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the news team thanks for watching. it was. a fag hags. was. this. is a master of the art of confrontation this is room. for combat doesn't mean you're going to see dogs like the undisputed champion of toast political talk dollars are trying to frighten you crucify him from your understanding that you enter the conflict zone and join jim sebastian he holds the powerful to account
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this is a fix for you whichever way you like to spin conflicts. up to date. highlights. programme. you don't come hard. it's the most wonderful time of the year but not everyone gets to relax as retailers around the world wrap up their final christmas preparations we take a look behind the scenes out of berlin department store. also want to show the iconic beatle may no longer be rolling off the assembly line but that doesn't mean that people mania is over. twice some shoppers in the netherlands are being encouraged to slow down when they take a trip to the grocery store. this is deja vu business i'm kate ferguson welcome
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along tis the season to be jolly at least for the 2000000000 people around the world celebrating christmas but not everyone gets to relax from baltimore all the way to here in berlin the kind of people work behind the scenes to ensure the rest of us get to enjoy some festive cheer while repping presents 3 shifts a day that's all these employees do here at a department store in central berlin and the close of christmas looms the more frenetic the pace the. cd books c.d.'s films and vouchers there's a classic gets people buying a last minute rush we're expecting this year to be a record breaker according to the german retailers association says nationwide turnover in november topped 100000000000 euros december is expected to top that again good news for the retail sector because i want us to the christmas shopping bottom line continues to trend upwards people enjoy giving gifts the mood is good
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conditions generally good with the economy and employment consumers have more money in their pockets and that's of course reflected in bahrain behavior and call for minds $100.00 the mood is especially buoyant in online retail. yeah spike holes in the year 2019 was another boom year we handled a total of around $3600000000.00 parcels and that's $19000000.00 a day at the christmas peak in 4 days that would be enough to stretch from the north to the self the poles and the poor. the euphoria isn't exactly reflected in the queues at the parcel collection stations is this it was delivered to the shop the day before yesterday and now today after i stood in line for an hour they tell me it's not here they just can't cope with the volume of what's a few there is no system sometimes it's delivered here sometimes it's dropped off there or somewhere else again each time you have to look all over the place the cheek of it when you're waited at home and they say they couldn't reach you it's an outreach. the road to christmas can be rocky and everyone would like to find
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solutions to this chaos so how to get so many possibles to their recipients their good decision is a hero different possibilities autonomous driving might be a solution but also underground traffic networks or drones in more remote areas and seems there is no limit to what people can wish for christmas. on a process that works part time as a hopeful christmas elf she knows a lot about customer wishes they reflect current anxieties. pre-marked there is climate recently there is demand for books about climate i think that's cool but also conscious cooking and sustainability not how to sky it seems like the checkout counter is groaning under the weight of gift wrapped tomes exhorting more moderate consumption. aircraft maker boeing has reportedly handed regulators and investigators fresh documents on the 737 mock only hours after announcing
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a leadership shake up details of the documents aren't clear but a congressional aide is quoted as saying they appear to paint a very disturbing picture of boeing's response to 737 mock faith the issues the company of. scrutiny over a decision to keep the plane flying after the 1st of 2 fatal crashes for brushing off safety concerns. recently ended production of its iconic beetle originally conceived in nazi germany the model was later became associated with hippie culture and starred in a number of disney films it may no longer be rolling off the assembly line but on the streets of the ethiopian capital addis ababa beatlemania continues. buzzing all over the capital and it's about some of them are 5 decades old twice the age of their proud owners. i know. most of the time i'm going to vote so i can beatles are driven by older people. when they're
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customized and painted like this they're a fashion statement for young people so young. bob's i know we are 1000. page $1700.00 us dollars for his classic then he stuck a bit of money into it and some work and this was the end result. college to so many is another big fan of the b.w. people he's also got a professional stake many cars have passed through his body shop which is famous all over the country college father once worked for v.w. before he opened his own workshop 50 years ago since then father and sons have been doing repairs here mostly fixing beetles finding spare parts is particularly difficult but generally they find a way when they sprucing up these oldies. snobbishness a marginal blessing to most. a lot of young people like it this way when it's
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pimped as on the middle but i'm sad i don't own these cars since my childhood. i know what they need it could be paperwork could be big tires it could be dishonest systems because some of them. also i mean ball of it my customers come by if they're interested because i want to see these beetles are adored and well taken care of they're called objects that the car successor is no longer being built only adds value at least that's what these fans in addis ababa of ny through a 29000 prax that was never far from the headlines one figure that didn't get much of a burden though with santa claus i next report brings us to his home town of la land in finland where the man himself is used to welcoming visitors from. one evening to you of so many people here it might but you've got to hope for nobody.
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the christmas season has begun and finland's north sun circles loves will coming visitors to his home here north of the arctic circle but hotel operators in north and yemeni have been nervous the brig's a just as will keep many british visitors at home people here are quietly celebrating but the departure date has been shifted back to january. is definitely good news for us here so because the u.k. market says it's great for us we love the u.k. cast so they don't they love us no we have snow now we have cold and now we have no break cities at least at the moment so it's looking good for the christmas sleigh rides with randy or. pulling marshmallows. and eating in an igloo these are some of the attractions of tourists here around christmas time and for the british as for other you citizens it's easy to get here without extra trouble formalities the finns hope that even after brags that their country will be attractive to british tourists one thing that could change prospects it is the
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currency exchange and we've been offering price guarantee. which means that we will honor the exchange rate at the time of booking which seems to be encouraging people to book so the bins hope that even in future years some to close and his friends in la planned will continue to be a tourist attraction for many british tourists. we don't buy hearts with. everybody. very. very crisp. there was some christmas cheer for a striker in france staging industrial action against pension reform as they were handed a check 425-0000 euros to finance the strike the donation was handed over at the headquarters of french public transport company our a.t.p. but there was less things no joy for tens of thousands of people hoping to spend
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christmas with their family as the crippling transport strikes entered their 20th day protest against pension reform have led to thousands of trains being counseled or too late. now next time you find yourself annoyed while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store remember this next story for some elderly people and acting to the market is the only part of their day in which they can meet and talk to people. for flamen resident about deviltry the supermarket is the day's high point for the 89 year old widow or shopping is one of the few chances he has of meeting other people loneliness is a growing problem in western society and the netherlands is no exception a new study shows that 43 percent of dodge adults are affected the elderly especially so but this supermarket is helping hold back the tide of loneliness with
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things like a coffee corner a year they will eventually be here there also are shoppers who want to take a short break have a bit of a rest most of them are elderly people but there are also other shoppers who want to have a break while shopping. and here at the coffee corner you can get in contact with each other which normally doesn't happen if you just walk in just to do your grocery shopping. but that if you do the world. slowing the pace is the core concept of this supermarket branch the staff are out to reduce the stresses associated with grocery shopping. what isn't this the best part of this what we see here is the chatter check out it's our new initiative it's connected to the coffee corner this is actually the opposite of self check outs which are designed to process grocery sales quickly here it takes a bit longer to process your payment and people appreciate it and see it as
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a bit of an additional service. the concept has been so successful that the supermarket chain plans to introduce it in 60 more outlets they hope that will get the loneliness epidemic under control one shopper at a time. that for me on the business team here in berlin for more you can check out our website that details the dot com slash business you can also find us on social media friendly it's goodbye and take care.
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discover who. subscribe to documentary on you tube. if. you remember your 1st job mine was in a small town plumbing office where i kept the books every day after school they put me in the service truck the summer before college which was filthy work stopped up toilets leaky pipes clogged drains but was incredibly instructive my 1st job that's our theme today it may well look at why our experience in the working world.


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