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i am. coming to you live from berlin undressed in india police crackdown on nationwide protests against a controversial new citizenship. people have been killed in more than 4000 detained . britain spawn a month is due to vote on the prime minister's plan to take the u.k. out of the european union morris johnson's rejoinder agreement is expected to pass easily his decisive election victory. and history is financial
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response to public criticism and his holiday to face the country's unprecedented bushfires volunteer firefighters battling a blaze near sydney a kid and crew is also working to contain more than a 100 fires huge by record temperatures and high winds. a moment that she might get to have you with us. in india there's no letup to mass protests of a new citizenship law that critics say is anti muslim despite a police ban of large gatherings thousands of people have been demonstrating across the country for more than a week 10 protesters have been killed in clashes with the targeteers and more than 4000 have been invested the controversial office an easy opponents to indian citizenship for non recent migrants from neighboring countries india's home
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minister has called a crisis meeting to discuss the on best. for the very latest let me draw in correspondent she's based in mumbai welcome gonna tell us what the latest situation is like in india for the kind of people who are coming out on the streets and protesting despite a ban in place. of welcome but other nationwide protests all over the country the protests in mumbai and anybody that goes to to find it doesn't get this city and they're all kinds of people there all those kinds of citizens from all walks of life just as dr was teaching was everybody is basically you know up almost to the on the inputs to you should just be no band in statesmanship not which are not just by going to spend session that the g.o.p. by the bands eat in states like to eat that actually got there but they should wait it is read by the egypt today on the friday slips marshlands feats of india to
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protest on the poison discrimination of muslims all over the country. and what did it tell us about the way the government is dealing with these protests as well as the anger among the people who are opposed to this contentious lol. well there is anger amongst people who are unhappy with the restraint but this just being dealt with with this wear it with god which is being played out students without a new location now especially in states ruled by the ruling government of egypt there is there is tension as the government something opportunities that are out there there are massive detentions happening in every city that is up. against not just its image of amendment bill but an intention counter to the in mumbai national the financial capital of the country so this i'm sure the street this seems to be that they think point against more of these acquired in the same old the last 6 you know it doesn't seem to be the tipping point and this is being led by why the bust
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and sort of gross if you say this is close to a tipping point or a tipping point do you see any signs of the government meeting rethink this legislation will make changes to it. i think at this point of time it does not look like the government is going to think that it's a sick decision because the home minister ahmed shah has made this a prestige issue and that also they're also planning to reinforce and not the majority of the opposition until the next weeks are indeed other bits it does not look like the government is in a mood to go to the top this but oh i don't need to know the distance all across the country are they just because bobbie the john now coming forward artist understands that if the when the student groups and our intentions can only escalate in the next couple of days donna you magennis based in mumbai thank you very much for talking to us on d.w. thank you. jan into the u.k.
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we have british hill because of voting today on prime minister bars johnson's plan to take the u.k. out of the european union but on the 21st a 31st of january the eve of the draw a veil is widely expected to pass off to last weeks that election give johnson's 2 bags of conservatives a decisive majority in parliament this have paved the way for johnson to deliver on his pledge to get big done more than 3 us after the referendum to quit the e.u. a short while ago the prime minister has johnson open the debate in parliament promising it'll make us to move the country forward after to today's vote this bill gertz the emphatic lesson of the last call unlike members offices and projects maybe. we depart from the e.u. when the 31st of janet at that point breaks it will be dog it will be a report this story a story of the last $3.00 will be added and we would be able to move forward mr
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speaker to get the bill ensures that the implementation period was over 30 plus or december next year with no possibility of an extension. so he'd have his big masses outside parliament in london following the debate that make it briggs it will be over on january the 31st is boris johnson right that that came. he very optimistic because in reality. but i mean he's hoping that he will put a chapter and people are a lot of people have given him the majority in parliament a lot of people are ready to move on but in reality it's the beginning if the end because after breaks it after it leaves the european union then it's about the new relationship and that hasn't really even started so the prime minister needs to go back to the european union with his whole team and they need to sit down again and
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decide on the future relationship what sort of free trade deal what sort of economic partnership what sort of security partnership and it's a very very tight schedule that he said himself there just 11 months a lot of critics say that this is simply not enough time to to hammer out something that's very substantial a very deep trade relationship for example that's possible in such a short time because normally it takes years for these agreements to to come into force maybe even having a bit of trouble with the line to london that this big joy agreement was in the making for more than a 3 and a half years let's take a stay with us let me take a closer look at that. the divorce deal settles the divisions of assets and liabilities it also guarantees the rights of e.u. citizens living in britain and yuki said to send any you countries and finally sets out the future for the vexed irish border dilemma that proved to be the main
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sticking point in negotiations how to handle cradle long the northern ireland border between the u.k. and each member ireland the proposed backstop arrangement was removed in favor of a solution whereby northern ireland will maintain free movement of goods across the border avoiding a hard border with customs ports were seen as essential for protecting peace in northern ireland under. the good friday agreement about the future trading relationship between the u.k. and e.u. remains to be hammered out after britain leaves the block on january 31st 2020 it will adhere to rules during a transition period until the end of the year that means the risk of a new deal hard brags that remains britain and the e.u. cannot agree on a new trade deal by the end of 2020 e.u. diplomats one that's a process that normally takes several years. so joining 2
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non-bigoted in london it is a very ambitious undertaking from boris johnson what's the likelihood of a trade deal at the end of 2020. that has to do it one with the united opinion as to decide the most important. grooves and regular. make it bothered me for interrupting you the line is still very very poor to london we see whether we can establish a better line to you but for now thank you very much for your reporting from outside the british parliament thank you very much to get that we now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world a spokesman for iraq's top shiite cleric ayatollah ali al sistani says an early election is the only way to quell the under arrest gripping the country hundreds of people have been killed in months of protests against government corruption and poverty. is a highly influential cleric in iraq and his views are closely watched.
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the region of macau has marched 20 years since its transfer to chinese rule at a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary chinese president xi jinping sent china would not allow foreign interference in macau or hong kong both regions with the one country 2 systems model she's being also sworn in because new probe aging government. hundreds of thousands of people have marched in cities across the van to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the after rising that toppled former president omar al bashir the campaign as promised to continue their push for political reform and for charges being brought in against the killing of civilians during the uprising. turning out to australia where prime minister scott morrison has apologised for going on holiday amid a massive bushfire emergency marson paid tribute to 2 volunteer firefighters killed
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while tackling a blaze near sydney 3 others one woman were seriously injured the firefighters of thousands battling to contain some 150 blazes raging across the state of new south wales. crews struggling to tame wild bushfires in south australia rule teams are doing their best to contain the threat in multiple locations but it's perilous work especially for those on the ground. on 1st day to volunteer firefighters were killed battling flames just south of sydney and road wire and jeffrey keeping died after a burning tree fell on their truck these 2 brave young men who lost their lives that represent for us the thousands and thousands of volunteers on the ground today tomorrow and in the days coming who put their own life their own safety on the line to protect others sydney meanwhile has been envelop than
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a shroud of smoke with fires raging near the state capital only its tallest structures remain visible its famous landmarks kasten an apple collected light. on the ground a few deer to venture outside without face masks air pollution in sydney is now several times what experts believe to be hazardous the fires are being fuelled by drought and record temperatures which scientists say a result of climate change. and many are angry at this man prime minister scott morrison is currently facing criticism for leaving the country to holiday in hawaii . protesters turned up at his empty home in sydney and accused him of not doing enough to end the country's reliance on fossil fuels the reality of climate change . droughts longer and more. heat waves becoming longer and most of the.
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creeping into spring and. we are living in a dangerous climate and it is time for our prime minister to get out of the hole and groups and stop thinking about the future. has responded to the crisis and cut short his holiday but while he has apologized for being absent he has yet to give in to demands to act on climate change. and join me now from. maurice he's a spokesperson for the new south wales. thank you very much for talking to us and firstly we want to say how sorry we are to hear about your 2 colleagues fathers of young children who've lost their lives while fighting these days is can you give us a sense of the scale of the fires these men and thousands of the firefighters are facing. a look good evening and good morning to you emirates are obviously a very big loss off the roof of a sun and the water for fighting for eternity here in new south wales 2 very loved
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well respected and dedicated men who gave a lot of time to protect a community not only now but as the last 10 all say yes' if they members of the rules for service unfortunately were killed in the early in the light hours rather of last night's i win therefore falling appliance was struck by trait and therefore rolled and unfortunately those 2 men did die at the same 3 forefathers who were in the back of the vehicle were transported to hospital via ambulance and thankfully they're in night in a stable condition with non-life threatening injuries but obviously i has a want to think for some time and now unfortunately obviously many visits by very well respected people to the holy poc brigade to die and obviously they're in a very day side of star. given the current situation that they're in now and the 5 force is almost entirely. what are the biggest.
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what the thinking is of these fires. it's a new south wales is made up of around 70000 volunteers fought hard as supported by a 1001000 staff members one of for services here in new south wales obvious a lot of their forefathers are volunteers and do a great job in protecting that community obviously they fawaz that way have run across new south wales and have so organist not have been a huge day jeanne regards to the areas that they have been banning in their remarks in rugged terrain but certainly the biggest danger we have these days very erratic conditions that we are saying a very draw fuel coupled with temperatures drought conditions and strong winds are the dangers such as falling trees which unfortunately still kill 2 of our members lost not we have a saying quite a number of falling vehicles i have of the pasta months struck by trays with
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a number of injuries to far far. but unfortunately none as severe as what we've seen in the last 24 hours and jim finds the edging. toward steps being taken to isolate the fison stop the thing. look unfortunately they thought the banging burning in very very remark and rugged terrain a lot of these areas do not have close can time and lawns other way can simply do a direct attack or do close can time and some are now strategies now to full back to communities and water air is to protect times as they come out into habited areas now the biggest issue at this stage is that they cause a sar lauch and with catastrophic fire conditions predicted for tomorrow across a number of areas the only thing that we will be out tomorrow is to protect law and try and protect property where we can under these conditions because it simply too dangerous to be able to have forefathers trying to control the was under those
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conditions. to contain. thank you. the u.s. spacecraft star blasts off on its test flight to the international space station we take a look at what's at stake for nasa. and find out which country is in qualifying. to fix next year. but 1st u.s. president donald trump is set to sign the bill for u.s. sanctions against the nord stream to gas pipeline later today the white house wants to block the completion of the pipeline that russia to deliver gas to directly. see . the ukraine will lose billions in transit fees of north stream to which bypasses
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ukraine. russia ukraine and the european commission i finally reached a tentative gas agreement on friday moscow says carry on delivering gas created. the deal goes into effect on january the 1st. of. welcome to still so as to be one of russia's promise to kind of continue using ukraine to transport the gas into europe but ukraine has had its share of problems dealing with russia and getting its gas supplies mean that there's been a number of disputes between russia and ukraine when it comes over gas the harshest one certainly being the one and generally of 2009 when moscow actually caught. gas supplies to ukraine and they were out over the payment of transit fees and those were some bitter $3.00 weeks not only for people in ukraine but also in other european countries gas supplies have to be rationed actually we have to understand
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that gas deliveries play a key role in the ukrainian economy the country earns about 3000000000 dollars each year in transit fees from gas which runs from russia towards europe and. very much intended to hang on to this business now the north stream to pipeline is a serious threat to this business as runs through ukraine but underneath the baltic sea and even as the russian. president promises that you know gas will continue to run through ukraine we have to keep in mind russia annexed crimea a part of ukraine it has been stoking a breakaway conflict in the east of the country and that is a huge liability there on the word of the russian president and also as i mentioned there's been a lot of controversy about this north stream to gas pipeline but why is jimmy so keen that it be completed well 1st of all because germany and other european countries would be excluded from any dispute between russia and ukraine in the future that's not to say that it's easier to negotiate with russia or as it is but
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on top of that the pipeline doubles the amount of gas that is being delivered to your of through an already existing pipeline so for the german government this has long been a sollie economic issue but it is not we have to understand that eastern european countries have been opposing the north stream to pipeline for a long time along with ukraine fearing that they would simply be cut out from from gas and liveries from russia giving the country too much leverage and that is something that the united states agrees with agrees with hence the sanctions that donald trump is likely to sign a bill into law later today christopher business just thank you for your insights on this issue. u.s. aircraft make a boeing star line an astronaut capsule has gone off course and has not reached its planned or bit us space agency nasa says the unmanned spacecraft is currently in a stable position after launching early on a test flight to the international space station on the start line is meant to feel
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nasa from reliance on russia to travel to the i s s nasa has been forced to rely on a russian soyuz rockets to transport its astronauts since the space shuttle program was terminated in 2011 gun control for more on this story i'm joined by far ben smith from the science desk of fog and do you know why this capsule didn't reach its planned obit. it's not clear yet what it actually created but it's clear that one of the thrust or rockets that was supposed to ignite after 31 minutes hasn't been knighted and that's rust or was supposed to carry the spaceships a star liner to new heights to the hobbit where the iris as is now obviously the star lineup is right now in a low orbit which which is not quite that high and the question is now what
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nasa or boeing can do to basically raise it all to get it back home safely down to earth but obviously they're still hiding their options and they have announced a press conference in about 15 minutes from now which hopefully will know more about it ok so they're still weighing their options on how to get this and the right orbit but what does this mean for this test flight and the program as a whole. basically it's a kind of mixed bag at right now because of the key question is will it be possible to ignite us ruster still and to get the thing into the right orbit in which case it would reach the ideas as and then everything would be all right obviously something that they have that has to be carefully calculated because it has to reach the orbit also in a certain place at location so it can actually approach the i s s so considering that it's not of course and basically i guess the physicists have to do some very
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serious calculation before they can develop a precise plan. if it doesn't if it isn't possible to reach the i s s and basically one would consider this probably a test run for how well the star line our world then really enter the human the earth's atmosphere because as a start line as designed as a spacecraft that can be really used so it's like the apollo capsule it will basically go back into the earth's atmosphere and will not burn up it will reach the ground actually on the continent with parachutes and some air cushion that is a minute and then it will land hopefully safely in this case it would also be interested interesting because as a dummy built into the space capsule that kind of simulates an astronaut and take certain measurements of what kind of pressures and other things as human would have
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to withstand so one could also see this as a test run for possible scenario of saving as trim odds of a failed start that would be the worst case scenario but still something to be learned from it ok this is still a bit of uncertainty as yet and we know more after that press conference that you mentioned 5 inch my family says thank you very much for filling us on in on the details. ok. other news phone internet provider orange is being found guilty of provoking a string of suicides among employees in france its former c.e.o. . was found guilty of model harris meant and was sentenced to a year in jail and a $15000.00 euro fine. in the u.s. the democratic party presidential hopeful spot in the 6 to 8 in the race to pick a nominee for next year's election just 7 of the remaining 15 candidates to this
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allowed figures to shine though it's still unclear who's going to get the final nomination. never once political parties have nominated a new prime minister after months of protests in the country university professor house and the odd has. vowed to carry out 2 forms to help the country out of its current economic crisis protesters have already held rallies against his appointment. surfing makes its debut at the summer olympics next year and the was a self league is acting as a qualification this is a proof there would be a force to be reckoned with in tokyo with self is finishing 1st and 2nd in hawaii but the world title event to the lesser known of the 2. ok champion performance from brazil's it's hollow forever.
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but there's a wing showing in hawaii saw the 25 year old still his 1st world surfing title. trophies a one thing but some even great surprise has also being secured. areas underdog victory means he's on the place at next year's olympic games in tokyo alongside competitor and runner up gabriel medina. i'm so happy right now to represent resume now that games with gabriel ok the brazilians will be joined at the games next july and august by mail surface from the likes of australia france japan and the us. it's the 1st time surfing will be included as an olympic event. the another performance like this one will be the bare minimum if era is to achieve more glory in japan next year.
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this is the day of news coming up next on duty of the news is you have returned to india did obviously we have just one aspect in why they oppose the newly enacted citizenship amendment. and south korea knew she was taking on the government with the power of the smartphones. that and more coming up on do you have news asia shortly.
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in india dreaming easily is considered a privilege. millions of the nation's city and moon residents suffer from air pollution. but necessity is the mother of invention scientists and ordinary people are finding the air pollution with surprisingly simple ideas.
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in 60 minutes d.w. . the fits all happening. to fit a fairly. sure link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions hello and welcome to the news actually from graham and from born in germany from on use of easy to i while it's a v.w. it costs much traffic i joined us on facebook at g.w. africa. 15 years of religions for peace came from many different faiths are working together. for the common goal the peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now all female members are for religions for peace from the middle east are demanding the larger. 0 common ground
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is empowering women giving them the rule. making them an agent of change. the female peacemakers starts january 5th in terms of. this is either big news a shop coming up protests despite bans mountain n.p.r. games the government's new citizenship legislation and we hit the streets of delhi to talk to those leading the charge plus stickies praise for a picture of a city xi jinping knowledge of a call for being a role model of china's governments but is that really a message for its next door neighbor hong kong.


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