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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2019 4:00am-4:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany and the u.s. on collision course over russian gas the u.s. senate approves sanctions against companies building a controversial pipeline don't trump plans to sign the bill into law but the limb says the project is vital and accuses washington of meddling also coming up. tear gas on the streets as french trade unions take their action against unpopular pension reforms into a 13th day of president emanuel more crime seems determined to press ahead with his
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plans. the u.n. urges rich countries to do more to tackle the surging refugee crisis we'll report from one of the world's biggest refugee camps in kenya. sit down was never meant to be a long term solution to get the last people to live as a refugee you can the camps that's all they know. for in 5 refugees live in developing countries a global summit in geneva hears calls for more fairness. i'm told me a lot and well welcome to the program we begin with a growing spat between germany and the u.s. over energy the u.s. senate has backed sanctions against companies building a pipeline which will carry you brush and gas to germany north stream 2 is due to begin operating in the coming months but u.s.
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lawmakers want president donald trump to sign the sanctions into law later this week as part of a push to counter russian influence in europe. the u.s. government move is the latest episode in a gathering geopolitical storm. the buildings to hold further construction of nearly 10000000000 euro pipeline under the baltic sea. the pipeline will double undersea shipments of russian natural gas to germany. u.s. lawmakers say nord stream too will channel billions of dollars in revenues to moscow and make your of more reliant on its neighbor the legislation is a rare challenge to traditional ally germany for some of the shades of the cold war . north stream to lead by state owned gaza would allow russia to bypass poland and ukraine. u.s. lawmakers say ukraine could lose billions of dollars in transit fees if it is built
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. washington is tied to exports of u.s. liquefied natural gas as an alternative. it was uncertain whether the measures against the controversial north stream too would slow the completion of the project . pablo foley n.e.'s is covering the story for us from washington hi pablo construction of nord stream 2 began in may 28th seems so why is it now that u.s. lawmakers are planning sanctions on it. i told me it well the measure is actually part of a basically huge annual defense spending package known as the national defense authorization act now congress and the senate have passed it you know with a lot of ease we'll say and then president trump is expected to sign it was mentioned there you know probably by the end of week but it's not known yet and the aim is basically to stop the further construction of this pipeline under the baltic
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sea which is worth you know over $10000000000.00 and what will happen is that it will double the shipments of russian natural gas to germany now as soon as it is signed it is expected that the president will sign it the administration would then have 60 days to identify companies or individuals who are providing services on the pipeline and then they would be sanctioned but what's important to note is that of course here in the united states hasn't really been getting a lot of traction on tuesday instead the focus has been very much on president trump and this pitchman vote which is going to be taking place in congress now the move with the sun will european allies especially germany with possible retaliate sanctions how do u.s. lawmakers justify this. well basic what u.s. lawmakers have been saying is that you know billions of dollars are going to be going to russia and you know this is going to lead to an increase in president
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vladimir putin's influence in europe what they would prefer to see is europe you know focused its energy expenditure on the united states now it was interesting to hear from republican senator ted cruz and he said halting the north stream too should be a major security priority for the united states and europe because then europe could you know as i said you know focus their attention on. united states and also it runs the risk of being economically blackmailed by russia and for those reasons you know the u.s. should be more important to the likes of germany and other e.u. countries and our european countries now there have also been voices against the sanctions in the united states saying that the united states shouldn't jeopardize the relationship that it has with its longstanding it's in europe and you know also it's important to know what's being said as well in germany but you know the foreign minister. you know he said that you know the united states shouldn't meddle
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in european energy policy so you know what we're hearing and seeing it's an interesting time at the moment to wets wait and see what president when he does it and what the implications of signing this bill are ok many things pablo for the alias in washington let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has a lashed out over the impeachment proceedings against him in the u.s. led to house speaker nancy pelosi she accuses the top democrat of declaring quote open war on american democracy lawmakers will vote on the impeachment allegations later on wednesday. pope francis has made sweeping changes to the way the catholic church deals with child sex abuse the pontiff says so-called papal secrecy will be abolished critics have accused the church of using the rules to avoid reporting
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abuse cases. a court in pakistan has sentenced the former military ruler pervez musharraf to death on charges of high treason musharraf was tried in his absence for suspending the constitution and imposing a state of emergency in 2007. thousands of people have rallied in the czech capital prague to demand the resignation of prime minister andrei babesia opponents say the billionaire leader should give up his business interests or step down reject allegations of a conflict of interest. hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in france as labor unions extended nationwide strikes against unpopular pension reforms police fired tear gas in paris and months as the action escalated the hardline c.d.t. union says it coordinated power outages and widespread destruction teaches hospital
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staff and other public employees join transport workers for the 3rd day of mass action this month. that despite coming under growing pressure present in my home across seas he is determined to press ahead with the changes every day for 2 weeks has been a nightmare with unruly crowds trying to force their way onto the few trains or buses still running commuters from the outskirts of paris feel it most george lopez barely managed to make it to work today he's frustrated this week and these are for the government and the unions about having like small children they constantly blaming each other and it's working people who have to pay. another day another strike and once again hundreds of thousands of people are on the streets throughout france there. protest in pension reform plans that would raise the retirement age from $62.00 to $64.00 to devote all the years it sure i would love to work 5 years longer and get a smaller pension or due to see french president clone as king louis the 16th who
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was beheaded the pressure is mounting all of france's unions have joined the movement some are even threatening to continue the strikes over christmas. and it's time that the government drops these plans because if they don't it will be even harder to repair the damage if you see the difference here the government is calling for a deterrent. pull on a pair you'd trains need to keep running over christmas not for the government and not for the unions but for the french people the trains france siddur force talks will continue on wednesday george is on his way home he'll have to take a subway bursting at the seams he says it's just something he'll have to get used to. the united nations says rich countries to do more to tackle the world wide refugee crisis speaking at the 1st global refugee forum in geneva u.n.
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secretary general antonio good tears said the world should be grateful to nations which have welcomed large numbers of refugees but gratitude was not enough i urge you to be bold and concrete in the pledges to make these a moment for him. he's a moment to jettison a model of support that too often left refugees for their kids with their lives on hold and find 2 camps just scraping by unable to flawed each. it is a moment to build a more equitable response to refugee crises sharing. kenya has had a huge influx of refugees fleeing war and persecution in neighboring countries many have found shelter in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world it was meant to be a temporary solution when it was built nearly 30 years ago but some refugees have spent their entire lives in the camp. mohammad. has come to
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pray at his grave had no way in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. he's here to the memory of his father but the sight is also yet another painful reminder of his own suffering. at the time still living in the camp sick. parents fled their. home country somalia 3 decades ago. in neighboring kenya when mohammad was a child he would have never threw it at the age of 28 he his wife and 3 children would still be refugees here according to they are confined to life inside the camp and are not allowed to work. here our children here it's very difficult to stay where you. are life we don't
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have the freedom. which is a basic universal human rights. prison not able to leave. mohamed is one of more than 200000 refugees here. unwanted in kenya the government has been threatening for years to close the camp heightening his feelings uncertainty they also feel. neglected by the international community which has shifted its attention to other humanitarian crises elsewhere. dab was never meant to be a long term solution yet for most people life as a refugee here and the camps as all they know this drawn out encampment that is here 18 level of humanitarian assistance and the only distant prospect of resettlement has collectively taken a severe mental health toll on thousands of residents. fled sound one of the
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n.g.o.s operating here says the protracted crisis in the camp has caused a growing number of refugees to develop mental health conditions. depression is one of the illnesses we treat see alarmingly becoming increased amongst the depression is serious because most of the time you get refuges attempting suicide it's actually due to depression. mohammed says he suffers from anxiety and insomnia and he's not alone he says many of his former school friends have given up hope some of them drifted into drug addiction yet the others have been committed suicide and later. my friends have hung themselves because of what they are going through it's happened several times in this camp sometimes i think about killing myself because of the hardship i'm going through but then i think of my children they always say for me. mohammed says he's not ready to give up just yet
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he wants to fight on his children so that they can have a better future so they can get an education and enjoy the freedoms he never had for him self his wish is to leave the camp before he dies so that he doesn't have to be buried next to his father as a refugee. one of the jewels of flemish medieval art has gone on show in belgium after the. 3 years of painstaking restoration yeah to ration of the mystic lamb but by the van egg brothers can be seen in all its original glory in the city of ghent the 15th century altar piece is renowned for its radiant colors the artwork has frequently been a target for thieves it's been stolen 6 times down the years. a coming up after the break if the bundesliga leipzig group moved into 1st place last weekend and they wanted to hang on to the top spot and they battled with fellow title contenders
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dortmund on chinese day night find out what happened on the bundesliga next. that and more coming up with nick mckenna klein i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining us. to move the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to use in the original alexander from the world's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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