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this is deja vu news live from berlin australia's prime minister apologizes and cut short his holiday to face the country's unprecedented bushfires to volunteer firefighters battling a blaze near sydney have been killed crews are working to canteen more than 100 fires fueled by record temperatures and high winds also coming up. this gushes have been long and intense but now russia ukraine and the e.u. every choice a tentative gas deal that means russian gas can now continue to flow through
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ukraine territory into europe. and a spacecraft that should get nasa back into the manned flight race us a star liner prepares for a test flight to the international space station after a 2 year delay. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us australia's prime minister scott morrison has apologized for going on holiday as the nation contends with a worsening bushfire emergency he also paid tribute to the 2 firefighters volunteers killed in a road accident while deployed to a blaze near sydney 3 others were seriously injured the men were among thousands of firefighters battling to contain some 100 blazes raging across the state of new south wales. now smoke from the fires is also spreading across australia
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southeastern cities like sydney where public anger is growth. sydney's skyline envelop in a shroud of smoke with bushfires advancing on the city from multiple sides only its tallest structures remain visible its famous landmarks cast in apocalyptic light. on the ground few dare venture outside without face masks sydney now has the 4th worst air quality in the world experts say it's difficult to avoid such sustained pollution. when pollution exposure is short it's easy to tell people give people advice about how to avoid it stay indoors avoid physical activity but when it sustained over a number of days or weeks then the messaging becomes more complicated the fires are being fueled by drought and record high temperatures which scientists say are the
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result of climate change. prime minister scott morrison is facing criticism for leaving the country to vacation in hawaii protesters turning up at his empty home in sydney also accuse him of not doing enough to end the country's reliance on fossil fuels. the reality of climate change is upon us droughts are getting longer and more severe heat waves becoming longer and most of the a bushfire season is creeping into spring and when we are living in a dangerous climate and it is time for our prime minister to get out of pockets of the coal and gas lobby groups and to stop thinking about the future of this strategy and morrison has responded to the crisis and cut his holiday short but while he's apologized for being absent he has yet to give in to demands to act on climate change. ok let's get more on this now from sydney with
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a journalist roger manere good day to you roger will the prime minister's apology for being away on vacation during this crisis the flight some of the growing criticism we just all some of it against them. i don't exert run it's been a public relations disaster for prime minister scott morrison has been selling him selfe in a way for nearly a week now while australia burns today under pressure he was forced to cut short that they gave. and is expected to get back to sydney by saturday morning he was also forced to issue a statement that missing any deeply regretted any offense caused by his decision to leave the country as the bushfire crisis worsened but the damage has been done and affected only decided to return home early after the tragic deaths of those 2 firefighters overnight only highlights and how of out of touch i think he's being with public opinion here the national mood will undoubtedly place added pressure on
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him and the government to take climate change more seriously and as you know so far there's been great reluctance by the government and scott morrison to admit to any link between climate change and the bushfires but that may well change now this could well provide the tipping point for the government to take some action ok so we have been out of touch prime minister and out of control fires how are authorities and crews especially on the ground coping with their images we're seeing these these lethal conditions that the men and women out there are thousands of them are confronting these fires that they're facing. hit extraordinary really i mean they are extraordinary conditions and although you know australians are used to push wires and they used to you know handling bushfires and coping with these bushfires have been worse than anybody can remember i think in living memory i mean there's been much more intense and much more extensive than anybody can remember
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but indeed the yesterday we saw the 2nd hottest average temperature on record in australia with the mercury nudging 41 degree elbow in some parts of the country is even worse it's got about 40. 49 degrees a bit early isn't so outback areas when it often does get extremely well but the bushfire season this diluted much earlier and it's coating causing a little of a lot of stress for the fun of all it is only when trying to contain the best you know it was today. looking like just a little it's one to consider the rate it ok roger maynard for us in sydney thanks very much and stay indoors as much as you can i guess thanks a lot for that roger. let's review now some of the other stories making the news at this hour the gambling hub of macau as been celebrating 20 years since its transfer to chinese rule at a ceremony marking the anniversary chinese president xi jinping said china would
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not allow foreign interference in the cow or hong kong both regions with the one country 2 systems model he also swore in macau said new beijing government. in the us a democratic white house hopefuls aspired in the 6 to bait of the race to pick a democratic nominee for next year's presidential election just 7 of the remaining 15 candidates taking part in this allowed lesser known figures to shine with it still unclear who will get the nomination. the british parliament is set to vote on the prime minister's plan for the u.k.'s departure from the european union the passage of boris johnson's e.u. withdrawal bill is expected to be a formality after the conservatives want a large majority of last week's general election. now a 10 year gas deal bringing massive amounts of russian natural gas through ukraine into the european union is set to expire at the end of this year it's renewal has
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been a risk since russia's annexation of ukrainian territory that was back in 2014 and sparked an armed conflict of course between those 2 countries but despite repeated threats to scrap that the e.u. has reached a tentative new deal to save one of its main sources of energy. these pipes saw front and center of a geopolitical crisis natural gas was supposed to be sent from russia to germany to supply the e.u. with one of its major energy sources the north stream and north rim to pipelines. bypass ukraine and safe on billions in transit fees that are currently a major source of income for the neighboring country. not to rely entirely on the north stream delivery system russia still wants to send some gas to ukraine asked for ukraine the country depends on gas from russia but moscow has weaponized its supply in the past cutting it off repeatedly in the 1990 s.
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russian president putin says similar action is no longer planned. we are not going to sign any kind of contract with ukraine in order to stop gas translator no we are interested in this gas transit we are ukraine we want it it's a convenient route incidentally the ukrainian route is longer than the route along the baltic sea it is longer and more expensive for us but nevertheless this route is worked out to central and to southern europe it's good and we're ready to keep it. talks in berlin half an hour let's do a deal between russia and its neighbor. to this very intensive talk i'm very glad to say that we reached agreement in principle. all the elements which i believe it's very good and very positive news for europe for russia. for
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gas markets and for citizens in. moscow and here yet to go over some details of the deal before signing. or airstrikes in syria are claiming an increasing number of civilian lives that's according to a british based monitoring group that says at least 30 civilians have been killed by russian and syrian government airstrikes in the past week alone these deaths camas syrian troops launched a new offensive. from under the rubble after i asked strikes hit. scenes all too common in the province since monday at least 30 people have been killed and dozens more injured by russian jets and most if not all were civilians and many of them children. residents say their town has no military importance.
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oh is that it one of the cars and this is an industrial area only civilians live here there's not a single soldier here russia is worse than the syrian regime we civilians have no one who can help us from a lot. lot of just sort of a kernel war plane hit the area with my sides i left my motorcycle and run for cover there are people under the rubble that. was the conflict in northern syria escalated again earlier this year when the syrian government backed by russian app power began a large scale offensive against rebels in the region. caught in the crossfire civilians are fleeing their homes some 8000 people are said to have fled to areas near the syrian turkish border since tuesday a region and their idea home to many displaced by the war and as long as the offensive continues it's likely more will follow. now in just over 2 hours
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u.s. aircraft maker boeing is a to launch its new star liner astronaut capsule that on his 1st unmanned journey to the international space station now if successful the spacecraft will free nasa from reliance on russia to travel to the us but the project has been troubled by technical delays. the heavy duty rocket is set to launch the starliner into space for its test flight and deposit it 180 kilometers above the earth's surface. from there the space capsule equipped with its own measurement sensors and thrusters is supposed to fly to the i access international space station and dock with it completely automatically. a few days later the starliner will decouple from the eye assess and part with that service module in order to return to earth. the unpiloted capsule should
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then safely and gently land on the ground in new mexico but the help of parachutes and airbags if all goes to plan the starliner will soon be able to transport astronauts into space. the space shuttles were once readied for lift off in this hangar for the past few years it's where the starliner has been built. a man transport system for the next generation nasa is having it developed and built by boeing a private company. the starliner resembles the apollo spacecraft which once landed astronauts on the moon. its crew capsule can be reused after the flight it should complete 10 missions in total and carry up to 7 as. knots into space at
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a time. when the crew will be seated in upper and lower rows when they lift off for their missions. at the beginning of november the starliner completed a simulated takeoff emergency a security system had to transport the manned capsule out of the danger zone the test is deemed a success even if one of the 3 parachutes fails. in order to clear this important hurdle the rescue system's newly developed thrusters were fired on a test stand. lete . the crew members for the 1st flight to the i assess were selected years ago christopher ferguson will lead the trio. in the space shuttle era ended
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with his last flight his next one is hoped to open a new chapter in american space travel if there are no further delays he and his crew could head to the i assessed in 2020. 5 are you go for a month out to get a birth control or go along for it is very good burger burgers. there's always a card for agree with that. it's all happening good job coming. your linked in news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions anyone will come to the debut suffocating program tonight from going to germany following uses easy to our website d w to close match africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa.


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