's the most expensive t.v. show ever made not in the english language the 1st 2 seasons alone cost 40000000 euros now and what they've really been doing from the beginning is taking us back to the 1920 s. feeding this global appetite right now for everything 1920 s. for especially berlin this crazy wild period right before the nazis took over and that's really what we've been getting from berlin starting with the 1st season with
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a real focus on detail down to the buttons down to the ashtrays apparently for a car coach of the novelist who wrote these stories even calls up the producer if he sees a building that's built in 1030 and not in $1029.00 so a real focus on details and in this season season 3 they're taking us into the film industry to the transition from silent films to talkies and it turns out that not all of the film stars are going to make the switch. so we did get a glimpse of the murder scene or should i say that looks like an apparent murder scene that we can take a closer look at that. well
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they're very good at gruesome and the plot thickens and judging by the 1st 2 seasons david solving this murder is going to be anything but a straight forward affair well it did never is really a straight forward affair months because dealing on about the detective he's not really a straight shooter himself he's a he's a he's a good guy basically he's very likable but in the course of solving these crimes he ends up usually committing some of his own he even the ends up killing a few people as we know from the 1st seasons and he's also got a past he's a traumatized veteran with a morphine addiction and shawn loftis she gets it she doesn't judge him because she's had a hard knock life herself so that's a big part of the chemistry sure is it is seeing them interact about that and what to see if their past catches up with them too much ok well we're definitely looking forward to babylon berlin just want to european film awards this month so more
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great t.v. in store with season 3 and thanks it's coming to air in january i guess that's right people in the u.s. maybe a bit earlier 23rd of january in germany thanks for bringing us that background and save it live it's. which brings us to the next being in the program namely beethoven because from this day forward germany's best known composer will be center stage for an entire year of celebrations for his 250th and not just here in germany but literally all around the world and monday night saw a festive gala performance at the opera house in bonn that set the tone for what's to come. the beethoven orchestra bon under conductor dia katan kicked off the celebrations honoring bombs most famous son the composer was born in the western german city and $769.00 among the guests at the gate low was current band president aren't hard to pick who is involved in organizing the anniversary events what does beethoven mean to him personally be it
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often means just great music and all thought you meant the patient solidarity and freedom and also unity of. state premier of north rhine-westphalia beethoven clearly represents the worldliness of the rhineland region isn't this a very multicultural area we live in and his music is the music it's not a drum in music it's a european it's a vote music school i was along with plenty of beethoven the gala featured new music inspired by him with lyrics by british writer paul griffiths reflecting on the composer's significance today here there sung by soprano is the elevons. this. group's. other performers included jazz pianist olivia tama who improvised in the spirit of
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beethoven then segues into his choral fantasy. the principal conductor of the local orchestra here cuff ton reflected on the responsibility involved in paying tribute to such a musical icon. of course he didn't doesn't need us actually. but then he needs us again because without us he's the plates is a big big challenge but on the other side we have to grab have to touch him so he touches us 40000000 euros have been earmarked for the beethoven anniversary 27000000 coming directly from the german government in berlin well culture minister money good times has high hopes and expectations for the. day we've simply celebrated once again a genius a megastar
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a legend one of the most often performed composers in the world and will from nearby hope that in this day shows an anniversary year people will learn to listen again he did and he succeeded in putting ideas into music the fremantle into use masses of listeners enthusiasts me a. day one of the beethoven anniversary was definitely up for to see. i. will now for a little 19th century an astrologer as we head to the netherlands where every year just before christmas the town of devon tower holds a festival in on or off charles dickens and even though the british author never actually set foot there people delight in the sight of the artful dodger all of a twist or even ebenezer scrooge in the picturesque old town and meanwhile it's
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such a popular festival there's even a queue to get in. just as things were in charles dickens' day the town passing a farmer those factors and courses was announced. on the move in defense all you can experience it's a free christmas time trip back to the 19th century. nice to see the good well dressed people. very nice to be here for a sister nice time together with family and f. nice dinners. and there is no problem no. matter. the fun go family is getting ready maybe taking part in 1st of all since they moved to the old town outfits from a central costume hi are everything cast to go authentic. and get different ones every year you just sign up to join as a neighbor and then they give you different costumes it's really nice every year
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you are totally new character the rules are strict no sneakers no cellphones nobody watches the only thing to do is go out for a stroll to see and the same just mass in days gone by. in devonshire the 19th century is recreated with a lot of attention to detail search. children begging not a welcome sign then as now. you know but each time an abortion was signed on is another matter of a him as a living room is a veritable time capsule. the silver is from. the forks nice things like god it's a different role to totally different. i mean strick always dreamt of capturing the style and spirit of dickensian london father was also a dickens fan and loved she found at the festival almost 30 years ago.
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just to begin began with shops and then i invited them here and i showed the movie. of course the christmas caroling and i said we are going to do that and then that's the most important thing that the people not only shop did it but also the people who live here the festival has always been closely linked to dickens famous a christmas carol telling the story of ebenezer scrooge should look something like provision for the poor and just. scrooge transformed into a model of charity and eventually of course has its very own scrooge look fun forced has been the purveyor of christmas humbug for 25 years. unlikely because it's nice to have a bad character or to find yourself beth reads. the festival is
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a beautiful march to dickens and the transformative magic of christmas is. great fun well that's all for now but don't forget about our website if you'd like to learn more and until next time all the best for myself and the team here in berlin doesn't.
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kick off. to sleep at 6 to the point like sit down just a. in a race for the title of 6 goals by a new mother she has. been 30 minutes on a double. take a personal e u n with all the wonderful points to make the game so special. for all true fans. pick up more than football on line. was the speech of his life perhaps his
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best certainly his most difficult. the speech by the pool in dresden on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. the middest tense the crowd clamors for a german unity journalist peter lindbergh was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the. interest and starts december 19th d.w. . this
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is d w news wife of the pope ordering a major change in the catholic church and leaving no place to hide for sexual abusers pope francis removes the cover of people secrecy meaning victims of sexual abuse will be able to go to the police to report the crime without fear of excommunication from the church also coming up tonight pakistan's former military ruler purpose musharraf is sentenced to death after a court finds him guilty of treason he's in exile so.


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