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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is t w news live from berlin press that legislation takes a big step forward. this time sat together as one reinvigorate to play should one united kingdom. british lawmakers back prime minister boris johnson's withdrawal deal by 124 votes mean in the u.k. is likely to leave the european union at the end of january. also coming up australia's prime minister responds to public criticism and cut short his vacation to face the bushfire crisis to volunteer firefighters battling
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a blaze near sydney die as crews struggle to contain more than 100 fires. and the antarctic a tree turns 60 we look at what's next for the frozen comment in the service of science and international cooperation. and way of glue croft glad you could join us u.k. prime minister boris johnson won last week's snap election promising to get it done and now he has his e.u. withdrawal deal passed the house of commons with room to spare there's still more to do before it becomes law but friday's vote puts the u.k. on course to leave the e.u. on january 31st now the 2 sides will then have until the end of 2020 to strike a trade deal. after winning his historic election victory last week boris
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johnson said he wanted to heal the nation and in the house of commons he presented his bracks it bill as a step towards that was a time that together as one reinvigorated nation one united kingdom filled with a renewed confidence in our national destiny and determined at last to take advantage of the opportunities but not before us but despite the sweet talking johnson had stripped away many of the sweetness to reason may had added to help them piece support it before the election that raised passions from the opposition . those things that are vanishes not only workers' rights that are being downgraded it is commentary and rights because the ability of the legislature to scrutinize executive has been taking it is bad for democracy 2. outgoing labor leader jeremy corbyn still licking his wounds after humiliating defeat drew attention instead to what he saw as bracks it's damaging implications for ordinary people will sell out
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on this deal will be used as a battering ram to drive us down the path of yet more deregulation. and so wards i took sick deal with donald trump he didn't draw attention to a surprise in johnson's bill which will limit the negotiating time to just 12 months critics argue it will give the prime minister that's room to maneuver in talks johnson says it'll speed things up. we depart from the e.u. on the 31st agenda and at that point breaks it will be done it will be over johnson's mantra during the election was get bracks it done but it's unlikely that the argument eva britain's place in europe will end with this spill on so what's next for rex said barbara vessel has more from london. it's not a done deal of chorus we heard that bad is. it is really on the way it will happen
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and formally written will leave the european union on the 30 fruits of january off next year there is simply nothing any more that can impede that no opposition to the lies and teachers to protest movement here is equally completely sort of down and out because people are shocked and they don't feel the need to strengthen you more to stand up they were not even any protesters any more today during this vote in front of parliament who had been so vocal in the months before so all this really seems to be over for the time being but we knew that in february the negotiations with the european union will have to begin about the future relationship and then of course there recently will start again there will be a new fight about what kind of relationship that will be boris johnson has made quite clear is we heard that he wants to really not align with the european union so what does that mean there are further
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a bit bitter battles up the road. ballots have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the company laying pipes for the north stream to gas pipeline between russia and germany says it's halted work this way stacia company all sees says it's taken a step in anticipation of u.s. sanctions russia has vowed to finish the project despite any american sanctions. in istanbul thousands of people have marched in support of china's mainly muslim leader minority they're calling for an end to the crackdown that is seen upwards of a 1000000 people sent to detention camps in northwestern china the protests follow social media posts from turkish german football star. who condemns china's actions . u.s. aeronautics company boeing it's starliner astronaut capsule has gone off course the u.s. space agency nasa says the unmanned spacecraft was on
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a test flight to the international space station when a timing error caused it to miss its planned orbit the starliner is now scheduled to return to earth on sunday. in a landmark ruling a french court has held a company at its top management were sponsible for employees suicide $39.00 people attempted or committed suicide or suffered severe depression after the telecom giant r. and slashed more than 20000 jobs in the early to thousands the court called the drastic restructure quote collective moral harassment. france telecom was under siege back in 2006 when a brutal reorganization plan saw over 20000 employees lose their jobs the ruthlessness of the redundancies was a shock to the workers and scores of employees were so desperate they were driven to suicide. this
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man d.d.a. lombard was in charge of the company at the time and this is how employees reacted to him. today a paris court ruled that the company now known as orange bears legal responsibility for the suicides and as sentenced lombardo to 4 months in prison for the illegal methods used to help the company shed thousands of workers lombards lawyer says he will appeal the verdict. and. the company needs to move all in a cocktail they need to put this trial behind them it's up to oranges board now to decide what they want to do next to appeal or not respect and i respect that. but as far as the physical people in this trial are concerned it's a whole different story and it's normal that they will appeal. because until the.
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relatives of the victims want to see an example set me just to see q why did the others allow themselves to behave this way it's because they felt they could be punished how can we put an end to this impunity the only way is to deprive them of freedom that's the only thing they fear and 15 feet orange was fined $75000.00 euros and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of euros in damages to the families of the victims. australia's prime minister scott morrison has apologized for go. vacation while his country confronts a massive bushfire emergency morrison paid tribute to 2 volunteer firefighters who were killed as they tackle the blaze their 73 others were seriously injured they are among thousands of personnel battling to contain about 100 ferocious blazes raging across the state of new south wales. crew struggling to tame wild
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bushfires in south australia rule teams are doing their best to contain the threat in multiple locations but it's perilous work especially for those on the ground. on thursday to volunteer firefighters were killed battling flames just south of sydney and road wire and jeffrey keaton died after a burning tree fell on the truck these 2 brave young men who lost their lives that represent for us the thousands and thousands of volunteers on the ground today tomorrow and in the days coming who put their own life their own safety on the line to protect others sydney meanwhile has been envelop than a shroud of smoke with fines raging near the state capital only it's taller structures remain visible its famous landmarks kasten an epochal looked light. on the ground a few did to venture outside without face masks air pollution in sydney is now
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several times what experts believe to be hazardous the fires are being fuelled by drought and record temperatures which scientists say a result of climate change. and many are angry at this man prime minister scott morrison is currently facing criticism for leaving the country to holiday in hawaii . protesters turned up at his empty home in sydney and accused him of not doing enough to end the country's reliance on fossil fuels the reality of climate change is upon us droughts are getting longer and more severe heat waves are becoming longer and most of the bushfire season is creeping into spring and. we are living in a dangerous climate and it is time for our prime minister to get out of pocket of the whole and gas lobby groups and to stop thinking about the future of the strongly and. marson has responded to the crisis and cut short his holiday but while he has
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apologized for being absent he has yet to give in to demands to act on climate change. it's 60 years since the arctic treaty in 15912 nations pledged to use the southernmost continent for peaceful purposes only and especially for scientific research the treaty has led to 80 research stations today and antarctica being used by 4000 scientists from all over the world t w takes you there to meet some of them. approaching antarctica from the air on board are researchers from 10 different countries spending the antarctic summer season on various projects this year the team from bella ross is especially large close is very big for science and religion course more to. do if you zips and now building
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goes there india has also sent a large team members will be making their way to the countries and arctic research stations the climate to study is the. biggest together what we. are studying so it does not amount to so i commission of the all the dead reality that clearly what is the condition of the i thought example it is heating up again. after observing the environment for many years researchers like russian alexi teton have been able to monitor the changes taking place. from any year you. know about. change. in. planets. it's known that the moon's gravity force affects ocean tides but its exact effect on weather has not yet been well explained . the russian team cooperate with the seismologists at the
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german neumeier research station it's 700 kilometers away perched on stilts not far from the continent's icy shore. marker schumacher heads the station's air chemistry observatory he's worried about the rise of c o 2 particles and the antarctic atmosphere he's also concerned that the untouched southern continent could fall victim to economic exploitation. it's in a kind of gray zone when it comes to international law that's. it's hard to say what will happen and how things will develop especially if some areas become ice free and amazing raw materials or nursed. 4 years ago the antarctic treaty was agreed and extended but. i
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see that as a good sign that it will continue to go in this direction that this is a victim of identity. the main draw for researchers that know i my are are the emperor penguins the scientists want to examine the animals breeding behavior and one or 2 projects possible threats caused by climate change. the international researchers share their results with each other. people always talk about the antarctic family all the conflicts that exist elsewhere in the world for by the way so it's everyone helps each other and people try to get along at times under truly inhospitable conditions it's nice to see that in spite of all the bad news in the world it can really work it does a. successful collaboration on the most sparsely populated continent on earth. you're watching g.w. news from berlin up next do have you africa with christine more now don't forget
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you can always get the latest news on our web site t w dot com or follow us on twitter at e w news i'm way from berlin that's all for now thanks for joining us. to today's. 979. historical turning point in politics business and religion. are on the people of the islamic revolution. opens up making its initial flirtation kosar strengths and states of emergency sinks into chaos pope john paul the 2nd visit.


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