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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2019 11:45am-12:01pm CET

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to avoid losing to away games on the bounce for the 1st time in 5 years. and shall come having their best start to a season since 2011 and could make it a 3 fourths race of the top problem being an informed stand in their way. welcome to part 2 of the special midweek editions of the bundesliga here on the w m nick mechanic line it was the 1st time the start of the match stay out of top spot since the beginning of october and although the folds couldn't overtake leipzig they could pull level by beating powder born. collins lost the ball to patrick hammond seconds after the restart the play out was the result to hammer home. last took have a cross and fed it's a player who finished the job. midway through the 2nd half sebastian followed in the box and lost in those stepped up to control convert the ensuing penalty to no
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the final school there. and the next question is what can you expect from 2 of the league's best defenses when they meet a dull nil maybe not necessarily though in their last home game on saturday sunday . and knock them off the top spot on wednesday they welcome the shock of the town getting points off the royal blues could prove quite the daunting task shock of the 2nd best away side in the league so far this season but coach david wagner isn't getting ahead of himself he said their opponents are the clear favorites for the win for cites or an understatement. golf sport surely has one of the most sophisticated light shows of the league resembling more a disco than a proper football ground possibly to hide the empty spaces in the stands. on the pitch the wolves can boast to the bone just league as best defense but against shall cut they started clearly in attacking mo with barely
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a minute played about bash forced ball sports top marksmen had the chance. the 1st of many in the 1st half alone volves borg chalked up 18 attempts on goal mark a sure bet shot because 2nd goalkeeper had a marvelous bundesliga debut putting in a man of the match performance deny involves boards attackers time and time again. can credibly enough thanks to sure bet and the right post shock i managed to finish the 1st half without conceding a goal. 6 minutes into the 2nd half the guests showed the wolves how efficiency in front of goal works. 6 on come back giving shall go what was a very flattering lead. at the other end she continued to deny of all sports attackers from getting their names on the scoresheet until the 82nd minute when
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a sure bet blunder paved the way for kevin him babus much deserved equaliser proof that marcus shoebat is human after all under pressure he let the ball slip paving the way for him babus artistic efforts to match the sport easily could have won ended one all mainly because of shall because marcus schubert's mostly outstanding performance even so he was left with thoughts of what could have been. philippic stole the show is by and thumped braman 61 of the weekend the brazilian involved in 5 of their goals and he took the limelight and maybe even some of the pressure of top score robert leaven dusty if these 2 starts really click and buying could prove stoppable for freiburg. a high 5 for a high class performance at the weekend philippe coutinho out scored by ends goal
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getter in chief. and the brazilian wasted no time trying to add to his weekend hat trick thankfully for hosts freiburg manual got back just in the nick of time. having dodged a bullet with they were soon in the firing line again sharpshooter 11 duff's the rarely misses perfectly placed a proud in the cross from alfonso davis. but instead of pushing their advantage by and found themselves pressed back it wasn't for the heroics of goalkeeper manwell neuer freiburg could have been levelled at the break. he might have told you that was a warning shot for what was to come just before the hour mark when chance a grief i was smashed in week rise and. he'd already fluffed one volley in the 1st half this one wasn't too pretty either but it did the trick freiburg in the ascendancy and in spitting distance of a famous victory but in
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a team full of stars it was a relative unknown who stole the plaudits yes she was 60 on as a sub to continue putting by him back in front in stoppage time the young dutchman had only been on the pitch for 2 minutes some way to make an impact says gnabry added flattery to the scoreline with bae and. it would be the last kick of the game . brian's leading man ably propped up by best supporting cost. now for a match the how to win a written all over again between frankfurt cologne don't and go list or in draws well and he's not in this decade question being with that trend continue. cologne for back from the 2 male deficit sebastian born now make it to will in the 72nd minute with a beautiful volley if you look at this could not be stopped. and
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in the die seconds is my jaco's put the finishing touches on a stunning victory for the billy goats 2 wins on the bounce for marcus crystal's. and then inconsistent minutes consistently terrible is by leverkusen welcome strugglers had said ballin on wednesday with peter bush aside find themselves thrust back into european contention after last weekend's miserable defeat to cologne or would you can recall back to back wins for the 1st time this campaign. to win the games only goal arrived because of carrick who is 2nd by at the cherry broke the deadlock after 64 minutes. if you look at the replay. but a finger springs to mind is livid couzens newcrest regrets he spilt the initial short break it made sure of the rebound. kevin fall and went close for living in just 2 minutes afterwards but his has a head that was well saves one male the final school. and let's have
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a quick look at the results match day 16. back to winning ways vosburgh and shaka share the spoils by and win it at the death and cologne of the winners in a 6 goal thriller of had to win a 2nd on the coach team's been and of course those 4 results from tuesday's games. let's have a look at the table with one game left of the year who will be top of the leipsic that duel will be decided on saturday while it's a neck and neck race between dortmund and shout to finish best of the rest hats and minds open a gap over the bottom 4 we'll see cologne and braman plate other on saturday who will decide who stays out of the bottom 3 over the mid-season break. right now it's time to get the lowdown on wednesday's matches and who better to do that and mccambridge give us he's going to give us the necessary inside the you need after strange midweek games to be honest we weren't expecting to end the way they did especially with 26 go through that start with that was only 2 goals and it came
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back to winning ways. do you think that's composure you know getting back to winning after losing last time out and losing top spot especially. struggle shoulders and say it's possible well absolutely not we shouldn't do that because you know don't get to choose the teams that they play every week they get 3 points if they beat by now they get 3 points if they beat part of born and they going to have to try and beat teams out both ends of the table if they have a serious desire is on winning the bloom is leader. of course. the best team in the league bottom of the table all full going forward and probably even worse at the back but it is worth noting that this is the same part of one side the 2 points of thought and on match day 12 so you have to beat teams at both ends of the table and i would actually say this is a huge win for marco rose's side because it's back to the top of the blues they go at least joint top and also to the back to winning ways so a fantastic win for his side today by staring down the barrel at the edge of the forest but they delivered in the end what you'd say about them well they did i mean
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i'm quite pleased that the plucky underdogs by munich are keeping pace in the bundesliga this season all of worried about for a little while nick i think it's worth actually saying this is a horribly tough result on friday but we did really really well throughout the game and did deserve to get something but actually you know how do you flick you know coach is part of the team and he came up with a brilliant moment taking off and actually bringing on this man here. many blind fans will never have heard of before but you know they deserved to win for that substitutional and hats off to flick and hats off to that boy to score in such a great goal and a big moment in the bundesliga flick is the next thing i want to move to bind c.e.o. call who's going to get said on wednesday that they have to find the best solution for the club when it comes the coach and the powers that be in the fans seem to. be enjoying the football they play at the moment flick has got a visible signature on the style of play but we're going to go also said we need a coach who plays possession based football or level with louis funny. or pep guardiola byron's philosophy what is this mean fancy flick what i think has the
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flick could actually go to ruminate over him point the fact that they had 65 percent positions today you know he's talking about position and if you think ok well it's only fly but well they had over 70 percent position against top minute champions league last week so position seems to be an odd thing for him a nigga to be calling out you know at this point i think will be a no offense to flick his biggest problem is he's not very sexy he's not the big city manager that by munich would hope to have you know they want a real world beat and he's not that and i think probably the writing is on the wall for handy flick and he may go back to being the assistant or maybe he's proved his worth an offer another club to take a punt on in shock or they're up to 55 points behind one of the missing they're missing goals i think because actually if you look at their defensive record it's exactly the same as like 6 they both conceded 19 goals this season except leipzig of scored 45 and the shelter of only scored 27 so they're way off the pace in terms of actually scoring goals their top score is i mean how is it a window with 6 goals miles behind the 19 robert levy is scored so far this season
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and i think they're going to have to bring in a striker in the other but not least what is the kingsmen effect happening. in 2 wins on the bounce now i was actually on shore to be quite honest when he came in i thought it's just a big name and they were clutching at straws a little bit but he has had the desired effect he's got that scored galvanized and who knows how far he could take them it's exciting it is indeed of the 2 wins in 4 games since he took over quite quite the reward actually because if you're as you said when you 1st came in you're at that press conference people into exactly sure what was going to happen but there's one more game for him to play this year along with head that is all from us from match day 16 we're back at the weekend with the very last witness leading shows of the year and will be joining us. saturdays you can look forward to the bats from all of us here but in ice watching and see them.
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player. play. place. player. play. this is d w newsline from verb land the u.s. house of representatives impeach is president donald trump in. historic vote. article one is adopted. trump becomes just the 3rd u.s. president ever to be a united states alibis in the hands of the senate or a trial will decide whether or not he remains in office also on the program it's
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being called the trial of the decade in the philippines a court and south life sentences to the masterminds of a brazen political massacre of a family man.


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