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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2019 1:00am-1:15am CET

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thank you. i. am. glad. this is news these are our top stories tens of thousands of syrians have fled renewed attacks by russian and syrian government forces in the region turkey is warning that refugees from the fighting could end up in its territory president everyone says the possible influx could have consequences for europe. a court in saudi arabia has sentenced 5 people to death for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi 3 others were handed prison terms in connection with the grisly murder in istanbul last year but the un says an independent investigation
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into the case is still needed. boeing c.e.o. has been forced to step down then a small emberg resigned following a turbulent year that saw many of the company's jets grounded after 2 fatal crashes an inquiry revealed major regulatory oversight problems at the company. the british government said the country's football players association needs to do more to stamp out racism in the game chelsea defender antonio ruediger said he was targeted with racist chants during a match on sunday. this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news or visit our website d.w. dot com. linux we pedia and firefox all have one thing in common their source code is open
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meaning everyone can work on the code but recently major tech companies have several big open source projects how will that impact the open source space will it become less open our topic today unshift. open source software is unique in that it lets anyone access and develop at source code the open source movement emerged as the anti-thesis to commercial software businesses tech giants tend to keep their proprietary code secret companies like microsoft sell expensive user licenses of its patented code the company's founder bill gates even referred to open source projects as a new form of communism now microsoft has shelled out 6500000000 euros for good hap a key open source software development platform and i.b.m.
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recently bought open source software developer redhat for a staggering 30000000000 euros making it i.b.m.'s biggest takeover ever which impact will this have on the open source community or tech idealists giving in to market pressures we asked mikell boom from the technical university of berlin who's been involved in the open source community for 20 years. the commercialization of open source software that we've been seeing also with the acquisitions of ready to get up hasn't really impacted the daily business because you still have free access to the software for free. not everyone in the open source community is as optimistic as. open source was does. line to be collaborative and essential ised but its future looks uncertain for its recently ran a story titled is open source broken after a talk given by getting the chief operating officer eric. she's worried by
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companies using open source within their own products i do think that the way that people are consuming and building services around open source has changed there are one of the companies that are flourishing with building businesses around open source software and there are been some open source companies who have come out and said that was a really of their intention when they were building out the business that. it's interesting that tech giants like i.b.m. are now also jumping on the open source bandwagon. according to they are after more than profit. on the one hand the companies use open source software because they hope this will drive innovation that's. going to cooperate and use the community's collective brainpower for finding software solutions. on the other hand it's about being part of a community producing something available to everyone. so it's
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a combination of making more profit being more innovative and doing something good . and not only companies have recognized the potential of open source international organizations like unicef and the united nations are also looking to work with the open source community a move which could mean that less financially able players will no longer be dependent on private providers. particularly striking is that the united nations have recognized that the availability of free software can help reach this is tangible development goals they're currently running technology innovation labs in various countries that are developing open source software that will become available to all for free at the state. we can only hope big tech companies don't just want to tap the collective know how of coders but also plan to give back to the current community right now
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open source movement is growing independent developers tech giants and multilateral organizations oh use open source meaning developers from all over the globe can collaborate on a single coding project that's nazir for collaboration in this community is kind of spirited and open minded and it's truly cross cultural you'll see people working on code together from countries that are political enemies if you can see really great . schools of fish a case in point the chinese he commerce giant recently published core codes of its ailing algorithm platform and get. software developers and data analysts from around the world can now build on this code to develop their own projects. ali baba uses the a link platform to help with statistical analysis machine learning and with generating personalized product recommendations one hurdle may be understanding the descriptions as for now these are mainly in chinese. much of china cyberspace
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remains cut off behind a great fire wall so the fact that chinese tech giant ali baba made the algorithms behind its ai platform public is a hugely surprising step one open source developers probably dreamed about in the pioneering beginnings. when the computer age was done software was free to use then came the 1st companies that sold software for money and slowly programs became proprietary secrets the open source movement was a response to this development idealistic coders wanted to reintroduce freely accessible code and to this day open source those key principles it's free for everyone to study and use access develop and distribute. and everyone should contribute something. among the best known open source projects today are the firefox browser the operating system linux and the online encyclopedia.
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but open source software is not free of license terms it also comes with licenses these specify the conditions under which the software can be used and redistributed and while the software itself isn't usually a charge for optimization and support are in recent years more and more african open source developers have stepped onto the scene 1000 year old sampson got it from nigeria is widely recognised as one of the top open source coders. 2 years ago 19 year old samson garvey from nigeria co-founded open source community africa africa currently has one of the fact. sectors and the platform helps connect young african developers the majority of the people in africa doing software engineering on the age of 30 it's it's not a platform right for them to get to different people from different african
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countries you know i personally i've been working with people in you know in south africa in rwanda in a site open source is really difficult for me to do it because this is huge over 1000000000 people kind of very universal music right everybody goes by with the. he was introduced to open source at the age of 9 when the one laptop per child initiative gave him a computer running the linux operating system. today he's a coder and board member of sugar labs which develops tools for children. his career trajectory has served as inspiration for the 1st ever open source festival in lagos nigeria. to advocate for the next. lot of people really people doing really really massive job you know everything is so difficult getting these you know that was one of the one
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of the the challenge using oh my folks in the community was thinking about how we need to solve the problem you know not to bring the experiences you know from europe. you know not america down to africa. according to the latest get help with the number of african open source projects has increased by 40 percent in the last year more than anywhere else in the world. one of these projects is run by a nigerian team using drones to map parts of lagos more than 1000000000 people worldwide live in places that don't have an official address which makes it hard or even impossible to locate them sometimes these. people cannot claim state support or get medical treatment and in case of an emergency authorities have no idea how many people are affected let alone where they are. all in lagos
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this is one of the largest shanty towns in africa. around 2 thirds of all nigerians live in this type of settlement nobody knows exactly how many people are in morocco latest estimate said the population was around 90000 but cold for africa's lead technologist david limine thinks it's home to many more his organization is working on creating the 1st ever map of moscow. exists as essentially a block wall or google maps it's 3 dots but in reality it's actually an entire community their water with that you can be able to see. code for africa teamed up with the world bank to put more cocoa on the map. a team of women learn to pilot drones and now use them to map the neighborhood analyzing areas of 3 square kilometers each. by doing so they are getting
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a highly detailed picture of the area. the data is then evaluated by data analysts and shared into the free open street map program. a team on the ground provides additional info about the various buildings. we're going to be able to have enough funds to do this collection of be if it was an open source i don't think so because it's really on the front there's an entire community an ecosystem that allows us to be able through very poppa's this kind of information. this know how can be passed on and used to improve the neighborhood it can help for example get a much better idea of how many people live in macaco which is key for creating a local infrastructure. open source code has great potential that's why good how coders want to make sure it is preserved and
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accessible for future generations open source developers plan to archive the codes in a defunct coal mine and it's back in the arctic for at least 1000 years well judging from that promo clip they seem confident to be of writing history and according to mikel boom it's this confidence which drives them people in the middle most of those involved are motivated by 2 things they want to do something they enjoy that they find interesting and they like the feeling that everything they produce helps make the world a better place for them and it's this combination that drives many of those i know in this field to see if you do these can you didn't but i see sure do you use wikipedia or firefox both are open source projects i do use them and if you ask me open source is an incredible accomplishment in the world's 500 fast the super computers run on a free operating system namely linux what does the future look like now that tech
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giants are buying important open source projects what do you think let us know on you tube our facebook i buy and see you soon. exhibit a. good link to school in africa. or links to exceptional stories and discussion on the news of easy and while with safety deputy comes to join us on facebook w. welcome to the euro max you just choose. a good line of stupids.
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