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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2019 1:15pm-2:01pm CET

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finishing a games and the idea of course has to be be a awd that's video assistant referee i think it's still the decisions are still really controversial still confusing a lot of fans and players and it hasn't provided the consistency in the caribbean that we had hoped for by now all right i mean the hotel thank you so much for joining us. it watching the w. news live the problem that led to that thanks for joining us both you're going to tell. her her. welcome to the what is the game here for d.w.i. per player to talk about such themselves out of calgary. 3 or. let's have a look at some other government work so you don't want. to double your. hello and welcome to a particularly exciting new episode of my friends yes our 1st guest was
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a member of pro was this a very very popular girl boy group in the ninety's but now he's on top of the charts with this new album she wanted said i will join us. you get to meet the pop music hall back from denmark to dancing ambassador all to green kingdoms extraordinary song has been gracing the international charts for years we're excited to do what i don't have the honor ok. tell. me. please her. 'd lick you were cut a i thank you.
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ok thanks tony that's exactly the 1st you're presenting a few clues to me some individuals are not going to give a come. out to come thank you. thank you dozens of darkest times i've been talk got into coming in the shell being the end all to be instrumental bolt it's going to mean something as a cover. of the on the come schedules thing so medical saying yeah yeah i think that's why i got sick and he got a phone bonds and like it said my head to head and by me as if to sing. ok he said about why. i don't want to. it's. illegal so i am. going to.
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go. to sleep. so. you'll feel. at least. come. down on down to. sleep. please. please
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play playgoer game play louder with my soul and. see. playfield play bass player filipe or at least thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you thank you good speech that's
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coming as a message of how to live but i've been lucky so bonds with. the bellows to tell us that all still playing shelley ended buddha ah shucks she's concept as old boy to shag oh i'll see you nish to sing up the smith imitations temperamental she had a funny dutch salsa playing. stop dissolved. the said you have just as i will be reason dozens disowns and for mine signs not because of what is to defeat of course the dutch law gets the no into put it wouldn't awful consulted a lawyer that wouldn't talk to us and it's gotten only he's got to see change at his concert when he got on with aba become to do something so as a string of i'm sure. that this country has not by many guys obsessed at us it just wouldn't shut us of its own up by law to know what i was made of as in my guns guns funa scenes of bio medical need in the immediate anyone out on the scene apostasy as a witch something the city meant. he's been for that he made us fans
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fans from philly up cooking on thousands of us what us money cannot buy and us as a couple shot you can always kite ok i just had fun talking to my mean so this is i'm going to tell you know is on even much of those and i thought they confirmed to me norton diabetic and i got it when i was full well that's my. advice on the stuff i've been to his synthesis of and i. know the incident from last month in underneath that site this and then i'll say this because here it went buses and you know it is not putting the company since cancer that he had to entitle shall die you've been as i've been in haitian you're born by the undiagnosed i'm 40 the book went silent and one of the mission was biden because i will caucus as often dissin of mine. is not going to get up but he said. my.
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cue. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you for how only 2 of the songs and often about the shaft youngest i'm going to have to start in america com yeah they're actually from copenhagen in the me i would depend a step function and a mark in my head on here yes yes i penned a lot but it's part of the game when you're a musician our show doesn't often declassifying if it were just up to me to me said adam was he conscious and target. hawkins if you had been made to speak out your you i would absolutely love that you know yeah yeah. thank you very much for talking to much johnny.
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if you let it be your. jewish kids that must be a. chance. to get a little bit. closer . to. easy to. play. ultimate. player play the lead. a.
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lead. player. in this atmosphere i just. told. the. player. lead. player to. legislate
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lead. you know my. people look at the rough cuts. oh my god they are fun and i love the hairstyle and keep their. thing up so it's a really really nice to be here in the setting and play real live music has some of the my folk know that i love you monday. what have you got that.
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long for this year it well actually in my heart of hearts i have to say yes because you know when you're a child there is no limits the sky's the limit and i grew up in a time and a kind incident. and there were no restrictions i was just playing you know it was rock ocean and my dreams there was no you tube you know that sucked. so i think i was very much in a coon playing guitar writing my songs and it really had. the quality of just letting me bloom as a human being and and somehow it definitely made me dream pick has to be in music steer and recruit. for dish. well might my parents loved music my dad was like don't be a politician and don't be an don't don't go into religion and don't don't get it
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don't do something that's too boring so i was like music you know and they love rock n roll my parents had fleetwood mac and. rolling stones and and all these like kind of sixty's and seventy's bands so it was kind of natural for me to go into country and folk and then rock and roll this is just all of a born home and that's. it's done that for me is when she learned to me it was a waffle issue vegetable model for is actually it was in a musical she gets a computer either a valid one of the speakers meters had to get past the military. has to feel good oh just in to for a bit of. i think my mom was always my role model because she was a musician so she would come home with with her guitar you know she was teaching guitar and i thought ok that's what the woman douche comes home and she brings
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a guitar so i think from very early on i thought that women were musicians and and my my parents met at their us through the festival you know my mom was playing on stage with her feminist band they were all make it playing there like not. really think it really. was like i think early seventy's series so she was really cool but i liked dolly parton too and i was more uncertain around a grand day and i mean there is friendship where president for that i mean. he comes you know as i as the quarter followed by meet at city hall and communicate meet my problems because then now that you've got that. news on that interest holding on to my little national. i'm the one in the building for a while and the desk has a little stronger set of another one up this was a number of people the chinese and the other was working at an underfunded some you lash out and you can't i don't know i know drugs came and i could escape. kept the
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crowd. with me because he. did mention that the mistrust and lot of them want to go to the opening on legislative not allied with us and the bombing is in young dignity pension dignity what is in a given in the amount of the puppet government and you can see in mind what of my claimed it wasn't a lot of money because on how. it does was there moccasins we often lost market on the top of us has admitted to me out of i'm also the s. to get involved minus needs but i did when banks of the offer was made not to mention the war against one of michael jackson on the exact cause and concern inside the money you can gobble up of us with a 1000000 coarseness and kicking him out the palio and that's this you have all. my need to minister i grew to any time and after your daughter judicial enough italian and dina mark and also in the design of the 2 youngest of the new team freed from the number to open. oh how i mean the sights that amazing food and the love you know you just feel there is such
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a natural way of giving love it's very i mean it's very exotic for us and in aliens definitely you know that viking but it's the core of the yeah so there is just the temperature just gets turned out a bit yeah to me just too much and gentle in the bonhomme if you live alone you document but don't hold back it's a function of these new dorp beach damage to get most of my hand on the look of magnitude of how much. you can i mean you can swim it's a bit far yeah you you take the boat from that in sweden yeah and i mean that's how you do it when you're from copenhagen. but a lot of the tourists come from germany and they like to drive so and they drive a truck and and then go through a little danish trip and then end up and gone home with a monkey could do was a very tough easy gluck a year they didn't tell you why do you have. it on because even just i'm from
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venice leeds to make mention and you've got to leave. well my parents left sailing so come on when i was 3 weeks old they took me sailing so i was yeah i spent a lot i learned walking on a boat and that's how much time was spent there and i think it taught me a lot about what conflict does. i really got to learn about just the nature and how important it is to connect with nature and not just use it as a backdrop because every day it's like oh what's the weather going to be like and learning to navigate is so important it's a big part of life too how you kind of move to so i feel like that was a very important lesson that i had a growing up on a boat and had to shut down because it's a pity i'm somebody. well it was. very philosophical growing up and i think you know when you have so many hours a day to answer questions i mean my i could just sit and say oh dad you know about
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so what do you think and i feel like connecting you know now we have i phones we have a lot of things that take away. the closeness of a conversation there and i'm very grateful that i had that growing up because i might be intense but at least i'm very real and i'm very much in the present journey considered flushed and andrew said. not to shout out just let's look now you tell him so you. know my age despite all of the commons fathers and pop i wasn't wasn't home. i think you got. to because god. had not been born in the cobwebs you want to talk and i thought i did so again the obvious or the one been mocked that i saw the writing of that's in the motivational unfold who got. his contacts into an underworld from high school they didn't want to publish nothing under the earth to lead to mr good ideas there are gods guns for diamonds. souls
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are sometimes all things from hitting an ox and 1000 i am born on the whole just a few of them to be an unborn or. daven this is often missed as of the having to. get it if you can of course hear my god tell us to have a look at his i think. it's wrong to do each other anything to me and then does. get a foreign thought don't with doing it i'm god and they hadn't. any as any one did on sometimes on faith in his union management on the roof of what's that damage that can get out my papa is an upright in a haitian and when i'm on that often i'm disturbed when ken didn't get on top either because of the biggest mute mom of adamiya i knew had and will and the point almost as if we've gone public will miss it almost. i'm sick of all not one property from that you know i'll fuck this shit in public and also respond because even if the musical compositions give that man my months of music for those i will sit on it's just but good to signal christine was to threaten yeah that's what
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music is that is a. music is. what you're going at it's not what you are opposites it can be be the tool to mention is that if you sort of order i thought and thought it was on the doing as a little to me because when it's heightened as soon as anything as a music mounted with me has missed them that's why i got inside my roses was this was to be a fight to get in office so i took it as logically he had to since i'd met his means that i was in hits when you're drunk it's been a little too late for them to me at all. right now except how does it tried. to shock me. and i feel semen from the outcome of them you don't know i mean you know i got fired 9 but i had so much sexuality in the. what was his sexual i don't know they didn't feel like i could feel my energy i was like here it is it was danger no with all my power yeah and also evidence was there were a lot of stuff that's not the castle that i asked i thought people were nicer to it
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unlawful sex you know i was known i was in the castle but also there was a clairvoyant lady living in the in the village and one time i let her run the the concierge yeah i went to the toilet as i was like you can figure everything out yeah you know so maybe i wasn't completely reliable i was a teenager and drinking or that's the last out that i had i was kind you are also cool no harm done should be to as we can type of thing she leaves like globish. i might be touch. and vice not so much with us from the family and i don't think so but i now i think it's a fun joke more than anything ok because it's of course so far from from that everything that i've but i'm just. i'm guess i'm always trying to figure out who i want to be next and that's also in music it's like i'm growing and learning all the time and i went from being the tiny girl who could just write the horses
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and then working in the supermarket and then all of a sudden traveling and seeing the world playing my guitar. vi need to have some snuffers metaplot implants home i took the time out school you know and you know. once one of them was because the denver police i'm not a doctor $1.00 cost me and yeah i got it when it was 4 and that's when you thought it was papa yeah that was the part of the list of all what. twice also some pop and let you down must dismantle last night and you can tidy up the frontal tickled on your own. that's. a. lot to me.
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so no need. for me. whole. thank. you. already we're told by the jeweler royal gold. yeah gold of gold the law of it if you wish or say. the. classic was you put in good 10 or have bangor maine go about. my day and all that is either dead the name you have been seeing gone through but.
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you know it was it was the pandora today and the event old very good that is my today and all there it is either he made me appearance here. thad side of the social bit o. v m f when trying to get heated to dance tunes and antique attached i would have said has to mention dinner felt also to the sudden it was compared and. well i feel like i always wanted to be an original and i think it's so easy to get lost. so i try to stay true to myself even if i will wear something that instant tension me not in fashion or it's it's crazy or it's but i always just tried to.
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somehow i'm not loose myself because i am in an industry where a lot of things are always changing and have been eating and especially if you're successful then people will say oh my god i love this and i don't like that and to me it was so important to keep my core values and and be what i wanted to be as a kid someone that i could look up to and not do so myself along the way too funny i just went on the back not outside not blogs this is of this abuse in lock step with the benoit fintan on and all that it could to be teeth you don't know into because i had to stop wasn't outside. and it's yes but i have you know i think what has kept me going all through all the years it's been 10 years since i released i will have one which was my 1st huge hit is that i've been writing songs since i was a kid. i was singing before i could talk you know music has been such a huge part of my life and i never needed anybody to come in and give me a song i was always it was coming from within so i was sit down and pick up my
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guitar and i got a guitar. and i would you know find the courts and i had to write out my thoughts and the melodies so yeah i come yes i love that. so you know i was. so when i was like. i think i was writing for this girl called sophie and she was like one of those girls where you should feel a bit lost you wouldn't actually know where she would go from where she was. this is for a girl. very much. time
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is made up of stranger. and i don't know virgin anymore. and then i wish so much that she would fly. a feather. and i knew she was flying. so it's like storytelling to me and i feel like that's what's keeping me going i have so many stories that i need to tell . sunshine and he says something that's. all sunshine i was angry i was angry like i was like. why are you going to beat someone you could be with me that's what i felt like i was angry with my boyfriend. so i was like depressed so sad that i was like. i guess so. much. so your can i mean some good times.
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yeah. i agree. that. it's.
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a. huge leap.
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well you know too much of a song. it is the ultimate going from hot break to hope and from pain to pollen southeast and those are extremes that what's your school must have to do some better. yeah if you go from the yeah yeah yeah yeah when you're growing yes sure it's like you just there's a nerve in you and yeah that's a running yeah that's a call the sound of some best offer to continue to it while i don't know if it sped up but it's just the kind of songs that you write have sometimes
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a lot of power in them because love is what we all want and i think it's the most important thing between us humans so when you can't have the one you love or it just completely missed about it's like. you know live it's over now and then you write a song to bloom the pieces back together and become whole again it was a strategy has sort of sort of pull off all. but the impact of up as much of that i'm a clock calmed this was all talk but i love that question. well i would say i haven't seen the dated a fair share of men and and i don't necessarily like that but i do feel that being a powerful woman i have to be with somebody who can who doesn't feel threatened by that because there is definitely something in the power structure i just i mean i've been doing this since i was 17 or 18 and just going out to dinner who's
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picking up the check if i was picking up the check. stuff like that where it's also part of kind of scandinavian culture we as women are now wherein trainers and we like there is a lot of equality going on so yes and no i mean i am very romantic and i want to be with someone who can who can carry me but i can also carry. you send in a whole panel until she die your copy of your home you can support that last. well i think that the norwegian girls is so cute because of the accent. government well i don't know how big the differences are probably not super huge when you look at it from a larger scale but within the countries with definitely feel like the swedish are more neat. and the danish are pretty more kind of rough something like
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a national disaster struck and lots of often do often gives almost no concepts will slow down yeah yeah i'm not the healthiest to shun all to mention to some of scott's finish law and. i used to collect sheerest you know what i had over a 1000 pair of shoes oh yeah yeah thousands yeah d.v.d. brinkman don't talk in sick couldn't so i told them so i suppose. yes. i had big story ok but actually i gave them all the way to red cross ok 2 or 3 years ago not all of them but maybe 900 of them and then i started collecting cowboy boots because i was like i wanted to do conjuring music out of their own it's like just a facility but. what you don't want to be no no no i'm not going to have the next step i'm going to get the job of any of this amazing and have a few feet walk out of mind if the goal.
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of my film something amazing this last beautiful and owns. the next song is called that violent and johnny said and i can just. hear. it. no cheap. children. to. say i. didn't teach her all the love on live and then they.
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land on the chance to turn on a. chair she'd love on their lives than. those who are a little better than. food is assumed to live a. little simpler than. the burden of. proving. to. be the. town that i love i live.
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down. run. down than. that land. mine then. fine. now now. thanks. them if one trauma hurt us from the lives of his destroyed yes the invention stand better than a familiar dish of in its after clan from years that in the course familial. my
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family the family that i want to buy i love the idea that i thought my god i'm going. to go online well i love my family can stay they have been supporting me always have been very lucky to have parents who looked up to musicians and thought they were the greatest so. yeah but i also know that i'm a touring lady and music is such a big part of my life and every time i make a new record it is like making a baby and you know it's so precious that i care for it and i wonder what what happens with it you know it's it's a very it's very emotional music it's also kind of my family. consisted of fashion and i'm a king that happens are just sort of all in view just the sedan coming out of decomposition so extolled you know never i don't think that's an option i think
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there's too much in me. i think. i think it's impossible to know even if their lives and things change when you ask another as you come up on a kinda bias all after part the next and i've got a doctor we'll clean in the autumn of all i did so by mr sought in india he said listen we can trade on its mistakes don't insult all or does as it was mostly have learned to love us or any of our side what to do anything clearly didn't disinhibition on you out of the musical system of the infile is with us all for those the biden calls in leading the last the community music to forbidden if you have that advantage that's all you need to mrs well yeah i definitely told me to go to germany to get structure. so it's like one thing i don't need it growing up because my parents were were hippies and also. i feel like in this in this music industry i have to also live up to
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a lot of people's expectations and it's not just playing guitar it's also being a lady boss you know i have employees and i never thought about that growing up that i would have a team of people that i would have to put together and it's a lot of teamwork it's like for being a football player you know i'm there i'm the one trying to score the goal and get the song there but everybody else on my team is such a big part of it and. yeah so i definitely need my family of players with me as a diplomat and even as a few. months it was finished and most would up was just. actually it can be a problem sometimes because i'm i'm not super diplomatic i kind of subject that. he . like i have you know i'm a perfectionist like so it's like ok when people can't read my mind it's
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yeah and also i'm a woman in this industry and i'm a woman in this industry for 10 years so you know i've had to fight a lot of men in suits being i you know was really young kind of teenager you know knowing in my head what i wanted to do and. and it make me strong but it also made me sometimes maybe too strong as you should have asked for and there. to have it about your current client for talk to you want more yes they can fuck. yeah just like yes to chicago thank. you anderson thank you and the film from class the ships of the vanished the dumb few who got. into some. pain johnny was 2nd but in the end i don't know. if i give this book that much but my view didn't finish and just want people to mystify me what else would be got to be rather tensioning yeah yeah the former
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looking here and the other the off yet. he asked and sure in a strange. way like. to present you. i will love you monday. to. make. you a. period to. take you to. new. day.
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to play. you. a live human being. you. do get. a. feel for. her. because. they are bad period.
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thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you and thank you for watching.
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thank you. thank you. but if christmas story is real. and beloved characters rolled along the street. this could only be days into. each christmas season the point city in the netherlands transforms into the enchanting 19th century world of charles dickens. your romance in a 13.
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their clue to today's world. 97. dollars exclusive her plate wrong the people of the islam not. making its initial flirtation but those are strong states of emergency things into chaos thanks joan chittister countries explained hence the people. in the studio told her to play the large card. at the start of an era that defines only managed. 970. 2 days me since december 23rd. thanks.
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to watching the news ally of the violent demonstrations on india's streets despite a government ban against the gatherings protesters. to raise their voices against a controversial new citizenship that they say marginalized as muslims will get the latest from delhi also coming up. australia faces i know the day of catastrophic fire as an authority is a warning that high winds and scorching temperatures could make the emergency even worse.


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