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tv   Musica Maestra  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2019 5:15am-5:31am CET

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cocoa beach to show off their skills the charity event raised $40000.00 for some nonprofit organizations and a children's hospital. you're watching news from berlin we'll have more news at the top of the hour coming up d.w. business explores a tentative truce in the trade wars as the u.s. says it plans to sign a deal with china don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's p.w. dot com thanks for joining us. my 1st by state also sewing machine. where i come from women are always by the social tools and there's something as simple as a learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me mr bundy there's. finally gave up and went on
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buying on bicycles but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing and by. now i want to reach all of those women back home flood zones by going to teens and social goals and inform them about the basically writes my name is dave out of the hood and i wore them. how they are friends my name is no longer. i'm a conductor and i come from mexico. join me anything extraordinary people all over the world i'm just simply not so funny. with so for at least making what are we going to make we're making dumplings
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dumplings my mother's recipe your mother's recipe so the dumplings with mouse last us and. i want to tell me well we do this 1st why i love cooking. and when you cook i don't understand how he has time to cook because he is the i just see director of the queensland ballet i use very busy all the time of fundraising directing showing the dancers what to do and running a huge company very successfully. when
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i was a young boy my mother cooked all the meal with the family for herself and salads which we were born into such a relief. peasant life in china food is. one of the most special things in the chinese culture i'm for my mother is really what she cooks for us is her way of life and we have to really cut them off. small . so if you can't do so i don't do that yes do that for us actually i'll give you something else give me things to do. why don't you chop a lot of this product better does that sound very special. but you have that from
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the uk so i'll give you that ok great that's a very small. last week 10. so then ultimately it's going to be mixed up with this meat which of marinated pork we change europe and to top of sources and growing onion soup so this spitting marinated for a since this morning. you . know this i don't mind. i. think i can. buy this car like the economists i mean both come you know you
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demand that if there was an honest someone. a couple homebodies planes not all are some of them better or. if i was in the last couple of that. this is one of those. couple little things communism and i want to promote so we're not going to go cycling up with the same for a nickel in queensland by let's you know whatever they've got to get going this was a serious woman as women when i was an employment that and and i said no but. i mean represented europe over the last 30 minutes the length of the movie review stuff. we're going to vote for those who live again i want to begin with. this in fact there's a lot less of my show this and. some of the stuff in the i'm in full of little to the with the weather so when you have that one thing when i saw it mike my lungs
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very shone a pod on me last but shown in. my head most of it but i mean i'm a haunt it when i would look at it on the dole pick up a coffee and. go do it after he. said listen to audio that meant that bill said well maybe not but i get a a sit down form and when i'm asked to be she's just on the we're going to. a home pub a week it's a lie letting us play nicholas said i'm going to be a a just us but i'm the what i said about them which i'll sign in full k. a that are for my. he said what he had back for one last chance with that i think a lot with the book or the process so one of the and people come from the lower of them like go to see a movie cocoon want to see this going to present when the most of them by some will see him put it up and then was like oh do it f.c.s. a boss to come in to look boss of but he man don't lay low on the hint that i'm not
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i'm sick or not i can also i'm not voted off the. most if they see the effort to make a set of commercials he's got a say s.f. ocelot on the left spent a lot mostly because i want to get paid off but i k. n c it's a way out the last it's called the now and i won't take up what could go to fees when some ago was about to allow me to go look a societal on the look when those elected might be when but i mean for some the what i want from a mouse is a somewhat on the side of priest the i was following a good enough not to hit on our normal fanaa the negro but i can properly monopolies. you're not meant in the clinical model of a level but i do not see some kind of boss going to set the say. there was some conduct but as he says he don't need to form up and there's a lot of than the low hanging but when i came in the god goddess on a few niggers what really gotten a cop out i haven't got
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a simple hand tools are some videos pretty and you've got the editing on daily fighting and i mostly got all the money and i'm hoping the fight on kentucky for them. if i think they're going to go that they will get it was abruptly to really want to do it to us to use. i want to see most of it hasn't i think dog gone. gone down though some lost jaws but all his own i don't know if i say our his song background or his song ecu on the hour his song he. is the top dog.
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so here's the bigger the flower though i'm a wow how do you think that just simple with normal or not supper isn't flour so and then i use hot water so for those of you who don't know the story of the leak. he grew up in china 77 children and he started dancing and then you were cast and by mouse our lady lady madam my mother found out by using dos they sing dance academy and then you you went on a scholarship to houston as a student right yes so i was trained for 7 years at the beijing dance kind of the end of the trainee was amazing it was just very disciplined but it is the famous russian bike on the train which is the best which produced stars like noria oration you call from the above. and then when i graduated i was considered one of the call
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graduates of the present does it count how many knew that i was 18 when i was selected to go to one of the 1st cultural exchange students scholarships to be awarded to go to america and you went to use them i was used and danced with issues . in ballet and then in the process of a film. and then a marriage good girl she was my 1st love and then there was listen this kind of then up out of the chinese constant houston. didn't. permit my marriage so much he subsequently helped me hostage at the chinese consulate and she said how so you know 21 hours on the last month i joined that. terrible ordeal it was a big scandal because it was a huge scandal soul of barbara bush was on the board of the she was an invalid because i was with issues of the body and of then the civil war her husband was the
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boss president at the time and of the of the actually the home base was houston. so that was the reason really the white house was involved and the bushes and even ronald reagan who was the president at the time was involved in seoul and. because the media was all there the f.b.i. was all involved as well so you bench really be released and. give me the freedom to without us in the west. what are you doing doing the pastry now and then you make them more round and then then i'm going to make them into pancakes and you wrote a book about your life and yes how did you decide to write the book oh i was encouraged to run a book on never really wanted to run a story and then one of the author friends said to me that. my story will give people hope and courage in my life and that was the reason really. you
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know also my wife said it well because when we go to dinner parties people ask me about life story i was to say one thing you can't often question is i'll be the one getting really tired of them but not and the merits of it what if you wrote the book people will stop crossing questions about it to get it and read the book so you think it's now the whole arc and it makes or. so put aside some feelings in their. puts i don't think anyone tackled and i squeezed that on one side and squeezed on the other side so i'm not squeezed in the middle just a little to. some this not much just ask if that's good ok so let me through that whole soul you put that in the middle of no. squeeze and then you formerly to say me sorry my missile not ok i want this mexican have
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a take 6. well ok mary well should we taste. something isn't a straw. just in my soul so. well thank you so much lida very for hosting us to do that and how do. you feel about it. let's. share the music of yes that's right.
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searching for identity and recognition. turkish citizens with african roots. their forebears were brought to the ottoman empire as slaves. even today their descendants are treated. like outside. no you're demanding change. based on. the. noise. terry tail cast and. many believe it's the symbol of german culture others think it's just grandiose marketing floods of tourists replicas souvenirs all of what is it that draws so many people to the castle noice feinstein from serry tale
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to cash cow. point minutes. in the light of climate change. what's in store. for the future. or to make a city. to get insight. into. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm glad you could join us today we want to introduce you to extraordinary europeans regular people working to overcome hurdles to improve the lives of others take for instance paris there is no shortage of
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luxury in the french capital. and hotels are abound and it's images like these that have made paris below.


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