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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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you know japan and south korea have agreed to help ease tensions over north korea's nuclear program they said peace in the region that was of common interest. you're watching t.v. every news from berlin with me leyla herat coming up next it could ferguson as your out of business stories and a look at the last minute christmas shopping around the world i'll see you tomorrow . where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship and just want to be shadow and if you newspapers when official information has attorneys i have a book called the strength of many cameras and their problems are always the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when
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it comes to the fans of the humans and seem right to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jean in paris tonight a deed. it's the most wonderful time of the year but not everyone gets to relax that retailers around the world wrap up their final christmas preparations we take a look behind the scenes out of portland department store. christmas is big business for ornament makers we'll take you to a polish bauble day care whose clients include 3 former american president. could santa claus fall victim to a no deal breakfast in la la fears are growing that british visitors may soon find
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it more difficult to pay their respects to the feared dead that dr. this business on paper long has the theme to be jolly at least for the 2000000000 people around the world getting ready to celebrate christmas it's one of the most important events in the christian calendar and the highlight of the retail season but not everyone gets to relax from baltimore all the way to here in berlin countless people work behind the scenes to ensure the rest of us get to enjoy some festive cheer. wrapping presents 3 shifts a day that's all these employees do here at a department store in central berlin and the closer christmas looms the more frenetic the price. c.d.'s films and there is a classic gets people buying a last minute rush we're expecting this year to be a record breaker according to the german retailers association says nationwide turnover in november topped 100000000000 euros december is expected to top that
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again good news for the retail sector because the christmas shopping bottom line continues to trend upwards people enjoy giving gifts the mood is good conditions generally are good with the economy and employment consumers have more money in their pockets and that's of course reflected in bahrain behavior and. the mood is especially buoyant in online retail. yeah it's white holes and more yet 2019 was another boom year we handled a total of around $3600000000.00 possibles and that's $19000000.00 a day at the christmas peak in 4 days that would be enough to stretch from the north to the south pole and the poor. the euphoria isn't exactly reflected in the queues at the parcel collection stations as this it was delivered to the shop the day before yesterday and now today after i stood in line for an hour they tell me it's not here they just can't cope with the volume of what's a few script of there's no system sometimes it's delivered here sometimes it's dropped off there or somewhere else again each time you have to look all over the
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place but the cheek of it when you're waited at home and they say they couldn't reach you it's an outreach. the road to christmas can be rocky and everyone would like to find solutions to this chaos so how to get so many parcels to their recipients their good decision is off they're all different possibilities autonomous driving might be a solution but also underground traffic networks or drones in more remote areas and seems there's no limit to what people can wish for christmas. on a processor works part time as a hopeful christmas elf she knows a lot about customer wishes they reflect current anxieties. there is climate recently there is demand for books about climate i think that's cool but also conscious cooking and sustainability not how to sky it seems like the checkout counter is groaning under the weight of gift wrapped tomes exhorting more moderate
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consumption. and there is no such thing as moderate consumption in the united states this year holiday shoppers spent $34000000000.00 last saturday i alone a spending record that caps off an eventful year for both the u.s. economy and the stock markets. what a difference a year makes christmas eve 2018 the markets tanked blue chips were down by a good 650 points the federal reserve had just increased interest rates and once again an old saw trade tensions between china and the united states seemed to escalate now a year later everything has changed the s. and p. $500.00 in comparison to christmas eve last year is up by about 37 percent of the federal reserve has lowered interest rates them 3 times this years and also the tone between china and the united states recently became a bit friendlier not everything is told as is solved especially if you look at
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trade but overall the mood is pretty good there also showed in the holiday spending for us consumers and therefore we went from one all time i to another even if on christmas eve 2019 the market did not really move that much now on the 26 of december trading will resume as usual. christmas all year round may sound like a dream for a son and a nightmare for others but it's daily business for a polish company sells or rather which produces bulbous i have made it all the way to the 5. if you're christmas grouch you might find this report a bit annoying. but you might want to keep watching because these polish made bubbles and decorations are a big hit in the u.s. the even made it to the white house. with those we've already made bubbles for
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president bush sr and jr after that we had an order from the office of president obama and fortunately we are at making decorations for president trout although they probably have to be made from real gold that of a pub they have on her little business. it's all done by hand the glass needs to reach 600 degrees before it can be worked on glass blower. on a self taught and she wishes and patience is needed he says. both of you sure that you're trying to get a master's degree or a doctor's after studying for 5 years but a glass blower needs at least 10 years experience i've been doing this for 30 years when i still can't do it all of. the family business makes around half a 1000000 bubbles and decorations a year. 90 percent a destined for the us market. christmas decorations all year through. one could say doesn't get better than that but it's not all fun.
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luckily i'm above it so without a lot of things it might be a lot less fun when you're sitting around others but we have reason to be proud as soon as christmas comes and people are interested in their. now a success story for over 20 years the business has been adapting to changing customer tastes. in the out for many years the main themes are linked to christian traditions of angels and the holy family school of books and we've been witnessing a decline in the steam on the mark. in sieber of a useful modern. art. these are the hands of a christmas bowl games. made in poland. korean president and japan's shin so are they may be talking in china but the asian power
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has those have been out loggerheads over trade issues for nations have been tense inside korean courts ordered some japanese firms to compensate wartime forced laborers responded with restrictions on high tech exports to south korea both countries are anxious about a threatened christmas gift from came john that may be linked to north korea's nuclear program. french workers striking against pension reforms have been handed a christmas gift in the form of a check 425-0000 euros the money came from trade unions and will be used to finance the strike the donation was handed over at the headquarters of french public transport company our a.t.p. but there was less seasonal joy for tens of thousands of people hoping to spend christmas with their families as the crippling transport strikes entered their 20th day protest against pension reform have led to fisons of trains being counseled or delayed. now throughout 2019 britain's departure from the european
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union was never far from the headlines with stories go lower about business is worried about an uncertain future one figure that didn't get much of a word in though was some to close our next report brings us to his home town of la plante in finland where the man himself is used to welcoming visitors from britain . one evening to you oh i'm so maybe 50 people here it might but you go home joe no fred i did this. the christmas season has begun and finland's north sun ticals loves will coming visitors to his home here north of the arctic circle but hotel operators in northern yemi have been nervous the braggs a jitters will keep many british visitors at holds people here are quietly celebrating but the departure date has been shifted back to january. is definitely good news for us here so because the u.k. market says it's great for us we love the u.k. cast so they don't they love us no we have snow no we have cold you know we have no
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breaks you need at least at the moment so it's looking good for the christmas sleigh rides with randy are willing marshmallows. and eating in an igloo so these are some of the attractions that pulled tourists here around christmas time and for the british as for other e.u. citizens it's easy to get here without extra trouble formalities the finns hope that even after brags that their country will be attractive to british tourists one thing that could change place brax it is a currency exchange and we've been offering a price guarantee which means that we will honor the exchange rate at the time of the booking which seems to be encouraging people to book so the bins hope that even in future years some to close and his friends in lapland will continue to be a tourist attraction for many british tourists. we don't buy it. i wish.
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i had everybody a few. very. very crisp. and up it from me out of business for you here in very land you can get more on our website up feet on the dot com slash business you can also check us out on facebook and twitter for me it's goodbye. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
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blah blah. blah. loser is playing my i'm sure real estate speculation. historian in the city is fighting back her strongest weapon the label shoppers with his story. is meant to protect businesses with long traditions from. the speculators. shops with a history. next w. . even his trillions
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can see that salt. intake down just kept. coming to him in the. early. can't stand. all frantic german children and their christmas wishes dear christ child. in 45 minutes on d w. 50 years of religions for peace in so many different faiths are working together toward a common goal a peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now all female members are for legends' for peace from the middle east are demanding a larger. outcome of the ground is empowering women giving them.
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making them agent of change to spread. to. the female peacemakers stores january 5th column t w. lisbon has become a must see tourist destination the city's annual 4500000 visitors now outstrip its population by around 9 to one international investors are pumping billions of euros into real estate the city is one big building site this woman is trying to keep one component of her city from being destroyed in the process it's historic shops as luscious they are lisbon's heart and soul there it's a living memory. i shall.


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