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tv   Musica Maestra  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2019 3:15am-3:31am CET

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i'm skilled at the work that's hard and in the end there's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with miles of. what's your story. 'd 'd on what numbers of women especially are victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new
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culture. another visitor another guest you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. oh dear friends my name is no longer alabama. and my conduct there and i come from mexico to. join me thing extraordinary people all over the world and just simply lots of fun. welcome to the next episode of music i'm as they're so they we're in the city of salberg the magical city where mozart was born and i'll tell you more about the fantastic projects that i get to do in this beautiful city this year but when i travel around the world sometimes they get there one. the opportunity of bumping into other musicians that
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are working in the same hall and so they had the fortune of bumping into 2 of my favorite artists in classical music to go this month and you know let's see what they have to say because should we rehearse so. let's reverse the park because it's always a sliver together well and i speak well it's because you're not really listening cause you're not well i'm talking well let's not argue lets just this to. you just for you can you listen to my stomach with a stick. temple i'm watching the long run i am not longer this could you help us to help i think.
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together what are you doing here that's where we are the most yes the church where most of us walked and that's why we're doing a show called and no more so now most of all because he was born right on the right are you actually see number 17 row 3 guys and sing this music a master so it would be really cool and some music will be into you so you don't you don't mind putting people on the spot i mean you know what that's like the music of exercise can be i mean you can just say to have something where it has to be original. ok i mean my son.
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i am. the. son of the. the. god. well that's a very big but it was a gamble those commitments look you know i started on the right it's me guys thank you so much and if it was i'll just give you your apostles but we'll send you our democrats as well yeah cash for them at least i think it's. commissioning but i would like to write a real reverse no. doubt. we're still sells books and we're here because i got the opportunity to conduct the premiere of the world premiere of thomas in egypt by mozart at the motor voter and you may think what is thomas thomas is a piece that maybe nobody really knows or very few people know of mozart he was 17
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when he wrote it but at the time we never really worked as a piece and this time last for other spouse one of my favorite production and i just the companies in the world is putting it together for the mozart while her here in salisbury and i get to be the fortunate person who will conduct this production but i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for one really really dear friend and person who i admire a lot and here is the intendant and the artistic director of the mozart more my dear friend mexican as well rolando reassign. the eh the in. all of me was pretty that's a statement still some play surely the size will go in our list just pick out get a look at some of us in the queue get a look at stamps as in a good family and he does the most up on the upper. spouse is that he can now
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get her love yes some potty and you. know was. 2 told. to hospital or her. birth was here for was. her was over 2 weeks pretty and said it was dead has to move out of the nest opposed to what did the ect artistical equal as we see on. the guess any comment of us fun to tell my story and we wanted to consols would say to those me seem cool case i mean they wouldn't interest you a little bit on a contender like fraser let there be a turn up was actually on. more he was 3 or more from osa iesu not part of the on us. don't say limbaugh has ordered from the us your letter to ease up on tornadoes mused this is yet another one of those militias in the middle
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tennessee curious here as you know sort of the sequence or an emoticon among sort of ok he does this participate in medicine and other mozart they see because they must area mozart of k. or a one time composer daughter k. component part of his musical component to close at least as the symphony got food was the 1st. move. move move. that the effort. was in was.
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limb is not good i mean the little soul. can project out that them the numbers that finale is a panthera do we still look at a cost of a political $1.00 united army chemical to see if we stick or we are going to be traveling but the limits. why don't. much as combat as humans can cut loose is just one projectile a foot of there is about this we must be messy i'm. going to pluck the camel so but they look at you about tom most the potential of speed i mean there's the loser lynette there mass i was going to go to woman to fish we had no mcluhan's hellion was when i was a pup on plato's i still better when noise to be most record of them you know whenever a new on when our cats counter they they ask students or one of them will distort us in and in response you can tell them to keep or carry out the will more than 10 so more they were at the though more important to. the for.
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was. cookie monster to study a movie content on their merit a cool more more symmetry. the mystique of. a star it can be now that gone a star into the ice in the cut down a spectacle at a company was. was . was. was was.
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so now that you know a little bit about this new production of thomas in egypt by mozart i'm going to take you on stage with our director a catalyst by that he's one of the founders of life where has the house and the vision there of this new production of to. i was in egypt i actually heard about life was about for the very 1st time when i was 19 years old and i got the opportunity to come to salisbury to see this new production of the opera of burials that nation of foulest where does the us have created this new concept that everybody was talking about and i went there with my father which is incredible that i got to be there and so that immediately created a bond because tom was in egypt and the concept of what i was miles has a lot to do with the concept that they have for faust the use futuristic ideas concepts of today dilemmas from today and it's absolutely fantastic i'm going to take you through stage with our director and visionary catalyst by the by me is
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that i keep going to keep putting the really says this is i know i tell you that come up when you're asked as to it the most but i don't get that not he said after that from if you go save all of the love of your son if we're looking as if he gave it we're sitting there meant. and there's i used to have a shot to be able to feel enough of a. metaphor the middle of me feel a concept of us to come into this life so that. the level a lot of this. was . just doesn't appeal that just lay there to the 3 of us i guess a lot of us that when he starts i say this i say that i get a sort of bit of. those that have a bully in the past i said the shorter the person is on the other is it's not about
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their stuff you know you've got a catalyst with miss graham which you're please more present that they study up. more just in a given smartphones he does the left one of the 11 then what's up in a contest or. it's a mystery because for the cautious let us on those a couple who put a bullet through that you know there's a moment there's an over and a yes either someone that's a family and he says questions or what's the punishment of someone going to some of the contest that the musta been going to is all going to be cautious on this one who took a look at it and look at the numbers there was. there. was the. 6 i.
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i i i. i i i i i i i. thank you. for
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this is. what's in store. for the future. c w come to my decision to go to the site. welcome to global 3000 this week we meet women in mexico who are preserving the local color and airy traditions and protecting local farmers. could wind straw or be the next big thing in sustainable packaging we meet the tiny entrepreneur behind it. and climate change.


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