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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2019 11:15am-11:31am CET

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christmas time double. boeing changes course in its crisis with the $737.00 max the plane maker oust the c.e.o. and elevates an executive known for crisis management or will the move satisfy regulators and airlines. also on the show briggs it made maybe around the corner but a trade deal is not. spotted in london about how. business and industry are approaching
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a critical 2020. and christmas is big business for ornament makers will look at a small polish shop that's been doing it for more than 20 years. this is your business report i'm stephen beardsley in berlin thanks for watching shares of boeing rose monday after the plane maker ousted its c.e.o. and turn to an executive touted for his crisis management david calhoun a long time boeing director helped lead caterpillar and g.e. out of struggles in recent years now he's tasked with recalibrating boeing's approach to regulators and airlines as well as the victim families of 2 fatal crashes involving the now grounded boeing 737 max calhoun replaces dennis miller a bird who struggled to navigate boeing's new reality. boeing has been mired in crisis ever since the loss of 2 of its 737 max aircraft the crashes seen indonesia last year and ethiopia this year killed all 346 passengers and crew on
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board investigators found that flight control software designed to stop the plane from stalling was a major factor in both disasters right after the 2nd crash in march the 737 mix was grounded worldwide 2019 has left the aviation giant facing massive costs a raft of investigations and potentially devastating lawsuits right now it's a tough spot for boeing in the sense that airline sales globally haven't been as strong as they should be only through all of the fact there us really on game night . winning over some customers last week boeing said it was temporarily suspending production of the 737 max the federal aviation administration says reset if occasion of the jets would extend into next year suggesting there's still a long way to go there's been keen focus on the company's crisis management and
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particularly on chief executive dennis mulan bugs leadership i think boeing is repeating the overly optimistic and maybe not forthcoming about some of the severe challenges with the $737.00 max and the abortionists rationally try and. there's an element 'd of. disclosure that's all kind of point to him fortunately he came under further scrutiny this month when the if i called management out for its overly optimistic timeframe for recertifying the macs the regulator said it created the impression that boeing was trying to quote force the f.a.a. into taking a quick correction that did nothing to shore up position. the british pound slipped monday in low volume trading as worries grow about a post brags that trade deal between the u.k. and the e.u. with both sides back all back already facing the clock for an agreement the
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possibility of a no deal bragg's it looms earlier this year the battles month foundation examined how much brags it could cost to take a look no deal bragg's it would hit brits the hardest they'll have to reckon with income losses of around $57000000000.00 euros a year partly due to new tolls and duties increasing the prices of goods and services the germans and their export oriented economy would be the 2nd biggest loser causing about 10000000000 euros a year without a trade deal would also hit italy and france hard france facing more losses their $8000000000.00 euro compared to italy at $4000000000.00 euro the study's authors calculated what it would also mean to individual people the average brit would be 900 euros a year worse off german workers would take a 114 euro cuts in france 120 italy 68 i recently spoke to a correspondent in london big at mosques i asked her if businesses in the u.k.
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were breathing any easier after the brags that divorce still vote. well no not really because what's in the process of being decided here in the u.k. says the withdrawal from the european union so if you want to divorce and the tabs of that divorce however what the future relationship is going to be like what sort of free trade if there's a going to be any free trade tool with the european union that's still on sutton and businesses still need to be afraid that if there is no agreement with the e.u. that then they're facing another so-called cliff edge so at the end of next year that the u.k. might still just leave the european union without any deal about the future so this so-called cliff is just being postponed but we really don't know how the future is going to look like for 4 businesses when it comes to the e.u. . now looking ahead to those trade negotiations themselves are there more pitfalls are opportunities for businesses and industry based in the u.k.
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. well i think breaks it all together it's fair to say that for most businesses there is there are a lot of pitfalls particularly for those businesses like the car industry who have been very closely aligned with the european union the production process is really integrated and they are very afraid today might lose that big businesses mostly had lobbied to stay with india european union altogether there were some small businesses who think that brussels might not be as accountable as here the parliament might be and that just the big lobbying groups are represented in brussels and not the smaller businesses but generally business was for staying and is also continuing to lobby to stay as closely aligned to the european union now there are might be some opportunities for those companies that see their future more closely allied with the us because that might be now on the table when the u.k. leaves the e.u.
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that they could hammer out a free trade deal with the us and that might benefit certain businesses. how would such a free trade deal actually in fact a future trade deal with the e.u. for example. well in a nutshell the u.k. needs to decide is it going to stay very close the line to the european union which would be beneficial for lots of businesses here that export and import from from the e.u. which is a lot of manufacturing trade or are they going to divert in the media in a long time and that opens up to be done closely aligned to the u.s. but anyway the government needs to choose it's going to be either the e.u. all the us because there are davidson says between days too how is if you want and at the moment we don't know yet what the government is going to do and how closely they are deciding to stay aligned with the european union. all right there's
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a master force in london. santa claus lives in finland well lapland to be exact that's at least according to the finnish village of roe vs rover near me which laws on the arctic circle and does a brisk business in everything christmas british visitors are especially important for the town which leaves the question what happens after bragg's it. a one evening to you. so many people here in my but you go home for nobody. the christmas season has begun and finland's north sun tickles loves coming visitors to his home here north of the arctic circle but hotel operators in the open have been nervous the brig's a jitters will keep many british visitors at homes people here are quietly celebrating but the departure date has been shifted back to january. is definitely good news for us here so because the u.k. market seems a spray for us we love the u.k.
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cast so they love us no we have snow now we have a cold and now we have no break cd at the moment so it's looking good for the christmas sleigh rides with randy or. grilling marshmallows. and eating in an igloo these are some of the attractions of pool shuras here around christmas time and for the british as for other you citizens it's easy to get here without extra trouble formalities the finns hope that even after brags that their country will be attracted to british tourists one thing that could change post bricks it is the currency exchange and we've been offering a price guarantee which means that we will honor the exchange rate at the time of the booking which seems to be encouraging people to book so the ins hope that even in future years some to close and his friends in lapland will continue to be a tourist attraction for many british tourists. we don't buy hearts which
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is. that everybody. very hot. beverage crisps. christmas all year around what sounds like a dream to some may be a nightmare to others but that's life for polish ornament makers silverado and business has been very good check it out. if you're christmas grouch you might find this report a bit annoying. but you might want to keep watching because these polish made bubbles and decorations are a big hit in the u.s. that even made it to the white house. mission with those now we've already made for president bush sr and jr after that we had an order from the office of president obama for the unfortunately we are making decorations or president trout they
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probably have to be made from real gold that have up all they have on her emotional reasons. it's all done by hand the glass needs to reach 600 degrees before it can be worked on glass blower. on the self taught and she wishes and patience is needed he says. putu others are trying to get a master's degree or a doctor's after studying for 5 years but a glass blower needs at least 10 years' experience i've been doing this for 30 years he and i still can't do it all of. the family business makes around half a 1000000 bubbles and decorations a year. 90 percent a destined for the us market. christmas decorations all year through. one could say doesn't get better than that but it's not all fun. but really i'm above it so without you know nothing it might be
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a lot this fun when you see it around others but we have reason to be proud as soon as christmas comes and people are interested. now a success story for over 20 years the business has been adapting to chain. customer takes. out for many years the main themes rolling to christian traditions of angels in the holy family scope of the book and we've been witnessing a decline in the steam on the market fun in favor of a useful modern look. art maybe both these are the handmade christmas bones. made in poland. and that's it for me and a business team for watching. the
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sox holds favorites. to a. spectacular cut plenty of emotion.
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christmas comes a couple of days early this year for life sick who are top of the table at the winter break for the 1st time ever a seasonal kid stormy or cold.


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