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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is the news live from berlin australia's prime minister apologizes and cut short his holiday to face the nation's unprecedented bushfires to volunteer firefighters battling a blaze near sydney have been killed crews are working to contain more than $100.00 fires an intense drought and record temperatures also coming up. after the u.s. households to impeach president trump democrats say they want questions answered from senate republicans before the impeachment trial there can proceed. and at
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least 3 people have been killed as police in india crackdown on nationwide protests against a controversy on new citizenship lot more than a 1000 demonstrators have been arrested. plus the spacecraft that should get nasa back into the manned flight graced us a star liner prepares for a test flight to the international space station after a 2 year delay. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us australia's prime minister scott morrison has apologized for going on holiday in hawaii as the nation contends with its worsening bushfire emergency saying he's heading home morrison also paid tribute to the 2 volunteer firefighters killed when a tree crashed on to their truck. 3 others were seriously injured the men were
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among thousands of firefighters battling to contain some 100 blazes raging across the state of new south wales. all smoke from those wildfires also spreading across australia's southeastern cities fueling public anger over the government's climate pulses. sydney's skyline and developed in the shroud of smoke with bushfires advancing on the city from multiple sides only its tallest structures remain visible its famous landmarks cast in apocalyptic light. on the ground few dare venture outside without face masks sydney now has the 4th worst air quality in the world experts say it's difficult to avoid such sustained pollution. when pollution exposure is short it's easy to tell people give people
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advice about how to avoid it stay indoors avoid physical activity but when it sustained over a number of days or weeks then the messaging becomes more complicated the fires are being fueled by drought and record high temperatures which scientists say are the result of climate change. prime minister scott morrison is facing criticism for leaving the country to vacation in hawaii protesters turning up at his empty home in sydney also accuse him of not doing enough to end the country's reliance on fossil fuels. the reality of climate change is upon us droughts are getting longer and more severe heat waves are becoming longer and more severe our bushfire season is creeping into spring and we thought we are living in a dangerous climate and it is time for our prime minister to get out of pockets of the coal and gas lobby groups and to stop thinking about the future. straley and
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morrison has responded to the crisis and cut his holiday sure it but while he's apologized for being absent he has yet to give in to demands to act on climate change. ok let's go now to gyro tool he's the red cross manager for emergency services in south australia thanks so much for coming in july 1st off allow me to stand our sympathies for the loss of your 2 colleagues both we understand stand fathers of young children can you give us a sense of the scale of the fires these men and thousands of all their volunteers and professional firefighters are dealing with right now. thanks to having they the fires you've got happening out here 3008 in the straley i guess would be considered presidents and particularly the salient to what we consider a fire season. bush tries i bring you sapphire. has been burning
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away now huge property losses that have occurred as a result and huge number of our thought is right very close no way out is the thought of and very cross people on the part of the bodies that are being impacted by the. really getting this far that. you know i run across something literally at the bottom of ok the images we're getting you know over the days now last weeks and and months even show how to some lethal this situation can be for the crews how are they coping with these dangerous conditions. to give you think context could i mean that like that the strategy said i if they knew that 45 degree with winds gusting either id kilometers an hour we currently have. over $100.00 incident the 5 thought is. something
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responding straley here with go full flies that are currently out of agency warning which is essentially to light but they were to leave and have current is just being on the news citing that for thought as they believe the navajos as a result of the fall and the people by cuba as a result of the far. as that we're experiencing right of the right was going to be very easy one of them 24 meters from where i am now in the matrix about life. and thought that we haven't safe in many many years of this. ok haven't seen fires like this for years and is there any idea of how long these blazes are going to continue growing and being a threat to populated areas. the bars across in the.
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wilds there is a tiny experience catastrophic conditions can larissa behrendt be supplying the pause i'm probably going to intensify and he expanded. the thought as it was got he where back to have i chimes come through in the weather which making the by the thing burning in the door a delayed direction is suddenly going to stop feeling. low. and we're going to have a massive far from the kind of study at the new areas that have been. anticipating the pause here in south australia particularly the cuddly courage by which is saying in my view on the things. they're trying to kind of been very late then 10 to 3 to board i did this study but they were really worried about the chinese conditions just starting to get had light is now so should be the fog rather than an hour. to a forest from the red cross in australia thanks very much for coming and thank you
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. let's get a brief down some of the other stories making the news at this hour the gambling hub of macau as celebrated 205 years since 20 years rhodes this is its transfer to chinese rule the ceremony marking the anniversary chinese president xi jinping said china would not allow foreign interference in macau or hong kong both regions with the one country 2 systems model she also has won a new beijing government for mco. hundreds of thousands of people have marched in cities across the dam to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the uprising that toppled former president omar al bashir the campaigners promised to continue their program of political reform in their pursuit of justice for protesters killed in the uprising.
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in the us democratic party white house hopefuls sparred in the 6 debate of the race to pick a nominee for next year's presidential election with just 7 of the remaining 15 candidates taking part to stage followed lesser known figures that allow them to shine the 1st round of voting will begin in iowa in february. well one day after his impeachment us president doll trump has been left wondering when to expect his senate trial and probable acquittal there now is because house speaker nancy pelosi is delaying sending the articles of impeachment to the senate floor she says she's waiting to see how republicans there intend to manage the trial republican leaders have already rejected democrat demands of the trial include witness testimony and said there's no chance they'll convict the president as our washington correspondent reports neither side is likely to budge especially not before the christmas break is over.
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carol slights candy and smiles one might almost think that christmas cheer taken over washington d.c. . but not so fast capitol hill is staying true to its reputation as a hotbed of political bickering and fierce in. the last day of business in 2019 the battle lines are drawn but shift the impeachment of president on trial republican speak against democrats the next chapter the house of representatives versus the senate or the last 12 weeks house democrats have conducted the most rushed least thorough and most unfair impeachment inquiry. in modern history frankly i don't care that can be copied and yet here but we'd like to see a fair process but we'll see what they have and we'll be ready for whatever it is the capital is now deserted it's only the stars and stripes flutter in the cold
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wind but come january 2020 this will be again battleground for the impeachment trial of president trump in the senate washington's national christmas tree holidays given right in front of the white house a magnet for visitors from all over the world in the post impeachment do americans feel united were even more divided. how divided how divided all polarized about the how divided and polarized you think america. back to cairo seniors and smiles on washington so-called holy book is america is the population our society is for the rise divided this seems to be the case well it takes the congress. i guess that i would say that i think there are some parts of the country were people feel strongly one way and feel strongly another i tend to think that in times like this though ripping the band-aid off of something and
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hopefully we can learn from it and grow and move in new directions together that has to be fixed i worry that that it's very difficult to fix and perhaps it can be fixed i think we're absolutely divided i think they see a time where we could disagree without being disagreeable but it's been a long time since i can remember that looks like america is not only more deeply divided politically than ever before but more and more split over the contents of its own. russia's security service the f.s.b. says it has neutralized a gunman who opened fire near his headquarters in central moscow the f.s.b. also confirmed that one of its employees was killed in that attack the ministry says 5 people were injured. the sound of gunfire rips through the moscow night as pedestrians run for cover.
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police then quickly cordoned off the area in one of the most heavily secured parts of the city. stated by. gunshots of course i didn't get any closer because i wanted to live. but these are only the most police officers run up to the ambulance and loaded somebody into his quickly but apparently he was already dead through a brush lost in the asked us to move further away. from. the russian intelligence service says there was only one attacker and that they had neutralized him a term used when an assailant was killed they haven't released the name or information about a motive it happened at about the same time that russian president vladimir putin was giving a speech celebrating the work of security services and calling for more efforts to prevent terrorism but europe which they were doing this to swim in the. terrorism
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is an insidious and dangerous animal and the fight against it must continue systematically and decisively it is but it took out a note saying that this work must be conducted as i've said before with an emphasis on the prevention of terrorism on preventive offensive operations. though putin was nowhere near the scene there's speculation the attack may have been timed to coincide with the speech authorities have opened an investigation. airstrikes in syria are claiming an increasing number of civilian lives now it's according to a british based monitoring group it says at least 30 civilians have been killed by russian and syrian government air strikes in the past week alone civilians have increasingly been caught in the crossfire in damascus as the government launches a new offensive against rebel forces. god you go where someone told from under the rubble after i asked strikes hit home seems all
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too common in the province since monday at least 30 people have been killed and dozens more injured by russian jets most if not all were civilians and many of them children. residents say their town has no military importance. is that it but that doesn't this is an industrial area only civilians live here is not a single soldier here russia is worse than the syrian regime we civilians have no one who can help us. the government of war plane hit the area with my thoughts i left my motorcycle and ran for cover there were people on the the rubble there. and. the conflict in northern syria escalated again. when the syrian
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government backed by russian and power began a large scale offensive against rebels in the region. caught in the crossfire civilians are fleeing their homes some 8000 people are said to have fled to areas near the syrian turkish border since tuesday a region and their id home to many displaced by the war and as long as the offensive continues it's likely more will follow. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show the spacecraft that could put nasa back into the manned flight the space race the u.s. a star liner prepares for a test flight to the international space station after a 2 year delay. but 1st it's to india where at least 3 people have died in protests against a controversial new citizenship law authorities banned the protests after previous rallies became violent but crowds defied that ban police made hundreds of arrests the new law offers fast track citizenship only to non muslim immigrants.
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and widespread anger and not everyone is holding back in northeastern india violence fled outraged protests is defying the ban on demonstrations they said the government's new law discriminates against muslims and threatens india's secular democracy are you and your fear this citizenship amendment act is against the indian constitution is a legal it is against the spirit of independence of our country. under the hot muggy. on twitter condemnation of the police man handling of one of our most prolific and influential public intellectuals and scholars roma chandra guha he says he was engaged in nonviolent protest when he was arrested. the government says it was forced to act in the interest of public safety after many protests turned
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violent last wake. in the capital delhi more than a dozen train stations were close. roads blocked traffic congested. authorities shut down mobile phone networks and the internet in several rage and. a very difficult situation and a very bad situation we're facing a lot of problems the road still so have a lot of traffic jams and some of them a blocked so it's a pathetic situation. and there may be even more disruption on its why there are few signs prime minister narendra modi is going to back down over the law and many here are determined to make him change his mind whatever the consequences . oh let's get more now from journalist son the our robert schalk are joining us from good day to you. first of can you tell us what are you expecting today will
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there be more protests despite the bad. yes. all but there. is. this look pretty good to get up from this the last. day aggregate media was at me was you know not all well it was indeed and. see the word. after now as you said there are 3 to get it and the number you need. to display of anger out on the streets right now what are the main arguments that the protesters are bringing to the government against its citizenship.
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there are trees that stop the arguments because there are. those that are just as in the north east in the uk and i think. it's actually more china and the uk and these people don't want. to come into the media so all of our other guests are to ensure that there's no influx of migrants. into india that is the only one as far as the muslim might not get to. eat of he knows the law gives you the money this is the beginning of the store where their citizenship you know and maybe you could leap to justify it when combined with the national it doesn't.
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just oil the current set of protesters i realize you know he. made it up so me up me which. you know which to this includes that and the discrepancy in the you know what he stands for much of them and so on. and i think it's fair to say they're against the money because you know it's not just the cd or so the citizenship act or. the combination of people that have no results not. something rather shankar in charge for us they thank you very much for that. well in just a few hours u.s. aircraft maker boeing is due to launch its starliner astronauts capsule on its 1st unmanned journey to the international space station now if successful the spacecraft will free nasa from its reliance on russia to travel to the isis but the
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project has been troubled by technical delays arrival capsule built by space x. while it completed its test flight last march. the heavy duty rocket is set to launch the starliner into space for its test flight and deposit it 180 kilometers above the earth's surface. from there the space capsule equipped with its own measurement sensors and thrusters is supposed to fly to the i access international space station and dock with it completely automatically. a few days later the starliner will decouple from the i assess and part with that service module in order to return to earth. the unpiloted capsule should then safely and gently land on the ground in new mexico with the help of parachutes and airbags if all goes to plan the starliner will soon be able to transport astronauts
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into space. here for. the space shuttles were once readied for a lift off and this hangar for the past few years it's where the starliner has been built. a man transport system for the next generation nasa is having it developed and built by boeing a private company. the starliner resembles the apollo spacecraft which once landed astronauts on the moon. its crew capsule can be reused. after the flight it should complete 10 missions in total and carry up to 7 astronauts into space at a time. the crew will be seated an upper and lower rows when they lift off for their missions. at the beginning of
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november the starliner completed a simulated takeoff emergency a security system had to transport the manned capsule out of the danger zone the test is deemed a success even if one of the 3 parachutes fails. in order to clear this important hurdle the rescue system's newly developed thrusters were fired on a test and. the crew members for the 1st flight to the i assess were selected years ago christopher ferguson will need the trio. the space shuttle era ended with his last flight his next one is hoped to open a new chapter in american space travel if there are no further delays he and his crew could head to the i access in 2020. 5 are you going for months.
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old or go along for it is very american back and reread. it's to finland our ters are braving winter temperatures to catch a glimpse of those northern lights and these luminescent green patterns can be seen in the night sky over lot land there caused by particles from the sun colliding with particles from the earth's atmosphere because of the short days of land the light skin illuminates the sky for up to 9 hours. this is deja vu news these are top stories. 2 firefighters have died in australia after their truck crashed into a tree thousands of firefighters are battling to contain some 100 fires raging over the state of new south wales by minister scott morrison has cut short his holiday to hawaii to response to the crisis. in the
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us democratic party white house hopefuls sparred in the 6 debate of the race to pick a nominee were next year's presidential election with just 7 of the remaining 15 candidates taking part the stage allowed lesser known figures to shine the 1st round of voting will begin in iowa in february. the gambling hub of macau has celebrated 20 years since his transfer to chinese rule. at a ceremony marking the anniversary chinese president xi jinping said china would not allow foreign interference in macau or hong kong both regions with the one country 2 systems model she also swore in a new probe asia government for macau. russia's security service the f.s.b. says it has neutralized the gunman who opened fire near his headquarters in central moscow one f.s.b.
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employee was killed several people were reported wounded in that attack the motive is not yet clear. this is the news from berlin for more you can also follow our twitter feed or go to d.w. dot com up next we have business with i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being.
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female members or for religions for peace from the middle east or demanding a larger world of. the female peacemakers stores january 5th g w. the discussions i've been long and intense but now russia ukraine and the european union have reached a tentative gas deal meaning russian gas can frontin you to flow through ukrainian territory into europe also coming up the world bank issues a warning on debt levels in developing countries saying it could trigger another crisis and tis the season for shopping looking at trends in e-commerce in europe.


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