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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 2:30pm-2:45pm CET

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hence the. reference to the old order. to fund. 1007. steps december 23rd. this is news a shop coming up protests despite bans mountain in the government's new citizenship legislation will hit the streets of delhi. leading the charge. stickney praise for the city xi jinping. a role model of china's government but is that really a message for its next door neighbor hong kong and. south korea's conservatives who are trying to topple the government of president.
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welcome to. it's good to have you with us the chorus of protests against a new citizenship law in india is growing stronger protesters have clashed with police in cities across the country despite authorities banning protests in many areas at least 3 people have been killed protesters say the law which grants of indian citizenship for religious minorities except muslims from neighboring countries is non secular and goes against the indian constitution there are also fears the law in combination with a possible nationwide citizenship register will strip indian muslims of citizenship yes mall on what people are saying. and you know the museum will be able to get into the citizenship of india over duties nor the muslim world because this is
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there is this or something this is a discrimination over act on the basis of the modern good democratic goal of our democracy is to include everyone in a democracy and nobody's rights should be harmed when our rights are threatened of course we will turn out onto the streets everyone cares about their independence but the idea that from you know if you are united we can bring change we have selected this government we can make it true to the governments in power because if we have given them their power without us there nothing. because one of me should just fall it was a protest issues at dennys johm a mosque. massive protests have broken out once again in the national capital abidjan mommas one of the biggest mosques in the country and protesters have turned out in force to speak out against the controversial citizenship amendment act but this is not the 1st time that
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a process happening in delhi the act was passed over a week ago in parliament and there have been 4 tests almost every day and they're also not just shifted to new delhi yesterday a protest broke out across 10 states commissions were not granted for many of these straw tests but people have still turned out the missions were not granted for the spot us either which is why this also a heavy security deployment on the ground the police has been criticized over the last week for using excessive force the example of the john hamre. university in new delhi stands out when last weekend students at a lash of the police deployed excessive force beat up students and also used tear gas against students who were protesting peacefully the police have denied these allegations and they say that only the. a minimal amount of force was used there's also been widespread criticism of the fact that internet shutdowns have been carried out across the country in different parts of the country where protests
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have broken out there have also been t.v. deaths reported yesterday in jordan the protests in 2 different parts of the country that questions being raised if the government is using undemocratic means to clamp down on dissent these thought to ask for just civil protests have largely been peaceful there have been some reports so while and but most of these protesters standing out only coming out with both does and slogans the critics of this act and the protesters are saying that this act is unconstitutional because it violates the secular fabric of this country's constitution this saying that granting citizenship on the basis of religion is not something that india should be doing as a secular country this act basically makes it easy for non muslims from afghanistan mung edition pakistan to gain indian citizenship and protesters and critics are concerned that this combined with other policies of the indian government could
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home indian muslims the government has denied that this act will impact indian muslims in any way but trust justice here are telling us that they will continue with this civil unrest until the government does something that is also high hopes been staked in the indian supreme court the hope is that the indian supreme court will strike down this act as unconstitutional and you can go across to you tube website for more videos go to these protests. chinese president xi jinping has praised mco as a shining chapter of the one country 2 systems model of governance. as it celebrates 20 years since to form a portuguese colony to chinese or the common. being viewed as a rebuke to pro-democracy activists in hong kong who have been staging protests in the city for more than 6 months on kong like marco also comes another one country 2
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systems form of government but that's where the similarities end with just one hour ferry ride separating aboard these places marco has proved to be more receptive to chinese than hong kong. for china it's time to embrace macau more than ever and like is for belize brother hong kong the city has displayed much more obedience to beijing 20 years after being handed over from particle the anniversary is more than just a celebration it's also a chance for beijing to emphasize sovereignty over both former colonies or so in a sense hong kong and macau retired to the motherland dealing with these 2 special administrative region is entirely china's enteral affairs are none of the business of foreign forces. but she has little to worry about in macau
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beijing has already firmly established its power there while protests continue in hong kong just across the bay in macau piece compared to a sibling macau as much smaller and much more dependent on beijing and there's an historical aspect to it after leftist riots inspired by the cultural revolution in 1966 probating forces successfully penetrated all walks of life in macau the administration the to the pressure of probating activists and struggles to keep control of its government social disorder and financial instability joined colonial rule also drove residents to be more proof. as to 20 years you have a. big change. business as it is is. more and more although my opinion macao don't say anything we're ok with in ordinary life
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but when kong people want to fight for a lot of things. macau has urged prices from presidency for its political calm but to make sure that stays education from early on is needed. so with common scared beijing believes patriotism is even better. i did have a correspondent phoebe kong joins us from across the bay in hong kong good to see you how are president xi jinping commons in moscow being viewed in hong kong. while from hong kong perspective the people in macau are always perceived as more obedient to beijing partly because of his population on my plate and from china and it has to weaken. and choosing peace remarks is widely seen as a rebuke and are even a lecture to hong kong current political turmoil that he mentioned are he praised
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the hong kong people over there a strong sense of national identity specially these so-called patriotic education that they have implemented over the last 2 decades and on the same day right after she came out to hong kong government has announced some kind of a new measures that they're going to suspend the duties of the t. shirt if they got arrested or file a complaint so this is perceived as something that the education bureau is going to tighten measures to be the education sector and this is exactly what beijing things home and tribute to the current political crisis so called peephole they think in maybe a handful of beijing the way they are so complex home home in a way they want in the future. right phoebe kong speaking to us from hong kong thank you very much for that. for south korea's conservatives the country's
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politics is the 2 presidents those behind me former president. and incumbent. of the one dog who was imprisoned for abuse of power back in office. in out and they're using the power of you tube to galvanize their movement. so 3 mm conservatives and their army of you tubers have been hitting the streets in force to reverse the impeachment of former president bach and heading into ows current progressive president mungy in from office many opposition politicians blame what they see as a critical and corrupted media environment for pox downfall and see youtube as the key to correcting that in justice money was to undermine critical to the etiology a liberal democracy means believing that media egypt has the potential to break
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a monopoly of control by the mass media outlets is the major broadcast networks and major dailies in 2016 massive demonstrations driven by progressive social media forced pock from power conservatives have since reacted founding an estimated 223000 right wing you tube channels to present their point of view these demonstrations together with their intense media coverage from independent journalists or users from kind of the feedback loop generating support for their conservative because these saturday rallies have taken place for 150 weeks since the corruption scandal engulfing former president bach and in. eastern europe actively participates in the rallies he founded his channel more than a year ago live streaming from atop his perch in through 8 hour rallies to look at the siegelman the moon j. and government is not a legal regime and president can't goodhead
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a was impeached because of political retaliation as moon came to power south korea became a communist dictatorship so i made a you tube channel to prove constant fact. in facts are precisely what are at stake critics allege that conservatives are using the platform to peddle their own versions of the truth emotions are raw. high on both sides of the country's political spectrum the you tube phenomenon together with a distrust of mainstream media are contributing to a growing gave being political divide president moves approval and disapproval ratings each now hover near 50 percent. and that's it for today you can always catch our show online on our website dot com forward slash. leader now with pictures of the unfolding protests across india over the new citizenship law thank you for watching we'll see you next time.
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visiting friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live but i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. down witness global news that matters. made for mines. 2020 looks like it'll be a happy new year at least for the arms business u.s. weapons suppliers can look forward to big orders as japan increases its defense spending budget. also coming up russia ukraine and the european union agree on a new gas deal. in hong kong retailers bear the brunt of the months long pro-democracy protests as consumers feel less inclined to go out on a shopping spree. mexico's all bills makers are in high demand as
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business for the christmas ornaments is for me. i want to get jones and this is a business asia lie from berlin. tokyo has approved an 8 straight annual increase and defense spending to counter the military build ups in north korea and in china u.s. defense contractors can look forwards to get a sizable piece of the action u.s. presence donald trump already thanked japan since you are there for buying the u.s. equipment. japan's constitution prohibits it from buying offensive weapons still the island nation is one of the world's top customers for all their weapons systems as more and more floods are devoted towards the friends japan's the feds budget has jumped nearly 15 percent.


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