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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 1:30am-2:01am CET

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from politicians to flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend v.w. . hello on a warm welcome to this new edition of the who africa the environment magazine that brings you topic some all over africa and europe i am now outside coming to you from lagos nigeria and joining me from uganda is my colleague sun hi neal yes today's show takes us on another journey across africa and you check out some of
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the ideas and concepts people have come up with to help save the environment i'm really looking forward to the was in south africa a wonderful species that needs protecting but the weakest plenty more in store besides that. making clones out of fish things. and we also show you how to value the food so many transformed part time into something musical. every year so if africa sees a migration of was eastern coast and he was trying to know from own to take a wee cause last year saw the largest number of words on record off the coast of cape town scientists call savation ists and tourists continue to learn more about these giant marine animals we went along to find out more.
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at certain times of the year special visitors can be supported in what is a 1st day in south africa. where the huge mamas migrate from and talked to the woman worked as off the coast of mozambique to come. here to very good after a few months to return some of the long the same route and researchers have seen an encouraging rise in numbers. of the great conservation success stories since the end of whaling allison people stopped catching them commercially in the late seventy's around southern africa the population have been increasing rebounding. thank you and we think getting up toward the carrying capacity of the ecosystem the population of the west and the east coast of africa have been increasing probably close to 10 percent yet the researches use a hydrophone an underwater microphone to record words sound which the team will analyze later the waters around cape town provide
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a do conditions to study the behavior of the way this. lake. had a lot of feeding humpback whales off the west coast of south africa which quite unusual that al that you. are feeding in the antarctic and we picking up a lot of juvenile whales this year 202019 hanging around the south african coast that are feeding right in shore in falls by a really interesting a current fast it gives us an opportunity to study the feeding behavior and the sounds and making wells communicate using a variety of focus actions from clicks to whistles and of course songs each is associated with a specific type of behavior. comparing recorded here to that recorded in africa gives researches insights into which populations move through different areas so we were quite surprised when we 1st record company in in force by because of how different actually if you look at
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dolphin distribution because hamburg was on a strongly associated with make these animals and around africa making happens a tropical areas so rather equitorial west africa and of mozambique on the east coast around cape town animals should just be migrating past although we are aware of animals of summer months feeding as well. while commercial whaling was banned several decades ago the animals to face a number of threats including being struck by ships and entanglement in 2019 several ways don't enforce day after becoming trapped in fishing gear images of them being towed to. appeared in media around the globe. in a very short amount of time there were a number of whales that were entangled in the false bay area and this was exposed by a conservationist and very passionate ocean goes in the area and this caused a groundswell of public outcry they went all the way to the top of the government's hands and this caused the fishery to be shut out really quickly
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a temporary ban on octopus fishing was recently lifted but a number of sticks have to precautions went to do to prevent any further entanglement of wells in the truck. further up the coast this right will curve is enjoying some time with its mother to the delight of lukas. about $300.00 drive from kept town when watching the trucks about half a 1000000 tourists a year. well tourism is is big all over the world but in south africa a critically important. huge attraction for people with southern right world is an amazing world to watch because they spend a lot of time on the water service often think it's the best way to walk having been hunted to the brink of extinction this workers have made an astounding recovery through the efforts of scientists and conservationists they can see more
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suffering through the waters around cape town and throughout the world. why how amazing did you know that was actually no mom was and what our next piece is about fishville and more specifically this it might sound like but it can actually be a useful resource a french company makes leather from fish and it is a big seller he has another installment for my series doing. usually fish skins are a waste product so they cost next to nothing. some companies in africa turning them into just shoes and. a french tannery produces leather for luxury accessories
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like cardholders and handbags. and all that's really good for so many shoes to transform fishkin into leather because today it's a way studies thrown away by the food industry and the catering industry i wanted to question on the advantage of fish skin once it's been discovered is that it has a unique texture and it's one of the strongest the most durable letters in the world and very subtle. the turn of the removes the remaining flesh and cleans the skins and a rotating drum. after soaking an eco friendly town instead of to dry. then the skins are softened and died with various colors. and now the company is processing around 2000 skins per month. scans that would otherwise just be useless waste. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it. visit our website or send us
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a tweet. hash tag doing your page. we share your story. whether there was a blight on trucks it mostly is hope to be changed to anything new and better long before the rabbit starts to fall apart one becomes an update you should look well but he's actually on the scene with you a book might seem real and you're right sandra and that's why recycling tiles has great potential they are so many things that can be made from them big all small even for i need to see for yourself what a german designer has managed to create. is this the end of the road for these tires that trade is worn down and they're no longer safe for driving but what others throw away is a valuable commodity for one company based in eastern germany. down the shell but
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is particularly interested in large truck tires take up i haven't missed larry tires consist of rubber natural rubber and wire. right here in the tread and along the rim and those are 2 components that can be separated easily. in the time manufacturing process heat is used to compress the rubber making the tires firm and heavy. so special machines a needed to shred them. they use as much energy annually as 1200 households. gets the tires for nothing. but his recycling company near to speak o. does have to pick them up from carriages entire dealers. and because the truck tires the so bulky only $100.00 actually fit into a container. i think. to keep the driving in the
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transport costs down we try to source our tires locally but as we produce 20000 tons of rubber granular it from the truck tires alone we sometimes have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get enough orders of defensively. but in base design a catch you have an owner doesn't have quite as far to go she gets her old material for free from bicycle shops in her neighborhood. a lot of her products are made from in achieves. as. right i look for inner tubes with specific widths because i need them for various products off. of and i tend to focus on what i call prized pieces which might be embossed or patched up or have a manufacturer's branding. i pick out the most interesting ones 1st. year.
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as well as expensive handbags and other one off creations catcher vanno also makes wallets and key fobs that sell a price is similar to those of commercial products. in comparison to other materials the designers says that rubber has many advantages. as a child i mean much someone great thing about this material is the supply is endless there's more than you could ever need it's also waterproof it's durable it's completely begun and for many it's a good alternative to leather you know at the tire recycling company there's no longer any sign of the original form. the shredded rubber is molded into everything from small mats to large sheets weighing 80 kilos. is emitted into the compressed with the force of a 1000 tons they're pretty tough we didn't driven over them with tanks we've
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developed a new process that allows us to use the maximum amount of recycled rubber some products integrate natural couch work or other substances. but we don't we only use old timers. customers like the recycled rubber when used as flooring the sheets don't have to be glued down and they can stand up to the elements. that build in fell's castle they're being used to protect the granite slabs in the courtyard. once the restoration work is finished the mats can be cleaned and used elsewhere. this robust material last for years. report is about reproducing something else that's often found in garbage heaps glass bottles yes indeed did you know that glass is one of the longest lasting manmade materials we have it seems a shame to see so much of it simply discard it but only canyon island of lamu at
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least some bottles found on the beach i'm now being put to further good use. oh. no. plastic different place until. it's ocean clean up the heat necessary in kenya the children might have made a game out of it but for omar this is more of a possible conservation mission. for swimming we have 15 meter printed meaning we were claiming it would be pretty good every friday every friday it's nice to get there when they are you know money spent again we're doing here. but it goes a long way you know i think. most of. his meditation and while they are. like many african countries kenya is grappling with
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a god beach problem there are no public dust bins for people to dump their trash and there's no garbage collection center with the trash piling up people have had to take matters into their own hands collection and recycling initiatives like omar's help to plug pick up. he told us we can go to the beach to swim after collecting trash i connected. to. 80 years ago the extent of ocean pollution really hits home form our studies have shown that the ocean is the 2nd most polluted in the world this affects both of them are a knife and the human food supply here in laos amar decided to start doing his beach to protect the ocean. you want to be bored by the sea shore but one time the boat had it injured and all but when i came out of the boat you will
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abide by it but. blustery everywhere and there was peace blanket around you know and there was a lot of the one not doing anything also i poured maybe a good idea what a brick miss you can come up and clean up my lady you know you just want to be area to have kids playing there you know just how it started. but omar didn't just collect the boxes he used them to build and nasri school this is the school now or the board will hear. we've crossed the. border the problem is when we get out of the city we bring in 2 beloved there was nobody to pick them out but ease our conservative island and some locals were not happy when omar opened the school. no one has value in this country. so they want
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they want to move is a move. be the holes who would be why we see everything but my thought of. the whiskey and the wine is to get in the book for the community important. and leave time for the locals accepted that this is when we are quiet but it is really due to the law schools. and strong woman in my child is run and he joined the school in 2018 i feel good when i see kids having a chance to study and besides studying they also learn about a b. environment and hear what is and students don't have to pay to attend omar's school this means that support from volunteers has proved vital in keeping the school going. i'm so thankful now that everybody will be aware and calm and type to help. people but.
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i don't know where these youngsters are learning fighting lessons not only in the classroom but out in the open air where the ocean needs their help. and now here in my country not everyone is connected to the electricity grid and that means people especially those in the rural areas are often forced to use other sources of power including vivo what is dirty are not sustainable but a crowd investing platform in europe has looking to find and renewable energy projects here. it's hard to miss the solar min agreed on the edge of the village bright and shiny in the sun this is coming from. lagos by car it's isolated location was over 30 and scaling the solar panels and environmental reasons connecting the village to the national called grace was not considered less
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the effort many people here make a living with agriculture some of the grain milling operations like richard the bearing the sheep previously used a few car generator to run a grinding machine is now a part comes from the south. wood. i bought 500 now was a pa cradle now we can leave the lights own minds there's lights at school in the palm of my 1000000 plus the situation was different when we use not you know not all home down by new home and you know. to skeptical at 1st many here have sent space to green energy. over $500.00 households now get their parts from the solar grid. that means sun's fewer c o 2 emissions according to the margarine company rebate check solar some funding for the project came from
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a german government agency. in any business at least something that is really viable for nigeria to look into you know because. like you know niger actually has about 55 percent of its population without access so and we know that it's not cost effective to extend the grid to these areas so $1.00 of the best ways by deploying in the woods to these locations the project was also bolstered by a german company based in frankfurt. a crowd investing platform called better vest raised 220000 euros for the celebrity greats in nigeria and c.e.o. marilyn hape says the company is paying customers who want to invest in construction ecologically projection other parts of the world our future market is africa because this market is crawling so tremendously and the amount of people there that need it for city is the highest all over the world. so there is much money needed there is
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a much potential and also as mentioned the interest rates there are very very high so they need cheaper money and they need especially any way of financing there is no solution there are no banks there are fine and those smaller projects all across from the platforms at the moment the solutions to that money can come to african small and medium sized enterprises to prevent the tricity into of it. but there is also a dark side to the solar energy. panels manufactured today only last 20 years and then they have to be disposed of and the lead acid batteries needed to store electricity can cause serious sure you should. but for now the many great has improved the lives of many here boosting their businesses and improving the breed. for margy we have not so very remote. a 2 and
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a half hour drive from the capital tunis i mean job well certain national park about 100 years ago while gazelles used to live here but today they've completely disappeared from the landscape now an initiative launched my spanish on to knees in all 3 teams as we introduced 100 full of them into the world they hope the animals will reproduce in the another true hobbit and an improved the eco system the project won't just be good for nature it should also help to boost tourism. season you see members of an endangered species that have all but disappeared into next year are now back to roam free again in their natural habitat. around 30 outlets because those are gradually being released in egypt bell says national park the territory they inhabit covers approximately 20 square kilometers. resettlement in the northern atlas mountains is
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a joint project between spanish scientists and the tunisian authorities for head research. a touching moment when we bring these animals here in 2017 they were much different now here and insects in such a way i feel that they are they are not my babies but they are my pets you say and i know they will be very much happy in nature although i want to be able to take care of them so that is the length saying what i really so so excited and my emotion is so big. the animals were brought over to the region from spain just a few years ago with the hope of been settling into the environment and producing offspring. the project's staff set up expansive enclosures in the future reserve where they would initially be protected and cared for. that population has since doubled since local ranger i meant bene rumah. his 1st job of the day is
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to look in on the shy animals. club him. check on the animals in the pens every morning i've been doing this kind of work for years now and i know how to treat them i know these animals very well and i even think about them on my days off and i'm not kidding and i've come to love these helpless because elves. have been. the atlas because el is native to north africa but a lot of clearance poaches under changing ecosystem have put their survival in jeopardy say international conservation groups. the tunisians want to see the gazelles inhabit the region once again on the chances of the reintroduction program succeeding are high says the director of the national park. the animals feel at home in these high altitude climes.
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downtown and we've also made efforts to raise awareness about the animals among people who live around the national park. and now of course we hope that they'll be safe here and the 10 years from now there will be a big herd of these because elsie in this reserve. is the population of the outlets because there has been growing so have visitor numbers to the nature reserve. there's a lot of interest among tunisians in the story behind the reintroduction of venture . for them the animals are also a cultural icon of their region. we're going to protect them and do everything we can to ensure that they settle in successfully that's why we also set up a pilot research project to monitor the cells. the data we gather on the animals will allow us to track their movements and help us to locate them so. this type of
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gazelle tends to roam an inaccessible mountain terrain so the animals offered to be transmitted to. the conservationists can then determine where they spend most of their time and above all how many of them survive. if all goes well there are another 50 gazelles in the enclosure waiting to be reintroduced into the wild. well that brings us to the end of this one edition of equal africa thank you for joining us and of course we'll be looking forward to seeing you once again next week i am. here in uganda. and it's goodbye from me to you in lagos nigeria i'm now outside but if you want to know more if you have ideas of your own then look us up on our social media platforms and write us a message. make sure to tune in for the next edition of equal africa.
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dutch. player. this is d.w.p. is a live from but the. a deadly attack in moscow now russia's intelligence headquarters . gunman opens fire causing people to run for cover a state security officer was shot dead before the gunman is neutralized we'll get an update from moscow also coming up. abuse of power and obstruction u.s. president donald trump faces trial after the house of referred.


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