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from africa and the world. your link to inception stories and discussions hello and welcome student news after going program tonight from born in germany the former news of easy our wild website d debited comes the traffic come join us on facebook at t.w. africa. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes europe's if it's to crack down on migration from africa austudy into bison but at what cost the e.u. supported a lot to close the border between it and the being in 2015 that smugglers tell d.w. boy it's done is put more lives at risk. of. driver transporting migrants when suddenly the military shows up in the blood and see that little of the migrants out of the car just down the road a little in tell them to wait there until i come back and then i just leave and they die there just not there are many such cases. and watch
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a situation that eased a burden for women to hold in uganda and also create a business opportunity in. a place of food that's really where a picture. of the nigerian creative who makes our out of. hello i'm kristie wonder welcome to news africa it's good to have you along it is now for you is closed its border with libya to try to reduce the number of migrants trying to get to europe in asia it took the stand off to being pressured to do so by european countries now a regular migration from the region to the e.u. has dropped since then but thousands off would be migrants all still determined to
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make the journey but with old roots cut all the risks they are taking on now greater than ever. reports from the town of days it's a place where people smugglers are now working in the shadows for nearly 30. brought people across the border from into libya he never thought he was doing something criminal. it's not true that we are so-called human traffickers and we are deceiving people it's also not true that we treat them in humanely or badly. europe's politicians have demonized him as a criminal smuggler but here people like him used to be called past sirs and their work was considered the most normal thing in the world why should it be criminal to bring people from a to b. most asks for centuries the desert city of agadez has profited from people passing through from west to north africa in search of work but this stopped in 2015 when
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the european union signed agreements with several transit countries to curb migration to europe because of that suddenly became unemployed 6000 other former smugglers in asia shared his fate store and hotel owners who used to live from the travellers had no income. even though migration decreased it never stopped so human rights organizations such as doctors without borders this week even though the laws we enforce in 2015 the bigger issue never stopped and they will never stop oh if you put doors to the rhetorician they really use other doors so what we see is that the reagans know compared to the past they are much more vulnerable why because everything has to be undercover in the clan the city hidden we managed to meet a smuggler who still active now his job is illegal if you get caught you risk
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several months in jail ever since the military started patrolling the borders he tells us scenes like this one are getting more and more common. this is if you have to let's say i'm a driver transporting migrants when suddenly the military shows up with the letter of the migrants out of the car just down the road and tell them to wait there until i come back and then i just leave and they die there there are many such cases. it's very rare that drivers actually come back the u.n. suspects at least twice as many people die on their way to the mediterranean than in the mediterranean itself who are these people who despite these dangers make the journey towards europe. we are close to the so-called get away at the border of the tunnel at us this is where migrants are being hidden by a smuggler who brings them across the sahara desert to the migrants stay here until the smuggler has enough of them for one transport and then the dangerous and sometimes deadly journey begins. a clay court yard under the open sky there are
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hundreds of my gran's waiting in places like this across the city. one of them. a student from guinea he has tried to leave 3 times each time he was picked up by the military on the libyan border and the route through the desert is not good libya and the mediterranean not good but what else can i do for. as a migrant from guinea roseman body has little chance of receiving the right to stay in europe but that doesn't stop one crucial part on the job although i want to go to europe i hate europe why do i hate europe because europe can't exist without africa africa is rich with resources like diamonds and uranium but who benefits from these resources. europe is where these young africans dream of living and although the chances of actually getting there are slim for them giving up and going back home is not an option. now
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a human being needs an average of 20 meters of water every day according to the u.n. but in many parts of africa where water is scarce that can be down to as little as only 2 liters per person per day on its report takes us to a place in uganda chord. there a solo project has made water more accessible to people who in the past had to walk long distances and q 4 hours only to fill small containers. northern uganda is largely tropical and receives plenty of rain but in 2016 when thousands of refugees fleeing the civil war in south sudan streamed into the country the lack of clean drinking water posed a serious health risk there was little infrastructure and water had to be trucked in from over 100 kilometers away. when we are brought you see rain season trucks start talking on the road say i need to save it hard for us to get wet what
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the. long queues for little water not only was the water scarce collecting it was backbreaking work for the woman who are mostly responsible for fetching and they had to walk a long way to find clean water and then carry the heavy loads back to their families. on monday you did that of life was very difficult you had to go very long distance to look for water and we would dig the dry sand. we would leave it at 8 in the morning and come back at 2. but times have changed for those at the b d b d camp now a solar powered bore hole set up by the united nations high commission for refugees hans groundwater to almost $500.00 households now if it believed you having at least the b.b.q. for tops we if you see that if you what i did to you that's 2 am the only one possible yes people i know you will it is save you any time you want to get what
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that. the pump supplies water for b d b d s 200000 refugees and their host communities once the aid agencies move on they should be able to keep the water flowing. in the whole process the couple is to building part has been very very vivid whereby the partners have been fully trained. the host communities are been fully trained to be able to take care of such facilities in terms of our transmission whereby in future if there is for your persons are to move away the hosting come to should be able to take care of such facilities and see them for more generations to come. now that ash as a law doesn't have to spend hours collecting water she can use have time to generate a small income. probably the most water that we have in the community right
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now we have as women to fret you some of the things. she's been able to start growing onions to sell now usually and then you see it. but the mr i know you have to do for business of life of we you face the maid is the money in which you mean that the i will have maybe 150 or 200000 men see the solar powered pump has had a positive impact on the families living here and has already changed people's daily routines the pump also uses water sustainably by tapping only a fraction of the available groundwater so the facility won't deplete the water source and can satisfy be d.v.d.'s thirst for the foreseeable future. now if you're hungry for something different then stay tuned for our next report nigerian visual artist hanifa adam turns ordinary food products into edible ot where it's at him
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say amos to celebrate african culture and heritage so he strives. this green powder is made of finely ground leaves known as kooka in nigeria it is usually used to make soup but artist honey for adam has found another use. soon i'm going to get him portrayed. herself because a lot of the. texture one defeat of the head and it's also savory is the africa and cultural heritage that is to us and masters in pharmacology started experimenting with edible art 3 years ago now honey for adams even shops differently buying grains and spices and whatever other ingredients she needs to express her ideas. so. you only get the concept from the matter and
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i'm about to use it for the food. and do the leg like just kill off work which can be bought for months but i use greens where i can tell a story. perishes quickly but i need for adam is documenting it on her social media she already has around 30000 instagram followers and food companies hire her to make commercials for them but she wants to use her arch to focus on african culture most of her works part african women. i'm inspired by my personal experiences and observations of this to say. introspective and when about how the story to tell from my own personal experience all experiences and
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these stories beautiful to important to tell i get that. credit to the t. is unstoppable even dishing up a simple meal becomes and production. is a true artist. and you're watching news africa from berlin that's it for now you can get all the latest information around the clock that's on our website. leave you now with someone had a bad creation's see if you can guess which type of. program
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