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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 3:30am-4:01am CET

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leung. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in belarus where 20 years ago death squads targeted opposition politicians no exclusive don't chevelle or research shows how those politicians disappeared without trace after being killed in cold blood and there seems to be little doubt that the order came from the very heart of the country's leadership. the suspected
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his men were apparently members of elite units loyal to the head of state in belarus that is alexander lukashenko their official mission combating organized crime. but the units were it also seems tasked with liquidating political opponents in order to bolster the author of tearing regime the president lukashenko still today rules with an iron fist one man whose name is your to get up ski was a senior member of such a special unit and in conversations with our reporters he's provided some telling testimony. eureka says he was involved in the murder of belorussian opposition figures over 20 years ago now he wants to come clean he's currently applying for asylum where we cannot disclose. the belorussian secret service might come after him. i received information that they either wanted to arrest me or put
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me in jail. but i don't want to be locked up or give testimony or me and hues of something i did not even do. with a rough ski broke his hip in a car accident. he was operated on in the country where he is now seeking asylum. he has recovered and no longer needs crutches but he's certain that his traffic accident was actually an attempt to kill him he finally wants to speak out about his role in the assassination of the russian opposition figures. 20 years ago 3 opposition politicians vanished without a trace in the belorussian capital minsk among them was the then interior minister your result. on the evening of may 7th 1909 had parked his car in front of the old fire station in central minsk he left his car and made his way home by foot.
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according to the testimony of key witness. 2 men followed the minister. 2 further men then blocked his path. he says they were undercover members of the elite sober unit. one then told the police follow us. all the political situation in belarus was turbulent at the time that had been a leading opposition politician and had been determined to stop the country's turning into a full fledged dictatorship. his aim was to oust president look. in the mid 1990 s. organized to controversial referenda that effectively consolidated his dictatorship he stripped parliament of its powers even ignoring lawmakers on hunger strike since then has ruled the roost with an iron fist the country is deemed europe's last
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remaining dictatorship and the epitome of a police state. was 18 years old at the time after completing his military service he joined the newly founded elite unit where he served for 5 years and rose up the ranks he has copies of documents from the time as evidence. he keeps the originals at a secret location. this here is my special forces veterans association membership card. is issued only to people who served in combat units to the interior ministry. i was deputy commander of the 1st unit this id card is only issued to sober members. as many elite special force units all of which are loyal to look at. the official purpose of so was to combat smugglers and organized crime though he says that wasn't its only role.
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according to the minister did not resist his abduction he was taken to a military training area northeast of men. on the right there he reportedly asked his captors to make his death as painless as possible. he says he then handed a special assassination gun to one of the officers. was not correct who was shot at close range and instantly died. when munster a small town in northwestern germany. is not going cause wife and 2 daughters live here in exile. as well as their children who never met their granddad. you léna is oldest daughter she works as a saleswoman and is the only family member willing to talk about their experience.
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this is the 1st time she is confronted with testimony about the murder of her father. she reacts skeptically but also deeply moved. it's difficult to learn about all this and just see the place where he was buried and to hear how he died you need nerves of steel for the. president look at change go has so far refused to shed light on the suspected murder of the opposition figures even the council of europe investigators believe he might have orchestrated their disappearance which is why he has been persona non grata in the west for years. in november however he made an official state visit to austria. at the press conference he was asked about the disappearance of the opposition politicians. but he refused to comment. claims he was forced to participate but he also says he feels guilty towards the victim's
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relatives and wants to aid the investigation. through scream i asked for the my sincere condolences as i was involved in these murders. i apologize to them. i can look at the burial sites numb up. everything else know the pens and them and the better rusin justice system this is . your line is that current co is struggling to find the right words after hearing confessed to his involvement in her father's murder. if they knew and. this is not about this is about the system he was a part of you can't blame him for anything. people like him were dependent on the system. they were forced to carry out bloody crimes like these just. each year a vigil is held in minsk in remembrance of the ranko and the other politicians who disappeared. he says he knows what happened to them as well 20 years after these
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events the truth about hit squads in belo roofs might finally come to light. well it's certainly chilling stuff and that testimony will surely be of interest to the council of europe special investigator who has long believed that the order to kill was issued from. now on a very different note british prime minister boris johnson has it seems finally got what he wants after more than 3 years of torture at an acrimonious debate it's going to happen bragg states the united kingdom's exit from the e.u. is just a couple of weeks away now as a result many foreigners living and working in the u.k. say they no longer feel welcome and that includes a significant number of people from the baltic republic of latvia and now they're going home but starting another new life it's far from easy. no more big ben no tower bridge and goodbye to bricks it more and more latvians are
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turning their backs on britain and building lives for themselves here enrica edgar's context has already taken this step he spent 7 years living in studying in britain. now he's working for a lack in construction company enrica the bricks it referendum changed his life forever. i was shocked so it's because of. all these things that were warned before beforehand all these images can only get book ations of course which is a book for me as a student and a potential future workforce i decided to make decisions go back to libya. he had dreamed of working in the british auto industry now he heads the accounting department here at 1st it was like taking a step back in time. for my 1st off a year or you know i was sort of not sure about it i was in doubts that i made the right decision with after that crystallized and i don't think i'm going to make any
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other future in any other country. has also left the u.k. and returned to latvia the uncertainty about living in a britain that's no longer in the e.u. drove him to leave. back in england to tim's operated a small gardening business now he wants to make a fresh start he's arranged to meet fellow gardener she and her staff attend the grounds of reagan's only croquet club. but he hopes to get some advice but the weather is giving him 2nd thought to shape the gardening season is much shorter here in southern england it was 10 months long. as we start mowing lawns just before christmas and started again in february. it's made in response hard to imagine how you can survive the winter here how you can make a living as a gardener in latvia but there's also a big discrepancy in pay some of this is. due to. britain is home to
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more than 100000 elections many moved here after latvia joined the e.u. because the wages were good or in the wake of the financial crisis. on sundays children take classes at select and house in london learning the latvian language learning songs and their own culture helps them stay connected to their homeland. for months breck's it has been causing turmoil a worry for many latvians what about their residency status what about their pensions. at a reception in the last few an embassy they speak with their foreign minister many tell him that the attitude towards foreigners has changed dramatically here. at the other end the open dark hole they should have a ritual that i never experienced before they actually came out with. abuse to people who was speaking the same language she was saying i thought that
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desperately sad. i mean it's like feeling foreign minister edgar's rink a vigil travelled specially to london to woo the ex-pats to return home of the he sees it as an opportunity for. i would say the breaks it globally was good if i buy a say in there saying he's got to read it before stop it 30 see what they want to do in the future if you're carrying the leaders maybe some of them really have a 2nd look at the chance to return. but readjusting to life in latvia isn't easy for many a rusa knows that all too well she lived in britain for several years herself. so she another return e's founded the group with world experience in latvia most of its members are 30 somethings whose the things the chaos surrounding bricks it will lead more latvians to return the uncertainty and the perception that perhaps it's
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not then what will happen with their children what will happen with the next generation i think those are still open questions that i'm sure i'm sure that people do have those concerns and thoughts and and. anyways of course that is more likely to push them to come back rather than make them stop. at a tango session in riggers old town asters 2 tins is making new contacts. 3 months after returning he still feels a bit out of step with life in latvia yet he also knows britain is no longer the place for him. now germany's northern both think port of rostock found itself in the spotlight this past summer when it became the 1st city in the country to elect a normally german mayor close through a madsen who's a danish citizen was voted into office on an independent thinkers there the
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question is how's it going to go down with the locals well perhaps one of the best places to find out is the traditional german christmas market. the largest christmas markets in northern germany and it dana in the middle. rustics mirror close months and that's not a guy now i can open the christmas market in 5 minutes i hope it's around the corner before i get into trouble i'll go ahead. and there santa claus hi santa. i don't know but if you're saying something later something spontaneously i don't have anything prepared. main thing is to say something like no that was still christmas market this opened ok it's my office calling probably nervous about whether i. follow. the mare marched unprepared to the opening in the town hall is worried. i thought no big deal i'm here with santa
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claus couldn't have a better advisor. the town hall isn't used to his relaxed money yet german brokers see meets danish offhanded this that's what election was a test of courage for him but voters in rostock he believes also were courageous. and. can be proud to be the 1st big city in germany with a foreign mare which proves how cosmopolitan rostock is and it's cool when people say hey we're about the content not the passport passed on to me you know you don't fall in large files in this desk copenhagen is this role model. like the danish metropolis must focus to become a bicycle city. there is enough space out there to create something really intelligent. or happy we could have an idea competition or something for a bicycle friendly downtown. politics close to citizens this is how rostock wants to counter the political trend towards right wing populism which
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munson experienced himself. there are a few who write to me directly about things they don't like is that how to write it . well they're a little more to the point for example. well there's a comment or 2 about the fact that i'm not german he thought it. was. back to the christmas markets and it's not a home game matson was previously a furniture dealer and not a master of ceremonies. you know i should say something you sold your children i'm supposed to open the christmas market is that cool. and i think that mega cool if i were not mer i would like to be santa claus. i know why because he only has to work once a year. he was elected because voters believed he would be able to tackle the we'll
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be german administration that he is danish is seen by some as an advantage but not by everyone. it's change you have to be willing to accept change i don't know if it's ready for that. come i get to you know conscious say german no foreign i think it's a bit silly. but he doesn't have a german passport. i don't really understand that there are people who have 2 passports german and another one i don't know why he hasn't got a german passport stick to it i have my danish passport and no other and i think that's right why. because it's a fact if someone was born in germany and moved to london he doesn't become an englishman. the new job as mayor can have its pitfalls is trouble finding the entrance 1st next appointment finally he's let in. a discussion in a high school on the topic of education. in denmark 8th graders get grades for the
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1st time here it's stress from the 2nd grade what kind of grades do pater and hands have. i don't even know the names of all these daily exercises and tests examining . it's insane him only you know you know when it comes to education the germans can certainly learn from the danes they're far ahead. for the christmas markets are concerned according to mayor madsen rostock is the best. again a change of mood in the wiggers era turkic ethnic minority many of whom were held in force detention in a network of in term and comes in china's northwestern region of sion g.m. now critics accuse china of subjecting the wages in these camps to indoctrination and abuse and that has prompted a growing number of those mainly muslim community to seek refuge in the turkish city of stone book among them is goldberg over who's been sharing details of her
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treatment in shinji with our reporter. going for walk with her grandson just over a year ago given her jolly lover wouldn't have dreamt it was possible at the time she was in china in an internment camp full week is hundreds of thousands of members of the predominantly muslim minority are believed to be held there the leadership in beijing calls them education sentence. but this is from the day i was arrested when the till it appears it states my name my birth date and that i'm a terrorist plot and have them call it a goodbye has says the chinese authorities never explained why they thought she was a terrorist she tells us about the cruel conditions in the camps about torture. and sure mediation will throw the sock away with those out of the book
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never spoke weaker was locked up in a dark cell we also had to write out lines of praise to the chinese communist party . i mentioned days we got an injection in our arm we don't know what it was. but the younger women stopped having their periods was like. that the we had to do sit ups in the nude didn't matter if you were 14 or 84 asked us that's how they violated our honor the cooked. when goober how was finally released she fled to istanbul like many other week is around 25000 now live here as snake religious and cultural ties with turkey have made building new lives easier for them they say but mostly gives a here because they feel safer in istanbul than in china.
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in this primary school in istanbul for example it is quite normal for the children to learn riga. singing reading or writing in their mother tongue. the teachers see a say in china that would be impossible. china's ambassador to turkey considers the criticism to be unjustified he says his government has done a lot to develop the week a province change on and he rejects reports of human rights violations. the education centers are not prisons here they are not concentration camps. the media claim this in order to dramatize the situation. in fact these places are more like boarding schools with us and the human rights of the students are respected. so you know what i have the impression that some media and others are. abusing this object to cast china's shinji on policy in
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a bad light. and yet all the week as we meet in istanbul say that some of the relatives back home have gone missing up to rahman talk to for example he hasn't heard from his children and his wife and over 3 years at that time they went to china to visit the family they never came back. recently discovered this video online it appears to be a chinese propaganda clip the boy says told it's his son as he says. he does what's your name after as he is your age for home country people's republic of china. after 3 years the 1st sign of life for my child the last time i saw him when he was very young he could only say mom and dad now he speaks chinese when i saw that i cried my eyes out all the breaks my heart. devastated oregon goldman.
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also knows dozens of such stories she herself made it out of chain junk to freedom but the horror in the camps changed her she says all she has left now is to tell her story so that the world won't forget the fate of the weakest. and the really can be no doubt that the time has come for the world to listen more closely to the story of the people. now there are long and thin crisp and crunchy the great french bread gets a national institution however france is it seems not just a proud but also a wasteful nation weiss full of its bread which prompted one into bits of bacon to come up with the great french really break. our daily bread. day after day it's thrown away by the ton so almost 4 years ago friends became the
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1st country worldwide to ban food waste by supermarkets stores now face fines if they throw away edible food rather than donate it to charitable organizations from kool aid has found a way to make day old bread new again he designed the crumble or to make bread crumbs. but security this i wanted to prevent waste but also produce quality. to ensure high quality in germany it's recommended that fresh bread contain no more than 6 percent recycled bread crumbs but while 8 uses 20 percent the rest of the recipe remains unchanged yet when it comes to france's famous baguette bakers remain wary nor hillary that because of bakers was thrilled with the idea of being able to use their day old bread to make new bread supper alone but it's just that the big get the sacred here so we don't touch the recipe she said but our new method allows us to bake new types of bread that look like the gets would keep the pot. there just call something different yet we can still buy the very good.
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either so the baguette eva day was born literally the baguette that evaded being thrown away like woman. you know even cookies are being made and tire lee from old bread so there is nothing stale about the way they taste so. they're simple but they taste great just like regular cookies yet not they're perfect. 70 bakeries are currently using the crumb. to recycle their day old bread and reduce their food waste and well it would be happy if more joined in. the ability to double moss we were told me so of course i'd like this idea to be employed an all day course that will cut this so that ultimately no bread is thrown away no more than the broader it's recycled into new high quality tasty recipes that please everyone in the room is that. well a says producers need to act more responsibly when it comes to food stuffs to meet the demands of customers and our planet. amounts are
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a lot on focus from europe this time around through join us again certain sell and buy buy and trips. the book. the big book.
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these days people meticulously planned everything from work on days off every all for this fishing see. as a result many people feel stressed out. what is optimal time management and even meeting in the 1st place. made in germany and 30 minutes on. the buco africa.
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are garbage and not many construction material. or to. use a garbage like bottles to build the business all the more and more i hear the buzz simple solution for a serious probably. you know for go to limits on w. . i'm not laughing at the gym i just sometimes am but i stand up and whip it up and. thinks do you consider jam a culture of looking at the stereotypes of the classics but interesting to see from the country that i now play the piano needed to take from this grandmother day out to me it's all about ok look i'm a joke join me for meet the gentleman from the w. post. crew to use we're still going to simulate.
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the trent bridge in politics business religion plug in iran meet the people of the islamic revolution under the toughest. opens up making its initial flirtation closer. strikes and states of emergency or it sinks into chaos market such remarks coverage them to work and they will was at the start of neoliberalism. challenge helpless against his explicit chance to. britain steal her mum's car suspended from the stores an arrow that defines only managed to play 970 the big commutative small strokes december 23rd w lead.
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player. play . this is detail the news live from but the deadly attack in moscow now russia's intelligence headquarters. and a gunman opens fire causing people to run for cover a state security officer shot dead before the gunman is mutual lies to also coming up. abuse of power of structure of the u.s. president donald trump faces trial after the house of representatives votes to impeach him when.


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