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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2019 1:30am-2:00am CET

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with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters to a w made for minds. up . christmas comes a couple of days early this year for life to our top of the table at the winter break for the 1st time ever the seasonal kids store miracle was at martially
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predictable. if you have to leave including position olexiy. most of the things you did well. it's christmas time and there's been a lot of gift giving buyers have seeded points galore already this season which has at least made the bundesliga much more exciting place the pace to much festive cheer from him. to him father not back. this is indeed my says on the days when did. the surprise package under the christmas tree are mentioned plucked off a 2nd place team at the mid-season break has gone on to win the title 9 times in full display get history to the falls have a real chance. now it's christmas for enjoy it is 2 weeks and i don't mean to keep going to work on. time to look forward to christmas and the winter break but this yuletide will be one of mixed emotions for dortmund as they ponder how to stop throwing away. 8 points just. who they'll be but they've all indeed the winter
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champions at night and by and nor dortmund welcome to kick off. a year ago daughter and were clear at the top of the table but 2019 has not been kind to the black and yellow so at the end of the 1st half of the season they are 7 points off the lead despite their quality squad dogman have dropped too many points in fact from winning positions they've let a leathern point slip the coach is all too aware of the problem. as it's unbelievable the points we've lost. believe a goal. dortmund have 12 points fewer than at this stage last term this comes despite strengthening significantly in the close season they began the campaign
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with a clear goal the title. but although dog runs football is often easy on the eye playing like this won't help them win the championship. against hoffenheim that game panned out like so many for daughter on this season they dominated their opponents with their class repeatedly shining through and mario gazza standing in for injured captain marco voice grabbed the opener on 17 minutes i thought months continued to pile on the pressure and produced a wave after wave of attacks particularly from the right hand side ashraf had kimi had his chances. as did talk in the 39th minute but that precious 2nd goal proved evasive. sometimes the team are just unlucky or come up against a good goalkeeper like oliver baumann. dortmund lead one militant break but it
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should have them lot more. does is them hide it stupid that has to be said clearly we haven't we had the chances to score a 2nd goal a 3rd even 10 and 5 we should have crossed the poll more rather than half shooting or those all. perhaps the immaturity of the team was to blame what a more experienced hakimi have set up a teammate here. or perhaps lucien father's decision not to recruit another center forward in the summer as part of the problem some fairly straight forward chances went begging. that we had so much attacking verb i think we had something like 8 corners to none but our finishing was poor. and so dortmund snatched defeat from the jaws of victory they gave away what seemed to be a nailed on 3 points on 79 minutes soggy
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a down young levelled with half an himes 1st real chance. look at those faces there not the faces of title winners. just like against leipzig in the 33 draw last week dortmund lost control of the game within the space of a few minutes. and they come of age with the winner for half an hour i'm in the 87th minute. and again the leakiest defense among the bonus league as top teams conceded 2 goals out of nothing. within 8 minutes dog man had somehow surrendered a game they should never of lost points yet again thrown away. but we have fewer points than we should have from the last 2 games we have one point instead of 6 we've been sloppy in the 1st half of the season. what's a feeling
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a loss for for whom i can guess how many points we've lost stupidly lost it's going to cost us dearly. the mid-season break is upon us time for dortmund to regroup and say goodbye to a cursed 2019 somehow they have to try to move forward and stop being so consistently inconsistent. by young man who has exploded onto the scene josh was e.x.e. 8 minutes played 8 touches of the ball and 2 goal scored. those are the fruits of his 1st 2 games for byron merrick just like last week against 5 working rescued a win for the champions against both scored again just a minute after coming on and with his 1st touch. christmas fairy tale start from
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byron the 18 year old dutchman with a yuletide miracle right on cue. problems do remain though the variance cannot be happy with the 1st half of the season it's their worst in 9 years their 3rd in the table. at the hands of a flick baron do seem much more relaxed and on saturday they again passed 70 percent of possession but points have still gone astray. let's check the stats former coach nico batch had a points per game ratio of $1.00 with flick it's $2.00. but without the z.x. effect it would be $1.00. there's still big gaps and parents defense and opponents are getting chances of. work we're not cool headed enough to take advantage.
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we shall victorious so close to scoring just before the half time whistle. baron have also been hit by a raft of injuries this season. having martinez became number 7 his replacement share home boateng was the only recognised 1st team player on the bench. it was looking like both sport might manage to drop thomas mother arrived too late here. while continued likewise then fail to find them that. i. with few options flick wrote the dice and turned to you know who on 85 minutes. there's a reason why is it c. has 35 on his back. he's not meant to be in the 1st team yet he's just a kid at 18. but he was again the savior one nil to buy and
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i tell him louis a 4 joshua. the teenager would also turn out for the reserve team a day later but here's some balance christmas was already made. for man while noir xeroxing is becoming a cult hero. to me he's a positive guy out of the same time quite shy as he's so young but out on the pitch he shows what he's made of as we've seen in the last 2 games. and that joshua effect has a broader impact to balance relief allowed sayres to now play to make it to no later. i the game was typical of fire in the season dominant but sometimes struggling to convert that supremacy into a win. the last 2 losses against. and they put us behind but apart from that i think we played good football and. no the last couple
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of games showed character to come back and i think the race is still opened. we would have liked to hear from 60 but byron are keeping him incommunicado. his impact has been huge though the win meant byron confirmed flic as coach until the end of the season his bosses are all smiles. transit is doing a good job we're very happy with the development of the team and how we communicate so openly it's very pleasing. fleck has conjured up a youth player who can make a difference his faith in super sub 0 is quite possibly the best argument for him staying. byron celebrate with lots of christmas cheer the champions may only be 3rd at mid-season break but they are above dortmund and will be wearing to go for the 2nd half of the campaign.
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shall come in 5th took on friday book in 6 who would have imagined that before the season started at the halfway mark they are both perhaps over achieving but wanted to head into the break on a high. child who dominated early on with swat said our especially influential. one too with benito rahman and there was the opening goal after 26 minutes. to stanch twice by borg just couldn't get going but that changed 10 minutes after half time the video assistant referee spotted a foul in the area. miss pedersen converted to make it $11.00 he is now the club's joint record scorer. chang on kwang was that at 1st unfortunate for freiburg but his luck changed. and
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when miranda brought him down. bin chance of grief stepped up to take this one super cool. to one to freiburg. shall coach david wagner needed a plan and fast it was looking like a very undeserved defeat. substitute off makushi was the answer is the whole 10 minutes from time sealing a draw we conceded to promote is the sort of penalties but the situations we gave too easy way this is a little bit. of what i have to moan about about anything else i think was quite good in the end both teams and for the christmas holidays in good spirits. after the 5 nil triumph and braman minds entertained leave ochers and in fine form they continued where they left off with some excellent play but this time the
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finishing touch was missing. 20 minutes from the end labor corps and one dell received a 2nd booking but instead of wilting 10 the labor corps and shrugged off the setback. stoppage time they snatched the points thanks to look us out to go smash and grab oil. derrick braman are in a real mess while cologne are suddenly on a high. the hosts took the lead from their 1st big chance was on court above with a one nil. 39 minutes gone a win would put that 3 points about freeman in the table. for next to bottom visitors pushed but it was all in vain. new come on coach marcos to stall has now picked up an unexpected 9 points in 8 days the billy goats are clear of the relegation zone. could now enjoy the festive period.
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fortuna dusseldorf were also looking to take advantage of breman shocking form against promoted berlin go home side broke the deadlock proven henning's on 38 minutes what a strike that was. but coach return phone could do the job wasn't done. shortly after the restart when you and graf that deserved equaliser through patterns on the game was certainly up for grabs. and the winner came in stoppage time doesn't do us ever told me unleashing us more of being shot that flew off the post and into the net. for sure with the good fortune just in time for christmas q some extra special celebrations as they climb out of the automatic drop zone football's just child's play sometimes.
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bottom side part of born needed a christmas boost in their clash with time tough to frankfurt. the fireworks before kick off ended up being matched inside the stadium. the struggling visitors looked jaded and underdogs part of born were ready to pounce after all had made some beauties only rocket put part of 11 mill ahead. but it takes a lot to get patted on coach stephan bound got excited even though frankfurt had not won in 6 games. and before the break promoted part of born doubled their lead courtesy of sebastian shaun allow. the hosts had a real chance of just a 3rd win in the league this year. and. back at patton point peaked too early they
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had a full 2nd have to endure a possible frankford on slush. and it came at eventually frankfurt pulled one back through past tossed. his 4th goal of the league campaign. in the end got a born got over the line precious 3 points for christmas which will fuel hopes that they can escape the draw. glove box for visitors to the capital but had no real chance of taking top spot because of a vastly inferior goal difference to leipsic. and that shouldn't take away from what has been a great 1st half of the season for the falls their best since the 1970 s. they even lead the pack for 7 match days but are they able to mount
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a real tilt for the title. their biggest strength as defense only 18 goals conceded that's the joint lowest number in the current season cancer berlin we're going to have their work cut out. glad but also threatened sporadically. going close here in the 39th minute but generally the visitors didn't show enough against a team and 12 players to. the finish and a bit of guile were lacking to hum had 6 goals this term to top the scoring ranks but it wasn't to be his day. even though we want to have more and we are young we need to do more as well we didn't get our surgery it's not our best performance today and now we come to this point that we have like a constant really concerned weeks and then the future's. england tough coach marcos one the austrian play in the last 2 seasons with sides pork but to win. the german
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league his side will have to win these sorts of away games they're the best home team in the league but an 8 away games they want only 4 to leipsic 6. plenty to work on in 2020. what might help is that car out of both the german car and europa league. they can concentrate on the broadest they get in the 2nd half of the season. but in berlin could easily have lost. your game klinsmann's help to had chances to win they've stabilized under the germany legend with 8 points from the last 4 matches. on bishan is to climb up as soon as possible in the table and and then also all start to play a more taking a more. entertaining type of football right now it's more defensive side of it
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ended nil nil here to head into christmas the happier the 3rd game in a row without conceding. gladbach on the other hand no they should have produced more an attack their elevated position in the table has raised expectations possibly too high they're still a work in progress. in the zone and i have to say the team of work hard and we've had a good 1st half of the season when you're now after a few days' rest we have to get back out and show we want more well known for male and. wanting more is the right answer but was this team have to buck up and buckle up because here comes the winter champions. could this be the season for rb line. with biron in dortmund strug. this is the
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chance for the red bull back team. might not be particularly loved across germany but new champions coming would be welcomed by many people in this league fans. so what suggests like they really can't do it. for one they have team of their own with a team goals and 7 assists so far. and the 23 year old is getting better and better . byron swap at 11 dosti is only one goal ahead of him in the bundesliga scoring charts. lights it also have the most prolific overall attack in the league they look more dynamic than last season and opponents are getting more desperate to stop them i don't worry it looks worse than it was. but at home against in-form spark like 6 suffered an early shock on 8 minutes.
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that no player needed that's now. don't forget our sport had won 5 of their last 6 games. but like in contrast to dortmund right now seem to have the medal to recover from such setbacks recess go out and have to undergo a patient and then play the same style going to 1st half and then the goals will come on their own in the 2nd half of pressure get higher and higher and they always have the feeling that. you can score and get the lead. midway through the 2nd half light signal levels. can have lima with the goal of. life take have all the right ingredients onerous with serious financial clout a top infrastructure and one of the world's best young coaches. but how the press is you. leonardo's mans hallmark just like gautam and under your
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can club. there is another big reason for lights it being jenny one title contenders this season they have a classic target man up front 5 czech international patrick schick made it to one of the best death goal in only 8 games for lights and. this edition has made life 6 squad look complete. the belly be enough for the title. in the winter and nothing so. we have to continue like this also in next year and we'll see in the summer. tempo is also key to this line 16 they can be devastating when switching to attack. the use of force in with the final goal 31.
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this season they're flying but like 6 rivals will also worry that they haven't even reached their full potential yet. many of the players are still in their early twenty's and their coach is only a little bit older. looking forward to improve my team and to get better and to play nearly also a good 2nd half a season like we did in the 1st set of barbie lite cigarette the last 16 of the german cup and the champions league and sit top of the bundesliga for the winter break what a delightful christmas present. so here's a look at those results away from the big teams are born and the year on a high with their 3rd point of the season may those christmas bells jingle meanwhile it's almost a case of mom bells ringing at daughter mart but no. a few firsts from this season
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. this was the 1st of 465 goals so far this season scored by who else on that level dossier yet again the league's leading striker. but the most assists came from the man many have written off tomas miller with 11. meanwhile can you guess which 2 sides have the best defensive record we know about glass but both so far they're tied with them with just 18 goals conceded. but now let's sneak a peek at the end of the year table. so leipzig right at the top in the last 10 years the winter champions have gone on to win the title 7 times by our north 3rd dortmund are level on points with shocker it's set to be a thrilling 2nd half of the season. and in the 2nd half of the table part of born
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are still bottom but braman in frankfurt have slipped deeper into trouble meanwhile cologne are surging but will leave you were so league leaders. the 29000 winter champions are be like saying they don't look as happy as they should be but it is only halfway through the season. their mascot really looks ready for a christmas party while like 6 coaches keeping his cool. diploma you would rank it so i would assume so as soon as we are going to get arms of our defensive line take the lead the way at the mid-season break for the 1st time in the club's short history. you don't get too excited despite christmas crackers like this one. there are other something is. in that moment. in this moment i think i may not
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think that when there is the old the season the modern footballers are taught to keep their feet on the ground but surely leipsic can't remember it all this christmas after all they didn't really exist just 10 years ago and are now on top of the bundesliga seasons greetings and i'm happy new year don't kick up.
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on. christmas time you can hear it in dozens of languages. countries all over the world . come word at this time come from and how did it become such a part of christmas. or song for the world. that my. 15 minutes on d w. soccer.
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balls favor. the wonder spectacular gold. plenty of emotion. the best of game day. kick off. to minutes on the doubles. i don't need to keep my brain about the ball for over a match and on the 4th time for the most recent article about. the bottom of the valley either the last dragon was what i called the heart through years. to agree books on.
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such it is easy trains to get across the city. these natures developments of course sudden complicate the battlefield. then some of the republic has been released threatening to close the strait of hormuz. we don't trust is corrupt government. policy nuts and your finance. all of us latin america millions are fleeing from pilots. the expectations are definitely there. so for families it's not very much because the never standstill. tim. dolan.
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this is news live from berlin turkey warns of a looming crisis as tens of thousands of syrians be fresh attacks by russian and syrian government forces in the middle of region turkey fears they'll end up in its territory and president everyone says a new refugee influx would have consequences for europe. a saudi court sentences 5 men to death.


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