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it's not very much because the never stands still. don't. believe. this is news live from berlin turkey warns of a looming crisis as tens of thousands of syrians be fresh attacks by russian and syrian government forces in the middle of region turkey fears they'll end up in its territory and president everyone says a new refugee influx would have consequences for europe. a saudi court sentences 5 men to death for their roles in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi 3 more are
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headed to prison terms of connection with the grisly killings of the saudi consulate in istanbul last year the u.n. says an independent investigation is still needed. in the media marks 30 years since its bloody struggle against communist rule honoring those who died and remembering the dramatic events as the country vanquished its dictator and turned his armies guns on his own people. i'm all me and use of thanks for joining us syrian government forces backed by russia and other allies are pushing to retake it live region the last major part of rebel held territory in syria and home to 3000000 people tens of thousands are fleeing the violence and heading to the turkish border turkey. is already
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sheltering nearly 3700000 syrians the largest refugee population in the world and turkish president. has warned that there would be consequences for europe if a new wave of refugees is triggered by this latest fighting. the syrian army has been subjecting rebel positions to sustained attacks president bashar al assad wants to regain control of italy province tens of thousands of people have fled since fighting intensified many want to head north to safety in turkey. turkish president heir to one says that more than 80000 people are on their way to his country. he warns that the situation is like the 2050 migration crisis. well beyond the man looked at john 67 if this violence against the people of it does not end this number will rise further the pocono unity wash in this case turkey will not carry the burden of this migration all alone. the negative effects
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of this pressure on us will be an issue felt by all european countries especially greece stunnel marquisate about 3700000 syrian refugees are already living in turkey in difficult conditions. but most have come to terms with their situation and see no other option. it seems here we can't endure living through the bomb attacks we have no relatives left in syria. safety for the civilian population is just one of many problems the international community has yet to solve last friday at the un security council could not even agree to an extension of the program russia and china blocked humanitarian assistance for the time being many syrian refugees will remain near the turkish border region. the united nations says an independent invest invest
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a geisha is needed into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi this comes after a saudi court exonerated several officials from the crown prince's inner circle they had been accused of involvement in the brutal killing of khashoggi inside the saudi consulate in istanbul over a year ago a court sentenced 5 unnamed people to death in a trial shrouded in secrecy the commissions have been a country that in force is far more than $100.00 death penalties each year the sentence against the suspected murderers of jamal khashoggi is no surprise but. 5 of the defendants will be sentenced to death and they are the direct and joint participants in the killing of the victim may god have mercy on them. 3 other men have received prison sentences totaling 24 years for covering up the crime but many questions remain following the announcement about the sentencing on sober 2nd 2018 jamal khashoggi enter the saudi consulate in istanbul for an official appointments
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inside according to both saudi and international investigators he was overpowered and strangled his body has never been found. the killing of a critic of the saudi royal family sparked international outrage the pressure has been growing especially on crown prince mohammed bin sama but he denies any involvement a year after killing his family does not believe that there was no political motive behind the crime. i feel. i don't know what happened to anybody i want he's going to be relieved he flew until i want. to pull it through. actually. it's a wish that will hardly be fulfilled by this verdict from riyadh the court did not even consider the crime to have been intentional another reason why 3 of the 11 defendants were acquitted among them the former saudi intelligence chief and
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a close confidence of the crown prince. and let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the spanish coast guard has rescued 52 migrants from a canoe off the canary islands the migrants mostly from sub-saharan african countries were brought ashore and are reportedly in good health over 30000 migrants have arrived at spanish boards this year. chile's president says he'll allow voters to decide whether to change the country's constitution sebastian pinera signed a bill that enables a constitutional referendum on april 26th changing the country's dictatorship era laws has been one of the main demands of today's months long protest. high tides in venice left much of the historic city center under water on monday the italian city is still counting the cost from floods in november which were the worst in 50 years venice mayor says the total damage bill could reach 1000000000
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euros. russia's capital moscow is experiencing its warmest december and over 130 years temperatures well above 0 have seen saplings sprouting and flowers blooming in recent days the unusually warm weather has continued for the past 2 weeks and is expected to last until new year's eve. staying in the region russia has launched a direct passenger train service to crimea using a route that bypasses mainland ukraine to reach the ex territory people can now travel from st petersburg southward to the crimean city of sevastopol the trip takes 44 hours and crosses the recently built a crimean bridge the european union criticized the opening of the bridge and rail line as a violation of ukraine's sovereignty. it's the leading story on russian state t.v. putin's opening of a controversial real way bridge that links annexed crimea to southern russia it's
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a major triumph for the russian president the bridge was built despite international protests following russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula and 2014. this event is important for crimea for sevastopol for all of southern russia indeed for the whole country and for structure projects like this magnificent bridge we've built will have an effect on the entire economy and if. the mega structure is 900 kilometers long and took nearly 4 years to build costing more than 3000000000 euros the 1st scheduled train departed from st petersburg today starting wednesday up to 45 passenger trains will head for crimea each day that route bypasses mainland ukraine. the bridge spans the current strait although russia hopes to increase tourism in the area the bridge is mainly a display of power until now crimea could only be reached from russia by ferry or
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plane now there's a direct land route to the peninsula which russia annexed in violation of international law in 2014. it's now been 30 years since romania's bloody revolution when citizens brought down longtime communist dictator dictator nicolae ceausescu unlike many of eastern europe uprising the transition was not peaceful hundreds of protesters died at the hands of security forces our next report looks at the critical events of december $989.00. romanians have been commemorating the uprising that took place 30 years ago this month president klaus your honey's later a wreath to honor the lives lost in december 989 as demonstrators in the western romanian city of teenage water stepped up their protest of communist rule dictator nicolae ceausescu gave orders to kill them the 1st demonstrators led by romania's hungary and minority were shot in the middle of the city as more citizens dared to
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revolt against the regime the resistance gained force to overturn the communists the night of december 25th. the next day 72 year old joshua school made a last attempt to retain power and an impassioned speech but the people would have none of it chaos broke out as he was shouted down. and his wife elena fled they want to team as a helicopter to fly him to safety in another country but the situation escalated soldiers abandoned him and shot shush askers party followers. the dictator and his wife were taken prisoner on christmas day $989.00 they were sentenced to death and immediately shot but the revolution did not end of his death a bloody battle continued in bucharest over the next few days over $1100.00 were killed during the uprising few were held accountable of all the 1989 pro-democracy revolutions in eastern europe romania stands out as the bloodiest.
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now music can be a powerful force for change in mexico a committed music teacher some generous donors and a group of dedicated children have given hope to families living in poverty here's a look at an orchestra for children who would otherwise not have a chance to play music. it's the moment just before the performance when excitement replaces nerves and the audience waits expectantly. this is rosie collins favorite moment but her journey here has been anything but easy. that music out but i mean for me said music saved me because before i had big problems with my family. rosie collins grew up in extreme poverty in amount as area near mexico's via de bravo her family look back on difficult times her father is
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a former alcoholic instead of money he'd bring home booze and anger. and very mild my mother cried my children to. stay with us that say but instead i'd go drinking. determined to give her children a chance rosie's mother enrolled her 3 children in a new orchestra without being able to pay a cent and that decision would change her life. this is the man who can bring out a passion for music in children prospero riots isn't interested in fame wealth or professional musicians. i mean i'm not interested in the best child i'm interested in all children's prosperity rex if i assign a philharmonic an orchestra for poor children funded by donations none of it's musicians have money for lessons or instruments instead they have passion and self-discipline.
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the. students take turns directing and take on leadership positions they grow in self-confidence and become more engaged in my life. today the young musicians are about to experience something special they get to perform in the best location in via deborah. when the miss means an absolute self-confidence. rosie it's an honor to be here and now for her best moment.
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when the children experience what they have achieved together being able to spread joy with their work and from an orchestra for the poor they create wealth for all. now don't forget you can get all you can get did of news on the go just download or out from google play or from the out store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. app to send us photos and videos. you're watching the news from berlin more coming up the top of the hour and up next documentary style and night a look at the history of one of the world's best known christmas carols but don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining us.
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it's time to take one step further and face the possible. time to search the. find for the troops. time to overcome down dreams and conduct the war on its.


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