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this is due to the news live from berlin boeing's c.e.o. was forced to step down dennis mullen burb resigns following as troubling a year that's on many of the company's jets grounded after to say the crash. also coming up a saudi court has sentenced 5 men to death over the murder of a journalist from montana shocked 3 others were given prison terms in connection with the killing of the washington post journalist at the saudi consulate in istanbul last year. plus more allegations of races of use in english football the
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players association demands a government inquiry after a sheltie defender was allegedly subjected to monkey chants on the pitch. i'm serious so misconduct it's good to have you with us we start with some breaking news boeing's c.e.o. dennis mullen bird has stepped down the aircraft manufacturer faced multiple setbacks this year including industrial scandals after 2 fatal crashes of boeing $737.00 max jetliner now and inquiry were revealed major problems with regulatory oversight of the company's operations departure is effective immediately he'll be replaced by chairman david calhoun the company says it needs to restore confidence and repair relationships with regulators customers and other stakeholders. and we have kate ferguson from. business with us for the very latest on the story
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hi kate why are we seeing this move happen now well 2019 is coming to an end and boeing is really taking stock of what's been a cost of straw for idea it was dominated of course by the tend to deal with this 737 mox crisis those 2 crashes one in ethiopia one in indonesia that killed 346 people that was blamed on full t. software and boeing was accused of outsourcing up software development to cheaper countries with lower safety standards and other things couldn't get any worse on sunday boeing had to abort a flight to the international space station that was part of a program to launch. and it was seen as this further proof that the company's engineering prowess is not what it used to be so the pressure on dennis was enormous and it's really clear that something has to change so the company's parting ways with its c.e.o. where does this leave boeing well if it's about restoring confidence the markets are certainly reacting well to this new shares rose several per cent after the news
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of departure broke but replacement cold rain will have his work cut out for him trying to restore the confidence of regulators of customers and of course all of those suppliers that are hurting because of this as well i'm sure people at boeing's european rival airbus have also been watching this news closely what do you think this means for that company salut lee well any sort of turbulence of boeing is always going to be seen as good news for if european rival airbus the 2 companies have of course been locked in this trade dispute the world trade organization boeing did have some good news this year when a w t o ruling went in its favor it was find that the european union had been illegally subsidizing air bus and as a result the american government was able to impose retaliatory tyrus bust the similar taste pending against boeing so the rivalry is likely to continue next year our correspondent kate ferguson from do business thank you so much for joining us
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here in our studio. all right let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world thousands of pro-democracy activists have rallied in hong kong there demanding an inquiry into alleged police brutality the demonstrations now in their 7th month are expected to continue through the holiday season. thousands of people left taken to the streets again in india to protest a controversial citizenship law it's a fast tracks indian citizenship for a number of persecuted minority groups but excludes muslims some critics call the law discriminatory and unconstitutional while others fear it will lead to mass migration into india more than 20 have died in the unrest link to protests against the legislation. in the u.s. state of virginia several people are in serious condition after dozens of cars were involved in a highway collision more than 60 vehicles crashed into one another official say fog and ice likely contributed to the pileup no fatalities have been reported. high
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tides in venice left much of the historic city center under water on monday the italian city is still counting the cost from floods in november which were the worst in 50 years of venice is a unesco world heritage city. a court in saudi arabia has sentenced 5 people to death for the killing of journalist. it also had a prison terms to 3 additional suspects in connection with the killing now the court proceedings were not open to the public and the identities of those who were sentenced today are unknown but it's believed there were responsible for carrying out the murder jamal khashoggi was never seen again after entering the kingdom's consulate in istanbul last year the saudi writer and dissident was killed and reportedly dismembered inside the building but his remains were never found he was a resident of the u.s. at the time and was known for writing predicably about the saudi royal family.
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earlier we spoke to the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions who delivered. report on the constructed case in june and we asked her to comment on the trial. there are there are many shortcomings we. the trial some of which i can highlight now 1st of all and most importantly see the chain of command was not chain vege to get to them and nobody above the heat has been charged and as been post secured to the all secure during self as identified one person out and captain your personal advisor to the crown prince as that incited the team before i left for turkey and yet the same fellow that kept any as not been brought to court as not being interviewed and has not been charged for that's 11 problem 2nd the trial was held behind closed doors even though there is no reason under international law for holding her church while behind closed doors even 'd told to
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try to try to the international attention and for which there was a need for just peace that was beyond the boundaries of. saudi arabia the g friend and of the trial according to the information i have received and then she stood they were obeying orders and yet. those who gave them the orders navy are being brought to court. you know and so on and so forth to each goes on to the they as been sentenced to death 5 of them are being sentenced to death. but the cause that you told the judge once said that there was no intention to kill under international law the death sentence can only be imposed on very stringent conditions and one of which is that the truth must be intentional no one so he of the death sentence using posed on the basis of the murder that caused intentional
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and therefore should not be easy object of the of the death sentence. so these are some of the reasons for which he's trying to do no daily trips to. now syrian government forces backed by russia and other allies are pushing to retake the it live region the last major part of rebel held territory in syria and home to 3000000 people tens of thousands are fleeing the violence and heading to the turkish border turkish president russia taffer to one fears they will eventually enter turkey which is already sheltering nearly $3700000.00 syrians the largest refugee population in the world everyone warns there will be consequences for europe if that happens. the desperate search for people buried in the rubble left by another bombing in syria as strikes by russian and syrian forces continued
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throughout the weekend. they're aiming for al qaeda linked militants what they hit here was a busy market. we were here when the missiles hit and we have nothing to do with this gk we are all civilians here my son was wounded this is a civilian area what can i do. to smoke rises from another drop to bomb on for another family it's time to pack up and leave sama is taking his family away from the violence. oh come on we're flying again because of the heavy bombardment by the criminal bashar al assad yesterday more than $400.00 rockets hit this town and they set off while more family with nowhere to go. joining many many more fleeing the renewed offensive. checky say $80000.00 people are currently heading towards its border with syria and the situation is deteriorating shi'ite. if the violence towards the people of live does not stop this number will rise even more
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in that case turkey will not carry such a migrant burden on its own the negative impact of the pressure we will be subjected to will be something that all european nations especially greece will also feel. at the moment there's no option for this new wave of displaced people other than joined half a 1000000 of those who fled to the border this year already invited to safety but living conditions the u.n. describes as horrific. let's get some more news now from around the world china says it will lower import tariffs on more than $800.00 products starting next month including food items like fish and frozen corp that's after what seems to be a thaw in the country's trade battle with washington the true sides are reportedly making progress towards a comprehensive trade deal. and algeria's military chief general ahmad guide salah has died of
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a heart attack at the age of 80 solo was seen as the country's de facto leader after protests toppled the rule of longtime ruler with a flick of prior to his death backed elections that were marred by protests and boycotts the british supermarket chain tesco has suspended a chinese supplier of christmas cards after a customer found a message inside one of the cards claiming it had been packed by prisoners who were forced laborers and the card was found by a 6 year old girl in london tesco has withdrawn the cards from sale and is investigating the allegation china denies that it uses prisoners for forced labor. florence wickham says she felt a bit shocked she was a home rushing christmas cards when she found a message inside one of them. we did i put on the monday that day that we got. them about a week ago and. why i can't get them i'm about on my thick all
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8 cause i guess that was somebody oh do i have to watch it i had to argue with that. the message was written in english it reads we are foreign prisoners in shanghai ching to prison china forced to work against our will please help us and notify human rights organization the message also asked that the note be passed on to british journalist peter humphrey humphrey and his wife were formally jailed in china and spent time in the same prison where the note claims to be from. when i was there. manufacturing labor work was voluntary no prisoners could could do that as a way to earn the pen is that they need to buy daily necessities like soap and toothpaste and biscuits. that is what has happened in the last year or so is that work has become compulsory tesco says it has
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a system in place to check for manufacturing irregularities and that it bans the use of prison labor. for now the cards are no longer on sale if the chinese company that supplied them is found to have breached the ban tesco says it will permanently remove its products from its shelves football now in england of the professional players association is calling on the british government to launch an inquiry into racism that comes after shell c. and germany defender antonio who to go allegedly faced monkey chants during his team's 2 nil win over tottenham on sunday. the latest racist incident in the premier league chelsea defender antonio due to go faced monkey chants by some spurious fans after clashing with sun one man who received direct caught for the fall one minute ago complained about the verbal abuse the referee briefly stop play during the 2nd half and a public announcement was made in the stadium warning that racist behavior was
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interfering with the game chelsea eventually went on to win the match but the incident overshadowed the victory. i hate racism in society i had race in in football and is appointed that. says i like that too can happen i don't know where he's getting better or worse but if it is fact and it's true nothing that needs to be dealt with and punishment needs to be strong. is hopeful that the fence will be identified i really hope that the offenders will be found and in a modern football ground like tottenham stadium with dozens of t.v. and security cameras it must be possible to find and punish them. but this is not an isolated incident in the premier league earlier this month manchester united midfielder fred was talkative by a manchester city fan but the ruediger incident seems to have set a body in motion the professional footballers association is urging the british government to get involved and set up an inquiry into the game and tottenham have
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also promised to take the strongest possible action but for many that is exactly what snacking action. coming up next to arts and culture news for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching to. sleep. carefully.


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