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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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in the blue dog called good the. earth. home is of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and must start with small steps globally duos tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but here's a country. to stop granite shows and the 1st edition. to
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interactive content teaching the next generation doesn't want to touch a. music channels available to people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and all mine. it's a huge market e-commerce and africa and so far only one in 20 people are making use of it china us ali baba lead international trade platform could change that. also coming up the dockside off orange accord troops the telecoms companies falses drugs employ used to suicide. and the rise of e-commerce expelled bad news for south africa's glitzy mega-mall so. i'm on a good job. and this is do business africa welcome. online shopping is huge in most
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parts of the world in germany some 94 percent of internet use is over 16 shop online but the situation in africa is very different there are fewer than one in 20 people use e-commerce a huge potential market but there are hurdles regulations such as consumer protection are lacking in many regions and purchases often don't trust online retail infrastructure is another problem if roads are bad reliable deliveries can't be guaranteed rural regions often don't have street names house numbers and payment systems are often in adequate despite this potential online retail giants have been cautious amazon for instance invested in south africa and 2013 after a year of losses it pulled out again china's ali baba has been more assertive setting up digital retail shops in rwanda and ethiopia but despite a home market advantage it hasn't been easy for african challenges gerri an online
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platform jamia went public on the new york stock exchange this spring but after initial euphoria shasta climbed and the company has made losses now one exception is mobile commerce platform copia it has developed a model that is doing well in kenya and aims to roll it out across east africa and for more i spoke to editor in chief of addus standard magazine and i started by asking her how ethiopia benefits from joining the electronic world trade platform. the primary aim that was mentioned during the announcement by the minutes ago was that ethiopia would be able to use or it will be able to provide ethiopia smartly just the same services and you know to quote cross border traits targeting small and medium sized enterprises. this is very important
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you know the target are small and medium sized enterprises and that was the government's business policy to halt this morning and medium sized enterprises and it's also and it's helping them to penetrate the markets in china by facilitating the markets was in the virus you know in china for their products. this does not address the very fact and the very fact of the row that the small and medium sized enterprises in ethiopia are struggling to produce quality products that it can be exported to the rest of the warrant however it also can't penetrate their market in china right so it doesn't address the core problem of small and medium sized businesses in ethiopia in terms of quality but it will help them to to to open the door to new markets but is there a downside to the fact that it is ali baba platform what does it mean for for
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african for homegrown competitors. well i think it will for the time being i really don't see a downside into it it would increase the cost to do business imo this is small and medium sized enterprises because now they would have to work harder to produce quality products that can be marketed for the trainees. population so that would indirectly pressure them so to say to live up to a certain standard and that's good for for increasing the quality of productions for from the ethiopians again this doesn't address the the basic problem that they have for example the lack of foreign currency the on the on the ground for them to imports things that are essential to increase their productivity and also the quality of their production is this doesn't address that this has to be addressed by the government in ethiopia but for the time being this is the kind of linkage that the alibaba group is trying to create between iris in china and
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a producers in africa writes it down a limb of their founder and editor in chief of the standard magazine thank you so much for your time thanks for having me monica. orange is a familiar telecoms brand across africa but in its home market fronts the company has been found guilty over a string of employee suicide starting in 2006 a former c.e.o. was sentenced to prison and his top lieutenants were convicted in a landmark ruling. france telecom was under siege back in 2006 when a brutal reorganization plan saw over 20000 employees lose their jobs the ruthlessness of the redundancies was a shock to the workers and scores of employees were so desperate they were driven to suicide. this
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man d.d.a. lombard was in charge of the company at the time and this is how employees reacted to him. not on the. today at paris court ruled that the company now known as orange bears legal responsibility for the suicides and as sentenced to 4 months in prison for the illegal methods used to help the company shed thousands of workers lombards lawyer says he will appeal the verdict. in. the company needs to move all in a cocktail they need to put this trial behind them it's up to oranges board now to decide what they want to do next to appeal or not respect and i respect that. but as far as the physical people in this trial are concerned it's a whole different story and it's normal that they will appeal. to the.
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relatives of the victims want to see an example set he just he should do why did the others allow themselves to behave this way it's because they felt they could be punished how can we put an end to this impunity the only way is to deprive them of freedom that's the only thing they fear and 15 feet orange was fined $75000.00 euros and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of euros in damages to the families of the victims. to south africa now and property analysts a while. warning that shopping malls there are losing their appeal and could soon be a thing of the past with kids you must migrating to online shopping and the economy flirting with the recession big shopping complexes battling with tenants and foot traffic estimate feltus. this shopping complex could mark the end of an era for weighs more in the wealthy northern suburbs of johannesburg is one of africa's
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biggest. development an expansion project that took us 278000 screaming into next year in training treaty that will expand 220-0003. leaving us is the biggest make a board on the sub-saharan continent it now operates $450.00 different stores featuring both local and global brands you know if you go to special inside africa people love to touch and feel and having a store here allows you to still come and touch a chocolate feel the chocolate and of the room of the chocolate the compares at all is reds for us but with over 1700 malls throughout southern africa market analysts say the retail property space is becoming saturated. and that for ways may struggle to keep their relaunch momentum economy is definitely a shadow of what it's been maybe a decade ago. and you do need to grow in order for the
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consumer to also become a lot more prosperous the consumer to become more positive and as a consumer becomes part of that if you will start to spin this well online shopping also poses a significant threat to the e-commerce retail sector has tripled in size in the past 5 years growing into an over 1000000000 euro annual industry as the biggest online market in the country but oh by a process is several 100000 transactions a month. back in the day customers because it was a service at a very limited scope where they'd be able to get information about a product from so they would walk into a store or a salesman to tell them x. and y. and that was it they didn't have another way to compare to that in of other people's goods or to check and verify this fact as well as now we see it all the time where people were standing in a shop looking at a product in the 1st that is they put out the fire and then they go look at you are selling this product for ways more is adamant its broad based offering will see it
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through and certain future. with johannesburg and the surrounding areas having a security concern we believe we have a safe environment for people to be entertained and shop at the same time and the threat of online shopping is real it's looming over our heads and we need to make sure that we future prefer our environment with that entailment offering. but this might not be enough with the economy projected to grow only half a percent in 2019 consumers are especially keen to search for the best deal online as well as off. staying with the topic of shopping christmas shopping that is it is peak season for all those who make a living from christmas and that's especially true in one small town in the south of mexico take a look. it's starting to look a lot like christmas and poor harwell the town in central mexico is known for its christmas tree ornaments especially glass balls. each spear is blown after
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being heated up to $750.00 degrees celsius. then comes the color it's all done by hand in contrast to the cheaper chinese competition. but just look at that here and. these bubbles are very important to us in that you know i think that about 6070 percent of the population works in this sector. and you could say it's the basis of the economy for the people you love us a liquid on the other. the handicraft began to take off in the 1960 s. on a small scale at 1st now the business of bottles provides around 10000 jobs and has made this town wealthy and widely known. quantity only that it must have they're beautiful. and they come at a good price considering that they're handmade by an artisan. you won't find them
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it's just any old shopping center. right and the variety is really impressive you'll never get tired of all that beauty and that is all that and very you know. $50000000.00 christmas tree ornaments are produced and club who follow every year according to the mexican economy in the street half of the balls are exported many of them adorned with the famous face that of mexican painter free their kahlo. and that wraps up business africa this week thanks for watching.
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literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the kids find the strength. of the books on youtube. glenn glenn go to the girl next. the understood.
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with the exclusive. lawsuit concerning our culture. to be curious mom. do it yourself networkers lead subscribers don't miss our. games. this is state of the news hour for that coming up in the next 15 minutes too in fantasy and begot ethiopia's 1st day of a satellite launches into space so what will it do. for you it has extended a peacekeeping mission in the d.r. scene but why is that a controversial decision. been told.


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