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you. know this is it every news life for a girl in a saudi court such as this 5 men for their roles in the murder of soon as jamal khashoggi kicked 3 others were given prison terms in connection with the grisly assassination of the washington post columnist at the saudi consulate in istanbul last year but critics condemned the lack of transparency and say questions remain also coming up russian on grates its 1st eritrea into crimea says an exciting the region from ukraine in 2014 it's a big step toward cementing russian control over the territory despite
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international sanctions plus fighting racism in football more allegations of racist abuse in english football the players' association now demands a government inquiry after a chelsea defender was allegedly subjected to monkey chants on the pitch. on my ark thank you so much for your company everyone a court in saudi arabia has sentenced 5 people to death for the killing of journalist journalist. the saudi writer and washington post columnist was assassinated and reportedly dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul over a year ago but his remains were never found well despite today's ruling questions still linger the court proceedings were shrouded in secrecy in the i. densities of
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those who were sentenced today are no. machines in a country that in forces far more than $100.00 death penalties each year the sentence against the suspected murderers of jamal khashoggi is no surprise. to the defendants will be sentenced to death and they are the direct and joint participants in the killing of the victim may god have mercy on him. 3 other men have received prison sentences totaling 24 years for covering up the crime but many questions remain following the announcement about the sentencing on sober 2nd 2018 jamal khashoggi enter the saudi consulate in istanbul for an official appointments inside according to both saudi and international investigators he was overpowered and strangled his body has never been found in. the killing of a critic of the saudi royal family sparked international outrage the pressure has been growing especially on crown prince mohammed bin salman but he denies any involvement
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a year after killing his family does not believe that there was no political motive behind the crime. i feel if i want to know what happened to anybody i want to he's going to be relieved from jail i wanted. him to pull it through. actually. it's a wish that will hardly be fulfilled by this verdict from riyadh the court did not even consider the crime to have been intentional another reason why 3 of the 11 defendants were acquitted among them the former saudi intelligence chief and a close confidence of the crown prince. well earlier we spoke with an yes qamar the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions you delivered a report on the criminal case back in june we asked her to comment on the outcome of the trial. there are there are many shortcomings we see the trials some of which
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i can highlight now 1st of all and most importantly see the chain of command was not chain vege to get to them and nobody above the heat as being charged and as been pushed secured to the all secure during self identified one of some 1000 captain your personal advisor to the crown prince as they're being incited the team before i left for turkey and yet the same fellow that captain the as not been brought to court has not been interviewed and has not been charged so that's 11 problem 2nd the trial was held behind closed doors even though there is no reason under international law for holding such a trial the concours don't even. a try attracted international attention and for which there was a need for just peace that was beyond the boundaries of. saudi arabia the g.
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friend and at the trial recording to the information i received then she stood they were obeying orders and yet those who gave them the orders navy are being brought to court. you know and so on and so forth he goes on those the they have been canceled today 5 of them are being turned today. but the court c.-q. told the judge once said that there was no intention to kill under international law the death sentence can only be imposed on very stringent conditions and one of which is that the trigger the mold almost. be intentional no and so here the defendant using paused on the basis of the murder that caused tension and therefore should not be easy object of the of the death sentence. so either some of the reasons for which he's tried. to. and that was.
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the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions speaking to us earlier all right want to move on now to boeing whose chief executive dennis simone burke has resigned while the beleaguered plane maker faced multiple setbacks this year including industrial scandals after 2 deadly crashes of boeing's a 737 max a jetliner an inquiry revealed major problems with regulatory oversight of the company's operations own bursa parcher is effective immediately he'll be replaced by boeing chairman david calhoun we will have more on this a developing story for you in our business segment with kate ferguson but now i want to bring you up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of pro-democracy activists have round lead in hong kong to demand an inquiry into alleged police brutality will the demonstrations now in their 7th
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month are expected to continue through the holiday season. russia's envoy at talks between ukraine and russia back separatists has announced plans for a prisoner swap between the 2 countries while their last such exchange shown here took place in september it appeared to herald a slight thaw in relations after russia's annexation of crimea 5 years ago. well meanwhile russia has officially launched direct passenger train service to the am ex territory of crimea using a route they bypasses mainland ukraine while people can now travel from st petersburg southward toward the crimean city of sevastopol the trip takes 44 hours and crosses a new crimean bridge that moscow is accused of building illegally where russia sees a crime mia from ukraine in 2014 a move that's drawn international condemnation. it's. a leading story on russian
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state t.v. bloody near putin's opening of a controversial railway bridge that links annexed crimea to southern russia it's a major triumph for the russian president the bridge was built despite international protests following russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula and 2014. this event is important for crimea for sevastopol for all of southern russia indeed for the whole country infrastructure projects like this magnificent bridge we've built will have an effect on the entire economy and if you go to. the mega structure is 1000 kilometers long and took nearly 4 years to build costing more than 3000000000 euros the 1st scheduled train departed from st petersburg today starting wednesday up to 45 passenger trains will head for crimea each day the route bypasses mainland ukraine. the bridge spans the current strait
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although russia hopes to increase tourism in the area the bridge is mainly a display of power until now crimea could only be reached from russia by ferry or plane and now there's a direct land route to the peninsula which russia annexed in violation of international law in 2014. football now and then in while the professional players association is calling on the british government to launch an inquiry into racism well that comes after chelsea and germany defender antonio for digger allegedly faced monkey chants during his team's 2 know when over tottenham on sunday. the latest racist incident in the premier league chelsea defender antonio grew to go faced monkey chants by some spurs fans after clashing with sun one man who received direct caught for the fall and who to go complained about the verbal abuse the referee brief he stopped play during the 2nd half and a public announcement was made in the stadium warning that racist behavior was interfering with the game chelsea eventually went on to win the match but the
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incident overshadowed the victory. i had traces of. info. like that to happen i don't know who's getting better or worse but if it's fighting in china happened it needs to be dealt with and punishment needs to be strong. is hopeful that the fans will be identified i really hope that the offenders will be found and in a modern football ground like tottenham stadium with dozens of t.v. and security cameras it must be possible to find and punish them. but this is not an isolated incident in the premier league earlier this month manchester united midfielder fred was targeted by a manchester city fan but the ruediger incident seems to have set a bar in motion on the professional footballers association is urging the british government to get involved and set up an inquiry into the game and tottenham have
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also promised to take the strongest possible action but for many that is exactly what snacking action. well let's talk about what options there are max maryland sports is here with me max soundly as we heard in the report this isn't an isolated incident and there have been a significant number of racist. incidents across european football and workings howsabout that well yeah i mean there is a lot happening overnight it's fairly well pub losses publicized because we've seen high profile games come under that and in terms of addressing the issue i think there has been a lack of action i mean looking during games you away from the european football governing body introduced there's 3 stoppage rule where at the referees discretion the game can be stopped as we saw in the match chelsea tottenham that was done after rita the referee anthony tale of what happened then off the pitch there's not enough for my taste i think lifetime bans are routinely handed out by clubs banning
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fans from entering the stadium and chelsea themselves have actually hundreds out quite a few of them the seattle toba 3 to fans of those who racially abused a fellow fan and in july also banning fans of this for abusing a player but there's this gray area where often the prosecution doesn't get involved for instance in england so clubs tend to shoot these lifetime bans but there's not a bigger consequence for the people involved and i think 2 occurrences in very high profile matches the chelsea match and the months of dalby have now really sparked a cool for clear action in england and they have definitely have sparked a call because the professional footballers' association now wants to get the british government involved what can they do well so far all we've heard from the government is a series of statements downing street has said actually the football authorities in their view should do most are putting the onus away from themselves the official spokesman for boris johnson saying that they would be ready to intervene if required but the home secretary proceeded cell being a little bit more direct they're saying you know those found guilty of racially
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agreed aggravated offense can face prison sentences as well as a lifetime or a longer stay. d.m. bans on the sports minister nigel adams is expected to meet with tottenham hotspur on this case and very soon this british football have a racism problem i think it's a tricky question that there are certainly racist incidents and more of them seemingly not just in british football but across europe and i think that reflects to an extent the current political climate we see growing anti immigration sentiment across europe and football's tribal nature seems to encourage racist to be vocal and give them a sort of platform where they feel comfortable saying doing racist things and we've seen multiple issues in england also in italy and across eastern europe and the positive note is that clear voices in football and football in community have now come out and said this needs to stop one great example is rhyme sterling has taken
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a leadership role in all this many strong voices now saying it is enough and we need so many more people to come forward and step up to the plate max now thank you so much can we appreciate it. and a reminder now the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour. a saudi court has sentenced 5 men to death for their roles in the murder of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi 3 others who were given prison terms in connection with the killing. russia inaugurated its 1st direct train to crimea since annex in the region from ukraine in 2014 it's a big step toward cementing russian control over the territory despite international sanctions. over the next after a year of setbacks boeing c.e.o. dennis mullen burke is forced out of that and a whole lot more coming up on d.w. news africa with kate ferguson only iraq and bro and i'll see you again at the top
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of the hour with the world headlines for now on behalf of all of us thank you for spending part of the to. the companies in germany to germany. how much can the. why not learn with him online on hold while free to shaft from the w z learning course become street.


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