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hence the people from stealing. our cars. to destroy a scenario that defines our remember. 19 said the big meeting today. troops december 23rd. this is deja news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes africa's people wanted any zweibel born refugees in kenya sosias they said they all still refugees it's a fake shared by millions of africans and many have lost hope. some of my friends are from them selves because of what they are going through the next stop them several times in this county sometimes i think about killing myself because of the hardship i'm going through. and broken promises thousands of
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tampere states of the streets to call up the president to step down. i'm christine one bill welcome to news africa it's good to have you along a global summit aimed at finding ways to support the growing number of refugees is underway in switzerland it's the 1st meeting off its kind bringing to give the politicians business leaders and refugees a day to get at that summit but 1st the majority off africa's refugees on the continent and many face adverse conditions in their host countries they're denied citizenship and sometimes basic human rights report is in kenya home to one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. mohamed
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he has come to pray at his father's grave hidden away in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. he's here to honor the memory of his father but the site is also yet another painful reminder of his own suffering. in his. time still living in the camp where my father got sick passed away. 3 mohammed's parents fled their still conflict ridden home country somalia almost 3 decades ago to see graph huge in neighboring kenya and mohammed was a child he would have never threw it at the age of 28 he his wife and 3 children would still be refugees here according to crimean rule they are confined to life inside the camp and are not allowed to work. both my wife and i were born here our children were born here it's very difficult to stay where you are for your entire life we don't have the freedom of movement
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which is a basic universal human rights. i feel like i'm in prison and i'm not able to leave. mohamed is one of more than 200000 refugees here in. the fields unwanted in kenya the government has been threatening for years to close the camp heightening his feelings of uncertainty he also feels neglected by the international community which has shifted its attention to other humanitarian crises elsewhere. dad was never meant to be a long term solution yet for most people life as a refugee here in the camps is all they know there's drawn out in camp and the deteriorating level of humanitarian assistance and the only distant prospect of resettlement has collectively taken a severe mental health. toll on thousands of residents. here one of the
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n.g.o.s operating here says the protracted crisis in the camp has caused a growing number of refugees to develop mental health conditions. depression is one of the illnesses we truly see. becoming increased amongst the depression is serious because most of the time you get refuges attempting suicide it's actually due to depression. mohammed says he suffers from anxiety and insomnia and he's not alone he says many of his former school friends have given up hope some of them drifted into drug addiction yet the obvious have been who committed suicide and played with. my friends have hung themselves because of what they are going through it's happened several times in this camp because sometimes i think about killing myself because of the hardship i'm going through but then i think of my children they always say for me. mohammed says he's not ready
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to give up just yet he wants to find on his children so that they can have a better future so they can get an education and enjoy the freedoms he never had sell his wish is to leave the camp before he dies so that he doesn't have to be buried next to his father as a refugee. my guest today is now i'll be able to deal she's a former refugee from south sudan and works with various immigrant and refugee organizations she joins me from the refugee summit in geneva welcome to africa it's lovely to have in your mouth so you you've been a refugee yourself you work with refugee organizations what do you think of places like the camp in kenya. well thank you for having me and just being able to share with you 2 stories i can say i can i have never been to that particular camp but i can speak of my own experience and other camps where our
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. refugee isolation is problematic where refugees are not integrated with the host community then isolation does happen and conflict between refugees and host communities to happen and as that's really problematic so communities are doing a better job now at least they're thinking about how to integrate these refugees with in the communities as well because again you can't isolate people thus when the. despair happened because in most refugee most refugees don't work they're pretty much just wasting their human potential for countries that are doing a great job of integrating the refugees are migrants into their communities are actually thriving even better because our own unit feels that the refugees are again they have obtained in their country i mean i'll just broadly speaking looking at the continent of course you have this one example of the camp in kenya but is
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africa fading people who off seeing persecution in their home countries bearing in mind that most of the migration on the continent happens within its borders. i would say that's the africa it is and it's not only i would say africa it's failing because again they should be there's many people migrating that's where i would say that africa is failing its people because conflict should be prevented so that people stay in their own countries but in terms when migration does happen and that's where i said it's nothing when because a lot of countries like. uganda for example has taken in so many subsidies for pity's and ethiopia i was recently in ethiopia a week ago with my nonprofit on the night and. menstrual pratt's to the refugee camp here where i was it was very easy for me to access the refugees because they realize that you were right there and now you're returning though i would say that
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the only reason africa is mainly refugees is by not preventing conflict so now i'm all individuals and these factors are absolutely i must ask you this we are running out of time but very quickly you are at the summit about refugees in geneva what's been said there that's most relevant to africa quickly if you can. so embarrassed so many events happening and a lot of them i i was not able to go to this morning in the main lemon arry that utopian depicts the prime minister came and to speak about what is obvious do way in their refugee our integration their community where ethiopia smell one of those countries to allow refugees to work. but they are so many other reasons agents are in the swarm that are focusing on african refugees in particular and then also the syrians and all the other populations i have referred to it's a massive form and there's a lot of worse that are from the continent that are here representing the continent and also about over 60 refugees are south former refugees youth and so forth we're
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here speaking sharing our story so that reality makers do realize that there is a place there is a human being trying those numbers and for them to keep that in mind when our actions are being made about people thank you for that that's nam i'll be able to tale thank you. while we're on the topic of the movement of people recent floods in somalia have forced thousands from their homes heavy rains best of the 7 parts of the country destroying people's houses and washing away crops many lost most of their possessions and are now in makeshift this. in some affected areas the floodwaters are receding but rebuilding will be challenging. or. i would have a few other important issues the damaged roads. were destroyed by the flooding.
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the town has no roads or put over they were totally destroyed at the roads linking the farms have been destroyed region including the bridges. with no roads extensible them whom. it is important to restore the roads linking the farms. and the areas close to the river you know. all of. the governor of hit on region in somalia speaking now thousands of protesters took to the streets in gambia skeptical bunch will demanding that president of them about 0 respect his pitch to quit after 3 years in office a president defeated former autocrat in elections in the tiny west african state in 2016 he promised to rule for 3 years before stepping down but he has since said he will doesn't until 20213 years yet now is written on their posters
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translated from the local language wall of this says 3 years are up 10 thousands of gambians took to the streets in the capital banjul they want the president out of a barrow to step down in january. now the president is meeting with new talk that the government was going to fight you've got 5 days he's going to talk this is why you're here for 30 minute i'm just here for you are going to wonder if we're going to have the argument by electors this is documented for you because of possible. burial confirmed after his swearing in that he would be the head of a transitional government and would make way for general elections after 3 years but now he wants to serve a full 5 year term as guaranteed by the constitution. gambians are divided about barrow's achievements the work of a truth and reconciliation commission is seen widely positive witnesses speak out and the country is trying to get over the trauma of the 22 year long brutal regime
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of the former dictator yeah yeah i mean. but the unemployment rate is still very high especially among young people the civil society is gaining strength the proof for these demonstrations and the 3 years of barrow's presidency gambians have learned it is now possible to speak out for their own beliefs and convictions. and that is it for now from news africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with some pictures of refugees in africa and now next time i stand out.
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in the fire more tolerant and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with. the smugglers were lions and. what's your story ready ready. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence and. take part and send us your story we
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are trying in all to understand this new culture. i think is that. you want to become a citizen. migrants your platform a reliable information. hi there and welcome to arts and culture for millions of viewers the wait is almost over season 3 of the epic more series by the wonderland just premiered so more are not in a moment and also coming up. the jubilee year to honor a german composer. who has the festive kick off are they off her house in the maestro's hometown of. and the 19th century of
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charles dickens comes to life in the dutch town of devon to her at their annual dickens festival complete with punch pickpockets and good old scrooge. and it's not much wonder that babylon berlin was such a roaring success because it's got all the right ingredients sex drugs crime and a good dose of history the biggest german t.v. production ever packs all that into stunning visuals that let you really live the chaos and the hedonism of the 1920 s. berlin and the long awaited season 3 was sold to 100 different countries before it even probably aired so as of monday night the cat is out of the back. season 3 of babylon berlin gets its story from the.


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