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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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mexico's levels makers are in high demand as business for the christmas ornaments. i want to get jones and this is business asia live from berlin. tokyo has approved an 8 straight annual increase in defense spending to counter the military build ups in north korea and china u.s. defense contractors can look forwards to get a sizable piece of the action u.s. presence donald trump already thanks to japan since they fall buying the u.s. equipment. japan's constitution prohibits it from buying offensive weapons still the island nation is one of the world's top customers for arms and weapons systems as more and more funds are devoted towards the fence japan's defense budget has jumped nearly 15 percent in less than a decade and now prime minister shinzo obvious government wants to boost it by over one percent to $48600000000.00 that's
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a record expenditure but the government says it will be spent carefully on the issue of congo and we need to enhance our defense capability to handle the security environment at the same time we also need to have appropriate control over the defense expenditure so we will strive to make it more efficient you know bleeding. clue in. japan's growing defense budget is a boon for american arms makers tokyo buys weapons almost exclusively from the united states last year american arms imports were valued at $675000000.00. it's a deal in principle and one that will have many people feel relieved after hours of discussions russia ukraine and the european union of reached a tentative gas deal that will go into effect on the 1st of january 2020 the deal was brokered right here in berlin and here's what we know about it. these
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pipes are front and center of a geopolitical crisis north stream 2 percents a new undersea route for russia to deliver gas to the e.u. bypassing its neighbor ukraine in the midst of a conflict that started with russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 what's at stake for ukraine up to $3000000000.00 intransitive fees for gas coming from the orange gas field in western siberia it flows through the brotherhood pipeline crossing ukraine into slovakia for further distribution within the e.u. with the introduction of the north stream pipeline in 2011 much of the russian gas delivered to the e.u. had a new route and north stream 2 will double the capacity leaving ukraine to worry not only about a major source of income but also its own demand ukraine depends on gas from russia but moscow has weaponized its supplies in the past turning off the spigot
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repeatedly in the $990.00 s. russian president vladimir putin says similar action is no longer a plan if. we are not going to sign any kind of contract with ukraine in order to stop gas translator no we are interested in this gas transit we are ukraine we want it it's a convenient route incidentally the ukrainian route is longer than the route along the baltic sea it is longer and more expensive for us but nevertheless this route is worked out to central and to southern europe it's good and we're ready to keep it going to we will see. the next hurdle awaits north stream 2 before the weekend u.s. president trump is expected to impose sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the pipeline the u.s. tries to limit russian gas supplies to europe and instead sell its own natural gas to their allies. david stern in kiev
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and i asked him whether ukrainians trust the word of the russian president. well i guess you could say they don't really trust him very much but if the deal is signed it obviously will be a positive step forward in the relations between these 2 countries we are now in the 6th year more than 5 years russia and ukraine have been at odds with the russia annexed crimea back in 2014 and then russian supported forces have been fighting ukrainian forces in the east of the country and more than 13000 people have died there the relations between the 2 countries obviously because of that and. further worsened we also have the case that gazprom some $3000000000.00 to ukraine over odets according to the stockholm arbitration court so you could say that trust in the russians isn't great at the moment but obviously
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if this deal is in is confirmed we're waiting here they say they've reached it in principle then this will be something that can be possibly built on to improve them in the future and i was david stern reporting from kiev let's take a look now at some of the other business stories making news around the world france's competition authority has fined google 150000000 euros for anti can head to behavior and for having unclear advertising on the google ads page european countries have stepped up scrutiny of major u.s. take companies and september google agreed to pay nearly 1000000000 euros to french authorities to settle a fraud probe. german workers have more money in their pockets according to the german statistics office in the 3rd quarter of this year gross incomes rose by 3.4 percent compared to the same period last year prices on consumer goods have only gone up 1.5 percent even workers with more cash. and australia's that record has up
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held a record breaking 77400000 euro fine imposed on german carmaker folks straight in for it you say v.w. deceived customers and breached emission standards in a case linked to the diesel emissions scandal. the british central bank will soon have a new governor his name is andrew bailey and he'll take over from mark carney in march 2020. in the past as the deputy governor of the bank of england he is currently serving as the head of the financial conduct of foreign t which cracks down on misconduct in the finance industry britain has delayed the appointment to due to brics it which will have a huge impact on the workings of the central bank. and the world bank's china economic update for december shows that growth there continues to be moderate but will begin to slow next year the lend us this china is on target to grow by 6 point
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one percent this year which is unchanged from its prediction in october the rate of growth is expected to drop to 5.9 percent for next year though the world bank says short term risks remain and spite of the recent cooling and china's trade war with the united states. hong kong was formerly a shop till you drop paradise but it's once mighty retail sectors facing a gloomy christmas the retail association says over 10 percent of the territories retailers thousands of shops could close in the next 6 months and that economic uncertainty because of the democracy protests. hong kong is legendary for a shopping but the scenes of mayhem in a hong kong shopping mall just days before christmas show why there is little festive cheer for the territories retailers this year. protesters are taking aim at hong kong's key retail sector to press home their demands for democracy. district
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elections last month showed strong support for protests but the demonstrators have disrupted christmas shoppers and clashed with police. and uncertainty about hong kong's future means that the mood among those who do venture out to places like times square is bleak. for the respect and us than before just because they were doing to have a situation says i think some more of us. know such as christmas was to go by and if it is not saved go out and yes and not happy at all we are not very in a mood and yeah hong kong this is a really hard moment yeah. pacific place is normally packed with bargain hungry consumers from mainland china and local buyers getting ready for christmas much of the protesters i'm sure has been focused on china's increasing influence in hong kong and mainlanders are staying away. retail sales fell 25 percent in october
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the steepest drop on record christmas sales are expected to hit fresh record lows retailers are worried about their future. $7000.00 shops out of $64000.00 in the asian financial hub could be forced to close down in the next 6 months. and the other year tourists would pack out the star ferry to crowd the shopping bags of gyms out story across hong kong harbor but this yuletide the mood is music. with a wave of closures looming hong kong's retailers fear the writing is on the wall. it's peak season for all those who make a living from christmas especially in one small town in the south of mexico take a look. it's starting to look a lot like christmas and. the town in central mexico is known for its christmas tree ornaments especially glass balls. each sphere is blown after being
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heated up to $750.00 degrees celsius. then comes the color it's all done by hand in contrast to the cheaper chinese competition. but just look at that here and. these bubbles are very important to us in that you know i think that about 6070 percent of the population works in this sector. and you could say it's the basis of the economy for the people they love us a liquid on the other. the handicraft began to take off in the 1960 s. on a small scale at 1st now the business of boggles provides around 10000 jobs and has made this town wealthy and widely known. quantity only that it must have with their beautiful. bodies and they come at a good price considering that they're handmade by an artisan. you won't find them
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in just any old shopping center. right and the variety is really impressive you'll never get tired of all that beauty that goes up at the end. if. $50000000.00 christmas tree ornaments are produced and club who follow every year according to the mexican economy the story half of the balls are exported many of them adorned with the famous face that of mexican painter free their kahlo. but that's awful business as a show for me in the team member len thanks for watching. easily
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the 2. from britain. is a time together as one. nation one. january. also on the program australia's prime minister responds to public criticism and cut short the face of the crisis.


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