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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 7:30am-7:46am CET

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peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now female members or for religions for peace from the middle east or demanding a larger role. in the female peacemakers stores generally fish g.w. . the discussions have been long and intense but now russia ukraine and the european union have reached a tentative gas deal meaning russian gas can continue to flow through ukrainian territory into europe also coming up the world bank issues a warning on debt levels in developing countries saying it could it could trigger another crisis and tis the season for shopping looking at trends in e-commerce and you're. welcome to the program it's
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a deal in principle and one that will have many people feel relieved after hours of discussions russia ukraine and the european union have reached a tentative gas deal which will go into effect on january 1st the deal was brokered right here in berlin and here's what we know about it. these pipes up front and center of a geopolitical crisis natural gas is supposed to be sent from russia to germany to supply the e.u. with one of its major energy sources the north stream and nordstrom to pipelines. bypass ukraine and save on billions in transit fees that are currently a major source of income for the neighboring country. not to rely entirely on the north rim deliberate system russia still wants to send some gas to ukraine asked for ukraine the country depends on gas from russia but moscow has weaponized its supply in the past cutting it off repeatedly in the 1990 s.
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russian president putin says similar action is no longer planned. we are not going to sign any kind of contract with ukraine in order to stop gas translator we are interested in this gas transit we are ukraine we want it it's a convenient route incidentally the ukrainian route is longer than the route along the baltic sea it is longer and more expensive for us but nevertheless this route is worked out to central and to southern europe it's good and we're ready to keep it. going it. talks in berlin half now led to a deal between russia and its neighbor. to this very intensive talks i'm very glad to say that we reached agreement in principle. on all key elements which i believe it's very good and very positive news for europe for russia. for
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gas markets and for cities and. all contraries moscow and here yet to go over some details of the deal before signing. a wave of debts in developing nations has grown faster than at any time in the last 5 decades and it could trigger another crisis that's the warning issued by the world bank developing countries racked up a towering 55 trillion dollars of debts by the end of last year and courage by borrowing costs in the wake of the global recession if interest rates rise again. making that debt more expensive to pay off the results could be devastating the world bank sales. let's bring in conrad burns in here our financial correspondent in frankfurt conrad global stock markets have been trading on record
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highs they don't seem to be worried about those. well you know christophe no one on the financial markets believes really that boring costs will eventually rise quickly or that this will come as a surprise so if you like people on the financial markets especially when it comes to the stock markets might be a bit complacent but they're not really of course many people in the financial world are aware of the risks that come along with the super low boring costs take the stock market a lot of this of those record highs has been financed with debt companies are spending billions of euros and dollars on share buybacks which is nice for shareholders but it's only focused on the short term gain it's not really an investment in business and machines in future earnings now these extremely low
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boring costs have created a so-called zombie companies where is this pro this problem most tangible. yes those zombie companies that are considered only used to be able to survive because of the low borrowing costs the auditing firm p w c estimates that 25 percent of the companies in greece have to be considered zombie firms the amount is a bit lower in italy and spain but still estimated to be of around about 20 percent here in germany the bank metzler bank considers 12 percent of all the listed companies of all the companies that are listed at the stock exchange to be zombie firms on a dude in frankfurt thank you thanks. tis the season you know the most important one for retailers the days leading up to christmas are still the
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ones when people spend more but the way they're doing it has changed thanks to e-commerce almost 90 percent of customers believe that 10 years from now most businesses will provide digital services that's the result of a survey on the future of shopping carried out in 6 european countries now personalized offers on smartphones for example about products and prices are popular and italy as you can see right there now in britain one in 2 found that attractive and in germany it was much lower and just about a 3rd of younger people are more open to online shopping in general the survey also showed consumers are loyal to traditional retail and the case of clothing for example almost half the value of the opportunity to try on and buy the product in a store and when it comes to electronic devices about a 3rd found it important to get in-store advice and support now with
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last minute christmas shopping in full swing let's take a closer look at these findings with alexander's linsky she's with coal march a company providing i t. solutions for the retail sector alexander welcome to the program you joining from me from warsaw this morning and xander what was most surprising to you about the findings in your study. so the most exciting results of the study from ca mark and contrary t.m.'s on future shopping and 2003 t. is that they just say surely it is not a stretch to make it marginal like i'm getting out of this today so much after translation for sure but this also covers regard to all although it's often considered just debts it's like we're still value physical star but there's no longer that much of a contrast between our vine and offline 0 this means begin martel has to change and become much more digital got it is now a day in our digital affluence and intelligent casual just curious already has
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found their way into retail spaces it cost us to respect the stores to offer its real services and payment options but. this will change even more today on my purchases already make it up a 3rd of total sales and this relation will rise and prices rise to about 50 percent and alexandra are these traditional stores are they changing to keep up with the times. you know they are to keep trying to make the biggest transfer retail in general as can sometimes they the ability because of through some product information are available at anytime anywhere nowadays and customers really expect gets to be better but this sort of possible and offer has to be appealing on an individual level and it's like this but mentions under pressure as they have to be very customer centric the intel is to have to know all of their customers and
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a lot of preferences as well and you know you have to gave it that data and he can gave that data us retail they're implementing loyalty programs for example because they really help and personalizing coffee and identifying preferences so amount of time merging not only everything is suspected to be available on you somehow but also because technology is entering rehab spaces even our right so right with this with this merging going on you are certain that there will be traditional retail shops in the future despite this boom in e-commerce for shire like for example let's take a look on what we do and where so on one of our worst of projects and as i'm currently in the college capital right so we implemented a beacon theater at a major all electronically chair so i have a big event here for everyone that there are no webcams i have such devices that are well do you not to attract attention to is this
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a fickle occasion and i am sometimes i think there's an able to this retailer to push personalized offers in star and some guy customers the way through star but also to identify that some think they're very good and to organize product placement better and just you know and by the help of this the i sense all right alexandra business development the business development manager at com mark thank you for your insight this morning. every day is christmas in the small town of one located in the south of mexico it has a reputation for making high quality handmade glass ornaments for the christmas tree the decorations have become so popular buyers all over the world want to get their hands on them hence production keeps running all year long. it's starting to look a lot like christmas and. the town in central mexico is known for its christmas tree ornaments especially glass balls. each steer is blown after being
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heated up to $750.00 degrees celsius. then comes the color it's all done by hand in contrast to the cheaper chinese competition. but just look at that here and. is bubbles are very important to us that you know i think that about 6070 percent of the population works in this sector that. you could say it's the basis of the economy for the people they love us a liquid long as they were. the handicraft began to take off in the 1960 s. on a small scale that 1st now the business of boggles provides around 10000 jobs and has made this town wealthy and widely known. only that it was that they're beautiful. and they come at a good price considering that they're handmade by an artist and. you won't find
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them in just any old shopping center. right and the variety is really impressive you'll never get tired of all that beauty and that's all that and very is that. $50000000.00 christmas tree ornaments are produced and club who follow every year according to the mexican economy in the street half of the balls are exported many of them adorned with the famous face that of mexican painter free their kahlo. and that's our show thanks for watching. the 1st.
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cut. the crew to today's world. is still the commitment in politics business analysts the wrong people of the islamic revolution. are making its initial flirtation those strengths and states of emergency but sinks into chaos culture such countries such as shams the people from
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stealing told her. mother carson. the start of an era that defines the most. going to. the big. steps december 23rd. many of you will recognize the floating melody greensleeves a traditional english folk song that dates back to the 16th century song here by german countertenor. it was a comment on piano by his wife pianists. today's guest on arts and culture.
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and with that welcome to the program twilight people is the new album by andrea saul and tom petty in a collection of songs a range for countertenor and piano a very introspective atmospheric listening experience a let's learn just a little bit more. countertenor voice is haunting against his wife tamara elegant piano work on the couple's new album twilight people. on the title track are from a poem by.


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