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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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the bad. news this is it every news live from berlin to turkey warns of a u. looming crisis tens of thousands of syrians flee fresh attacks by russian or syrian government forces in the liberal egypt turkey fears they'll end up in his territory prisoners at once as a new were fugitive flux would have consequences for europe also coming up a saudi 4 sentences 5 men to death for their roles in the murder of journalist remarks. 3 others were handed prison terms in connection with the grisly killing of the washington post columnist at the saudi consulate in istanbul last year critics
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condemn the lack of transparency and say questions remain and more allegations of racist abuse in english football players association demands a government inquiry after a chelsea defender was allegedly subjected to monkey chants on the pitch one fan has been arrested. on lock thank you so much for your company everyone we begin our broadcast in syria where government forces backed by russia and other allies are pushing to retake it live region the last major part of rebel held territory in syria and home to some 3000000 people tens of thousands are fleeing the violence of heading to the turkish border well a turkish. the prez presidents are
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a chip tired aerator one fears they will try to enter turkey which is already sheltering nearly $3700000.00 syrians the largest refugee population in the world as it ever was there will be consequences for europe if that happens. the syrian army has been subjecting rebel positions to sustained attacks president bashar al assad wants to regain control of italy province tens of thousands of people have fled since fighting intensified many want to head north to safety in turkey. turkish president aired a one says that more than 80000 people are on their way to his country. he warns that the situation is like the 2050 migration crisis. well both of them i'm not touch on 6 champagne if there's violence against the people of it does not end this number will rise further to pocono unique wash in this case turkey will not carry
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the burden of this migration all alone yet it gets you cheated the negative effects of this pressure on us will be an issue felt by all european countries especially greece has done over is it about $3700000.00 syrian refugees are already living in turkey in difficult conditions. but most have come to terms with their situation and see no other option. it seems we can't endure living through the bomb attacks we have no relatives left in syria. safety for the civilian population is just one of many problems the international community has yet to solve last friday at the un security council could not even agree to an extension of the program russia and china blocked humanitarian assistance for the time being many syrian refugees will remain near the turkish border region. oh earlier i spoke with the multiverse and mid east to alice
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and managing director of the security consultancy firm plans for risk and i asked him if turkish president irwin was actually asking for help or threatening what could be a new influx of refugees coming to his country. president obama actually points to a severe problem that's emerging in the area and that is the an increase in the and the refugee migration that's a point that he has on the other hand of course we know without turkey president has been in conflict with nato partners with the e.u. and with other geopolitical issues over some time so that is of coals another bargaining chip that he happened uses what he does have a point there i mean he alluded to in his speech that we just aired that migrant reception centers in greece are already filled to capacity i mean that has been well documented can europe deal with another influx of refugees of that scale
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well that's going to be problematic in some european countries since the domestic atmosphere towards. refugee influx all welcoming you refugees is somehow somewhat divided so hostile or even hostile yeah so there's there's still this kind of welcome culture but on the other hand you have hostilities going on against refugees so that's going to create just add to the pressure that's already facing the european governments regarding that issue. let's talk about this country germany because of course back in 2015 when the crisis the migrant crisis as we call it here started this country received 1000000 about 1000000 people what is the readiness the willingness the peronist of germany now to shelter or give refuge to people safe from from it let well and technical terms it is doable of
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course. the numbers enough itself that might appear big these are large numbers but technic the germany could receive more of those people but. the climate the overall opinion. and society has developed since 2015 so you've got much more criticism much more skepticism towards that so it requires a certain take that for example the leader of the green party has now tried by pointing out by using the subject in times of christmas to have the kind of appeal to the humanitarian sentiments but the political landscape is such that they're not going to roll out the welcome mat i think that's going to be more difficult than 4 years ago mr walters east analyst a managing director of the security consultancy firm plan for us thank you for weighing in. of course in saudi arabia has sent us 5 people to death for the
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killing of journalist democracy the saudi writer and washington post columnist was assassinated and reportedly dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul over a year ago but his remains were never found all the spy today's ruling questions still linger the court proceedings were shrouded in secrecy and the identities of those who were sentenced today are unknown. in a country that in force is far more than $100.00 death penalties each year the sentence against the suspected murderers of jamal khashoggi is no surprise but. 5 of the defendants will be sentenced to death and they are the direct and joint participants in the killing of the victim may god have mercy on them. 3 other men have received prison sentences totaling 24 years for covering up the crime but many questions remain following the announcement about the sentencing on sober 2nd 2018 jamal khashoggi enter the saudi consulate in istanbul for an official appointments
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inside according to both saudi and international investigators he was overpowered and strangled his body has never been found. the killing of a critic of the saudi royal family spokes international outrage the pressure has been growing especially on crown prince mohammed bin sama but he denies any involvement a year after killing his family does not believe that there was no political motive behind the crime. that i feel he did i don't know what's going to even funny i want to he's going to be relieved to know until i will in a. in. a clue. actually. it's a wish that will hardly be fulfilled by this verdict for me yet the court did not even consider the crime to have been intentional another reason why 3 of the 11 defendants were acquitted among them the former saudi intelligence chief and the close confidence of the crown prince are just their attention out of boeing the
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aircraft company's chief executives in a small number has resigned the beleaguered plane maker faced multiple set backs this year including scandals after 2 fatal crashes of boeing 737 max jetliner will regulators around the world ground at the plane and a later inquiry revealed major problems with regulatory oversight of the company and i will have lots more on this story coming up in our business segment in a moment with kate ferguson but now i'd like to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of people have taken to the streets again in india to protest a controversial citizenship law is fast track indian citizenship for a number of persecuted minority groups but excludes muslims and some critics call the law discriminatory and unconstitutional others fear it will lead to mass migration into india where than 20 people have died in an wrestling to protest
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against the law. thousands of pro-democracy activists meanwhile have rallied in hong kong to demand an inquiry into alleged police brutality the demonstrations now in their 7th month are expected to continue right through the holiday season. algeria's military chief gen ahmed guards sala has died of a heart attack at the age of 80 saleh was seen as the country's de facto leader after protests toppled the rule of longtime leader of this these bits of the calm prior to his death so i had back holding elections that were marred by mass protests and boycotts. russia's envoy to talks between ukraine and russia backed separatists has announced plans for a prisoner swap between the 2 countries or their last as such exchange shown here took place in september it appeared to herald a slight thaw in relations after russia's annexation of crimea 5 years ago
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and speaking of crimea russia has now launched direct passenger train service to crimea using a route that bypasses mainland ukraine well people cannot travel from st petersburg southward toward the crimean city of sevastopol the trip takes 44 hours and crosses a new crimean bridge that moscow is accused of building illegally. it's the leading story on russian state t.v. bloody near putin's opening of a controversial real way bridge that links annexed crimea to southern russia it's a major triumph for the russian president the bridge was built despite international protests following russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula in 2014. i know there's no you do you agree with this event is important for crimea for sevastopol for all of southern russia indeed for the whole country and for structure projects like this magnificent bridge we've built will have an effect on
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the entire economy and if you go to. the mega structure is 1000 kilometers long and took nearly 4 years to build costing more than 3000000000 euros the 1st scheduled train departed from st petersburg today starting wednesday up to 45 passenger trains will head for crimea each day that route bypasses mainland ukraine. the bridge spans the current strait although russia hopes to increase tourism in the area the bridge is mainly a display of power until now crimea could only be reached from russia by ferry or plane and now there's a direct land route to the peninsula which russia annexed in violation of international law in 2014. football now in england a professional players association is calling on the british government to launch an inquiry into racism all that comes after chelsea and germany defender in turn your rigger allegedly face monkey chants during his team's 2 know when over tottenham on sunday. the latest racist incident in the premier league chelsea
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defender antonio boudicca faced monkey chants by some spurs fans after clashing with sun one man who received direct caught for the fall one minute ago complained about the verbal abuse the referee brief he stopped play during the 2nd half and a public announcement was made in the stadium warning that racist behavior was interfering with the game chelsea eventually went on to win the match but the incident overshadowed the victory. i hate racism in. tracing the info. like that to happen i don't know who's getting better or worse but if it is fight happened it needs to be dealt with and punishment needs to be strong. who is hopeful that the fans will be identified i really hope that the offenders will be found and in a modern football ground like tottenham stadium with dozens of t.v.
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and security cameras it must be possible to find and punish them. but this is not an isolated incident in the premier league earlier this month manchester united midfielder fred was targeted by a manchester city fan but the ruediger incident seems to have set a bar in motion the professional footballers association is urging the british government to get involved and set up an inquiry into the game and tottenham have also promised to take the strongest possible action but for many that is exactly what snacking action. and that does it for me on layla her aachen berlin up next d.w. business covers the shake up at boeing and how the company got to the point of firing its c.e.o. but 1st we've got some christmas carols for you german bundesliga club. have hosted their yearly caroling tradition with over 28000 fans joining in a festive sing along at their city and in the capital take a listen. to
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