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it is a good. thing jenny. this is a lie from an apology from australia's prime minister from vacationing in hawaii all parts of his country burned prime minister do have other responsibilities and i accept not accept criticism. thousands of firefighters are struggling to contain catastrophic places across several states well go to sydney for the latest also coming up. europe takes the u.s.
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to task for sanctions on a pipeline transporting russian gas to western europe the measures could push up costs and delay construction. and like to top the german football league heading into the winter break. a 31 win at home to outskirt was enough to guarantee their lead in the bundesliga have all that action and more. a michael okuda glad you could join me. australia's prime minister's scott morrison has been forced to apologize for taking a holiday at the height of the devastating bushfire crisis emergency crews are struggling to contain hundreds of blazes around sydney a combination of record temperatures drought and powerful winds is fueling the inferno at least 9 people have been killed since the fires began but there is hope
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at last of a break in the weather. the reality of the fight against the flames told mensing australia the force of nature overwhelming. here in europe. just a handful of firefighters here more than 3000 others are on the front lines in new south wales and one of the biggest fire disasters australia has seen to have lost their lives. i'm back in australia to help coordinate the response prime minister scott morrison outraged by leaving for a holiday in hawaii is a crisis peaked he's returned with repentance. obviously return from that has caused some great anxiety in a strike there and. acknowledge that. he had to time ever again and you had the
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benefit of hindsight and with my different decisions. the past 2 days have been desperate in new south wales a situation officially catastrophic as one official said as bad as it gets exhaustion is setting in. for take management and the dry and the relentless nighter this season is certainly taking a toll on so too is a geographic spread of the activity just to go challenges transport and an accommodation challenges spreading and moving people right across such a broad geographic area all add to the challenges of. fight the intensity of the east as cold wet weather moves in but still hundreds of . the assessments of the damage caused. journalist roger maynard eased in sydney following the blazes there roger prime
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minister scott morrison has apologised after returning from vacation is there likely to be any political fallout for him in other words or australians buying what he's selling. not really being rather cynical i think at this stage in his absence overseas sunning himself in hawaii a lot of australia and certainly didn't go too well and he's been and certainly pilloried in the press and on the social media as a result of that is under a lot of pressure to politically to pull out all the stops to try to restore his image this morning went immediately to the rural fire service headquarters in sydney to meet officials and also to discuss strategy with them also there were up fighters from america and canada who arrived in australia over the weekend to try to offer a helping hand during this press conference scott morrison accepted the criticism
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leveled at him and apologise for any offense corps has done it here ted to concede that climate change might have been a cooter drew factor in all this he emphasised that it was not possible to make a direct connection between climate change and any particular incident now australians are $60000000000.00 a year from the export of coal so there's a lot riding on this debate and he is not prepared to give that sort of business away immediately anyway well mercifully temperatures around sydney have dropped hasn't helped firefighters much. yeah it's a lot cooler in sydney if they have about 2324 degrees celsius compared with 4445 degrees yesterday so the news will drop in temperature and that certainly helped firefighters who've been battling blazes in the blue mountains now for most of the weekend is help them to gain some degree of control although a limited amount of control because these fires are so immense earlier today we
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heard of another potential disaster in an area south west of sydney in a little town called balmoral which has a population of about $400.00 of the prime minister and the state premier of wind to this particular part of the world earlier on today and and and the work was that although no one's actually been allowed back into the village yet that most of the village has been lost such was the false claims overnight and that's why the story is going to repeat it is so many areas of australia at the moment you know even in the blue mountains and in southwest of city we've got this sort of christened of flame and circling a lot of the outer regions. and no one can really stop it basically that was journalist roger maynard in sydney speaking to us a short while ago germany has strongly objected to u.s. sanctions against the north stream to gas pipeline from russia to germany the
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sanctions target can companies building the pipeline under the baltic sea washington says the project gives russia too much power over europe and its offering its own gas as an alternative. the gas pipeline has just 300 kilometers to go this signature aims to stop it dead in the water the new u.s. law imposes sanctions against companies building the pipeline washington says north stream 2 will make germany too dependent on russian energy none of your business says german vice chancellor scholtz. sanctions constitute serious interference in the internal affairs of germany and europe and of our own sovereignty we have checked to them in the strongest terms moreover this behavior is entirely in comprehensible and is not at all appropriate between friends and nato allies. the sanctions target companies like swiss based all sees it operate ships that lay pipelines at sea but because the sanctions could threaten business the company does
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in the united states its announced its suspending work stream to many german politicians are outraged by the american measures. just wants more markets for their fracking they want to force europeans to buy environment damaging fracking again. but the government in berlin says it won't retaliate. and we do not want to trade in warm weather on this issue or any other we believe the political differences should be resolved politically and shouldn't contribute to making a trade conflicts worse conflict. the consortium building north stream 2 says construction will continue but finishing the pipeline may now take longer and cost more. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. seems headed for a 2nd term president of afghanistan according to preliminary results he won september's election with just over half of the vote the announcement had been
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delayed by a recount. currently the country's chief executive. at least 18 prisoners have been killed while rioting in a jail in honduras the fighting broke out in a prison located in the northern part port town of tell us relatives of the dead prisoners gathered outside a morgue to collect the bodies for burial. croatians are voting in a presidential election where a tight outcome is expected the current president conservative. to tire of it she is facing challengers on the right and left the ballot comes days before the takes over the european union's rotating presidency. sports now and german football leipzig are on top of the bun as leader as the league enters christmas break the team secured the top spot with a $31.00 win at home to. sport coach martin schmidt managed to
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smile as he greeted his counterparts nearly an hour goes mon. against leipzig of all teams philip max would have to sit out the match with a sore throat leaving it all up to his strike partner need to lash now. and he rose to the occasion opening the scoring for the visitors with their 1st chance in just the 8th minute i be a goal of the season for the summer newcomer i'm checking video replay for possible. 2 and a half minutes which is better to feel the air for opponents of the system who say it kills the mood i after that light sic woke up i but they couldn't capitalize on any of their 1st half chances was but that changed in the 68 minutes when conrad got hold of the i the austrian netting overdue
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equaliser was like 6 sixteenth's shot in the game and they finally managed to take advantage of what. i wanted to make sure they went into the winter break top of the table and that was guaranteed 12 minutes later when patrick shit coffee licks. and headed in to make it to work the pipes it played a clever game the rest of the way team stepped on the gas and set up substitute use of poulsen to tap in and round out the 31 scoreline in the final minutes i. know it's all very tight all the top teams are there in the mix be a lot of big things happening for us in spring if we want. to go like this. next year. in the summer with the answer but 1st leipzig will be having
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a merry christmas at the top of the table. by in munich continued their run of wins on saturday with a victory over vosburgh byron have lost a number of 1st team players through injury and that means opportunities for some up and coming star search his 18 year old joshua say. but i am down to the bare bones midfielder and a forward helps make up the back line as well spokane for our points the midfielder in question have you martinez was forced to limp off in the 1st half to an out of sorts jerome boateng his replacement at the back fire on top throughout felipe could seem you know almost scoring with that stunning strike in the 51st minute couldn't catch steals with a regular save to keep things level. but another example of defensive heroics or jerome roussel own picks thomas mother's pocket at the back post soon after the
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frenchman out of nowhere to sight the day. the wolves they went close themselves might see on all shot the flick didn't just wide of the post all of a glass not knew that this was his side's best chance of stealing all 3 points. 10 minutes to go continue no off just result see on the 18 year old repeat wednesday's match winning debut heroics just 2 minutes late. the youngster turned homemade motocross to a my 2nd consecutive game for blind muni. and every pushed aside now that confidence but cannot be put the game to bed late told her i'm off the robot level the ski team up for a simple finish was off cyclists waved away as hanzi side grabs another victory but what's in serene coaches future. so some of the students will see how things develop but he's doing a good job you know she's we're very happy with the development of the squad and
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we're very satisfied with him so i'm with the way he's conducted himself in public that's a. boy wonder does it again as boy get the points. now let's take a look at all the results so far in match day 17 for to berlin and god buck ended scoreless byron left a late to beat berg leipzig came from behind to defeat out spurs cologne down vertebrae men shall come and fiber chaired the points mind lost to 10 men live of course and on friday hoffenheim stunned dortmund on sunday dusseldorf host berlin and frankfurt travelled to kind of boy. now for some more breaking news that is egg breaking news hundreds of sea turtle babies freshly hatched at a wildlife conservancy and conservancy in pakistan have just been released into the arabian sea this year nesting sites had been disturbed by storms adding urgency to
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efforts to look after the eggs of this endangered species the babies all seem to know which way to head with a bit of luck they could live to be 100. coming up next a deal documentary on the hidden dangers of as best don't forget you can get all the news on our website that's on d.v.d. if you dot com i'm michael okwu in berlin appreciate your company. did centuries of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sing the bridge alex on the phone while its 250th birthday were embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage.


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