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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2019 4:30am-5:01am CET

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they will not succeed in dividing us out i'll not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for mines. hello and welcome to drive by the d.w. motor magazine this week we take the v.w. r.t.r. across a frozen swedish wake. burn up the track with a mclaren 600 feet. and check out the sea had to rocco's climate credentials. mountains snow and sunshine were in the south to roll to test the siac to
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rocco in winter driving conditions will put the car through its paces as we make our way through the ups to find out how this s.u.v. ambles off road situations. that make the card test very minimal schafer says that iraq always fun to drive in snow just set it on off road and you're good to go of course driving on ice is a little tricky but that's true for any car i know about how i doubt that any hit although that according to. our tests me a coup is he quit with the all wheel drive system for drive but you can also choose the front wheel drive model if you don't plan to drive off road or in snow there are also options for a 6 speed manual transmission and a 7 speed dual clutch transmission.
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emanuel says the sort of winter driving is greet if you'd like to stay outside a bit longer for a closer look but it's too cold they'd like to be someplace that's warmer but for $3.00 to $3.00 on the 3rd and. that's better it's morocco 20 degrees sunshine and some sand if he can take a closer look. at that to rocco is 4.73 meters long and 1.65 meters tall that's about the same size as the skoda kodiak and the v.w. to go on all space. ok. ok. ok. yeah i guess that you can imagine will notice that camels are a popular means of transportation in morocco it's a practical way to get around camels don't move very quickly and they're not nearly
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as comfortable as a 4 wheel drive vehicle. both camels and vehicles like that to rocco thrive in this kind of environment. but camels have another advantage over cars they don't produce much c o 2 it's p.p.i. points out that there are some paved highways here but you will more likely be driving over gravel and sand or a combination of the 2 the terracotta was built for driving in those kinds of conditions so he's going to take that to rocco offroad. this s.u.v. has a fairly high ground clearance and a torsion resistant chassis so it can handle these situations but with artistic moves like this sometimes you lose the overview but there's an optional 360 degree camera available for $575.00 euros the camera is really useful for parking. other
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maneuvers. even if one of the wheels started spinning on its own the to rocco still delivers solid performance of course most people who buy this issue be aren't going to drive it in punishing conditions like this still it's good to know that if you have to you can. in my analyst says he has no complaints about the to rocco's jesse the vehicle seems to be able to smooth out most bumps with nice sure every once in a while you'll get a rough patch but few cars can deliver a completely smooth ride so overall he's impressed with the 2 rocco it's because i'm to. time now for a 2nd test but 1st we've got to let a little air out of the tires to maximize the contact area. every human was brought along an experienced professional driver to help out with the test surely shinny
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you'll keep us on the street a narrow there by 3 skate on evidence on the last or the we were go on to the drive in the sand and he will tell us what we need to look out for 1st the important thing is that we have to be and i want you to know that they have a bit more control of the separation so any moment that we need to become some speed that response of the car it's much more immediate the 2nd thing that we have the about our mind is that. the rooms are always very soft and changing. so we need to be well in advance this here to be ready to change. the line of potential speed of. the car for any moment that we need. but there are several other potential problems to watch out for. if we see that they have. in up here like right now. it's it's always important.
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so we know about when we go up but only when we go down. a sort of we hear about the car. i don't know that's what i said was a speed it goes down into the sound of something other that we would not want so it's something challenging and i hope. and we thank you that's right so see if you feel safe getting. out of this fear it's strange compared to driving on the road it's it's really it's something very very different. but after just a few minutes the man i will got used to driving in sant. a minimal says that driving is sand is actually a lot of fun but it can be a little nerve wracking when the vehicle starts to float and any case this was an entertaining test drive. and they say you have to rocco passed with flying
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colors. it already comes in a hard time now mclaren is presenting a convertible $600.00 spider be uncompromisingly stripped down aerodynamically designed roadster as a $441.00 kilowatt $3.00 leader v 8 under the hood and cerise car was street cred but b.l.t. mark makes this vehicle something special. interest of a no dice and over says that the l.t. stands for long tail the car's a bit longer which is good for its aerodynamics of thanks to your wing provides traction for more at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour there is 100 more kilograms of force pressing on to the road than with other models. i wouldn't have guessed. i'm
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a clarence 600 could only use the l d designation when it's been radically redesigned and not just the exterior the cars 1.3 ton curb weight makes the 601 of the lightest vehicles in its class the airflow isn't just channel past the car it's directed right to where the engine needs it for cooling. a new top exit exhaust system contributes to aerodynamics and weight reduction. the roof can be lowered at speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour it disappears into the rear of the car in 15 seconds. in funds of final says the carbon received seats are 21 kilograms wider the normal once the wind shield is special to it saves 1.4 kilograms so weight there's no
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bulky air conditioner or sat nav systems and that helps to reduce weight to the right old adage that if you need a sat nav to drive on a racing track you're certainly not going to come in 1st. it's just for you. any element that's not needed for pure performance and precise handling has been stripped away even the glove compartment and or pockets. i know says the engine is right here he adds of the tailpipes help to give the mclaren that's my shoulder. and at night if you floored you could even see flames shooting out into ones about. the best way to test drive this car is on the race track thanks to launch control the acceleration of the to enter bovey 8 is explosive the $600.00 l.t. can hit 100 kilometers per hour. and just 2.9 seconds after 8.4 seconds it's
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blazing along at 200 kilometers per hour still a ways from its top speed of $32047.00 speed dual clutch transmission takes over the lightning fast trip up the years and i don't know i know it says that flying around the track in a race car is a blast the mclaren $600.00 l t has everything that a race car needs a brilliant chassis great brakes and an engine sound that's music to a driver's ears that makes it fun to simply shift down and drive on the street you don't even have to go fast says reinhold for a moment i'm still. was my god it was. let's take one more look at the breathtaking specs including the price in germany the $600.00 l t spider sells for $250000.00 euros and its addition is limited after a year production will be discontinued.
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this truck is a legend. in the current system much as kharaj says the other immobile world is changing constantly one model after the other with new technology and better sounding names few cars can hold their place in this environment maybe a decade or 2 but never longer yet the toyota high lux has been around for half a century where your title is. whether it was back in 2007 when a high lux became the 1st auto to reach the north pole during a volcano eruption in iceland or conquering the south pole in 2010 the high lux is the only vehicle that spent. both ends of the year. in january 2001000
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high lux 11 of the world's toughest races that dakar rally. for more than 50 years the toyota high lugs has been one of the toughest pickups in the world through 8 generations toyota has managed to sell 18000000 of them worldwide the high lux is known as europe's most popular pick up. or does it matter since the 8th generation has been given a facelift at least in the most luxurious version of the truck the executive. the spruce can be seen most clearly at the front wrap around headlights emphasize the pickups width and integrate seamlessly into the newly designed radiator grille. and nearly 1.65 meters the high lux has the brothers better of its class
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a new floor assembly and a reinforced tread wall give this truck a big edge when it comes to loading and unloading. the interior has stayed pretty much the same and corresponds to earlier standard models . leather seats are part of a standard equipment of a high lux executive. classifies the high lux as a commercial vehicle even though you have to admit that this pickup truck doesn't drive like a commercial one it's not a car that's really comfortable to drive or is really sharp speedy and precise and handling a pickup is a pickup and it is what it is. and pick up. the high looks as
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a 2.4 leader 4 so munder diesel that pumps out 110 kilowatts of power with maximum torque of 400 nude meters that makes it strong enough to tow 3 and a half tons. it's very time to take the high looks off road we flip a switch and a low range so the truck can get down and dirty. even to really rough terrain the high looks easily moves over major barriers and through extremes. the high lex is equipped with high speed gear effective utilization control which determines the availability of high speed gears in real time according to driving conditions so in 50 year for example it can only be traveling at 50 kilometers per hour what 10 times the torque to climb steep hills. that. says some might ask who
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needs a vehicle this big but if you have a business and you need to transport stuff that you don't want in the car and you don't want to van there are many alternatives to a pickup so that's a big plus for the high lux and it can go off road and pull really big loads that means a vehicle for tough jobs a utility vehicle and found out wouldn't. even know it's followed so it. takes a lot of courage and a reliable vehicle to drive in wintry conditions this is the r.v. region in northern sweden folks wagon and other european car manufacturers test their vehicles here on. frozen lakes today will be putting the b w r
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t on through its paces in subfreezing temperatures. b l e d headlights have been build deep into the grill to give the r.t.m. a sporty look. the vehicle measures 4.86 by one meter 87 with a wheel base of 2.84 meters. the standard equipment includes l.e.d. headlights and taillights daytime running lights keyless access chrome strips on the side windows and 17 inch alloy wheels with all those features you might consider the a luxury car but it's a lot more than that. yes cannot be a spokesman much and who says the main thing that they wanted to do was to call attention to the already owns driving dynamics it's a quick with 4 wheel drive and a powerful 205 kilowatt to leader turbo engine that gives the vehicle
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a lot of traction and good response you'll notice the smooth ride right away and the actual an interaction between car and driver. gotten caught. we brought along a professional driver to help us with our test now we'll see what this car is really made up but these would every conditions require some special equipment. like he has cars says who are using studded tires which provide proper traction while you steer if we didn't we'd have to drive slower and wouldn't get much reaction from the front axle. but it would be. my ts knows all about driving under extreme conditions he says 7 times german rally champion he says the 4 wheel drive and control systems make it easy to drive this car on
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a. my teacher says that rally cars often slide around on the track you often can't steer and the car just sort of drifts. and when you're driving on ice like this it's really helpful to have that sort of experience so that you know what to do. but anybody can learn to drive on ice it's really not that difficult. they could be doing. it but i. think they all got it that's right. and it can be a lot of fun people who visit the driving experience track can climb behind the wheel themselves instructors are there to help. my team a sense of the most important thing to remember as you drive into a curve is to slow down. and he checks out the curve visually and then brakes to an
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appropriate speed. once he's put more weight on to the front axle he over steers a little until he's through the curve. then he can start accelerating again. driving in extreme conditions like this can help you improve your skills so you'll feel comfortable behind the wheel in just about any situation but make sure that you do your test drives in areas that are authorized and superbike. we now take a journey into the past and the technological trendsetter the open only in p.s. this one was built in 1938 the olympia was a best seller in 1935 the. year that the model was introduced and helped all will
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become the 1st german manufacturer to produce more than $100000.00 cars a year and that made opel europe's biggest automaker but the oval olympia it's the car of its time in the mid 1930 s. that was opals ad slogan for its new mass production model says vintage car expert christophe bow or it might not look very spectacular but under its nondescript exterior is a technological milestone the olympia was the 1st german mass production model to have a unitized body and unibody construction is still the standard in car making today because as it is we're down a little. from the early 20th century on opel was a hive of innovation in 1009 it's 2 seater doctors car used any fission modular construction system. and in 1924 the 4 horsepower opel nicknamed the tree
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frog was the 1st german car to roll off an assembly line. olympia made its debut in 1935 at the i a international motor show in berlin plexiglass model showed off its truss like car body framework the body and the chassis comprised a single unit that was simply mounted onto a pre-assembled drive train that included the engine. the interior was eerie featuring as it did opals patented draft prevent a lation the car was equipped with front and rear vent windows there was plenty of space inside as well. krista says the opel olympia really holds the road and can't be beat when it comes to safety here but then. monocoque body gives the olympia
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a much lower center of gravity than its predecessor a whole 15 centimeters lower income a nation with the independent wheel suspension at the front and opals patented synchronised suspension and makes for a great road handling but to begin with opel drivers add the content themselves with just 24 horsepower it's only starting in 1938 could they get a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine with 37 horsepower that gave the car a top speed of 112 kilometers an hour making it fit for the autobahn. that was christoph finds the olympia's design a little conservative and some places he says you can already see the influence of general motors which bought opel in 1990 but at the time the integrated headlights were considered especially innovative before that they were simply mount it right
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here at sites parker says was that what he finds most impractical is the trunk which can only be loaded from the inside making a virtue out of necessary ople claim visit offered protection from dirt at the inclement weather and faffed mark good marketing has always been vital to selling cars. to start off with the olympia was available as a 2 door sedan or a convertible in 1938 when the olympia underwent a facelift opel also added a 4 door sedan to the model range but all versions featured the novel sheet metal unitized body that reduced curb weight by a good 130 kilos compared with the car's predecessor the olympia's aerodynamic front and flatter under body also reduced drag. the interior is very purist the corduroy material is robust and the more rigid passenger compartment me. means greater safety for those on board you know that
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mcchrystal says under the hood is one of the 1st crumple zones in automotive history the front part of this unit ties body deforms in a controlled way there is even a predetermined breaking point in this for shape from profile but there was nothing very new about the engine it was a small 4 cylinder engine which is 1.3 liters of displacement and $29.00 horsepower this one here was only available from 1938 it was a high performance model with 1.5 liters of capacity 37 horsepower and valves here in the cylinder head and made the olympia the best series production car at the 1938 german alpine cup and it served as the basis for all open 4 cylinder models through to the 1960 s. . earlier olympia's had a 3 speed transmission but starting in 1937 the model was available with
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a modern though somewhat notchy 4 speed gearbox. the previous year opel had introduced the cadets a less costly model based on the olympia featuring a rigid axle with a leaf springs in a $1.00 leader engine it was opals version of the people's car. that's crystal says the opel olympia really was the car of its time as the 1st mass production car to have them on a cart body have pointed the way towards the future because starting in the 1950 should anybody construction became the standard in modern auto making so christophe feels the opel olympian definitely was a milestone and automotive history. he olympia's certainly lived up to the ad slogan the company began using in the 1930 s. ople a reliable production resumed after world war 2 and opel continued to produce this best selling model until 1953. the book.
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join us again next time for dr it.
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pissed off that. he has an excellent reputation but so far he's been a bit of a disappointment. really quick you know what it's supposed to help fire munich get back on track this season. but hey hasn't been a strike. we'll take a closer look at our stellar career. doug. holiday journey of discovery could soon be the
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most beautiful time to visit what's on book of that's how my. day was pay this this is one of germany's most charming towns. she strolls down medieval streets in the only town ensample still look to be a christmas tree it's. 30 minutes to. shower head of flames this is super bowl speaking welcome to the show with the ding dong xoai high end concerts with filibuster his guests. the sounds. and then incredible location.
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groups. on t.w. . and knocked me out. to meet. the producer. was. never defeated me back. up. the follow up from. time to time that happened to them to their backyard or far further away from the church or forget how to look up. a little oh. oh. in the public
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perception africa is now assuming the position to which it was always in congo. that you believe it is but you know. the feeling something genuine. here. this is deja vu news these are our top stories. dozens of homes have been destroyed in australia as the country struggles with an ongoing wildfire emergency authorities in the state of new south wales describe the situation as bad as it gets as bad as it gets firefighters are struggling against some of the most extensive fires on record which are being fanned by strong winds and high temperatures. according pakistan has said then say university lecturer.


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